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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish margaret_jenkins 2017-12-14

"I'm glad to see mom is wearing her lovely kimono, it gives such a classy a look and is so lovely and smooth to the touch." She stood right behind me and gently ran her hands down the back, then sides and turning me about, lasciviously stroked down several times over my breasts. She placed her hand at my crotch and stroked with her fingers my mound, my lower belly just above the band of my panties, and the inside of my thighs, then pressed a fingertip right over the spot where it covered my vaginal opening, provoking more wetness. Did mom have dirty thoughts and feelings when her daughter felt around and inside her cunt?

Private School Phys Ed Ch. 02

fetish Aphroderos69 2017-12-14

I start to slide my fist in and out of her ass, and as I do her pussy lets her juices fly everywhere. I also start to lick her pussy from behind as I increase the speed with which I fuck her ass with my fist. "Guess what little slut, if you like it kinky so much eat that shit off of your tits." I take my shit covered hand out of her ass and watch as it contracts. I drop down and begin drinking the cum, and also licking up the sweet virgin nectar of her blood. I then let my shit fall out of my ass and onto her sweet tight stomach.

Ms. 'Just Call Me Randi' Bunny

fetish Alura 2017-12-14

Jason couldn't help but stare as she went to the shower between he and Karl and turned on the water, the bar of soap held to his chest in one paw utterly forgotten. Karl looked up, saw what Jason was doing, and then did the same, sliding the soap downward and lathering the soft fur with the heel of his paw while teasing over her other nipple with his fingers. He looked up, and saw Karl was tentatively guiding his erection over the curve of Randi's ass with one paw, lightly staining her dark fur with precum here and there, staying carefully away from the heated wetness between her legs.

Don't Play With Out Me

fetish MissMona 2017-12-14

I watch the screen as this little chick starts taking this huge cock up her ass… I dip my finger down to my ass hole and I start to rub it. I figure you are going to either take over stroking my ass with the dildo, stick your dick in my pussy or both… but I am surprised as you start to slide your cock up my ass with the Dildo still inside. I start talking to you, telling you how good your cock feels in my ass with the dildo… I start begging you to fuck me harder. As we stand in the shower, the hot water splashing over us, you once again slide your cock in my ass.

A Milky MILF

fetish Sutefani 2017-12-14

Slowly I start kissing you, hot biting kissing, teasing your lips as I undo your belt and pants, pushing them low over your hips. I put one hand beside your head, lifting my body off you and leaning over you, my breasts hovering over your mouth, I tease you, dipping them low for you to get a nip or lick but not enough to satisfy you. After I've finished spraying you, I lean down and start to lick it off your cock with long hard teasing flicks. I slide my body up yours making sure my breasts are touching you, my hips pushing your cock up to lay flat on your belly and I settle my hot sex on the shaft.



fetish Tazmaniac421 2017-12-14

Leaning over her, I kiss her and feel her push the cherry into my mouth with her tongue. I eat the cherry and lean back to kiss her deeply, our tongues exploring the insides of each other's mouths like they have done hundreds of times before. Licking my way lower down, I use my tongue to scoop up and eat the strawberries ringing her beautiful breasts, making sure I have lapped up every bit. I make sure I use my tongue in her navel to get every bit of juice out, causing her to gasp and moan. The cream has started to melt slightly and drip between her thighs and I clean this up nicely.


Pussy Licking, Ass Kissing Professor

fetish licksit 2017-12-14

Edith's body arched and she moaned with pleasure as the sexual release Thomlinson's mouth and tongue created. Thomlinson cleaned her pussy and let his tongue move back to her clit, now drunk with desire to feel her body tremble through one orgasm after the other. Lowering his head, he kissed and licked at her ass cheeks, letting the heat of her body fill him with sexual desire. Edith's body was tingling with anticipation and sexual excitement as Thomlinson's mouth and tongue slaved over her ass. An excited shock of sexual pleasure ran over her body when she felt his tongue and finger rubbing together, separated only by the thinnest of membranes of her pussy and asshole.

Forced Creampie!!

fetish Sissyfreak 2017-12-14

"Dean says that you have been a naughty boy, reading sex stories about eating cum from women's pussies. "I fucked Susan just before you arrived, and deposited a weeks worth of cum into that pussy you have sat and adored since you got here, and you are going to eat it all up and clean her pussy. I knew I was beaten, so I stood up, stripped, then got on all fours and began to slowly crawl across the room to Susan. I lapped at her lips and slowly began to lick and suck her man's seed from her inner sanctum, all the time my cock was straining inside my pants.


Lauren's Surprise Creampie

fetish sunniex 2017-12-14

Well, that completely undoes me, and I lose my load right then and there all over her bed, realizing I'm eating her very well Ed-fucked pussy (and loving it), and that makes her start cumming even more. I'm watching her bounce up and down on his cock, so I put my hands on her ass to help push her in as she works him in and out of that beautiful pussy, going for her last load of cream of the day. Sure enough, it doesn't take much longer for Ed. I've got my hands on her ass, I watch as his cock stiffens up, his balls tighten, and I know he's shooting out his last load of cum deep in my girl's pussy.

A girl, a dog and two boys

fetish cbradiofan 2017-12-14

dog cum with her own hands, to see his hot sperm jetting Kathy begins to pump her hands even harder at the dog's Kathy feels his cock swell in her hand. Kathy feels the near-bursting dog-cock in her hands Kathy stares down at her body, seeing the dog's cum. "Oh yeah, Kathy," groans Tyler, "suck my cock... Kathy moans in pleasure around the stiff cock filling moan and Kathy feels his hot cum spurt against her butt Kathy gives a startled yelp around Tyler's cock "Oooooo!" Kathy gasps around Tyler's hot, swollen cock "Unnnnn," Kathy moans d***kenly around Tyler's cock. Kathy can't take her eyes away from Tyler's rigid cock dog-cock just as he thrusts forward, wanting to get the

Smoking Hot in Vegas

fetish UsuallyCFNM 2017-12-14

It is incredibly sexual and seductive, the way she holds the cigarette, teases her lips, and rolls back her eyes when she inhales. Like a gentle kiss, her lips grabbed a long, white cigarette and tilting her head back, she slowly pulled it out. It will be better if we wait until we are both desperate." She let the cigarette dangle on her lips for a few moments, then sucked in and blew the non-existent smoke at him. She took the cigarette from her lips, and tilted her head back, letting the creamy white smoke drift out of her mouth. She would hold the cigarette teasingly close to her lips, seductively kissing and teasing the filter, without inhaling.

Freshman hookup turns into a surprise facial finis

fetish matt_good 2017-12-14

I’ve never seen such a tight, beautiful pussy on such a cute and innocent looking girl with glasses and braces! Her reaction was amazing, she screamed “OH MY GOD”, and as her mouth opened to scream, my second string of cum shot straight into her mouth/braces and the string ended right up her other cheek and almost to her hair. I probably had a weird look in my eye, since whenever I talked to her, all I could think of was her curvy body, and her eye/glasses and braces with my cum all over them. Things went about the same and we fucked a few times over the next week, but she was very very very careful to not have my cum near her tits or face!

What You Told Me To Do

fetish Mikesliver 2017-12-14

I can't count a thing when you begin to talk, telling me of how you are there, nude, alone. I want your cock in my mouth while you lick me.' Well I can't finish that because I have to tell you how much I would love to feel your lips around me, warm and wet. Sitting in my chair I begin to divest myself of all the things I have to wear at work. I can picture you here, looking up at me, your skin shining with the red Christmas lights while your eyes sparkle with something different. I look into your lovely face, that little smirk, a dimple on your cheek as you watch my hand traveling up and down.

My First Real Massage

fetish Zoltar 2017-12-14

True story. Smiling she said, ’Please take off ALL of your clothes...or whatever you feel comfortable with. Her hand came about as close as you can come to touching them. I figured I was imagining it. This feeling of being naked in front of a woman in this context was incredible! Was it my imagination? I looked down at her hands working me then up at her face then I blew a load that would have put Peter North to shame. She did a good job of cleaning me up. This story is a true story. It is lame though because it is told from my point of view. A man’s point of view. I would love to hear those stories from your point of view.

surprise visit

fetish trindriver121 2017-12-13

I could feel the pressure build inside my stomach, quickly rushing to my groin and then racing for the tip of my cock, gripping the satin tight, my hand was a blur, when suddenly the explosion began, creamy cum leaking through the slippery pink material, as I continued to stroke, the loud gasp escaping my mouth, as the moment of release felt like a relief. Finally she was unable to take another orgasm, as he tried to push me away, unable to speak, she moved just enough that my cock slipped from her pussy, then I felt a jerk in my groin, and my legs suddenly weaken, as a spray of creamy cum shot straight into the air, landing like a ribbon across mom’s ass.

The Slut Wife - Chapter 22

fetish 2017-12-13

I looked up at him and said “come here, I have milk for you too.” He moved onto the bed and, grabbed my other boob and said “god, I’ve been wanting to do this for a month” and he began to latch on and suck on my nipple as well. “I know you like pussy, so enjoy my cock slut” he growled as he moved one of his hands from her head back to her ass and began to spank it. “So fucking big…” he muttered then he reached up and squeezing my left boob, a few drops of milk came out and he said “I’m thirsty” and moved his mouth to my nipple and latched on and began to suck.

Thee BBWs and a guy

fetish MasterBill 2017-12-13

Brian never thought that he would ever leave his wife Karen. Now Brian was here in Alaska he wanted to get the cock cage removed first But Jeff said Brian's new roommates would take care of that. said Brian's new friends would show Karen that she made a big mistake and beg- Just the next time Brian saw Jeff. Brian's attacker stuck their tongue deep in his mouth for a deep hard kiss. Brian tried to look the new girl up and down. As she kissed Brian she started unbuttoning his shirt then pulled up his under shirt up over his head. The front door opened and in walked-in a blonde with long hair pass her shoulders." He's here and you guys started

Twenty Dollar Spanking Ch. 1

fetish SpankerSam 2017-12-13

Well she is kind of strict and when I mess up, she doesn't think anything about grabbing me and pulling me over her knee." Carol stopped talking and took another sip of wine. "And when Aunt Flo spanks you, you go in your room and play with your pussy don't you?" This time she just nodded her head. "If I were to make you stand up and I put you over my knee and lifted your skirt and spanked you would you get excited?" Carol looked up at me. Each time I spanked her, Carol rubbed her pussy harder against my dick. Carol lifted her head from my still hard dick and I could see some of my crème in her open mouth.

Panty Power Ch. 02

fetish black saphire 2017-12-13

I felt him stiffen and then look at me sharply before feeling his hand remove my panties from my foot. "They were just so sexy and I mean you are one helluva sexy babe too." Steve said and then looked down at his lap. Steve sniffed hard on my panties again and I watched his cock lurch. Steve moaned and I slipped a hand under myself and played with my pussy. Steve's fingers grabbed my nips and tweaked on them causing powerful shivers of lust to travel through my entire body and erupt in my pussy. "Holy Shit!" Steve yelled out as I felt his cock swell inside me and spurt hot jolts of semen into my spasming pussy.

Tgirl Hooker pt4

fetish 2017-12-13

Emma pulled off my cock and pulled me to the bed and turned me so I was facing down, she laid on me and whispered 'now its my turn to cum in your ass' with this Emma put some lube on her cock, spread my legs slightly and pushed her massive head on my hole, she pushed slowly and I could slowly feel it pushing its way in, her cock was so thick it was a real struggle to get it in, the pain was enough for me to ask her to stop, but slowly she continued to push her head inside my tight ass, then the pain was not so bad and I could feel her opening me up as she pushed in, I felt her huge head was almost in she held it for a while and then slowly started to move her cock inside me and with every movement she went that little bit deeper and deeper until I could feel her hot hard cock deep inside me.

Beth in the Bakery

fetish socrazy143 2017-12-13

Beth couldn't help but see the man in line behind her stop in his tracks when he saw her belly and she got a little pissed off at his staring. Her table was well out of view of the door or the counter lady and without notice or thought he knelt down in front of her and began to drink in her wetness with long wonderful licks. After the pregnant woman had finished orgasming for what seemed like the hundredth time, Mike pulled back, shocked to see the pants-less counter girl making out with the pregnant woman. As the counter girl began to suck on the dark brown engorged nipples of the pregnant woman Mike's eyes met Beth's.

Angie Returns The Favour Ch. 02

fetish black saphire 2017-12-13

Steve felt his cock lurch and butterflies in his stomach at the way Angie was taking charge. Angie climbed over him and slowly lowered her pussy on to his cock. Angie worked her pussy muscles, squeezing his cock as she stroked his chest. She could feel his cock so very hard in her and she knew that Steve was super turned on by what she was doing. His cock was aching for release as his hips thrust upwards, meeting Angie's buttocks as she fucked down on him. Steve bit hard onto the pee soaked panties in his mouth as he squirted into her. He was cumming so hard and she was squeezing every last drop out of his cock, and still she kept fucking up and down.

A Cyber Encounter

fetish EroticaReader2002 2017-12-13

She placed her hands on my knees and began to slowly move them outward, exposing my growing, panty covered, erection to her steady gaze. I suddenly felt her fingers tracing the outline of my cock as she grazed the fabric of the panties covering it. She leaned forward again to lick up a drop of pre cum, then pushed her head down, her lips pushing my hands out of the way as she engulfed my cock with her mouth. Then, just as she had all of my cock in her mouth, I felt the dildo start to press against my anus. She wrapped her other hand around my cock and began to milk any remaining cum into her mouth and she sucked on the head.

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 04

fetish kathryn94 2017-12-13

I had another one for in a few days-" She walked over to the fridge and pulled out the second steak. "I've got more to offer than just my mouth." She took her pants off and pulled her panties down, unleashing her hard cock. Her cock stood up straight in front of Jake, and without second thought he grabbed the 14 inch monster and began pumping it to the rhythm of his hips. It felt like having one hundred orgasms at once." She lay on her side and pulled him close to her, acting as the big spoon. She pulled the blanket over them and gave the back of his head soft kisses before falling asleep.