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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Guestroom Session 01

fetish EyesNotOpen 2017-12-11

The owner of the voice tugged at my leash and began thrusting his cock a little harder into my ass to put on a good show. This whore will still be getting fucked long after the two of you are asleep." Ah, so now I know her boyfriend is with her, watching me get fucked like a cheap slut. I can tell you, he is extremely happy right now just to serve his purpose and be a good whore, knowing that you and I are together." She smiled, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's neck. I'll wake you when I want my cock sucked." I loved how his tone was so different when speaking to my wife, and then to me.

Evil Super Heroine Ice Cream Shop

fetish Shadow_Dancer 2017-12-11

Feeling her pulse quicken and her body respond helplessly...eagerly to the teasing touch of the strappy, your fingers that seem to know just where to touch to make her gasp and the infernal rubbing of the machine before her that already makes her sex tingle with growing delight. Power Princess Ooooohhhh gaaawwwwdddd.....*groans and writhes in esctacy, utterly humiliated and helpless....horrified by how it thrills much, deep down she realizes she is loving this. " closes her eyes, moaning hotly as she sucks hungrily again on your fingers, feeling her eyes rolling back in her head, her body writhing in burning esctacy, close to climax again, shaking with helplessness as she realizes she is powerless to fight against being made your willing, helpless love slave.

GloryHole and the Couple

fetish tvtammi 2017-12-11

I sat down on the toilet seat thinking about just going home when suddenly I noticed a hole where I could look through to the other cubicle. She leaned into the cubicle and pulled at the underwear, which, with the clips, gave way and let out my now very hard 5 1/2 inches. I heard him laugh form the other side and somehow, this made me more turned on and more eager to please him, so I began to suck hard on the cock. As i came i must have sucked even harder, because the cock in my mouth started to swell up and unleashed a flood of cum into my mouth.

Sissy Jessica Kinky Office Shagging Ch. 03

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-12-11

"Sit on Mummy Adele's lap, pretty sissy Jessica, my cute, thin nose needs picking," said Adele in a kinky voice. "Yes Mummy Adele, I'm your kinky, foster daughter Jessica, I love being your perverted sex slave," I replied in an excited voice. "One more thing Mummy Adele, I love Auntie Francis Ward, my fat, cuddly, fucking, cunt, ring her up and tell her I want to wear her daughters pretty dresses," I said smiling. "Tony Howells I have fucked your slag of a wife, screwed your daughter Francesca, Adele wants more, but she has milked me dry," I said loudly into the camcorder. The last vision that Tony Howells had of the film, was Joanne and Francesca sucking Adele's nipples and me licking Mummy Adele's sweaty pussy.

Metis Academy Ch. 03: Blake's Roommate

fetish Salamando_Flames 2017-12-11

The boy (Blake couldn't remember who it had been) had awoken on the floor half a minute later with half the girls laughing, the other half looking the other way. Hands off!" Blake opened his mouth, but she cut him off before he could draw in a breath to speak, "Sit the fuck down!" she pointed to a corner of the room, where the floor was actually bare, both of her belongings and even the floor's large rug. But Stephanie wasn't going to touch him, not even with magic, and the anti-masturbation spells all the boys had been given prevented Blake from even humping the floor.

Mommy On My Lap - Ch. 03

fetish Pantyhose_Lover 2017-12-11

I was close to coming; my senses were overloaded; my cock was throbbing inside my s****r's tight tunnel; the feel of her body against mine, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her sex mingled with her perfume, the sensation of her pantyhose-clad legs sliding along my flanks and back, the scratching of her high-heels as she encouraged me to fuck her faster. I felt my cock begin to spasm and Shelley knew that I was about to come; she pulled my face to hers and kissed me and lifted her crotch up off the lounge and ground her pubis against mine; she writhed shamelessly underneath me and I felt her release approaching.

My Private Dancer Part 1

fetish Solomon87 2017-12-11

When she started grinding her ass on my cock, I felt like I was in heaven. I told her how badly I wanted to feel her hot mouth on my hard cock, she happily obliged. She grabbed my swollen cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down, swirling her tongue around the head and massaging my full, heavy balls. I couldn't take my eyes off the view of her round butt in my face, my cock was so damn hard I nearly fainted. With the scent and taste of her pussy and ass, and her hot mouth gobbling up my cock, it was only a matter of time before I came.

Squeaky Sex

fetish spikingtheworld 2017-12-11

If I had already felt guilty for all the other times, I was going to get my fantasy, Lisa will get my cock, and since we had mutual worries about our partners, everything would be kept quiet- and that's that. As I awaited her changing, I decided to try to pull out my cock and start stroking to the sound of her dressing, the occasional vinyl-to-vinyl squeaking, then finally the door opens and there she was. Lisa started moaning and I felt her pussy spasm as she locked her legs around me and pulled me deeply into her. I reached around, and while she jerked me off into her mouth, I slid a couple fingers into her overheated pussy and started pumping in time with her hand.

85% pvc

Lady Diana

fetish fix8ion 2017-12-11

"That will do, Matthew." Instead of placing her clean foot once again upon the floor she rested it on my left shoulder. Close you eyes." Diana licked the remaining traces of my essence from my lips, then with her tongue opened my mouth and kissed me. I didn't care about the noise, I opened my mouth to loose everything that had emotionally happened to me in the past hour as my cock maniacally loosed inside Diana. In silence Diana rose from my body, went into the bathroom and closed the door. I looked over my shoulder to watch her work me and found her with her eyes clenched shut and a fine layer of sweat glistening on her body.

Humiliated in Thailand

fetish Chartownr 2017-12-11

This time Toi brought his fingers close to my dick and spaced them to show how big it was ( not quite 1 ½ inches I would say and it looked like it was at full mast even though it wasn't). They were obviously contemplating the mechanics of jacking off such a tiny, or should I say nit noi dick, when Toi, Souchai, and Bew came into the shower room. As I walked pass the commons area I heard someone yell, "I hear Nit-Noi's tiny dick likes the fat cock!" I turned to see who it was and I noticed Amy and several stunning Thai women (teachers) lounging and amused.

Panty Boy Ch. 01

fetish AussieKev1 2017-12-11

There I stood, my shorts around my ankles, my very erect cock in my hand and I was sniffing a pair of Kasey's used panties. "I want you to do that now", she countered with enthusiasm, "but I guess all my other panties are clean." She looked down between her legs and then said, "Silly me, I've got a very dirty, very wet pair right here, don't I? I moved my head up and down like a nod as I continued to lick and now suck the wetness from her panties and pussy. "Your cock is telling me you liked that, Panty Boy", she teased again, "by the way Rule 1 is you never cum, before I do, you got that?"

Sunny Days and Watering

fetish Kevsta 2017-12-11

Sarah admired the way his lean frame stretched and reached every time he hung another towel on the line. Short time at work wasn't what she really wanted this year, but the advantages of being at home when obviously the neighbour next door thought she wasn't..well, it had been a revelation! "Yeah, I wanted to catch some sun, but didn't know you were here.." She let the sentence trail as she watched the thought dawn on him she would be naked, could already be. "Sarah!" he called out, stopping as his eyes locked onto her breasts, looked into her smile, watched as her lips parted, and her pink tongue darted out, and heard the splash of water, as if a tap..

Late night at the office. (part 4)

fetish SinSeeker 2017-12-11

I stood up and walked over to her, gently rubbing her cheek, "Stacy, I'll have you begging for more by the time I'm done with you. Let me go...I swear, I won't tell anyone if you just let me go..." She started to tear up and as a single tear worked its way down her face, I leaned forward and licked it off of her cheek. I wanted to have fun of my own after all, and nothing feels quite like penetrating a woman with a vibrator up her ass. By the time I was pumping away, the vibrating part of the ring hitting her clit, she was screaming and moaning.

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)

fetish ClaudeVanFeinbode 2017-12-10

I felt Gina stroking my cock slowly then she kissed it and said, " I love how you taste, Claude. Her cum in my mouth…Jenny's cock was sliding in and out of my mouth and I suddenly realized that Gina and Jenny were kissing each other again while they worshiped my cock by alternating their deep throating actions. Gina would stick her tongue deep in Jenny's mouth and stroke her pretty cock. I was faster though, and I caught the first splash of cum on my outstretched tongue and then sucked Jenny's cock into my mouth. Her cum filled my mouth and then I stopped sucking her dick, smiled, and started kissing Jenny and allowing the cum to land on her lips and reaching tongue.

A Broken Man

fetish damilklover 2017-12-10

"Okay, John, you can relax now....just sit quietly." The doctor turns to Amanda and speaks in a low voice, "Well, we seem to have a classic breast fetish here already. "Tell me, like to look at Amanda's breasts?" From now on, John, whenever you look at Amanda's breasts, you're going to think about how nice and big they are. I want you to imagine, when you look at Amanda's breasts, how nice it would be to cuddle up next to them. "Thank you soooo much," she cooed into his ear at one point, "I like looking good for my little baby." She giggled as she watched a visible shiver run through him.

Fuck Me

fetish Novocaine1 2017-12-10

Get me onto my knees and make me beg for your cock…make me thankful for the feel of your dick as it slides deep into my warm wet mouth. Let me feel your hands grasp my neck as my saliva drips slowly from my chin….your balls slamming against my face. Your throbbing cock teasing my mouth, my lips swollen and red. Fuck my face and never cease until your balls tighten and you tell me you are cumming. Tell me you love the feeling of my mouth wrapped around your freshly spunked cock. I can feel your cock grow in my mouth. Nibble and suck on my clit until my cunt drips cum onto my nix. Let me lift my fingers to your lips.

Footboy Tales 1: Psychic Foot Love

fetish Bacomicfan 2017-12-10

Having exhausted all other options for connecting with a Foot Goddess who could appreciate his many talents and enjoy his thorough and satisfying attentions, he was reduced to hanging out in the mall food court and looking under nearby tables to ogle the pretty feet of various women His unwavering hope was that one of them would notice and approve of his admiration for their feet and claim him as her personal foot pamperer, instantly whisking him off to begin his long and happy life at her feet.

His Ch. 03

fetish SubmissivePregnantPet 2017-12-10

Her freed hands grasped at the bed covers and she moaned, crying out, tensing as she neared orgasm, her body made oh so much more sensitive by the pregnancy.... But a spanking is deserved..." He waited another moment before releasing the last slap, watching the anticipation tense his pet's body up. This whisper was accompanied by a thrust, his manhood entering her deepest depths as she let out a moan of pure lust, one of his hands on her hip with the other on her belly. His thrusts grew more frenzied, her moans accompanied by fists of hair, her bound hands reacting without conscious thought to the overwhelming physical and psychological sensation of being so completely possessed by her master, her lover, that nothing was out of her reach.

At the Dentist

fetish TickleTiSexy 2017-12-10

I was minding my own business, counting how many teeth he had left to go before making the full rounds of my mouth, knowing that the scraping, stinging and screeching would stop if I could just sit still and get through all 32. Sometimes my mouth reacts and I feel my tongue moving involuntarily toward the pain center, like a flinching with the flogger or a wincing with the whip. I tell her that I'm just feeling out the sensation, sounding tough, letting her know that I am a junkie for pain if she's listening. My mouth is settling, the aftermath of the pain has me forgetting already, though there are sore spots I know I'll feel for hours to come.

How my life changed

fetish catzwizkerz 2017-12-10

As if she was reading my mind she said "I didn’t have a condom and neither did he but he seemed like a nice old man so I let him fuck me anyway, by the way he was huge." This last piece of information was the last straw and I emptied my balls into her already cum soaked cunt. My wife looked up at me and said “Look don’t bother me now I am playing pool for a bet and if I lose you will be sorry.” Confused I asked “Sorry? As she lined up she said “These boys didn’t want to play a girl so I have bet these guys that I can beat them all at pool and those that I can’t I will give a hand job.” I was visibly stunned and all the guys at the table burst into laughter.

Five Simple Rules

fetish LittleSteven 2017-12-10

While not ugly or socially awkward, Rob considered himself average at best, and a girl like Leanne was way out of his league. Rob had made as much of an effort to look good as he could, but Leanne was the sort of girl that looked like she'd just stepped out of a salon, even after a full day at work. Nevertheless, and much to Rob's chagrin, she just seemed to want small talk -- work stuff, office gossip, last night's TV, and so on. Rob arrived at work, meaning to tell Leanne where she could stick her rules. "That's more than fair," said Rob, "But there are a few things I know that I really won't like.


fetish rachlou 2017-12-10

Mark's step brother, Jack, smiled at her in the semi darkness and she suddenly felt horribly exposed in her short and rather revealing slip. "I mean that there's nothing wrong with the way you look...being pregnant and all," Jack said gently. She could feel the heat from Jack's body searing her skin where they touched and every fibre of her being wanted him to continue what he had started, but he seemed uncertain now that the boundaries of their relationship had been irrevocably crossed. "I know you're just feeling sorry for me -- I can't imagine any man would want me looking like this." Tears seeped from the corners of her eyes and she wished she had stayed in bed.

A Flame in the Night Ch. 04

fetish dawei 2017-12-10

For it seemed implausible, to me, that this sassy young pet would allow herself to be so surely devoted with her cause, because despite of my doubts, she was zealously draping herself senselessly all over her dancing playmate, who just happened to appear so very different--and also, by chance as it turns out, was quite a large, full-bodied woman. And although I strained myself looking to improve my line of sight, trying to find a gratifying read of what I reckoned were marvelous exciting eyes and a picture-perfect face--for the life of me, I still couldn't say conclusively--if she was actually as awesomely beautiful or whether she was as perfect as I'd been thinking.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 06

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-10

Blinking rapidly, desperately trying to focus on the world around him, Tan stared down at his bare body, chest hairs, limp penis and his long legs, which were all uncovered. However as the guard's head rolled into the gutter away from the bleeding corpse he immediately looked up, trying to focus and analyse the woman's fighting style. His sword clattered to the stone floor several paces away and Tan watched with a growing horror as the guard faced his cold blooded death. Instead the beautiful woman warrior took a pace forward and back handed the guard full in the face with the hilt of her blood stained sword. There it was, the metal man cover than led downwards to the city sewers and Tan's only means of escape.