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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Conrad's Secret

fetish hardnose 2017-12-15

"Very funny." Conrad told her, making sure she could tell from his face that he didn't think it very funny at all before he turned and stomped off. Unlike the guys in the pictures he downloaded, whose foreheads or chins were always visible, Conrad's face totally disappeared under Debbie's ass. Debbie was enjoying smothering Conrad under her ass, and she didn't want him struggling free. I'm going to get up again, but I'm going to sit right back down unless you start masturbating and saying 'I love Debbie's ass.'" She told him. Conrad lay gasping and moaning, his face wet with her juices, while Debbie pulled on her clothes.

Not Your Average Groupie

fetish checker 2017-12-15

I feel pretty confident in my pool abilities, so I almost forget to ask "What if I lose?" You give a sharp looking back as you rack up the balls "Are you going to lose?" You tug my boxers to the floor and spread my legs wider as I face the window, looking at the empty parking lot. I see a few people stumbling out of the bar and into the parking lot as i feel your hand against my ass gripping the dildo. You can feel it to in your hands and at the last moment you thrust deep into my ass one last time and stroking my cock steadily as spurts start to shoot up and onto the window.

Crossdress fuck

fetish monkeynuts0 2017-12-15

He quickly pulled my panties down and with great f***e stuck his 7 inch dick in my ass. . It felt great to be fucked while a crowd of student stood only five feet away. As the last students finally left he suddenly lifted me up carried me with his dick still in my ass. As I sat on the toilet in my undies watching an ashamed man get dressed, who’d just fucked me like ive never been fucked before, I began to wank myself off again. He was dressed, opened the door and left. I felt like leaving the door opened and fuck the next person who comes in but I think I got my fair share today.

When Hosties Wore Stockings

fetish MicheleNylons 2017-12-15

Michele smiled at the young man as he came up the stairs and entered the first class cabin; she was keenly aware that he had been eying her legs on the way up and normally this would cause her to have a little disdain for the passenger but this young man seemed very nice and he was very handsome. Michele went to the servery and took off her hat and jacket then she bought Lady Morecroft her champagne, and checking to make sure the other man was fast asleep, she made her way down the four rows to the back of the cabin where Mike was sitting in the window seat.

Why do I find uncut cocks so attractive?

fetish Texasangel76076 2017-12-15

It doesn’t matter the color or size, I just want to rub that cock all over my wet lips. Last weekend, I got to play with three uncircumcised cocks (I playing with my husbands a lot) rubbing those cocks all over my face. I just knew every guy in that hotel room knew, I was dripping wet from that. All night when I thought I couldn’t go on, I would just look over or play, with that uncut cock, I was so hot, so wet, and so ready to get my cunt fucked again. This morning I woke dreaming of a life-sized uncircumcised cock (about 6 feet long) my legs were wrapped around it, my tongue was licking it, its precum wetted my face.

Slut School Pt. 8

fetish azid619 2017-12-15

Mandy f***ed her lips onto Sarah's, she tried to resist but the feel of Mandy's tongue slipping past her lips into her mouth made her close her eyes and snog her back. After a few more licks, Mandy decided to reward her by leaning forward slightly and giving Sarah's pussy more of a rub down with her fingers. Mandy let go of one of her cheeks and placed her hand onto her pussy, fingering herself as Sarah licked her. Not wanting to make her mad, Sarah did as she was told and licked her pussy clean, fighting back her need to choke.

Sydney's First Visit To A Video Arcade

fetish Billgh01 2017-12-15

Booth 5 was to my liking and I quickly pulled Sydney into it and closed the door. I quickly undid my belt and pushed down my pants with her help letting my aching 7” inch cock free. She went right away to put it into her mouth, however, I pulled back not wanting to cum too quickly. The excitement of being watched really turned both of us on as I finally let her mouth encircle my thick shaft. Sydney was definitely turned on as I let her suck for a few seconds then f***ed her head down on my cock making her gag. However, I did not let up right away, keeping my cock lodged deep in her as she did her best.


fetish busdriver2 2017-12-15

my destination my cock twitched inside my tightening sheer panties.Ten miles down the motorway I took the familiar turn off to the secluded spot where i was hoping to meet a cd admirer or two.As I pulled in I was disappointed to see that mine was the only car in the vicinity but of course this meant i could do a spot of preparation while I waited. I eased the dildo from my gaping pussy and he leaned in the now open window took it off me and put it into his mouth licking it clean as it popped in and out .

In the hood

fetish 2017-12-15

'Fuck you!' Sarah laughed as the light turned to green. 'Yeah man, fucking hot bitch. 'What the fuck you call dat?' The big man said. said it Sarah felt her knees tremble. 'Looks like dat lil rich bitch got her deserts,' he piece of white pussy I seen in a long time man. 'Damn suger, dat's better,' grinned the big man snapping Mojo took Sarah's arm and led her into the complex of 'Here,' Mojo grinned nodding at a dirty old mattress. 'MMM fuck yeah!' he groaned taking her head in his hands out you pussy girl,' grinned a chunky looking Hobo. whore squatted down over the girls face and Sarah felt 'Let em see what a white slut fo nigger dick Sarah

The Dance Ch. 01

fetish bountyman69 2017-12-15

I pulled back to give her a rest and said "God your hot and soooooo sexy." She looked at me and bit her lower lip in a cute shy girl way, I nearly blew my load in my pants there and then. I started to force her head further onto my cock, her eyes flew wide open immediately with a worried look but I kept going. I immediately pulled out with an audible sigh from Jenny and rushed round to her head where I proceeded to grab her hair in both hands and force my cock into her mouth. "Good Girl." I said as I pulled my semi erect cock out of her mouth and proceeded to whip her cheeks and lips with it.

Picked Up

fetish kluless70 2017-12-15

Coming up to me, she grabbed me by the lapels of my jacket, pulling me to her as she hungrily kissed me and deftly caressed my growing hardness through my pants with her gloved hand... Shedding her jacket which revealed a wonderfully detailed leather bustier that exposed just a hint of the creamy white skin of her midriff, and carefully laid it on the seat of her bike, she turned to me and looked greedily into my eyes. I began to run my hands over the second skin on her luscious body as her breathing quickened and she curled one leg around mine, holding me fast. She wriggled against me trying to pull me inside, but I wanted to feel every sweet inch of her as I slowly entered an ecstasy of my own.

Giddy Up

fetish Idyut 2017-12-14

Blackberries had grown through and around the metal structure, blocking off the openings at each end, where Matt was working to clear the massive overgrowth. Matt was whacking away with a black machete, to clear the brush when I walked up behind him. Later after clearing a swath through the bush, I pulled on an aluminum bar and wiggled it as Matt tried to free the intertwined branches off it. Some even looked a bit like the one Matt had found, all kinds of colors but all as simple and straightforward. A few images has women riding a sulky in a race with a long riding crop with a multi colored uniform and matching helmet. The women had black hard leather riding boots, corsets, and long crops.

Mother's Milk Ch. 02

fetish Boxlicker101 2017-12-14

Hoping Eric's cock was erect and that he would want to 69, Tricia shifted her position, making sure one of her breasts remained pressed against his mouth, and blindly reached back to see how close to ready he was. It felt great to Eric too, the way Tricia's mouth slowly engulfed his cock and her tongue stroked it, especially with the delicious taste of her milk still lingering on his taste buds. Everything about Tricia's private parts felt almost perfect to Eric, from the smooth texture of her outer lip, as his mouth kissed and licked its way downward, to the satiny skin on the inside of her ass cheeks.

Friendly Favours

fetish Goey 2017-12-14

Me and Jess continue to lick Tom's cock and balls, taking it in turns to suck him as the other sucks his balls, licking up both sides of his shaft at the same time, rubbing our faces against his manhood -- doing everything to please him. Steve crouches at the side of the bed, his face only inches away from Tom's cock as Jess lowers herself onto him. I feel Tom's cock tense in my hand as a large white rope of cum spurts out of him, it hits Jess's face just under left her eye, and she flinches slightly, the force of his ejaculate shocking her.

Trained by My Aunt Ch. 01

fetish Misslexia 2017-12-14

When she was out I took a pair out of the laundry basket first, slipped into my room and swapped Suzy's panties for my boxers. Secretly, I watched as she placed her lacy black panties and other clothes into the laundry basket on the upstairs landing before she headed into the bathroom to shower. If you do exactly as I say then I won't tell everyone you're a panty-wearing sissy pervert; but you will have to obey a new set of rules; but I think you might enjoy them. I knew a sissy little panty boy like you wouldn't be able to resist my used, warm, smelly knickers." Suzy made me wax right up to my new pink panties, front and back.

The Woman From The Gas Station

fetish Ohjustme 2017-12-14

I said before I don't care when it comes to girlfriends but for some reason, I have a hard time NOT to look (or more precisely, stare) at a cleavage when I see large breasts. We were standing there and when she started to walk again I guess my manners came back, I asked her if she needed some help with that. She handed me the water and I just wanted to get home, it felt like my erection got harder by the second. "Thanks and have a great day," I said and started to walk towards the entrance. Images of breasts and myself in her bathroom came to mind and sure enough, my penis started to grow before even saying hi.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 25

fetish Thorilla 2017-12-14

I looked around at the nodding smiling faces, and in my naked state, noticed that the small girls in front were staring at my penis which stuck out horizontally in their direction. "We will take turns with 'sucky-sucky' said Hiroko Suzuki and Hoshi Kobayashi, the two little girls who were having their periods. Hoshi said something about it being an honour to have Mr.Tom's penis in her mouth and the next thing I knew she was licking it like a lollipop. With Hiroko now straddling my face with my nose rammed against her gusset I reached down to where Hoshi's head was bobbing up and down, with my penis sliding up and down inside her mouth.

Caught By My Mother-In-law

fetish PmelCalTech 2017-12-14

Telling me that I was a sick dirty boy for wanting to taste and smell the slick juices of a 73 year old suppressed slut, the very thought of my nose being stuck in crusty panties made her old pussy slick with her arousal. I did as I was told Heather stood up and walked over to me abusing me calling me a dirty filthy pervert for sniffing and licking Barbara's dirty smelly panties whilst masturbating.

Cum Addiction

fetish k80s 2017-12-14

I decided that I'd let Jenn get covered first since this was her first time, so as soon as I felt the cocks start to twitch I pulled the one out of my mouth and crawled over to kneel down behind her. Soon there wasn't enough room for the guys to crowd around me, so Jenn stopped eating the jizz on my face and started taking more cum shots of her own. The guy's hips started moving faster as he brutally fucked Jenn's throat like a pussy, his heavy balls bouncing all over her face. Once he was finished I opened my lips a little and let his cum drool out of my mouth and down his shaft, streaming down to his balls where Jenn eagerly lapped it up.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 08

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-12-14

The real Janice had got a job, taken over the name Rose, and the role of mother, meaning she was in charge of her step-mother. 'Does acting like a wanton slut mean Paul didn't fuck you?' Janice asked her mother. Pretending to be a schoolgirl, to cover up for her daughter, Janice took the role of mother. 'From now on you're going to be a good girl at home, and a good schoolgirl in class,' Janice told her mother. Yes, like, yea, I'll try real hard, I'll be a good girl, mom,' Rose promised. Standing close behind Rose he told her, 'Be a good girl for your mother. Her daughter had sent her to stand in the corner on purpose, to show off her mother's spanked ass to the boyfriend.

A visit to a Hotel with Jessica

fetish canev8 2017-12-14

I placed my thumb on her cute little bum hole as I fucked her and is wasn't long till her cunt tightened around my cock as her moans became louder and she started to orgasm again. I then laid her down on the bed and made my way to between her sexy toned legs and teasingly kissed her inner thighs before reaching her sweet pussy and sucking her lips and clit. She eventually turned around and gave me a big passionate kiss as I gripped her sexy tight ass and once our lips aparted she said thank you for an amazing day that she really enjoyed and needed.

Feeding my Queen

fetish OralLee 2017-12-14

"I love to watch piss coming from a guy's cock," she said, obviously getting aroused. "Stay close by, Tony, I want you to be the first one to fuck me," she said staring up into his eyes. She called Tony back and grabbed the guy who first pissed on her clit and kept him there. As a guy climbed into the tub to fuck her from behind, the other one was pissing on her back. There was one from Bridget already, just four hours from the time the first guys joined her in the tub. "Nobody wanted to play in the piss filled tub but the party went on long enough to suit me," she began.

Marjorie Ch. 03: Lift to WI Meeting

fetish bountyman69 2017-12-14

I brought my hand down hard on Marje's large meaty cheeks again, I was loving this dominant situation, spanking an older sub in a public car park before she goes into a WI meeting. I started thrusting up into her mouth, I glanced at the clock, it was 7:30, still thirty minutes before prim and proper Marje had to make an entrance at the WI meeting, plenty of time for a glorious mouth fuck. "Oh my God Marje, that is amazing, watching your WI friends chatting while spraying my spunk up into your greedy mouth, you naughty girl." I slowed down my thrusting as she cleaned off my bell-end with a lovely tongue swirl.

Boardroom Blunder

fetish wyldechylde 2017-12-14

She thought that she should just ask to use the bathroom first and then finish this up after relieving herself but she just wanted to get it done and out of the way so she sat on the edge of the chair and began telling him about what went on prior to the meeting itself. She turned to look at Roger and saw that he was dead serious, the thought of mopping up her pee not wearing anything from the waist down started to make her pussy wet with horny excitement. Carrie was already undressed completely and walked through the corner of the living room holding a bath towel in her hand giving Justin a full view of her naked body, he watched intently.