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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Very Nasty Tale

fetish 2017-12-10

I can see Barb sucking her big dog's cock and having her pussy "Your Mommies love sucking doggy dicks." Barb says to the camera. "And eating hot doggy dick cum too." I say, as the nasty dog goo of her own son's pissing prick, eats nasty dog cum." I said. "Suck that big dog dick you Mommy whores! "Make Mommy suck that big dog dick Scotty! Make me suck the doggy cum from that big dog dick. "Good boy Scotty, make Mommy slurp the cum from the big, nasty "Make Mommy suck the dog dick cum from Aunt Barb's puss cake, boy wants to see his dog whore Mommy eat all of your nasty k9 my mouth was flooded with nasty dog dick cum, the thick, hot

Seth's Fetish

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2017-12-10

The quintessential California couple, we've been called Ken and Barbie among friends and family, though I must say Dana looks more like Barbie than I do Ken. She is about 5'9" with long blond hair, green-blue eyes, and a figure that does rival the dolls—38 D chest, and she still only weighs about 120. I'll admit that I've thought about Donna often when I'm deep inside Dana, wondering if she's as tight as her daughter, if her breasts are as firm, her nipples as hard and sweet. "Well, I was thinking maybe it's time we had a baby." She chose that moment to take my entire length in her mouth, pushing my cock down her throat, not stopping until she reached the base. Just her words made my cock rigid, and I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could, making Dana mew.

Tia Gets Spanked

fetish Silvertuch 2017-12-10

Crystal then kissed Tia again and moved her long arms down to the lower hem of the dark skirt to pull it up revealing the fleshy cheeks of her ass to Mr. Barber. Mr. Barber spun around and locked the door again then walked over to Tia and held her face in his hands as she had her orgasm slam through her body from Crystal's touch. Mr. Barber's face was red with the exertion of his orgasm and he moved his two fingers inside Crystal then licked and sucked her juices again.

Mature Lovers

fetish dutchskunk 2017-12-10

When he was deep inside me she knelt down and took my hard again cock into her mouth then as we all started to cry out and moan in our lust, she lowered her smelly hairy piss soaked hole onto my out stretched tongue, the smell of her pissed soaked pussy overpowered me with animalistic lust as I came hard moaning deeply into marions pussy, at the same time bob pulled out of my arse and sprayed his come all over my hole and balls, his spunk running down my legs.

Being Christina's Bitch Ch. 02

fetish boytoy23 2017-12-10

"Let's keep your little package covered up for now," Christina said while pulling my thong back up and then snapping the waistband hard on my ass as she walked away. "You'd better focus a little more attention on getting this cock nice and wet cause it's going in your ass next," said Jason. "Hope you're ready, little bitch, because you're about to take your first real man cock just like the faggot I know you are." Everyone had another good laugh at my expense and I could feel the tip of his penis probing my asshole. "Oh, poor little boy doesn't like real man cock up his ass?" Christina asked mockingly while she laughed as my misfortune.

The Pool Party (Revised) NEED YOUR HELP TO FINISH

fetish wowimbig 2017-12-10

Mark seemed unsure as what to do, I said, "open up, if you don't this will get a whole lot worse faster than letting him in." I quickly covered my pussy with my skirt and then grabbed a throw pillow to place over top the large bulging mound between my legs. He turned to start talking with Mark, and it seemed like he was going to try to fight him, so I screamed and said, "Look!!" I deformed my pussy with a pump the other day before the pool party, and Mark happened to find out and I didn't want anyone else to find out--- especially you, James, I was worried that you would never feel the same way about me again-- after you saw me like this...

My Sacrifice to Womankind

fetish endof 2017-12-10

I wanted her shit; every fibre of my being demanded that I be allowed to eat her shit but it wasn't to be this time; she stood up dropped the toilet seat and departed without even a glance back at me. She showed me the result and it was a green and yellow nightmare; she wiped the tissue over my face making sure that lots of the vile mixture went over my lips and up my nose; she said she wanted to share her cold then she watched as I chewed and swallowed the soggy mess. As a toilet of course it was my job to accept used condoms but to aid digestion they were first turned inside out and the contents tipped into my mouth and then the Madam's dyke cut them into small pieces with the scissors before dropping them into my waiting open mouth.

Humiliated and Teased by Two Girls

fetish writemarksmith 2017-12-10

Katie turned to address Pia with a conspiratorial voice, "He tries to kiss my feet all the times, but I think he might like yours even more!" Katie pushed it a little further, "So Eddie, do you like Pia's feet more than mine?" Katie let out a snort as she exhaled and i realized that she was actually drunk as well. As I took Katie's foot in my hands I looked up and saw both girls staring down at me with smirks on their faces. "You certainly have him well trained." Pia told Katie as I tried to expertly rub her feet even while my view was blocked by the foot stuffed into my mouth.

I Swallow His Cum

fetish Dmnoid 2017-12-10

I was starting to accept that he was never going to hold me in those strong arms again, caress me with his large hands, or slide his wet cock out of my body, and press it into my mouth. My clit, feeling bigger then it's ever been, is being sucked like it's a little cock, and then there's a tongue flicking it, and huge hands are still kneading my tits painfully. I'm prepared to be revolted, but as he lifts his hand, to let the little bit of piss cupped in his palm pour into my mouth, I'm not. I just sit there, on my hands and knees, staring at the pool of piss I'd left, and feeling my asshole contracting again and again, trying not to shit in front of my boyfriend.

Small stories from my sex life (authentic)

fetish nullervk87 2017-12-10

Then I'd start licking you, playing with your clit and finger you rubbing your g-spot till you cum very hard so I'd have to hold your down with my free hand. I'd then lift you up by holding on your ass, press you up against the wall and look deeply in your eyes as you wrap your legs around me and drill you nails into my back because of the feeling of my cock going deep into you. I'd then untie you, lift you up by holding on your ass, press you up against the wall and look deeply in your eyes as you wrap your legs around me and drill you nails into my back because of the feeling of my cock going deep into you.

Story for Angel

fetish trophy_boy 2017-12-10

She slips in the warm bubbles and mentions to me that I should probably shave as my face would soon be busy and we want it to be smooth like a baby's bottom. She moves to top and sits on my face as if to 69 and watches my cock throb and twitch against the cage while I move my tongue in her pussy and taste her juices. She enjoys teasing my locked up cock and touches my pink and blue bulge through the plastic cage with her long nails. She falls onto the bed, and says "OK, I'm done." She looks at my glistening rock hard dick, and tells me in her sweet angel voice to put him back in his cage for now.

Traveling Ch. 04

fetish jjdtx 2017-12-10

I slipped on a condom, cherry flavored and went back around to her face, pulling her hair I lifted her head up, she took my red condom covered cock into her mouth without me having to say a word. After a few minutes, I pulled out of her mouth and walked around behind her and slid between her creamy white thighs, my cock only an inch from her pussy. After I dried off I walked into the main part of the room and saw that she was still tied, wide open, her pussy staring at me and the butt plug still snug in her ass. When I touched her ass with my fingers, she moaned and said, "I didn't think you were ever coming back, I missed your touch and your mouth and your cock."

My sockjob fantasy

fetish Squirtking6942 2017-12-10

My eyes are flicking back and forth from my cock between your soft, white, sock covered your fingers sliding up and down your shaft. It's kinda smelly, and you hope that doesn't ruin the experience, but you're surprised as I grab your foot and inhale deeply as my cock begins to spurt my huge, creamy load over your soft, white sock!!!!!! Both our breathing increases, and just before we cum together, you take your pretty socks and smother my face, loving as I inhale, kiss and lick your feet, as once again you soak me and fall over from the intense body orgasm.

Punished by the Head Teacher

fetish 2017-12-10

Taking the long length left dangling you tied it around the leg of the vaulting horse, firmly ensuring should I try and straighten the leather would choke me back into place. ‘You are making far too much noise young lady.’ With no more ado the cane is placed into my mouth, pushed right back between my teeth until the sides of my mouth hurt. The leather end of the crop lands directly on the raised welt and feels like a hot poker on my flesh. I know you are about to cum, loving the ragged sounds of your breath as we kiss, pushing myself down harder on your shaft until every inch of you is inside me

Why do people masturbate in public places?

fetish 2017-12-10

Why do people masturbate in public places? Because it’s so naughty. Not to mention the risk of getting caught adds to the excitement. Your at the store, restaurant or movies and the urge hits you. Most go to the restroom, back to their car or alley and let it flow.

A Little Bite to Eat

fetish bdpro 2017-12-10

You are enjoying the feel of the hot water caressing your body, and you don't even notice me coming into the shower, until that is you feel the head of my hard cock brush against your fine ass. I have my hands on your head, your tongue licks up my pre cum, relishing it, and then very quickly you take me deep into your throat and slowly pull back, until just the head is in your mouth. I leave your mouth and go down to your pussy and start eating you out, sucking on your clit as I continue to fuck you.

Birthday Party Ch. 01

fetish iser21 2017-12-10

Now remember that we have to do lunch before hand to talk over what it is you would like this year." Sue and I have done this since day one. You know I love that big cock shaved." One thing about Sue. She always man me feel like I was the only man for her. I stood looking at her as she slowly socked my cock back into her mouth and I felt her finger trying to go into my ass. You did clean..." I open my eyes looked at her and said "YES." I then felt her finger once more. If you have ever had a cock cum in your mouth it felt like that but in your ass.

foot slut

fetish leo11169 2017-12-10

to humiliate himself, that questioning note meant that he was asking if And, somehow, she stripped him not only of the millions buttocks, occasionally giving him a slash when he tottered, or a special leather costume which had thin leather strips around each massive breast, holding them up and straight out; the special double- grinding the base of it against his lips and teeth and in turn, grinding the special receptacle against her vagina. his cum, in many instances, of a lover's cum. was his or a lover of hers. That action was then repeated on the other side, and made for also so it wouldn't mess up his carefully applied eye makeup, complete

Boat Deck

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-10

Without thinking, he pulled at the end of the pants leg and rested his hand over the head then stroked it a few times. She moved the nearby fingers over the cloth and began massaging lightly while letting a soft moan drain from her mouth. "Are you just going to lay there?" She pressed her foot tightly on his back and rubbed her stump against his hip as she began to work her tight channel along his shaft feeling the ridge of the swollen head press tightly on the walls. His hips began moving rapidly letting his cock head stop just before falling from her pussy lips then not stopping the drive inwards until his balls slapped loudly against her asshole.

Creampie Debauchery

fetish creamypussylover 2017-12-10

“If you’re so close to exploding Tom, maybe you should eat my cunt for a while to calm down.” With that Steve got up off the bed, and Lillian told me to lie down as she wanted to sit on my face. Sometimes I have Steve eat the cum right out of it, now, tell me how bad you want my nasty fucking cunt shoved in your face Tom.” When I got to the part about Lillian sitting on my face, Kat made me describe in detail how Lillian’s cunt had looked, how it smelled and tasted, what Lillian had said to me about it, and how I had felt to be eating her.

Secret Gassy Hobby

fetish Vera42 2017-12-10

Mary had this one particular past time that she could only feel comfortable doing alone: farting heartily. Mary loved the feeling of having full bowels, an enlarged stomach from gas, and then letting loose long disgusting farts. She grunted a little, and pushed a puttering fart, "Prbbt, prbbt, prrt", and moaned enjoying the hot gas warming her ass and pussy. It felt so good to get it out of her ass, but she clenched her tummy still feeling the fullness of her bowels. Mary was still doubled over in the floor, clutching her stomach, her ass, seemingly having a mind of its own, cracking of huger and wetter farts. Mary grunted to squeeze out the last couple turds, and turned around to see how enlarged the ass of her jeans were.

The Red Dress

fetish AngelCherysse 2017-12-10

I'll just slip into my red leather motorcycle jacket (it's still a bit chilly out there in the evening), put my makeup essentials, driver's license and cash into my red clutch (not as close a match as the shoes, but who will notice in a dark dance club?) and I AM ready. I was not, and started looking for alternate stud service as soon as I could re-zip my dress (not all the way; I left a generous 'front slit') and discreetly pry myself away. My infatuated dance partner had me under the stairs - legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, back pressed against the wall - right about the same place Mr. Power Tie had taken his untimely wrong step.

First Seduction Ch. 02

fetish memoriesandfantasies 2017-12-10

His hand slid down my stomach, over the gentle curve of my hip, down the outside of my thigh. He stroked my outside of my panties briefly, and then began to kiss down my stomach as he teasingly slid my panties down my hips, calves, and off. His eyes drifted from the silk ropes that held my hands, down to my begging eyes and lips, swollen from kissing and biting. He slid one finger along the outside lips of my pussy, which were slick with my wetness. Suddenly I felt a surge of electricity shoot through my body as he curved his fingers inside me up to stroke my g-spot. He continued to kiss me, so softly and gently, as his fingers moved in and out of my wetness.

DaddyDo’s Sissy Slave

fetish 2017-12-10

Standing up, Master told me to pull my panties down and proceeded to cage my limp cock and lock it in place, taking away what little manhood I had. He came deep inside, his seeds flooded into me as I pushed hard against him, squeezing my cunt lips around his hard cock wanting to suck every last drop of cum from his balls as he slipped out of my wet hole and started to finger fuck me, pressing hard against my inside so I squirmed and bucked uncontrollably for his pleasure until he had finished with me. Sometimes when you’ve unlocked and removed the cage PLEASE allow me to rub my limp girly clit and squirt my sissy juices.