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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 05

fetish ScottWood 2017-12-12

Mum started talking with another girl at the desk, while Clara led Jim over to a kidney-shaped couch off to the side. Mum smiled down at them as Jim continued to feel up Clara, unable to bring himself to let go just yet. "What do you like in tits, Jim-lad?" He asked, kneading the smiling girl's breast. He glanced beyond her and saw another girl at the next desk, a white brunette with a big rack pushing out of her too-small blouse. "His Dad likes busty girls as well." Mum said to Head, making it worse. As he fucked the big tits he thought about how Mum had suggested that Tiffany spit on his dick.

The Reunion

fetish Johnny_Lee_Miller 2017-12-12

"You look like you could use a drink." she said pulling a bottle out of the bottom drawer. "This room looks exactly the same, it's as if I could see myself walking in at any moment." I said sitting down. "It's meee...Principle Hughes, Ryan Poooorter class of Two Thousand TWO!" "Oh yes Porter, how are you son?" "Fine sir, just sitting HERE reminiscing about days goooone bye." "oh I see, well were all in the gym so..." "If you don't **Pant** mind I'm just gonna stay a little looonger." Principle Hughed nodded. "Why your husband didn't do it for you?" "He was as small as a hamster, and as quick too!" I pulled her dress down and began to suck on her nipples, I winked at my s*******n year old self you was watching enthralled from his desk.

The Cult of Venus Ch. 02

fetish Iole 2017-12-12

Lila knew how the lounges were used because she had seen them demonstrated by some of the priestesses and their lovers in the Kama Sutra class, and she could guess at the purpose of the sex swing. Jody, a short, curvy brunette, who had won the last spin, lay on the ramp blindfolded with her head and shoulders downhill resting on the wedge and her legs hanging from the high end with her cunt perched on the edge ready to receive the cock of the next winner. When Lila stopped swimming a man approached her and placed a hand between her legs and bounced her up and down in the water.

Naughty Night at the Movies

fetish crazyhats 2017-12-12

I have….” I bite my lip as I stare at your huge cock, being grasped by your big hands. You don’t want the usher to come and look for us, or do you, Jodi?” I narrow my eyes at you, as we hear more shushing from downstairs. You continue kissing me, as your hands reach up under my shirt to feel my breasts, as I slowly ride up and down your thick pole. When I feel the moans and sounds start to come out of my mouth, I use the other hand to cover my mouth to try to hold them in. God, Jodi!” My pussy grips your big staff as the movie continues in front of us.

A Vacuum With A Difference

fetish PLJ 2017-12-12

He took what looked like a small clear rigid plastic tube, attached a yellow piece of tubing to and moved towards me…He slowly grasped the hood that covers my clitoris, slowly and gently spread it to expose my clitoris for everyone to see…. My clitoris was now pulled a full 2 inches into the glass tube, my period had started and I could feel the flow within my vagina almost ready to flow out of me, and ohhh I had to pee…… I walked to one of the other women and asked her to put her hand between my legs to cover my vagina I whispered to her that my period had started.

The Next Steps

fetish newstylewife 2017-12-12

Joan came home from work and told me that she had met Peter at the bar and told him yes she would go out with him. Joan wanted me to help her relax so that Peter could use her bum. Peter was now nagging Joan to be a bit more sexy when he took her out, it was now summer, so he wanted outdoor sex and told her that she should not wear nickers and even shave her pubic hair, he said she would be more comfortable to fuck outside on a hot sunny day or warm evening. Joan told me she had agreed with this last request and when I saw her fully smooth for the first time I asked if I could feel.

Doggy Style!

fetish JimmyJohnson22 2017-12-12

I got up stairs and went into my room where our f****y dog, a pit bull named coogi, was laying on my bed. I figured I would step out of the bathroom really fast and grad this new dildo that a really good friend brought over for jokes one night. I open the door and look toward the bed and coogi is starring at me! I can hear him hit the door as he could not slow down fast enough...haha got away. I lay down on the bed and begin fucking myself with the vibrating dildo. I start to moan and I am really close to climaxing when coogi comes around the corner from the bathroom!

Naughty Elderly Neighbour

fetish SPJ1964 2017-12-12

Two days later I was talking to my mother on the phone, when she mentioned that the next time I came, Eileen needed a drippy tap fixing and could I help. So I pushed open the bathroom door and heard the words "Oh dear." I turned to my right and sitting on the toilet was Eileen, trousers and knickers round her ankles. "Well you dirty boy, you can have your wish, but first Aunty Eileen gets her wish and that is to feel you inside me and then next time you are round, well if you are a good boy, maybe I'll let you have a little drink."

Hyper Jae: Seaman Pt. 01

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-12-12

"Hey, wasn't your cock bigger an hour ago?" asked a spunk-caked punk, lying on her sloshing stomach a good eight feet in the air. You sure do look sweet, girl," chuckled Jae. "Seriously, Iris, you need to calm down," muttered Jae. He turned off the navigation and pocketed the phone. "One minute, sir." Elain turned and walked away, giving Jae another nice look at her huge, bouncing ass. "God damn!" There was a brown-skinned woman with ivory-white hair who had massive thighs and an ass that looked like it'd have trouble fitting in a loveseat. "So let's get started." The girls put their hands on Jae's chest and shoved him back into his chair.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-12

It came as a surprise when she broke the surface so quickly as she had not realized she had reached the shallow end of the pool and she swung her head from side to side to clear the water droplets from her eyes. Immediately a deliciously warm sensation started to circulate around her crotch as inside her bikini briefs her pee hole opened wide and a hot stream of pussy piss shot outwards. Staring down past her large breasts, her nipples already hardening and clearly visible underneath her bikini top, Laura watched with glee as she resumed her toilet into the swimming pool water. For now however Laura continued to enjoy the rest of her wee into the cold swimming water around her body and it was with a deep disappointment when her toilet came to an end.

USL Male Wrestlers: Roster 02

fetish USLMAN 2017-12-12

He did however get a chance to wrestle during his time in college, as he challenged the then women's champion of their district to a match. This obviously puts him into clearly impossible to win matches either way, but Mari was generous enough to let him keep a small cut of his checks from each matches, making sure he could support himself and even set up matches when he has free time from college. Some of the male wrestlers believe he might actually allow his opponents to win, while the females feel as if he just lacks true experience in wrestling. He lacks any true training in wrestling, but he feels as though each match is slowly teaching him, even if it ends with the women he went against winning.

Caught Out In Panties

fetish robboj 2017-12-12

I removed my t-shirt and walked back to Maria's room, naked, apart from the tight pink panties. I tried to act cool and keep my mind off my penis, still hard, and refusing to go down against the feel of those panties and Maria's intimate juices up against me. As quick as lightening she grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it up revealing the top of her panties, the straps sitting atop of my hips. I looked between her legs; through her crotchless thong, her bald, pink pussy gleamed down on me, shiny with her wet juices as they had started to flow. She grabbed my hair again, and moved her body up and down over me before yanking my head between her legs.

Danni's Lesson

fetish Erocus 2017-12-12

"Hey k**do." I said, "Look, I know I never come in your room but Oscar was in here knocking stuff over, I just came in to put it back up and..." "Yeah, but to get the full effect you need your clit taken care of too." I said, "In fact if there wasn't something wrong with it I'd say come here and let daddy show you." "You feel so hot baby girl, now I know why all the boys are chasing after you, but no one loves you the way that I do!" I said as I continued to thrust my cock into my sweet little girl. "I'm not gonna stop unless you want me to baby, cum for daddy!" I started rubbing her clit faster and was thrusting my cock harder into her.

Niharika and the Harness

fetish nihadeep 2017-12-12

As I wanted to make a trial piece before the final model, I bought a length of 4 mm thick copper wire, and started cutting, bending and soldering it. In fact I had the rectangular opening over the clit and cunt-hole made of wire which was twice as thick as the rest of the harness so that it could not be easily bent. And finally, I went to the jeweler, and gave him the drawing of the triangular portion, and asked him to make a pendant with that design, and two loops in the two top ends of the triangle, to pass a chain through.

Where I've Been

fetish 2017-12-12

So to that end I gave up all my possessions, left my job and went into submission serving a couple for a month’s time. Aside from that there was nothing in the room and that is where I spent close to 70% of my time locked up and alone. On occasion I was allowed to play with their daughter and had an hour to be spent in the game room on alternating days. I and another pet were basically made a spectacle out of that night, completely smashed out of my mind and set free to gobble sooooo much cum. I’m looking for a place and having a hard time with it right now so it seems like a good move for me.


fetish loorslady 2017-12-11

He asked if I had gotten turned on by having another man touch my pussy and I proceeded to tell him what happened, at which point, he found a dark parking lot to pull in to and unzipped his pants and took out his hard on which, by then was coated with his juices and I sucked him off and emptied every bit of come he had while he held my head in place and pushed his cock down my throat to be sure I did not miss a drop!

Mona The Slut Wife

fetish derfaust 2017-12-11

Mona, continued on her own and started to bring her mouth down to suck her own tit when she heard the voice rebuke her by saying “I never told you to do that”. Mona felt the table as it began to lower and for the first time, she noted shapes of bodies standing around her. She knows that she is not to move and suddenly, she sees it, the pussy starts to open and a small trickle of pee begins to flow from it. As the orgasm builds the flow subsides and your feel your own piss running over your breasts and nipples until suddenly, for the first time in your life, you squirt.

Brutal Foreplay

fetish klolli143 2017-12-11

Laela lay on her back with her back arched in pleasure as she ran her hands up and down her body and moaned. "I feel like I've needed you all day." Laela ran her hands down her body once more, "Please, just make me cum." "You want to cum, huh?" He bent down and breathed on her neck letting his hand slide down the front of her body curving between her legs. Jaxon slowly brought his hands forward and onto laela's hips, swiftly slamming her body down against himself three of four times, making her scream again. As she moaned louder, she felt his hands soft of her ass again, squeezing the meat and slapping her cheeks together rippling a hot tremor inside of her.

Accept A Bull

fetish BJcumcraver 2017-12-11

Pete couldn’t comprehend that a black guy was pulling the strings so he blurted out, almost loud enough for others to hear, “You can have my wife, you can do anything you want to her, she’s yours, in exchange for your silence.” If someone had told Pete that the reason Deshawn couldn’t find a better job was because he was competing against boys like his sons who cheated and lied their way through college and who had jobs lined up on graduation because of nepotism and racial preference, Pete would have SCREAMED from the highest mountaintop that was an outrageous and sinful lie to discredit the white man. He knew he could take Deshawn’s dick, having ridden many huge black dildos in his time, but he doubted Tricia had had anything bigger than his little cock in her ass.

Just one of THE boys ; ringed

fetish slave2woman 2017-12-11

Many times I sat, sharp bladed flicknife in my hand, trying to work up the courage to cut my way free, wondering what a nutless life would be like. Lisa was true to her word, each month she would give me my hour of pleasure, knowing that once I cut my balls out I would never feel anything like it again kept me from doing the deed until I'd had my dose of pleasure one last time. I'd still be young then, built like a tank and primed to have a fucking good time after I got out of the ring. These parties took place every couple of months after that, and sure enough Lisa's friends started showing up with their own ringed boys.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

fetish 425olds 2017-12-11

I knew you wouldn't want your new bride dancing with other men and have pussy juice running down her legs." Maria said as she kissed me on the forehead and darted back toward the room with the blaring music and probably more dicks and balls to be emptied, waiting for her to return. "I've told him many times, when he's complained about Maria only letting him suck her cunt, that the husband who sucks his wife's pussy real good, is a husband that holds onto his wife through thick and then." Mother spoke out boldly, which caused me to turn a deeper red.

The Good Church Wife Ch. 01

fetish ElliottEden 2017-12-11

That was the agreement - one you entered into quite willingly." The woman standing in front of Anne reached for some things on the table, brought them to her left breast. The plan made the voice said "And now Ms. Bronson, the alternate if you would." Anne again heard rustling in the dark then the other woman reappeared in the light. Mrs. Quirke would you follow Mrs. Thorpe in to Mrs. Reynolds office?" The receptionist looked up into Anne's face, smiled and said to her "Sorry but I had instructions from Mr. Reynolds." The receptionist smiled, said "Could you follow Mrs. Thorpe" she pointed to the attractive older woman standing next to her. Reynolds saw the trembling in the younger woman's hand as she reached forward and touched each picture in turn.

Tables Turned Ch. 07

fetish mw0212 2017-12-11

Jack Peters was 24 years old, Assistant Finance Manager and personal assistant to Miss Sharp. Miss Sharp sat at her desk, trembling with a mixture of fear & excitement. It was locked onto Miss Sharp who was sat in her office at her desk tapping away on her keyboard. Miss Sharp was on another level reading this message. I thought you might want a refill?' Jack replied as he leant in towards Miss Sharp carrying a tray with her fresh coffee. As he reached his desk, he saw the blinds in Miss Sharp's office close. Closing the blinds to her office, Miss Sharp almost bounced over to the meeting table where her coat & gloves lay.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 06

fetish robin35 2017-12-11

Gladys then gave her a list of clothes that she wanted packing and also some of the toys that she wanted and Bev went to the bedroom and began to open the drawers and took the listed clothes out. Bev began to look through the rows of clothes and lingerie that were hanging there and could have chosen anything that was on offer but she looked at herself and decided that she ought to go and get what her Mistress liked. Bev was being slow and purposeful trying to make love to the pussy in front of her when she felt herself being pulled up by the hair and found herself looking into Gladys's face.