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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Possessing Bella Ch. 12

fetish xelliebabex 2017-12-15

In the small amount of time, she had to herself she made decisions about the furniture in Mel's apartment and asked Stephen for his help in locating particular items and removing others. She had begun to accept what the others had said about Stephen's intentions toward her and enjoy the time he spent with her letting her see the softer caring side of his personality. Nervous about the many protocols expected in this lifestyle Bella had planned to practise most of the weekend with Stephen spending some time with her in the afternoon before she went to dinner with her parents. "Thank you so much for lunch, it was wonderful as always I am sorry I have to rush off," Bella said hastily to Jake and took Stephen's hand hurrying from the club.

My entry into the world of femdom

fetish SlaveForKatyPerry 2017-12-15

About a month later we were sitting in my bedroom talking, suddenly she said to me "You know you always carry my bags?, Well that kind of makes you my slave, and slaves should lick their mistresses boots" I laughed at her, but she wasn't laughing, she looked straight at me and said "'I'm serious, lick my boots now". For the rest of the lunch break I spent my time kneeling before her as she rested her feet on my back, she also made me be a foot-rest for a few of the other girls sat at the table, not all of them wanted me to do it as they were shy, but the ones who did were loving it.

The Package

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-12-15

Looking up to acknowledge the delivery, I was surprised to see that it was not the regular mail boy scurrying down the hall to his next drop, but a spectacular view of a shapely female ass. Loving a good mystery, I tore the package open and looked inside. Reaching inside with giddy anticipation, I pulled the contents out and held aloft a pair of silky, colorfully striped bikini panties. I am certainly not into coprophagia, but something about the earthiness and smell of a woman's anus adds to my enjoyment, even going so far as fucking her ass gently with my tongue as my nose rubs her clitoris.

Roster 1 of USL Female Wrestlers

fetish USLMAN 2017-12-15

Preferred moves: Humiliation moves, breast attacks, smothers, sexual moves, mind tricks, power moves. She always enjoys her time with opponents and wants to push them to their absolute limits in a fight. History: Emily grew up in a small town in England, and enjoyed her time playing with everyone. As she grew older and her body matured, she often would spend more time having matches in wrestling with the boys in town. It wasn't long into her first match that she saw the enjoyment in embarrassing and humiliating the boys, and soon become set on making every boy who she goes against feel the pleasure of fighting against her.

The Meeting Ch. 02

fetish BigMeanie 2017-12-15

"You know," I said, "I don't think this is the proper way to punish you, and to be honest, I don't think you should be punished for wanting to lick cum out of Suzie's holes. I reassured her that I wouldn't hate her, that I wanted to take good care of my little slut, and that I thought Annie might need to be fucked, too. I kneeled in between Annie's legs, dragged the head of my cock up and down between her swollen, very wet pussy lips, and then pushed inside her. Before I could ask her what she wanted, I felt her tongue on the tip of my cock, licking the last bit of cum off me.

Beth's Gangbang

fetish 2017-12-15

knew from school, several were friends of Beth's. photographers wanting to take pictures of nude girls. Beth had an insatiable desire for cocks, especially guys was making me hard and Beth was so excited that feel my rock hard cock begin oozing pre cum and looking Beth began tugging at her jeans inching them down her Beth had moved one of her hands up to a breast and finger she began to smear his pre-cum over the head of quickly, neither had large cocks like Beth desires but One man had gotten behind Beth and was rubbing his cock looking up at me she took the cock out of her mouth and Beth came all three of our cocks erupted in unison with

Spanking Jane

fetish DiggerDave 2017-12-15

My hands ran up the side of her body then alternated between gently kneading the soft flesh of her buttocks through her thin cotton dress. She seemed to know what I wanted and she reached out with her hands and pushed her body forwards on the stairs, now bending over with her large sexy bottom directly in front of me. My finger nails traced a delicate pattern on the back of her legs from her knees upwards pausing on the sensitive area of her inner thighs; I could hear her laboured heavy breathing although her head was pushed forward and leaning on the carpeted stairs in front of me. She moaned out loud as my finger made contact with her soft pussy lips I slapped her buttock hard again for that.

Fisting First

fetish Remingtonsteele64 2017-12-15

I was too young to notice the subtle cues, but in hindsight, I know if I'd have only flashed a nipple over the strategically placed towel, or exposed my pink twat, the massage could have resulted in much more. After she returned and handed me the bras, she smiled and said to let her know if I need anything else. I need another woman to massage my inner walls and bring me to orgasm. It was almost as if she was going to try to feel her fingers inside of me with this hand. A huge bottle of oil in my pussy in the middle of the dark spa room.


fetish hasbeen1967 2017-12-15

I let my hand roam a little, my fingers sliding gently along the crack of your arse and down towards the wet warmth of your cunt. Still kissing, I push you gently onto your back and slide my hand down the front of your knickers, letting my soaked fingertips glide around your swollen clit. My cock twitches as I feel your wet flesh before sliding my fingers down over your swollen lips and gliding them slowly inside you. As I suck you through the soft material, my cock is twitching beneath me, desperate for the sensation of sliding slowly into your wet, warm cunt. I can feel your legs and stomach start to shake as I reach beneath you to rub a wet finger over your soft, tight arse.

Licking, Sucking Two Girls Feet

fetish Foot Lvr 2017-12-15

All I could think about was worshipping these two girls' feet and toes, even though I had not yet seen Tiffany's. The girls said they wanted me to shoot my load all over their feet while they are in my mouth and all over my face, and they also were spreading their toes so when I did cum, it would drip between their toes and into my mouth. The girls told me to keep jerking off while I sucked their toes clean, and they wanted to see me swallow my entire load from their feet. Once again, I shot a huge load, and both girls watched as I cleaned their feet, not a drop of my cum was left on them when I finished.

Maid for Two

fetish smithjon1919 2017-12-15

Our tongues danced back and forth passionately and I felt Angelica's hands moving over my body. Angelica continued to kiss my wife as she reached up and took my cock into her hand. My wife's face held in place and Angelica buried her tongue in my ass. I began rocking back and forth, alternating between fucking my wife's mouth and my ass with the maid's tongue. I was so close to cumming that it was hard to stop when Angelica pulled away and let go of my wife's hair. I covered Angelica's dong with my spit before my wife pulled her cock from my ass. Angelica answered, "You're welcome," with one last hard thrust that sent a shockwave through me and my wife in simultaneous pleasure.

Keri Wants To Get Pierced

fetish opklompen 2017-12-15

It hurt like hell, but once she looked down at her breast with needle poking through it, so got such a rush that most of the pain quickly went away. Keri knew that she wanted to stretch her nipple piercings, but where was she going to get the bigger jewellery from? Keri quickly got the hang of the new machine and spent the rest of the day punching eyelets into jackets. They weren't the normal barbelled rings, but actual holes with jewellery in them that looked a lot like the eyelets she had been putting into fabric all day! "Oh my dear, it looks like we are going to have some fun together" said Helen as she moved her mouth towards Keri's left nipple.

The Secretaries Tail

fetish Melkiss 2017-12-15

"Oh, we'll be able to have fun alright, Trent, just like we do right now." And with that she slid her hand down his pants and took a hold of his flaccid cock, which quickly began to warm and stiffen. "No, Trent, I want your babies." She breathed it into his ear and something triggered inside of him, some primal urge to procreate and spread his seed, and he grew dark with desire and need. Trent licked his lips and thought about running his hands down her taut belly and around her hips to grab onto her cute little ass.


fetish BeautifulSaint 2017-12-15

I feel his breath against them as he stands just a second longer than usual in front of me, just a half-step closer, as his covered hand hovers just centimetres from one. Do you want somebody inside you, right now?" My throat closes but my cunt opens. And while I know all that means is that he'll go and get some gloves, or simply that he intends to hold nothing more than the grip of a riding crop in that hand, my mind races, daring to wander even now that he's taking such pains to teach me a lesson. I won't close my mouth and grab his hand at the wrist and hold onto him when he protests, when he slaps me, when he reaches over my head and grabs the cane to beat me way.

A Slave to the Gathering

fetish KCUM 2017-12-15

"It looks like you've got a firm grip on Cherie's slave there Lisa. "Are these balls full slave?" Mistress Lisa asked me. "In a week or two Cherie, yes." Mistress Simone answered, "I've got five strong contenders entered already. "I'm not quite ready for that yet Cherie, but thanks yes, I'll use your bedroom." Mistress Jane smiled. "Hold my hand Jennie," Mistress Lisa asked her, "hold it while he licks, I'm going to come quickly today." Mistress Lisa was moaning gently under my tongue, and I felt another soft hand wrap around my penis masturbating me with firm strokes. i tried to concentrate on Mistress Lisa and was successful as she began to jerk at my face and I knew she was having her orgasm.

My New Neighbour (part 7)

fetish gest90 2017-12-15

" she said as again she rested her weight on my hands and lifted her ass a little before gliding back a llittle further bending my cock at the base as the head grazed between her ass cheeks before popping back forward with a slap as it hit her little clittyballs and whacked down against my belly, she giggled loudly, "Oh sorry daddy, hope i didn't break it?" I thought about saying something smart about breaking her but thought better of it, actions speak louder than words should i ever consider playing rough.

When Nature Calls

fetish BarefootDru 2017-12-15

"Trish, I am like so wet now." Then without waiting for a reply, Kara got on her knees and turned so she could face Trish, then bent over and grabbed Trish's left leg with a sense of urgency that was almost palpable. Seeing Kara so driven with desire, Trish felt the only way Kara would be convinced her mouth couldn't reach Trish's pussy without opening the car doors, would be to actually attempt to try it. With her head and neck now leaning very uncomfortably against the car door, she saw Kara repositioning both of their bodies this way and that, as Kara strained to bridge the impossible gap between her mouth and Trish's pussy.

No time to undress!

fetish keepemcumin 2017-12-15

I made her yell, "I want your cock!" After she asked and squirmed for a minute I got up and walked to the other side of the bed. She grabbed my dick and started tugging on it like she was trying to pull the sword from the stone. I laid down next to her and started kissing her pussy in the 69 position. She said,"I want to feel it." I asked her if I should take my close off and she said, "just let me feel it for a second." I let her rub it on her pussy while I started kissing her. I flipped her over for a minute and pushed her dress up and watched her sweet little brown ass bounce off my dick.

Carol's Panties

fetish Midnight_Man 2017-12-15

Carol told me she had moved back to town and had bought the old Perkin's home, and she was calling to see if I would be interested in giving her a bid on a painting project. Later that night my sister told me Carol had moved back to town because of her recent divorce. I told Carol I needed to wander around the house and decide where to start if that was okay with her. I pulled the front of the thong to my face and once again Carol's sweet musky scent filled the air I was breathing. I reached for another pair of panties, pink ones I think, and held them to my face as I began to stroke my cock faster.

Balloon Factory Pt. 02: Lisette

fetish blowhyoooge 2017-12-15

Miles Globos, owner of Fun Time Balloon Company, picked up his phone with a ring-ornamented hand as Lisette set up one of the spiral balloons on the metal test stand. Lisette set the valves, handed the tube to Mary, and said, "Start blowing, please." Mary filled her lungs, put the tube to her mouth, closed her eyes tight, and blew with all her might, her reddening cheeks ballooning to enormous size. Both women began to blow up the big spiral balloons, and as Mr. Globos watched his tall, busty blonde assistant and his lithe redheaded R&D chief inflate their balloons, his hand crept surreptitiously into his lap. "No," Mr. Globos said, his voice thickening, "I want you to blow it bigger, Miss Inflar." His hand was once again under his desk.

Lingerie & Dildoes

fetish gtspm10000 2017-12-15

Inwardly beaming at my successful job impressing the sexually jaded Cindy, I pulled off the faux cock and began laving the long shaft with my tongue as I locked my eyes on hers in a smoldering gaze. As she climaxed, Cindy took her left hand away from her nipple and gently squeezed the balls of the strap-on, releasing a few shots of the semen substitute stored within through the cockhead buried deep in my throat. As the wave of pleasure washed over her, Cindy's hand clamped down a bit too hard on the dildo's balls and a second, massive shot of fake semen erupted from the strap-on.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 02

fetish ZotDragon 2017-12-15

"You sucked my nipples so much and so hard that you actually got my body to start producing milk." Silently Simon pulled her to the bed where he laid Kelly on her side, attached himself to her bottom breast and started suckling in earnest. "You need more than that," he said, sucking strongly on the tit and getting a complete mouthful, then brought it up to Kelly's lips. Simon especially loved having sex with Kelly with her on top where he had easy access to her bountiful breasts. Simon's face grimaced in anger at Nancy's inappropriate comment and the position Kelly had been placed in. "I agreed," said Simon, finally managing to slip off the supporting straps of her bra and exposing her tits.

Peggy Again...part three

fetish blsbls123 2017-12-15

I ate her pussy and asshole like it was my favorite dessert. While my tongue was in her pussy, a figer or two explored her ass. Probably didnt need it since her pussy was soo wet, but I like to use it anyway. She let out some low gutteral moans and I was able to start pumping my cock in Peggys ass. I could see her close her legs, and start shaking again, I still fucked her ass like a machine. I pulled out o keep from coming and started eating her pussy again. I filled her ass with my load, and kept fucking still. She said since she was officially fucked hard, good and forgot about whats his name, she would let me watch.

A Perfect Day for Chili

fetish modestlytoxic 2017-12-15

Do you like my farts?" she says, laughing. That chili makes me so gassy, I don't even know why I was holding it in while you were sitting here," she says, smiling. I don't think you want to waste any," she says and grabs my hair, pulling me off the couch onto the floor. She traps me under and I smell immediately, the warm stale sour stink coming from her pussy and some lingering farts. I think I have to take a shit," she says as she gets off my face. I think I should quit my job and sit on your face more," she says, laughing about that idea. tell me," she says, looking at me like she wants an answer. I think she laughs or giggles every time she farts.