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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Letter to Patricia

fetish bluelotus9 2017-12-14

Was lying awake and imagining all your 'dainties' strewn about - thinking of poor Graham, sitting there probably on the edge of his chair, surrounded by all that - a sea of cups and crotches. How not to look at the upturned bra cups, then turn to you, and keep eyes on your face, when desire wants only to drop gaze lower - gauge the roundness and firmness of those breasts? You are talking over your shoulder - have no idea what you are saying; there is a thong that has dropped to the carpet - the crotch is cup-like, as if you had just peeled it off yourself and it had fallen there - a perfect reverse image of that warm fragrant place it had nestled so closely against.

In The Line of Fire

fetish Croozer 2017-12-14

I froze as a looked into the guest room and saw her standing in her black nylon bra, matching panty, and heels. Her nipples were fully erect, and a dark maroon colour, and I saw just how full her breasts were when not held by her bra. Soon, she began caressing her breast with one hand, and rubbing her belly just above her panty-covered mound. "Nothing more pleasing to a woman than getting covered with thick hot cum," she said. As she walked past me, she kissed me on the cheek saying, "It's really okay hon - there was not touching or anything else inappropriate in what just happened." She disappeared into the shower, and I headed to my room.

avoiding ejaculation for weeks to get totally arou

fetish wait4ever 2017-12-14

Enjoy delaying ejaculation as long as possible for maximum pleasure! This can involve avoiding ejaculation for weeks to get totally aroused, incredibly horny. Then begin slowly caressing, repeatedly stopping just shy of ejaculation. Let the penis calm down a minute or two to safely avoid cumming. Keep repeating this cycle. Now I'm fully erect, extremely ready for you... Eventually, if desired, the cum explodes with a powerful orgasm. Or, just STOP, get dressed, and see if it can wait until tomorrow...

Cleansing a Sinner

fetish E_Night 2017-12-14

He told me to arch up my backside and raise it for him to have a better look to make sure his little girls pussy wasn't too filthy for his cock." Sarah turned to Wilson adamantly shaking her head, "I didn't want to Father but what choice did I have. Slowly Father Wilson moved his hips back letting his cock pop out of her, he kept her legs held up as he looked down into her still stretched pussy admiring all the cum deep inside of her as a little spilled out each time it twitched running quickly down her ass to her puckered hole.

Amanda Ch. 02

fetish amandalit 2017-12-14

It took awhile but when I got them cleaned and in a basket to carry them all, I went to the room and found that he'd been clearing out space in the closet of what looked like a secondary bedroom but without a bed. The butt plug nearly popped out and I reached behind me to push it in but he told me clench my cheeks hard and clasp my hands behind my back. My knees ached, my back was tired, my ass cheeks wanted to unclench and I had a mouth full of cum I wasn't allowed to swallow. Leaving the apples in my pussy, he fucked my ass with the cucumber until he pulled it and started inserting carrots.

A Little Tail

fetish littleferal 2017-12-14

I was to wait for him by the door with a clean house and dinner on the table. The familiar pull of the plug and the soft swish of the fur on my tail against my calves sent a jolt of excitement straight to my stomach. We would need something a little more sturdy for the evening though, so I picked out my favourite collar, pink ribbon with a little green bow and a bell. "Come on, it's dinner time." Recognizing his words, I crawled to the kitchen, taking my place beside the two glass food bowls under the table. "I love you, Kitten." He ran his hands down my body, kissing my back and then came to lay beside me.

Oh So Warm and Wonderful

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2017-12-14

Yes she wanted to be used by a Dom, but only a real Dom. What she found herself chatting with were fakes, and men that were just abusive, not Dom. Countless emails from men that assumed submissive meant "please abuse me." Her pussy was dripping wet at the thought of pleasing him in this way, and she was a bundle of nerves since she had never done this. "Please Sir, pee on me Sir, I want to feel your hot liquid all over my whore body Sir, please Sir!" "What do you want whore?" "Oh please Sir I need more!" She screamed just the way he liked, and she began fucking the vibrator.

First Date

fetish numbnuts 2017-12-14

You gasp as I finger fuck your tight pussy and stick my tongue deep in your ass. You look back as I pull my tongue out of your ass and with the 2 fingers I had in your pussy,I now take and make small circular motions on your tight butt. “It's been a while since you've had a good hard ass fucking isn't it?” I ask as I hear your moans as I slide another finger deep inside. My tongue hits your clit again and again as I suck your pussy into my mouth and my two fingers fuck your ass hard. Hearing your moans as you deep throat my hard cock,I tell you to stand up and turn around so your back is to me.


fetish xhamporn 2017-12-14

The master held her tight as he pounded her young hot cunt with bruising painful thrust after thrust that opened her hot dripping wet pussy hole to his thick hard throbbing cock. Earth began to slam his long hard throbbing cock into Siretha’s whimpering cunt as he shouted nirvana and he emptied his hot burning sperm into her quivering trembling cunt. At the very moment that fire’s hard fat thick cum filled cock began to spit his hot scalding thick sperm into her hot damp trembling bowels Fire roared out nirvana the hooded man pulled the string and my hand flew to my mouth as I watched in fascinated horror as the sharp shiny blade fell and Siretha’s head fell onto the floor to roaring chants of nirvana, nirvana.

Be My Baby

fetish Tomsparty 2017-12-14

A new-born in disposable nappies and a pink fluffy baby grow, a toddler in a pretty gingham dress ready for a walk in the park, an excited toddler dressed for a birthday party in a sumptuous silk dress with layers of netting underskirts... 'Think of the pretty things you will wear; tiny snow white camisole tops, swirling full circle skirts, shell pink party frocks, pretty pinafore sets, romper suits, tiny white socks and shiny patent sandals.' She sighs with enjoyment obviously relishing the thought of dressing you as her baby. Your in bed but gone is the sweet taste of milk, gone is the nappy, knickers, tights and that pretty dress. Spend sometime looking through the lovely collection of baby dresses and knickers online.

Planet Alpha-Aleph Needs Your Help

fetish Ozytron 2017-12-14

Slowly his chest began to protrude, until he appeared to have tits like that of a young woman, soft and full. The nurse came over and felt his tits, cupping them with her hands. Alex saw his belly start to swell up, first only looking bloated, then steadily growing larger, forcing his now much-to-small shirt up. He moaned loudly as his body shook, his pussy contracting with the nurse's fingers still inside it. Keep going." The nurse began to rub his throbbing clit, making him moan in pleasure even as he was in labor. He pushed again, feeling the egg finally come out of his stretched-out pussy. The nurse put all the eggs away in the back, and came out with what appeared to be a breast pump.

Fucked Up & Real Shitty Ch. 02

fetish Anachronism 2017-12-14

If I was like my co-workers, I could leave work with my pants bulging, find one of the crack whores that patrol the area (the store borders the old shipping yards) and get them to jerk me off for 5 dollars before going to dinner with that night's date. I ended up standing up my third date, the one time I took my co-workers advice, to have an all night orgy with two rock crazy white college students for 100 dollars in a transient hotel. I came three times consecutively in Katherine's ass, withdrew to a loud plopping sound and found immediate haven in Melissa's waiting mouth.

Bar Help

fetish Aiden135 2017-12-14

When Sam returned Alex was standing in the middle of the bar in just his underwear. "That too" Sam said while pointing to Alex's underwear. "Mmm, good boy" Sam played a bit with Alex's dick. Just after they were finished a gay couple entered, they ordered a beer and Alex was told to wait in his cage until he was needed. The men started laughing and Alex was told to beg to eat the larger man's dick. Alex started to suck on the dick like it was the only thing he had ever done. The evening was long for Alex as more and more gay couples came in and wanted him to give them a blowjob.

Earning A Job With Her Feet

fetish zeke81 2017-12-14

We need to work this lubricant into our asses and pussies so our feet will be able to slide in easily." Jane said. Jane took Heather's lack of protest as an okay and placed her right foot back at the opening to the pussy it had ravaged earlier. Heather pulled the pillow off of her face and looked down to see Jane's left foot in her ass almost up to the knee and Jane's right foot in her pussy over half way up the calf. What will my husband say when I come home with my pussy and ass stretched like this?" Heather asked. Now, let's get your foot in my ass and hopefully you can get the other one in my pussy at the same time." Jane said.

The Slave Girl (Chapter 5)

fetish wastedaway 2017-12-14

Marching in the sunlight, her right arm swinging with the chain to which her wrist was shackled, Corey Gibson sensed the cadence of unison and the rhythm of a mood. The naked American slave girl no longer deluded herself that it was better to be whipped than to have a man's phallus thrust within the recesses of her sheath. He chained me in it with the other girls, the ones you've captured on the coffle with me." Corey opened her eyes and gave her latest owner her frankest star. Straps tugged until Miss Audrey Cotswold was a naked 'U' turned on its side, her feet and hands remarkably close, her bottom proclaiming itself obscenely parted to cause a rearward thrust of her vulva and pubic hair.

A Spanking Story

fetish WilleB 2017-12-14

I told her that I was having a hard time trying to even them out as I alternated harder and harder ruler swats between her two ass cheeks. I continued to give her hard swats and I asked if it was too hard to which she replied a big, "NO!" I asked several more times and her answer was always a resounding "NO!" I spanked her on and on until her low-level moans turned to low level screams of delight mixed with orgasmic desperation and finally one big scream. I tried to kiss her but she turned away as she continued to push me further down." She wants me to go down on her!" I finally realized so I moved down until I was face to face with the biggest blond with hints of red, mane of pubic hair I think I'd ever seen.

Harry, Kate & Jan Finale

fetish OVERLAND 2017-12-14

Harry kept thinking about Kate's description of her friends big tits so he removed Kate's upper covering and began to play with her breasts, milking her nipples as they grew hard. Alan Smith moaned as Kate began to play with Anne's engorged nipples and her hand reached out and rubbed his crotch. As Kate fitted Alan's cock between her breasts and Anne did the same with Harry's hard fat cock Joan made a move. Harry pulled on one of Joan's big elongated teats, forcing her down to rest her breasts on Kate and Anne's shoulders, just above their bouncing melons. "I saw her looking at Harry's big tool in the clubhouse," gasped Alan as Kate rubbed her pubic mound up and down his shaft.

His Fetish Discovered at Work Ch. 02

fetish Parklife 2017-12-14

I kept thinking of looking down at your face buried between my legs, your tongue darting into my cum filled pussy.” As she rubbed her pussy across my belly, I thought she would start to play with her clit and bring herself to orgasm as she stroked her pussy across my softening cock. Instead, she picked herself up off my body and slid her left hand between her legs to corral a strand of cum that had formed between the lips of her pussy and my stomach. After cleaning her clit completely, I began to suck on her loose pussy lips, taking them into my mouth and pulling them away from her body.

The Bus Ride

fetish misha_neema 2017-12-14

The man in the back corner watches her intently beneath the dark hood of his coat, his icy eyes boring into her back as the bus moves along through the bitter night. The water, streaming down her face from her drenched hair, blinds her and she blinks rapidly trying to clear her eyes when the man steps from the darkness stopping before her, drowning out the dim glow of the street light. He places his arms above her, pressing his hands into the wall as he thrusts back and forth within her mouth, smiling at the gagging and chocking sounds his cock is producing from her tight throat.

Crotch Rocket

fetish DarlingNikki 2017-12-14

Tommy liked the boots, but he’d been skeptical of the idea of wearing a short skirt on a motorcycle ride. As an answer, he wrapped one arm around me and pushed me forward, using the other hand to jerk my skirt up and over my ass. With my thighs clenched around the body of the bike, I squirmed on the warm leather seat, my pussy now soaked. With Tommy’s hand wrapped in my hair, the new arch of my back ground my clit harder against the seat with every thrust. Pleasure roared through my body and I jerked at the handlebars so hard that had we been actually riding, I would have flipped the bike.

Monique's House of Leather

fetish evolg99 2017-12-14

Here was Steve, the masculine fit young man bedecked in sexy spike heeled leather boots which reached up to his hips, a tightly bound leather corseted waist and close fitting k** leather gloved arms while his new wardrobe mistress in all her leather resplendence stood behind him in admiration with the unmistakable look of hot wanton lust, holding onto her leather reigns as if she had just tamed some wild stallion. Monique extended her right arm toward Steve's face and this time without hesitation he gently held her leather forearm in his left hand while taking her petite hand in his right, pulled it slowly toward his mouth and blessed it with a soft kiss while looking up into her eyes.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 04

fetish scorpionicus45 2017-12-14

Jack walked over to the table and stopped with the head of his erect cock a few inches away from the young girl's face. Mei grabbed the remote control for the table and adjusted the height until the young girl sitting on it could reach Jack's cock with her mouth easily. When she had his penis lined up to her satisfaction Karen put her other hand on Jack's ass and gave it a push to signal him to move forward and enter Carol's pussy. "Jack, you can allow yourself to ejaculate as soon as you are ready," Karen told him as she watched him fuck the black girl.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 08

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-14

Laura took up a defensive position, firing with her twin pistols whilst Annabel did a crazy dance on the ground, desperately trying to remove her shorts and panties whilst all the time, spears rained down around them. A warm wet spraying sensation upon Laura's legs revealed that Annabel's pussy hole was still squirting out her hot pee. Moving through the now dwindling piss stream, she started to play, teasing Annabel's clit with one finger whilst placing another digit directly in front of her pee hole. Laura's torch played over Annabel's naked flesh highlighting just how comical it was going to look - a half naked brunette wandering around a forgotten tomb with nothing at all covering her lower regions!

Line Up

fetish DavidFun 2017-12-14

His eyes rolled up into his head as she took his cock in her warm mouth and started sucking. Saliva oozed from the corners of her mouth and covered her chin and she used the lubrication to bob her head faster and deeper over the second cock. With her head held firmly, she was unable to see who it was but she slid her hand up the thigh, reaching expectantly for another rigid cock. She was now naked, on her knees, fingering herself with one hand and pumping a cock with her other hand while her mouth was fucked like a discount whore's cunt. Even though her hands were held, she bobbed her head forward and tried to take his cock in her mouth.