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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Emily's First Electriafication

fetish papadog 2017-12-10

"Okay, now turn it back down until the sensation just barely disappears then put the box in your lap and place one hand on your abdomen." After she did he told her, "I'm going to place my hand on top of yours and have you do some abdominal breathing to relax you." He saw her nod in agreement and continued, "Use your abdominal muscles to push our hands up as you inhale deeply. He let her continue for a couple of minutes and then added, "Good, you are exhaling your anxiety with each breath...becoming more and more relaxed." At minute eleven she slid her left hand inside the robe and began to knead and pinch her right nipple.

Tripletit 02 Saving the Planet

fetish oggbashan 2017-12-10

Chloe lifted me from the bed and, still standing, wrapped her body around me until I was squeezed between her left and right breasts. “No,” Chloe admitted, “but if it keeps the onagers quiet… Joy, could you look after Derek while Rhonda and I load the supplies?” Chloe whispered in my ear: “You told me they were planet plunderers, Derek, but I didn’t expect this much damage so soon. As you know sex with a Tripletit woman does rejuvenate human males but I’m not sure what the effect will be after twelve of them. Chloe had also asked Rhonda to set up a Tripletit registered company to extract minerals so that it would be ready to apply for a licence on Tripletit Day

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 02

fetish gbr2004 2017-12-10

"They are such sweet boys, Stevie, I think they liked you," she says looking over at me. "Stevie, if you want a pretty little girl like April, then you should get you ass out of my house right now. "I didn't know you wanted me to call you that all the time Mistress, I'm sorry," I tell her feeling like I'm under assault. I will try to pay attention better, I just want to please you Mistress, please," I tell her, feeling so strange like I'm almost going to cry. Now be a good boy and clean my shoes Stevie, they got a little dusty walking home, " she says, her voice now soft.

Mrs. Bantam

fetish triphammer73 2017-12-10

It was a Thursday night and Leela was on another evening shift and the little one was at her grandparents for a couple of days, the timing was perfect. “oh fuck I am going to come again” she whimpered as she dropped onto her knees I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and her ass with the other and move my dick in her like a piston on high rev. I slid my hands under her shoulders and lifted her up as she hugged my shoulders and gripped my thighs with her legs and we kissed as I felt the juice in my balls come to a boil and I filled her little twat with hot, thick seed.

Roshni Ch. 02

fetish ab_man_nz 2017-12-10

Roshni stretched both arms high above her head and clasped her hands, letting me kiss her hairy armpit, taking in mouthfuls of her musky hair and tugging and sucking at it. As I licked the aromatic hollow of her armpit, sucking on the hairs and tugging them with my teeth, Roshni's exquisite goosebumps finally surrendered to the first tiny sequins of sweat as her breathing grew quick. It was almost more than I could stand - I nearly came instantly, but held on as Roshni slowly began to move my cock in and out of her hot and welcoming mouth, her tongue lavishing itself over the head, her eyes closed, long black lashes kissing her coffee-brown cheeks.

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 04

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-12-10

When she was living here, Kayla wore socks a lot, but occasionally went barefoot other times than when we watched movies. The toes on her right foot were starting to lose their sweaty flavor, but her soles were sure to be just as delicious. I'm very sensitive on my feet, so I had a difficult time keeping my occasional moans quiet and I once yelped a little bit in surprise when Kayla passed my foot around her crotch. Despite loving the fact I was getting to worship my sissies feet, I felt like mine deserved more than a massage, so I plopped my right foot up into her lap. Kayla took her right foot and skillfully rubbed my clit through my shorts.

Greek Girl's Plaything

fetish SavageGrace 2017-12-10

It all started one evening at my dorm room – bored, tugging at my turgid cock, flipping through facebook photos of Demetra, especially the close-ups of her fleshy, pouty perfect lips. We want you to send us a pic of your huge prick having written "Lisa" with lipstick on the side, so we can send it to her ex boyfriend, lol." My heart was pounding and I was immediately hard. This was followed by some gasping and more giggling as well as intense chatter to the effect of "I can't believe he's actually doing it" and "Is he for real?" The girls then called Lisa in the room – apparently this was sort of a surprise.

Aunt Carla Ch. 06

fetish moterhead74 2017-12-10

When we finished eating, Stacy said "Franky, why don't you clear the table and load the dishwasher and Carla and I will take Amy and see if I have any clothes I want to get rid of. She said my aunt told her she would bring her stuff she wanted to get rid of next time she was in town and whatever Amy didn't want she could just give to good will. I then asked her "So, does this mean we are going steady then, or are you just using me for my aunt's and Stacy's clothes" I said half jokingly, but seriously wanting to know what her answer would be.

Freyja Inc. Ch. 09

fetish Texas_law_man 2017-12-10

Von Mises waved his hand and the ladies turned on Shea removing her cloak exposing her body for the first time. Mr. von Mises retrieved the gloves and instructed Katrina and Danielle to spread Shea's feet wide and hold her arms out to the side parallel to the floor. As Danielle and Yanna made their way up the sides of her erect nipples Katrina moved the brush she wielded along the slender neck of Shea bringing forth goose bumps over her arms. Von Mises directed his brush with more frequency over Shea's clit as he began blowing a soft breeze along the damp lips cooling her pussy as he tickled.

Looking for the One

fetish Robert_Anthony 2017-12-10

Ryan winced slightly, then pressed his hand down on her head, pushing it back down so that his cock was deep inside her mouth again. Julia groaned into his groin, her throat massaging the head of his cock as she sucked him deep while her hand fell down between her legs and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Ryan closed his eyes and rested his head back on the pillow as Julia sucked his cock, he seemed to spend an incredible amount of time inside her mouth, not that he was complaining. Julia reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit as she rode, it only took a few seconds and then she was cumming noisily all over Ryan's aching cock, but this time Ryan managed to hold back.

I Jizzed in My Pants Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2017-12-10

When Professor Haley was done with inspecting our asses she smirked, slapping each of our asses a few times before joining Professor Caroline facing us, smirking down at our erections openly and as our cocks throbbed beyond our control we only wondered if being naked before two women older than our mothers was capable to shame us this much just how much worse it would be to be naked before other students, our classmates and our crushes. I mean Professor Haley already had inspected our butt cracks and cocks yet Professor Caroline ordered, "Boys move your little hard-ons a little and let us see the base of your cocks, then lift your ball sacks and let us see under them and then finally turn around and spread your ass cheeks wide to expose the puckered buttholes to us.

A little fable ;)

fetish 2017-12-10

Like this one time, she kicked me in the shin barefoot over a joke i made, but did'nt kick hard at all, and i said "Gee, if your gonna kick that lightly, can you do it a little higher?" The first time i saw her feet i was immediatly aroused.......a perfect size 7, mauve nail polish, and looked sooooo soft. I sat there in my chair, as her foot left my lap, and entered her shoe again....she got up and said "I have to get back to work go home and rest.....because after that, you owe me tonight." I could'nt speak, just smiled and nodded.

The PC Geek Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2017-12-10

The finger moved lower to tease her hot wet opening and Mary moaned louder and worked her hips back and forth, wanting him to slip it into her. Jerry moan loudly as the big head suddenly snapped through and entered her he was only half way in her tight pussy he could feel the first of many orgasms shoot into the tip of the condom. Jerry moving slowly and gently between her legs Jerry pulled almost all the way out of Marys pussy and with a deep thrust into her stretched pussy Jerry could feel the condom tear open the feeling her pussy juices coating his cock was to much and with another thrust he shot another cum load into her unprotected womb.

Russian Woman

fetish Luv4meLuv4u 2017-12-10

We get lit up and she invites me into her bathroom, she runs the tap and says "I'm leaving soon to see my grandc***dren, but I want to enjoy my last few nights in Wales .." I smile and say "I think I know exactly what you have in mind." I pull down her top and start sucking on her breasts up against her sink. "Now put a sticky spurt into me .." I shove my cock in and fuck her in all sorts of exotic positions and she tongue kisses me and even strokes the outside of my asshole and stokes my balls and says "Ooh I can feel it, you want to make cum now don't you?" ..

The Submission of Cory Fellion

fetish Chancethedog 2017-12-10

Rolanda said "Cory if you were my husband you would be over my lap, getting your ass spanked just like the guy in that movie. Cassandra grabbed the back of Cory's head, pushing it down and she started slapping his bare ass. Rolanda snickering said "Look at him crying like a little bitch, we should spank his ass, all of us just for fucking up our girls night!" Cassandra bent him over and spreading his asscheeks open, she looked and said "Well his ass is clean, but the dildo is a different story. Rolanda said "Yeah me to I just want to sit on this little bitch's face and have him lick my pussy and ass!"

hypnotic orgasms

fetish here2meet 2017-12-10

I then suggested that her lover was slowly kissing up her inner thighs to her sweltering lips their tongue flicking against her clit , she screamed oh yes yes f*** me with your tongue baby, with this I suggested her lover was sliding their tongue deep between her lips as they played with her clit, that put her over the edge her face became flush as did her neck she screamed I'm cumming baby I'm cumming as her back arched and she came hard through her panties on my chair she was flowing shaking and quivering moaning how good it was I told her at this point that she would always feel heightened sensitivity and arousal when ever she was with the one she wanted to be with and she would always remember the sensation she experienced today.

The Night That May Happen... Pt. 01

fetish topher0609 2017-12-10

This one is larger, much larger, she knows that I can take it so there is little need to step up slowly. Her hand traces my body until it comes down to the plug. Her hands pull the straps back cinching the harness snug to her body. Her right hand caressing my cock, her left is placed near my mouth. Her other hand wraps around the girth of my cock, feeling its hardness. "This is what you wanted right?" Her hand slides up and down the shaft. Her grip stays solid against my cock as she toys with the head using the fingers of her other hand. Alternating between strokes, fingers tapping on the plug, I am now her toy and she enjoying every second of it.

The wrong bus, Part 2

fetish curiouscuck 2017-12-10

"Hello Becka," Master says to the very pretty girl behind the counter. I look at Master (god I have started thinking of him like that!) my face "Leonard this is my new sissy," Master says to the man. Master walks out of the room as Leonard comes and stirs the wax next to Master tells me, "Oh I like your little landing strip sissy it is so very I look at Master and at Leonard and say, "Thank you Sir for helping me to tight ass of hers one day," Leonard tells Master sure to let you know," Master tells Leonard while showing him out of the day," he says as I feel my ass being spread as he shoves his cock into

Breeding Lynn Ch. 01

fetish jimmy22990 2017-12-10

He rarely took Lynn along, always telling her to wait until he was going somewhere where there would be time for work and a little play. Because I had a looming deadline to close a big sale the next day, I asked Lynn if she could come over to my place, earn some overtime, and help finish some paperwork that night. Lovely Lynn walked over to the toilet and completed removed her pants and panties. Lynn inserted the six inch applicator fully into her pussy and forcefully squeezed the plastic bottle until the douche completely emptied in her tender pink sex organ. She put the bottle and applicator back in her purse and got dressed and flipped off the bathroom light which stopped the spycam.

Like a Good Neighbor

fetish Therandy1 2017-12-09

He made it very clear that James was going to need a lot of attention for a while and since I was right next door I was the best choice for taking care of him. I went back to the kitchen and came back with a big jug of water and a couple of beers (so sue me, I know you don't mix pill and meds, but he looked like he needed a beer!). I pulled his cock back a little so that the head was between my lips as I stroked his wet shaft with my free hand. I stayed like that for a while grasping his semi-hard cock; rubbing my pussy and savoring the wet dirty situation I was in.

Milwaukee Cuckold Goes to a Party

fetish toothmedic 2017-12-09

Finally someone walked up to Judy and started pinching her nipple and then kissing her. She got me into position and said, “you better make him enjoy it.” I started slowly going up and down the shaft of his now hard cock which measured about 9 inches and very thick. Next thing I hear Samantha at the door yelling, “wow Judy, your husband is a really good cocksucker.” That brought a bunch of people into the room which excited the guy I was sucking. They came up to the bed and the one said, “can you believe how small it is?” The other one said, “do you think it can even cum?” They started kissing and fingering each other in front of me which was helping make me horny.

k**napped by an Alien Chapter 2

fetish catherine-belmont 2017-12-09

The pain, coupled with the cramping resulting from a large cock f***ed into her colon reinf***es the reality that they are just there to service the male species, to suffer for his pleasure.” Catherine’s hands slipped her skirt up her legs, revealing more of her naked flesh to Zorg. Each time it will feel like you had never felt them before, each time they will start anew, the r4pe of your virgin body.” Catherine’s hands went to the back of susi's skirt, unbuttoning the button, pulling down the zipper and letting the garment fall to the floor, a puddle at her feet. “Time to open yourself up, Susi, time for Zorg to play Doctor,” she laughed, her hands grabbing the cuffs and moving down to the floor next to her feet.

The Fall of James Ch. 3

fetish Angel.Boi 2017-12-09

James jumped at the sensation but Chris held him down with one hand "be good pet and it wont hurt as much..." James whimpered but stopped struggling and Chris proceeded to fuck his ass with the device for a little while before pushing it all the way in so that James' ass could close around the base...James let out a mixture between a yelp and a moan at the final push, his body quivering and his cock hardening. Chris flicked the head of James' cock and James yelped, but his erection died down, letting him stuff it into the panties then he pulled on the fishnets, then the skirt, and finally the blouse. Both cocks withdrew and the door opened, Chris was standing there with an armful of toys and things, looking down at the slut on it's knees, he picked up James' leash and tugged it.

The Bet Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2017-12-09

You want me to be all hot and wet for you don't you, baby?" Lilla purred as she snuggled up to me, snaked a leg around mine and twirled my hair with a finger. I held my arm out, thought, "Shit, what the hell have I agreed to." Lilla had always been more sexually creative than me and usually initiated the more adventuresome escapades: Blowjobs driving home through our neighborhood, furtive quickies in public places, handjobs and footjobs in restaurants, toys, costumes and role playing, making up sex scenarios and fantasies and telling them to each other in bed. "Yeah, baby, do it, fuck me hard, make me come," Lilla rasped as I pinned her hips against the mattress edge, again and again, over and over, her outstretched hands clutching the bedspread.