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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sugar Daddy's Sissy

fetish jimbojim 2017-12-13

Cliff’s greatest pleasure comes on Tuesday night when I dress up as a young women and frequent a private club for gay men in town. As I expected right after dinner Cliff took me to the “special” back room in the club with couches and private areas. Cliff immediately began kissing and fondling me all over, our tongues intertwined again and again as I felt Cliff’s cock getting rock hard. A dim light lit the room so I could see as I got on my knees unzipped Cliff’s pants and began sucking his lovely seven inch cock.

Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 01

fetish GreyMatterH 2017-12-13

As much as I felt accepted for the first time in my life, there was always a bit of a feeling that these were Melissa's friends - that I was who I was because of her. Knowing that I was a virgin, one of Melissa's first bits of advice was to try to control myself when I masturbated. During this time, Melissa was subtly warming Victoria up to the idea of going on a date with me. "I know that you're a virgin, but I thought when you set your sights on Victoria that it meant that you had at least a decent sized cock in your pants." Pointing at my dick, "That, that's not enough for a woman like her.

Holly Loves Her BBC

fetish photog45 2017-12-13

The photo in front of us teased at me; a close-up containing Malik's legs spread wide, his hard, big black cock buried in Holly's pussy, while her legs were spread as well, stacked on his as she rode him. Staying in a hotel while not working, there's not a whole lot to do besides masturbate a few times a day, I had told her that I wanted her to get me one and I'd wear it so I couldn't touch myself while away, thus saving a big powerful load for her when I get home. I felt like I just wanted to rip off the cage and unload my cum inside her right then...but I knew it wouldn't work.

Wet Dream in Class

fetish unlimitedready 2017-12-13

It never happened to me my first two years of highschool, and never in my last, but one time, during that third year, it happened...I was sitting in spanish class, and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so i put my head down on the desk and fell asl**p. About 5 minutes after class had ended she came over to me and asked "Rob, why are you still here?" I could feel my heart start to pump and my face start to blush, i knew that she knew something was wrong now, I couldn't lie to her and say I peed, that be even more embarrasing and not believable since there wasn't enough of a wet spot.

Camera Phone Threesome

fetish JSSmutter 2017-12-13

By the time Claire began stroking my wife's tits in return, my cock was rock hard. He likes that," Claire said to Kate, nodding in the direction of my hardon. Kate and I had experimented with different types of female domination scenarios before, including ball busting to try it out after seeing it on the internet but to be honest it was way too fucking painful and I wasn't keen to ever repeat it. What a dilemma!" I thought, "Getting my balls kicked into next week or give up on the chance to fuck Claire and wave goodbye to the threesome!" Claire kept one foot on the floor while I kissed it and ground the pointed heel of her boot into my back as I bent over to do as she said.

Transformation Ch. 03

fetish NancysboyBill 2017-12-13

Nancy called me at work that day and said that she had made dinner reservations at a restaurant we liked in a city about an hour from home. Nancy flew off to her parents' house and I was left with the promise of a mind blowing orgasm the next time the device came off. Before I wore the device I would do anything I was told but sometimes it took a little convincing or when Nancy didn't have the patience for that she would just turn and look at the paddle. In the morning Nancy said that with all the activity of the week she was too tired to give me the mind blowing orgasm she promised.

Pee Party!

fetish Carnevil9 2017-12-13

Chauncey, the gardener, directed his stream back and forth between Beddy's two succulent, heaving breasts, dousing her nipples, her mounds, and her ribcage, watching the obscene flow run down the voluptuous curves of her body, forming sensuous rivulets as it made its way down to the tiles of the deck. Beddy's pee arced up in a beautiful golden stream, coming down on Jessica's upturned face. They aimed their streams of golden nectar directly at Jessica and Beddy, soaking their hair, their faces, their beautiful bouncing boobies, their taut flat tummies, their shapely buttocks, their creamy thighs, their cute little tootsies, everything! Jessie and Beddy squealed in delight, gulping mouthfuls of the pungent pee when they could, reveling in the warm, splashing streams in between swallows, and just generally basking in the wonderful, wicked wetness of it all!

Mrs. Lucyna 6

fetish 2017-12-13

When I opened my eyes caressed Lady Mrs. Lucy Kate. When suddenly stood up I saw Mrs. Barry was wearing plastic dick strapped. Meanwhile, Mrs. Barry came back to play with Mrs. Lucyna. It is a bold, put Mrs. Lucyna your plastic cock and fucked it with all his strength. It turned out that the plastic dick with the other hand, leaving a small wibratorek that while massaging her pussy. Therefore, Ms. Barry and Ms. Lucy happy sunbathing naked in the garden. Ms. Barry and Ms. Lucy clothed only transparent gowns and went to breakfast, I too did not know what to put on your dick standing in a metal basket.

Sperm Party - The Cuckold 2

fetish KCUM 2017-12-13

"M, why don't you start?" Caroline suggested."Start wanking Jim's cock for him, Jenny and I don't want him wasting his energy in arm movements." "Here buddy," Jim offered his dick to M placing it pleasingly in profile to Caroline's gaze. "Well it is good enough, but you know what buddy, I'm here to donate my semen to these two lovely ladies and I reckon I'd be happier if I had young Jenny's soft little fingers wrapped around it." "He's right Jenny," Caroline answered, "you wank him off, M can collect the donation, and all of you, move up closer, I want a ringside seat." M watched as his s****r Jenny's soft delicate and slim fingers curled sensuously around Jim's thick shaft.

Training Baby's Ass

fetish WarriorLove 2017-12-13

I rewarded her by ripping it away from her ass immediately, plunging a heavy load of lubricant from my tool belt into that sweet little hole, and then worked my cock - already hard - into her. Besides, my cock was so stiff and horny from thinking about my little bitch all day, it needed a tiny ass to fuck. I really looked forward to seeing my little girl grinding and squirming against both our cocks - begging "Daddy" and "Uncle" to use her body.. And, I know just the horny fucker who'll enjoy making YOU the baby-slut you want to be." I smiled and reached down to bring my finger to her mouth.

Seth's Fetish Ch. 03

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2017-12-13

"Oh, Dan took Darlene to buy a car," Donna said dismissively. "Dad wants to talk to you." Dana sent me a dirty look as she slid off the stool and took the phone from her mother. It seems like Dan and I always had to suck each other off for sexual release cause I was always getting pregnant." Just then Dana looked at me and turned red. "Do you want me to fuck you Donna?" I asked, tapping on her clit faster and faster. Come on the horse power in a Camaro is way better than a Firebird." Dan ruffled Darlene's blond hair, and I noticed for the first time how she looked like a younger version of Dana and her mother.

After Hours Ch. 02

fetish ade773 2017-12-13

This is how I procrastinate, now that I've realized that the boss knows I tend to play FreeCell and chew on my hair when I'm bored and I don't feel like doing any work. Just like there are people who can stop smoking for a few days and can't really ever quit, Hannah, I believed, is human, and though she might be angry at herself or at me now she'll eventually come back around, on her knees, begging for more. I had been able to get the reports that Matt wanted in by 3, and even though he claimed to have client meetings the rest of the day he was still able to come over and dump another pile of stuff on my desk.

Housewife Allie

fetish hollytbowl 2017-12-13

Do it, slut, shit it all out, I wanna see your cute mommy ass dumping on my cock right now." With that Allie moaned and grunted, relaxing and pushing, her hot brown load squelching as the perv fucked her ass, the shit getting forced out of her rectal tube, squishing around the man's thick cock. "Now slut, shove your ass back more, open yourself wider and bend over and lick your shit off the bowl" the man said, Allie's filthy ass spread obscenely wide, her shithole bulging, as the perv jacked his cock harder and watched the housewife lick her own brown mess.

The head of my department

fetish 2017-12-13

When I was about to come she stopped and told me to eat more than horny, she took to her private bathroom took off her skirt, put her on all fours and started slowly stick his dick in her, she started saying that my dick was too greater than that of her husband, the vai ai got a delicious and comes she began to moan loudly, I was afraid of dying and people get horny with that woman moaning for me. Therein she put her skirt up and got out like nothing had happened, one of the daughters wanted to use the bathroom and she said it was broken, I almost died when I heard that.

89 The PA`s Sunday

fetish alibodge 2017-12-13

Over coffee Sir Edward apologised for the curtailing of the games the day before due to an unexpected emergency, to which Maggie smiled and said that to her it had been a welcome relief, which raised a smile on even Mr Sato and Odd Job`s inscrutable faces. Both ladies had eyes like saucers their attention focused on the blue flames slowly burning away the chalk-marks and beginning to heat the rod, ten long minutes passed before the heat began to reach the women Pleasant at the start, but rapidly rising to untenable the other pains forgotten as this new menace began to make its menace known.

Pregnant from my hubby?

fetish 2017-12-13

Almost exactly three years ago I met Norman and only four month later we nice little bitch like me three times a day but he also made sure he right, ten minutes later I went to the ladies shower room and Ken followed the time looking for a real man." I started to kiss him hot to stop him straightened my legs to give my hand room to grab his hard, but tiny cock. "Wanna fuck my hot pussy, darling?" I purred as I rubbed the tip of moistened panties I went in the kitchen and was greeted by Kenny's horny his cock still pumped his sticky cum in my tight pussy." I never felt so

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 10: Katie's Vindica

fetish Erocus 2017-12-13

She looked over at Katie tears streaming down her face, "Every time we have sex he's always like," making a deep voice trying to mock Joel, "oh Nikki let me cum on your face or tell me you want to feel my cum," she paused thinking for a moment, "Did he do this to you?" Looking at both women, "I don't know about this." It excited me to think about my wife giving a blowjob, a foot job, or maybe someday watching her actually fuck another dick but it's been a long time since I was naked in front of another woman much less getting ready to cum on somebody's else’s face.

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 07

fetish Tdisk 2017-12-13

She loved her new body and on re-connecting with Mike after ten years found he was more than willing to service her milk filled breasts and sexual needs. They soon formed a D/s relationship that evolved into a 12 month contract giving Mike full control over Becca's breasts and milk. One morning about nine months into their contract Becca confirmed that Mike would be home from work on time and said, "Good. He observed that he used a computerized modeling program that could show her body as it might look with several alternative implants but even this would be better left until after the breasts had returned to their natural size and shape.

When Alcohol and Feet Mix

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-12-13

When they got up I was surprised to see it was a girl I actually knew: Sam. We had went to high school together and her sister was a friend of mine. Greg turned to me with a troubled look on his face, "It's Sam...she's still here and she's passed out in our guestroom. I knew Sam wasn't going anywhere, but there's no arguing with Greg. Now think about the situation I'm in right now: a girl with stinky shoes is drunk on the bed, there's no one in the house now, and it's locked. Sam made a weird face, like someone had touched her, and she looked down at her feet.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 03

fetish jPhoenix 2017-12-13

Susan immediately set to washing my back and shoulders, working slowly and gently down each arm and taking extra time on my hands as our fingers entwined. Susan's scrubbing had slowed, and her tits were occasionally lifting off of the floor as she worked, and so I didn't need to wait for a reason to give her ample ass a firm slap. It was already late afternoon by the time that we finished, and not being able to immediately come up with anything else for Susan to clean and wanting to save my numerous ideas for torturing her further, I decided to indulge in my usual Saturday nap.

Waiting to be Used

fetish Gareth77 2017-12-13

The guest's hand reached further under her body, the middle finger now rubbing against her clit as she ground her pussy against the heel of the strangers' palm. She felt the rapid movement of the man's hand as he wanked, feeling the wet tip of his cock rub occasionally against her ass cheek. She breathed heavily and continued to moan as the generous helping of cum ran down her ass, over her pussy soaking into her already wet panties. The stranger paused to rub his cock head over the cum-covered gusset of her g-string, then used his fingers and the tip of his member to scoop the sticky cum into her panties, covering the fabric inside and out with the hot sticky creamy mess.

The Procession

fetish oggbashan 2017-12-13

"I agreed to wear the costume Lisa had made for me, not this!" I pointed at the dress on the bed. "I made this dress for you last night" said Lisa with a wicked smile on her face "and you agreed to wear whatever I'd made for you. "Of course you were, Thomas" said Candice "but you were complaining to Lisa last night that we women have all the fun of dressing up. "Lisa!" said Candice "Thomas will have problems with the curtsy because his legs are tightly swathed. Lisa and Jane grabbed my arms so hard that I could have lifted my feet off the ground without affecting the impression of three ladies curtseying in unison.

Long Dark Nights - Kai's Story Ch. 03

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2017-12-13

I wanted to feel and look feminine and pretty for Sophia. I had hoped to try to conceal my big tits and of course my equine-like cock. I knew I liked women because Sophia excited me. My smooth balls were painful and heavy between my legs, and the swish of my skirt over my cock was both amazing and excruciating. My balls held snug in the woman's underwear but my cock was hanging out the leg opening and was beginning to dribble cream. I stopped right in front of Sophia, then I spun in a little pirouette like a real woman. Sophia nodded thoughtfully at me as she reached out and ran her hand over my leg.

Pantyhose War Ch. 02

fetish PantyhoseSilk 2017-12-13

Lynn sat on the bed and pulled her pantyhose up over her feet, sliding them up her legs and pulling the waistband up in place while listening to Andrea rant about Bobby. Lynn and Andrea avoided her; any woman that shunned pantyhose wouldn't be a good relationship for them, and they had been taught by their parents to avoid people like Rachel. A beautiful blonde, she always dressed professionally, yet modest; always wearing a skirt or dress that showed off her legs - usually covered in an off-white shiny pantyhose that were so sheer the only thing that gave them away was when they were caught in the right light. Her legs were so beautiful, Lynn had often fantasized about laying all of her pantyhose out on a bed and tangling her legs up with Heather's, letting their silkiness slide over each other until...