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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Local Friend

fetish submgj 2017-12-12

Have you looked for one on the internet?" Jean asks as she rubs the precum around on the head of my cock. "Hands back on your head Jim." She says as she looks at my hard cock. You will need to stretch it so the little bar in the device fits through the piercing." She says as her hand strokes my cock slowly. "Have you ever tied up your cock and balls Jim, you know playing around?" Jean says walking back toward me. "I hope to hear from you soon Jim." Jean says as she holds the door wide open. Jean turns to her handbag again as I stare at her nice ass, wanting to reach down and stroke my cock.

She's a Strange One Too

fetish fflover58 2017-12-12

Kelsi had just used me for the sex, then kicked me out of her apartment like I'd barged my way inside in the first place. I've already fucked up your life enough." Kelsi just looked at me with those pretty eyes of hers, lashes flashing with each little blink. Meanwhile, Kelsi looked like she was having the time of her life with Jordan's. If she even noticed, Kelsi showed no sign, continuing to smell Jordan's other shoe with an equal amount of satisfaction. It was more arousingly flagrant than any of the shoes I smell that night with Kelsi a month ago, including her own bare feet. Just like she had with her cousin's, Kelsi placed the shoe around the tip of my cock.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 19

fetish fursmoke11 2017-12-12

Her gloved hand steadied his, and she looked up at him and smiled as she exhaled a thick plume of smoke in what seemed like orgasmic relief. "I like to see a young man smoke...." she admitted honestly as she squirmed in glee at the sight of the cigarette in his black woollen gloved hand, then watched it dangle from his full lips as he removed the glove. Stephen's arm continued to stroke the mink along her shoulders as he watched her take two cigarettes in her gloved hand, and place both in her lips. "This is wonderful..." Stephen said against her lips, and Danielle giggled like a schoolgirl. Danielle said laughing, and took another drag of her cigarette before closing lips on Martin's once more.

My Unusual Boss

fetish TyDye14 2017-12-12

Thinking I could just sneak to my desk, I blend in with the crowd and with 007 music playing in my head, I was determined to get busy and finish all of my work before anyone noticed, but then I hear this grim voice, "Ms. McCLain." I hear the door open and Mr. Sanders looks up as if conducting usual business while he continues to spank me. I hear the man leave as I continue to get spanked, this time the door remains open. I let out a breath of relief and I go to grab my slacks and he asks, "Ms. McClain, are those panties dress code?"

Scat Schoolgirl Ch. 04

fetish Zolrender 2017-12-12

The young girl moved in, and with a cat like tongue, started to lick up and down the Principles pussy, over her clit, and then down to her ass. Kym complied, and, seconds later a steady stream of piss shot from the Principles pussy, straight into the young girls waiting mouth. After a few minutes of tonguing, (in which Paul got numerous close-ups of his young daughters tongue buried completely up inside the older women's asshole) Patricia added, Richard stood and walked over to Kym. He pointed his cock at her mouth and let fly a long stream of cum, which the girl just took full in the face.

Cuckold in Milwaukee Has Fun

fetish toothmedic 2017-12-12

Judy then looked at her ther****t and said, “you really think it would humiliate him if I took him to get fitted for a bra?” Kris laughed and said, “he may cum on the spot.” Judy said that would be a great idea but not sure if I could walk in and do that to a store. At that point a couple got out of the van and walked over, Judy was standing in her unbuttoned shirt and naked from the waste down and the female says, “thanks for the show, want to play some more?” Judy looked at me and smiled and turned to them and said, “back of the van?” She went with them and left me sitting in the car.


fetish 2017-12-12

Reaching up my skirt I discreetly pulled my cock and balls forward and and laid face down on the trunk lid of one of the cars, reaching back I pulled my panties to the side exposing my hole, I really was thankful there was enough of Joey's cum left to provide lubrication as within seconds I felt the first cock pushing into my ass "oh god " he moaned as he fucked in and out my hole. "I want to taste you baby" he whispered then moved down taking me into his mouth, then swirling his tongue around the head of my cock began sucking me, I was so close already it only took seconds "oh god Mike you're gonna make me gonna cum" I moaned as I exploded in his mouth.

Carny Ch. 05

fetish velvetpie 2017-12-12

I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss, watching her eyes slowly open when I pulled away. Her large breasts brushed against my chest and I lowered a hand to cup one, letting my mouth follow and I licked her fat nipple through the silky material of the nightgown. Lacey moved down my body, her mouth blazing a trail down to my nipples, pausing to lick then rub the edges of her teeth against the nubs, then continued down to my quivering stomach. Silvery, sticky trails of precum encircled her scarred flesh, the fat head stroking the blunted ends of her legs while her hand held me tight, keeping me from exploding.


Playing with wine bottles (continued)

fetish shaved_toy_boy 2017-12-12

But it's there, this totally consuming intense feeling that makes my whole body shake and my knees go weak, and I slump down on to the bottle with all my weight - reaching down with my hands to hold the serving set ring in an attempt to manage balancing my whole body on my pussy. My arms are pushing my breasts together in front of me, and I can't see past my cleavage and the lace, so all I can do is feel how my pussy is still stretched and yawning, the burning continuing as I slowly slip further down the smooth glass sides of the bottle.

Happy Ending from a Girl on

fetish 2017-12-12

After asking a few typical massage questions about what part of my body needed the most attention (I said my lower back and thighs), she told me to get undressed and hop on the table. Just before she moved down to my legs I parted them and told her I wanted to let my feet dangle off the sides of the table to relieve a little pressure on my lower back. After moving down to my chest and upper stomach area she slowly worked her way down to my lower stomach area where she massaged the very top of my groin in a circular motion that caused my half hard cock to move around like a pinwheel.

Surprise Adventure in Tokyo

fetish dior11 2017-12-12

But the sexy feel of wearing garter belts and stockings aroused me so much that I had to be careful to not soak my nearly transparent panties. I slipped out of my sling back shoes and took off my sweater dress, leaving me in my lacy bra, matching garter belt, and dark stockings. Under a loose-fitting, comfortable sundress, I wore my sexiest lingerie—matching sheer baby blue bra, lacy garter belt, and hi-cut panties complemented by the sheerest Hanes RHT stockings in my favorite color, Barely There. I never bothered with slips, so at times, my garter belt straps and stocking tops showed through any light-colored dress or skirt I might be wearing.

How to Treat Me...

fetish queenmabroo 2017-12-12

Attraction is far more multifaceted than just your physical aesthetics. Revel in me, my mind, and my body, and make me feel your attraction. Wrap me up securely in your strong arms, full of promise of what they'll be doing to me later. Spread your kisses all over my body, my ears, my neck, the rise of my breasts. Bring me back to reality and to you when you suspect I'm drifting. Push me. Scare me, a little. Run your hands all over my body, tickle me while I can't escape. Gauge when it's just a little bit too much for me. Reassure me that however far you push me, you'll bring me back as well. Wrap me up in your arms, and keep me there.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 01

fetish goldengob 2017-12-12

Of course I could also taste her sex on her panties as I drew the fabric into my mouth and tried to pull them own. Holding her arse, I knelt on the wet floor alternately licking out her soft cunt and teasing her clitoris until her legs went weak and she pushed down on me as her first orgasm took her. Tasting her cunt juices, and my own cum and piss as well as hers as she emptied herself into my mouth for a second time was heavenly. Having come a third time she handed me a toilet roll and told me to clean the floor while she showered.

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-12-12

Stewardess Jean Drummond Lloyd was 58 years of age. Jean had two daughters, Kimberley 38 and Karen 23. Jean pulled out of her nose, a big, sticky, green bogie. A Jean Drummond Lloyd sticky, green bogie." Shut up Kim, I've not started with this pervert yet, that's it kinky Carly, eat up my bogie. Jean picked her nose again, this time with two fingers. Karen Lloyd was a pretty girl with short, blonde hair. Also dress her up in your clothes and make sure her makeup looks right," Said Jean in a commanding voice. Just before Jean opened the door for me to enter the bar Kimberley had a present for me. "Welcome to the family, Carly babes," cackled Jean Drummond Lloyd.

Another Couple turned to the Darkside! Cuckold

fetish 425olds 2017-12-12

"When we finished our drinks we went up to his room and he made me take off my dress and suck his cock, and should have seen was jet black, and huge...the biggest thing I've ever seen, and it filled my mouth and choked me...especially when he shot his load right down my throat...he was very thoughtful though and he saved enough of his cum to finish on my face like they do in the movies...don't you think that was cool, darling?" Hungrily licking his wife's sloppy vagina, Richard gurgled something but she paid him no attention as she continued, "I wish you could have been there watch see the way he fucked me...and used me...he was my black lover and I was his dirty white slut...I have no idea how many times I came while he fucked and stretched my cunt...but he made me so happy."

My take on Anal Sex, a Girls first time

fetish Fridagirl 2017-12-12

For men, on the other hand, it just looks the same, an organ made for fucking and pumping sperm into, and at that particular time, when a girl is induced and reminded to take notice she has a slit that men desperately want to slip into, she practices, with her hairbrush, toothbrush, pencil or crayon, and not forgetting, an inch or so away under it lies another, her tiny pink crinkled butt hole, needs to be opened up, so she can entertain two men simultaneously, and all of this coming a year before anyone can call out the old 'Bingo' parlance, 'Legs Eleven'.

Baby Sitter gets a Black Poker full!!!

fetish Jizzylady 2017-12-12

He pumped his young powerful ass cheeks at her,slowed looking eye to eye with her, and slid his shaft deeper, pulling her head back to make he throat straighten!. His big hands could cup Sue's entire head and face, he had his thumbs either side of her nose and worked her lippy painted lips round his fat shaft. Jamile pulled out and all the red lippy was wiped away from her lips, spunk and spit soaked her top and her eyes watered her mascara down her cheeks, where his big hands had smeared it over her. Mick said it made his own cum leak, he liked the red sore ass between the white PVC leggings.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 31

fetish jacktar48 2017-12-12

"Be nice if people knocked before they came in here, Dude." Mary Louise squeaked and started to try to cover her breasts with her hands but caught herself and merely splashed bubbles onto them instead. Tommy and Mary Louise shared the love seat, his arms around her as she leaned against his chest, and Jennifer and I spooned on the couch. "See, the old guy is a Mafia godfather, and the girl is actually the daughter of a rival gangster, and the old guy thinks she doesn't know who he is, but she does, and she's trying to figure out a way to betray him to her father, but the chauffeur who is pretending to be her friend is really reporting everything to the old guy, except the part about how he's falling in love with her..."

Sharon our Mom gets trained 2

fetish 2017-12-12

"Oh yes" Sharon still stroking the boys hard cocks," do it for me, come in my She let go of their cocks and licked her lips, showing them the cum in her mouth She let go of Phil's cock and looked around, licked her lips and said: "Ok, here it comes," he said, directing his cock towards Sharon's face. "Come over here Sharon you slut" Phil ordered," I want to feel if you're wet." "Yes, of course" Tits said, letting go of his cock and pushing her bare Breasts together, "Oh Peter, fuck my tits, I want to feel your cum, jerk off all over me," she Rob got up and stood beside his mother, whipped out his cock and said:

His Life With Lingerie

fetish lingerielover 2017-12-12

Late one night when he was doing laundry he noticed the gown in the dirty clothes, so he thought how good the gown felt, so he took into the spare bathroom to try it on. It was late one night that I noticed how soft and silky your nightgowns felt, and how excited I got by touching them, so I thought why not as long as I washed them right away." He knew this because of the few times he told some other women on the internet that he liked wearing lingerie they would stop talking to him. It was then the wife informed him that her friend knew all about him wearing panties, bras and lingerie.

Allison Sluts It Up Ch. 01

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2017-12-12

When she got in she was immediately handed a beer, and within two minutes had bumped into Jamie Crouch, the starting quarterback who Allison tutored once a week. This continued for nearly twenty minutes with Allison occasionally lifting off of the head of his cock, and moving down to lick the entire shaft, and suck on Jamie's huge balls. Jamie was rougher than Janessa, and less awkward than Sam. His huge hands rolled Allison's nipples around, and without even trying he was able to squeeze the entire breast at once. Allison told Jamie to fuck her without concern for pain, that she would get used to it, and that she very greedily wanted that giant cock inside of her.

The nastiest cum/shit drinking college slut at the

fetish SafeSexting 2017-12-12

The cumbag moved her mouth up and down, sucking the long hard turd like a cock. YOU FILTHY SLUT!" the boy ass-fucking her screamed as he came. THE WHORE NOT TO KEEP COCKS WAITING!...HIT ME HARD!..TEACH MY STUPID SLUT ASS A " Fuck my mouth-cunt!..Please..Make the slut suck just another cunt...use it like one...Fuck my throat...clog me with cum...then Ray said as he went back to fucking the slut's mouth-cunt. SOME...PLEASE...CUMBAG WANTS ALL THE CUM!..." the slut begged before a fat black boys kept cumming in her mouth, her face, on her head and every where else they dog-whore....uummm...yum...Cumbag LOVES to be used as a dog-slut....fuck the whore-cunt...yeah...faster...harder...yeah..." Cumbag whined until her mouth into her face or piss in her mouth as the dogs fucked Cumbag.

Tripletit 04 Panty Raid

fetish oggbashan 2017-12-12

Coralie is a woman from Tripletit, that far-away planet inhabited by giant three-breasted women. I was the meat in a Coralie sandwich, totally wrapped with one breast gagging me, one pressing the side of my face and the third pushing at the back of my head. I had a future, and I wanted to share that future with Alice even if Coralie returned to Tripletit. We sucked as Coralie’s body gradually closed around us, easing us away from her breasts and pushing us tightly together. When Coralie invited us to her flat for ‘coffee’ that often ended with Alice and I latched on to Coralie’s outer tits. She didn’t know, we didn’t know, but if an Earth woman sucks at a Tripletit woman’s breast often enough, it will change her own body.

Sensations: Oral Sex for a Man

fetish Warrior_Poet 2017-12-12

At the first brush of her lips, just a light swipe soft and light from the bottom to the top of the head, round and smooth, I felt the strong muscles deep within the core of my cock tense and constrict, causing my dick to rise slightly at her touch, full of anticipation, of feeling her seductively wet tongue glide up and down the length of the shaft. I feel her gulping my cum of the most primal and satisfying sensations a man can experience...feeling her drinking and slurping and swallowing my hot cum, tasting and writhing her tongue around and around it the white pabulum of semen...My toes are now curled like an ape on the floor as I bear down on my cock, feeling my hands wrapping around the back of her head and violently ramming her mouth down over my spurting cock, willing each and every drop to be tasted and savored and drank deep in her throat.