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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Vegas Sissy

fetish lolli27 2017-12-13

She caught me staring at her a few times and I had to stop looking but it was very hard, and so was my cock that night when I jerked off thinking about her. Tiffany stood at the back of Jason and started thrusting against him, making him fuck my mouth. Tiffany used my silk pink panties as a cloth and wiped up all Jasons cum from me. Jason got his wallet out and gave Tiffany a wad of cash, she pulled a few notes out screwed them up and threw them on me. He then began to piss all over me, over my legs, my face and Tiffany pulled my skirt up and he pissed all over my cock.

Slave Ch. 03

fetish slaveheathen 2017-12-13

The depravity of ass-to-mouth has always been a massive turn on for me, and knowing that the three huge cocks I was cleaning had been up my shit-chute at the same time was almost enough to make me cum again. "Keep eating that cum, bitch." And then he drove the breath out of me as he rammed all fifteen huge inches up my ass and started butt-fucking me like there was no tomorrow. "Anytime you need that bitch of yours fucked, you just let us know, Kay. I know a few more guys and some gals too that would love a piece of that white slut ass," Jamal said as he hugged her.

Her Fetish

fetish rissanick 2017-12-13

I begin grabbing at her under arm and trying to hold her into place, she giggles uncontrollably, waves of pleasure run throughout her body as she squirms trying to break free of the shackles. Thinking she's got a chance, her breathing slows down and she attempts to maybe roll off the bed, free from my grasp, but it's only a front, a mask, because I know she loves this, I can smell her juices flowing, but that's not what has my attention right now, my attention is on her hair brush I have in my hands. Screaming from the foot torture, I smile and keep moving the brush across her toes, she loves this, I can smell her juices, I can see her bald pussy soaked, I'm going to make an example out of her.

Jim's Group Physical

fetish JimmyJohnson 2017-12-13

The story is about 4 high school senior boys (18 years old) who are called out of their physical education class and forced to undergo a complete physical exam as a group. "No, there's no time for that," replied Coach Adams, "you need to go right now." "I think it will be OK if you wear your gym clothes. Your parents have been provided with the details of this new program and I have signed permission slips from all of them giving their approval." For just a moment I looked away from Nurse Fisher and saw Stephanie with a big grin on her face. At the same time, Kevin was standing on the scale and the school nurse, with Stephanie's assistance, was recording his height and weight.

Alex: Queen of Bukkake

fetish Wolfie 2017-12-13

The thought of watching guys masturbate, and then having judges measure the distance that their cum flew, sounded like a real trip. Watching people fuck isn't really all that interesting, so we went to the room where the contest was to be held because we wanted to get a good seat. "My God," I thought, "Rita is going to volunteer!!" Instead, she said "I nominate Alexia here." Stunned, I shook my head no, no. She stood up and told the crowd how I masturbated and fantasized about having guys come all over my body. Then the thought of girls just like me being able to watch my video gave me an immense feeling of satisfaction.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 03

fetish Carnevil9 2017-12-12

"Yes, we know," said Curt, and gave Nancy a twenty dollar bill to take care of Charlie. "That's all right, Charlie," said Nancy, wiping her face with toilet paper from the nearby roll. She had just finished off another customer, getting him off with a triple fork-finger backwards lindy hand job (a rare and sometimes dangerous maneuver), and had again swallowed down every drop of his ejaculate. A few more customers came in for their twenty dollar hand jobs, and Nancy served them as best she could. I don't mind giving out hand jobs for twenty dollars, but I don't like really having sex with them."

fun with pregnant s****r in law

fetish vinney 2017-12-12

I would hear Sheila coaxing Sam and asking him to suck her nipples, play with her thick pregnant pussy, and gently caress her pregnant tummy, etc. As I was gently rubbing Sheila's thighs and tummy, every time I would get anywhere near her pussy she would slightly shift or twist in an attempt to make me touch her pussy lips. As she spread her large full pussy lips, she showed me her engorged clit and asked me to gently lick and suck on her little "man in the saddle" to give her more pleasure. After pumping Sheila's tight dripping pussy in this fashion for a few minutes, she told me to stop, take it completely out, and to push it very gently into her nice rose bud of an ass hole.

The Boots

fetish darceyballerina 2017-12-12

She walked to the back of the shop and pointed to a pair of midnight blue gloss Hunter wellies. Breathing heavily, he watched as she pointed her toes and slowly slid her foot into the boot. Right there, in the middle of the shop, when anyone could look in from the street and see a welly-booted woman masturbating over him. She then moved off the banquette and pushed his knees up so his feet were flat on the floor and sat astride his rubber-clad feet, rubbing herself up against the boots, sighing deeply as she rocked. They sat on the shop floor in silence, licking the boots like kittens with their cream.

Stocking Fetish

fetish watcher_uk 2017-12-12

Joan, the wife, would sit me down in her living room with a comic book and would busy herself around the house. I soon noticed that she would always be wearing seamed nylon stockings, similar to my mother and I could not help staring at them, wondering if they would have the same silky feel as mother's. Shortly after that, one afternoon when I was reading my comic book at Joan's house and sneaking a glance at her nylons, Joan was leaving the room when she stopped and pulled up the back of her skirt to fasten a garter clip that had come undone.

I'm My b*****r In Law's Wife

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2017-12-12

The next day I returned to my mother's house and met Paul, my s****r's fiancé. He thanked me for my help and after looking in on my s****r one last time he left because the groom isn't supposed to see the bride before the wedding. I was ready to see how I looked in it, but my mother told me I had to have the makeup and hair done before that happened. "I'll help you with that," my mother told me, "We still have a couple of days to get you ready." The wedding day arrived and I was more nervous than I think a normal bride would be.

Peeing in Zero-G Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-12

Within seconds she had started to pee allowing her hot golden load to come squirting out of her pussy hole before spraying directly into the woman's hair. The entire Mess must have witnessed her act of peeing under the table, courtesy of the optical implants embedded in the black skinned security woman's eyes. It was only at that very moment with her life precariously in the balance that 542 finally recalled the significance of the copper haired women earlier statement; "on my ship." Not only had 542 insulted every crew member in the room with her impromptu piss over the Mess floor, but she had actually taken a pee directly in front of the actual Carrier's Captain, the most senior ranking person on board.

Band Parents Ch. 04

fetish BillyBobJoeEd 2017-12-12

"I'm sorry you had to find out like that," I said, and I really meant it, "but why aren't you angry?" I knew that discovering my affair with Linda by reading an email to me must have hit Lily pretty hard. Plus, I know when she's riding me this way that it's an open invitation to play with her ass, so once she established a steady pace on my cock, I moved my hands to her buttocks and began to spread them apart with my thumbs. Lily, for her part, leaned down and began to lick our combined goo off my cock, moaning contentedly around my rapidly deflating cock, occasionally commenting about how much she loved the taste and asking me if I liked licking up the cum that was running out of her pussy.

Santa Monica

fetish Ken_Najaid 2017-12-12

He could feel the weight of of his hormones in his balls, he allowed Monica to continue teasing his cock for a moment before rolling over onto his girlfriend's tiny body. Monica smiled deviously and told him that her uncle had gotten him out of the room to ask her - in front of everybody - if she wanted him to make a hotel reservation for Dan or if there would be room for him in her high-school bed. One that Monica had come to appreciate as it usually meant about ten orgasms for her before Dan would finally ejaculate an enormous amount of cum on her command. As pain shot throughout his lower body, Monica felt Dan's cock surge in her mouth. In keeping with her little game, Monica released his balls and pulled her mouth away from Dan's cock.

Cumming For Dinner

fetish Nemasis Enforcer 2017-12-12

"It was when I was 18 that I found out I produced a lot of cum" Gavin admitted looking over the blond haired woman sat before him "I was with my first girlfriend and she was sucking me off when I just exploded in her mouth, she tried to swallow it all but she couldn't, then the rest just covered her face I thought it was so great to see". Gavin didn't lie when he said he came lots, Rhonda was amazed when more cum shot out onto her face, landing on her closed eyes and in her hair, dripping off her chin onto her bra and pooling on her cleavage.


fetish cookiemonster50 2017-12-12

Sam looked very much like Joan Blondell in her early years: oval face with high cheek bones; dimples when she smiled. Sam liked to dress in tight clothing to accentuate her slamming figure; especially the fat peach that always seemed to be aching for a good fuck. But you would only know this if you saw them getting into a car after closing time or the smug look on the asshole’s faces as he walked in the next day. She looked me in the eyes, smiled and said softly, “This day will be trifling and forgotten a year from now.” Sam whined and placed her hands on my shoulders as she looked at me through the slits of her eyes.

A Man and His Teacher

fetish 2017-12-12

The next day as class was ending i went up to Ms.Goodman, and told her i was having some problems understanding my calculus. I slowly started working my hand up tword her already soaking slit. I liked her moist pussy for about an hour, until her slit oozed the sweet sticky fluid. She then slammed me to the floor, ripped off my pants, and started vigourously sucking my rock hard member, using her tongue to tease the head of my penis. Riding my dick hard and fast, (we had to move quickly her next class started in 10 minutes.) She started dripping her sweet juices all over me, i was so close.

Sissy Finds Black Cock Bliss

fetish plumprumpbrat 2017-12-12

It happened a month into the sexless period in our marriage, after Gina's slutty girlfriend Joanie goaded my wife into leaving on a two week cruise paid for of course, by some executive at the cruise line that wanted to fuck her. She didn't want me on the internet looking at black cocks but it got to be the only way I could cum. "Look, we figured it out with time to spare." Dunn got up and said, "Let's go watch some tv Gina." Joanie came into the bedroom and slipped some bootie shorts over my feet and said, "Dunn went home, sweetie." She kissed my cheek and led me up the hall to the living room.

All in the Family Ch. 08

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-12

but he definitely is attracted to women like 'you'." Tia's finger pointed towards Mattie's missing left leg. "Do you think he wants to be like this?" Her hands brushed across her mid-thigh length black soft cotton skirt and over the stump. "Babe," Tia moaned softly, looking at the woman - late thirties, nice looking, little makeup, curly brown hair to her shoulders, average shape, medium sized breasts hanging free under the white blouse, some cleavage exposed, a nice leg - the barefoot still rubbing against her leg. Patty sat then looked at the woman wearing a white polo shirt, khaki shorts, white socks, and white boat shoes.

My Tenants Huge Cock Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2017-12-12

Then without saying a word, Mike began to rub on my wet pussy, as I worked my hand over his big, young cock. The thought of having that fat hard young cock pounding my pussy made me so wet and I again slid my hands between my legs and brought myself to three wet, loud and messy orgasms before I finally fell asl**p. "OH SHIT BABY, THAT COCK STILL FEELS SO FUCKING MASSIVE AGAINST KATHY'S PUSSY" I told him as I continued to slide my lips along the shaft. "CUM WITH ME BABY, I WANT YOUR CUM IN ME MIKE, .....SHOOT THAT BIG LOAD RIGHT UP MY PUSSY BABY...JACKHAMMER IT UP THERE" I screamed, pushing my hands down on his chest, slamming my ass hard on his cock.

Sharing My Wife Slut

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-12

When we got in the room she was so horny I couldn’t satisfy her so I called up room service, I had just got threw fucking her and she was laying on the bed with a 12 inch dildo sticking in her cunt when the door bell rang, I opened the door and there was a big black bellhop standing there with a bottle of wine. Jan called me at 4:30 in the morning to come pick her up, when I arrived at the house I walked up to the door and it was cracked open, I peeked inside and my friend Dave had Jan bent over the couch fucking her from behind while some other man had his cock in her mouth.

Mardi Gras Slut

fetish 425olds 2017-12-12

After the first stud agreed he parted my splayed thighs and mounted me.As I felt that first 13 inch cock slide all the way to the balls in my sloppy cunt I knew in the back of my mind that I would be in real trouble.After only a few short minutes of easy stroking I was beginning to really feel the a****l lust overtake me and started to climax.While the stud fucked me harder I began to climax almost repeatedly as I urged him on.Telling him to fuck me harder still he picked up the pace,his balls slapping against my upturned ass.I was losing any faint hope of control and they knew it.I was close to the edge of a huge orgasm when the stud suddenly stopped.It was at that moment when my body took control over my mind,I just had to keep going.Yelling to him to fuck me deep,don't pull out,shoot all that hot cum deep in my uterus,fill my womb!

Only Couples (continued)

fetish Peter15 2017-12-12

Lucia swung her head around in time to see Boyd shove Dirk backward into the swimming pool. They stood by the pool, watching as Boyd angrily jerked his wife to her feet and slapped her face. She jerked open Boyd's fly and grasped his hard cock, pulled it from his pants and eagerly worked her hand up and down its pulsating shaft. He watched Faith's eyes, saw her licking her lips and heard her panting lust as she stared at his dancing penis. She stroked her palms up Boyd's legs and cupped his ass firmly, her hands pulling him toward her, getting his cock deeper into her mouth. Oh God!" Boyd's eyes were wide open, staring down at the lustful expression on Faith's face.

David's French Tutor Ch. 01

fetish Thorilla 2017-12-12

"Please tell us Miss Marie," Anna said, crossing her feet and brushing down her skirt hem which had attracted my attention. I punished him with his poor conversational French by insisting he lie on the floor face up in front of me while I raised my skirt and petticoats and walked backwards and forwards over him with my feet on each side of his body. For minor mistakes you will sit with your knees apart like so." Miss Marie sat on her tall tutors chair and moved both her feet and knees apart in a very indecorous pose. Before I had time to gulp Miss Marie had reached down and pulled her long skirt up to her knees and there underneath was the most exquisitely ornamented wide underskirt I, or even the girls, had ever seen.

Frankie's Walk Home

fetish 2017-12-12

It was getting late and the others where ordering taxis they offered her lift but she told them she was meeting Ian in the next pub, pulled her phone out she texted him to tell him she would be leaving in half an hour, he replied saying she wouldn’t know where he was but just to start the walk home they had discussed. She kept looking at him knowing it wasn’t Ian’s eyes but wondering what was going to happen at the same time, “what do you want from me” she managed to say, as his arm snaked around her waist pulling her dress up, he still didn’t speak, he just pulled at her clothes, she wanted to believe it was Ian but she was not totally convinced.