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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bath House Bukkake

fetish panteeluvr 2017-12-09

The owner reserved the top floor dark area for the bukkake and even though it was mostly for the guys we had invited, or that had inquired at the front desk about it, anyone who came for a suana was also welcome, providing they followed one simple rule - I was the only one to get came on, and they could suck each other, but when they were ready to shoot had to jizz on me! The first two guys were middle aged, slightly chubby, average sized cocks, and I took turns sucking each of them until I got my first load of cum!


fetish klammer 2017-12-09

Shannon said, "That's the path I've got my Primrose on but she needs some Shannon introduced Violet to Jake, who offered a gentlemanly handshake, When he returned and gave the drink to Violet, she (let's just refer to Violet chuckled, sounding female and male at the same time. "How about..." Violet said with the tip of one index finger on her smooth "Now there, Primrose," Violet said, sitting up straight. He could only manage a hushed, "Yes." Perry didn't want her kissing him Violet's skilled mouth went back to work and she took him through several finish for a long time and Violet thought that added to the flavor of his "So," Shannon wanted to know, "do you think he'd work out at the club?"

From Under the Table

fetish Eli is Coming 2017-12-09

"Yes. Josh said your name was Angie," he answered in Czech, "What's your Czech name?" She said it but Jake looked at her queerly. If I do, I end up drinking way too much later..." she explained to him again, though Jake figured Josh probably did not care. She was ten times more beautiful when she was happy though Jake did his best not to notice otherwise he would depress himself wondering why such a beautiful smart girl would be with a viking like Josh. Angie raised her brow before looking back to Josh, pretending to listen to what he was saying while her feet retreated a few inches only to recover that distance seconds later.

Church GILF fantasy fulfilled

fetish Andreawoody 2017-12-09

After church was over, I would go home and masturbate imagining what I saw, Kat's lovely big breast hanging down and that hott cleavage! Kat has long lovely red wavy hair, long black eye lashes, thick lips, soft light weight 38DD breasts with hard nipples, a small waist, baby bearing hips, a round large ass and insane sex drive for a 50 year old grandmother. Yumm!" Kat would dirty talk me whenever she took my cock out of her mouth telling me she has a very tight pussy and wants to feel me deep inside as I grip her waist so we got a hotel room that night..

Feeding Yvette

fetish dark_whisper 2017-12-09

"You are such a beautiful fat girl, Yvette," - I whispered, letting go of her hand and stroking my finger up her arm, very lightly, barely touching the smooth skin, - "I love seeing you eating this ice cream. Mike spooned the last of the melted stuff into Yvette's little hot mouth and we sat there, still holding the fat girl by the hands, as she was licking her lips and catching her breath. As Mike started playing with Yvette's large soft tits, I was running my hands all over her huge ass, admiring the size and softness, and the way any touch produced a ripple on the surface of the fat girls creamy white skin.

Dreams of a white sissy slut -Part 1-

fetish 2017-12-09

I started to kiss and lick and suck his huge, heavy balls, stroking his, now fully errected and even bigger, cock at the same time. It began slow and tender, but soon my new Master grabbed my head between his strong, huge hands and started to fuck my mouth. "Do you like to suck my cock?" he asked without pulling his dick out, making it hard for me to answer. She got out of her leggins and sat down, pushing her delicious ass and pussy right into my face. After I cleaned up her ass and pussy, she got up, turned around, pulled me up and gave me a long, deep and passionate kiss on my mouth.

barber shop

fetish 2017-12-09

she was cutting my hair and talking to me about sex i could feel her nice tits touching my arm my dick got hard as fuck i was woundering if she can see my boner when she reached over and rub the tip of my cock and said wow what do we have here i got shy and said not one word she put her hand under the hair bib and staring rubing my cock i was in shock the barber was locked and dark so no one can see i started rubing her ass and trying to get to her pussy to finger her.

Eating her till she Cums

fetish luv2ohs 2017-12-09

Your soft thick thighs I kiss and lick making my way to your succulent pussy lips. As you start to moan I begin to kiss your pussy lips. Your sweet aroma coupled with your moaning encourages my tongue to start working your clit. I start by licking gently and kissing your throbbing clit all the while tasting your juices, lapping it up as if hungry. I part your lips with my fingers and with more vigorous tongue motions lick, eat and taste all of you. You motion towards my throbbing cock and say, "I want to suck your cock till you cum!" I smile in anticipation of your sweet lips around my big thick cock…

Lat at night................................

fetish tucsonanallover 2017-12-09

You turn your car off onto a side street hoping that the vehicle won't follow you, but It does. "It's a police car" you realize...."Oh no, I'm going to get a ticket!" are your first additional thoughts. The spotlight comes on, the uniformed Officer is approaching your car. Where IS my insurance??" Your mind is racing, "Am I going to jail for something?" The Officer has reached the window, he taps on it. Now you think "I may just get away (maybe) going to get away with just a ticket." You unconsiously adjust you low cut blouse, brush your hair aside from your face, and look up at the Officer. The Officer is asking for your license, registration and proof of insurance.

Remembering My College Years!

fetish cpluver 2017-12-09

Then another guy spoke up and said that even though I was his brother, I still needed to do something crazy if I wanted to join. The other brunette said, "Make it a good lesson too, he's got the panties that I had on last night in his hand and they all looked in my hand. "Listen, at this party we need a pledge to lock herself in that bathroom and service the guys, as a way for her to pledge our sorority." He's gonna need something to remind him that he's a guy and what a pussy smells like after he gets through with all that cock," the blond said. You'll even taste my little pussy when it's full of some other guys cum."

Hiding under Her Desk

fetish AnaTG 2017-12-09

Fortunately for us you have a private office and no one saw me come in shutting the door behind me. Giving you a sexy smile as I walk through the door I noticed you had released a couple of extra buttons of your blouse giving me an incredible view. Reaching out with just the tips of my fingers I start at your toe cleavage, just barely touching you, slowly sliding up the tops of your feet, then the front of your shins, up over your knees. I slip your shoes back on your feet with my cum all squishy between your toes just in time for you to get up and walk the client out of the office.

Daddy's Little Cow Ch. 03

fetish KindAsCake 2017-12-09

She saw herself wearing a t shirt and one of the diapers from the box, felt the pressure in her bladder of needing to pee and imagined begging her Daddy to use the potty. She trembled under him, the feeling of his cock inside her, the milking machine tugging at her breasts, her juices running down her legs, she was right on the edge of an orgasm. "Your Daddy would like to start his day with kisses and warm milk, are you going to tell him no?" "Daddy, please, please." She begged, trying to be still as he started leisurely nursing at her left breast, his fingers rolling and pulling at the wet, sensitive nipple he'd just finished with.

Daddy's Intro

fetish 2017-12-09

i would love to take your big balls in my mouth ass you tit fuck me. My cock is so hard and wet my balls tight and full of sperm just wanting to shoot out and down your throat god it feels so good to have you wet cock rubbing against my face. i want daddys big fucking cock to split my pussy in two. "Tell Daddy that his little whore needs him to fuck her tight little pussy"! Your Daddy's little fuck slut and I will fuck your young pussy raw!" You reach back to push try to get me to go gentler, but I just grab your arms and pin them behind your back. Daddy loved fucking his little slut

BILLS - Bisexual MMF threesome

fetish pipi_najlon_carapa 2017-12-09

Then I pushed it slowly into her little asshole it was so tight and warm, it was really squeezing mine dick and driving me crazy I was caressing her nylon legs and then she got up and leaned to mine chest, I started to kiss her neck and shoulders and back, while I was squeezing her boobs, she was really enjoying that, at that moment I heard flat door opening, and male voice said "I have arrived", realizing that her husband is home, panicking I have started to pull it out from her, but she grabbed mine dick and said "relax...", her husband is entering the room and with joy he says "oh party has started without me, I must join ...

Fur Sex and the Single Girl

fetish FurLove 2017-12-09

Maybe sex with a woman would be more to her liking, she begins to think. When Ellen comes by to pick her up she can't keep from running her hands over Lynne's magnificent butt. Frank sees Lynne being pulled from the group of guys by Ellen and his mouth is still agape when they get over to him. Frank smiles and stares straight into her eyes and begins to hum a Mozart dance tune that Lynne recognizes as they continue to visually size up each other. "Soft, gentle and slowly in the furs for starters." Lynne sharply inhales with a big smile at this as a rush of excitement flows through her body uncontrollably, matching her earlier fantasy.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 05

fetish Suzanne James 2017-12-09

"What a beautiful ass you have, my dear," Jack commented, as he removed his fingers and began to slowly press his big cock into me. I spent the week that Jack was away waddling around the house, enjoying my big belly. Of course, I wouldn't wear my false belly to our meeting, but my larger, heavier breasts and my newly rounding belly and ass were obvious when I dressed in my old work suits. My nipples were hard just from watching Steve's admiration of my gravid shape, and I could feel my arousal growing as I continued to stroke my belly. "I'm moving back to Chicago to join a medical practice--just in case you ever need some attention, let me know." Steve smiled sexily and handed me his business card.

My new assistant - her story.

fetish MassMan669 2017-12-09

For my first day, I wore a white blouse and dark blue and white a pleated skirt (hides my bulge better) that went to a few inches above the knee, black stockings, and white panties. As he said this, he put his hands on my shoulders and ran them down my arms. “This skirt is lovely.” He said as he ran his hands from my hips and down the outside of my legs over the skirt.” “As the owner of the company, I need to peer into the cracks of my business.” he said as he ran his fingers down the crack of my ass. “I look forward to working with you in the future Julie.” He said.

Rose Garden

fetish 2017-12-09

"It's Jeni you said - I'm supposed to be meeting Tori here?" There was a short pause, then the door clicked, and you pushed your way inside. She lowered her head, and started liking all around Roxy's ass, pushing her tongue inside, and letting Roxy gape in response. Suddenly, like a flower coming into bloom, you saw - two inches from your face - the redness of Roxy's ass push into view, glistening, soft and wet. "Come on Jeni, your turn" Amber commanded, and helped you dismount from Roxy's chest and arranged you above her ass. As you did, you felt Roxy moan and pull the bud back inside her, pulling your tongue deep inside her ass, and pressing your face into her cheeks.

The Fetish Club

fetish perter111111 2017-12-09

She slipped on her skirt and moved to another part of the room to a guy who was tied naked, upright, arms above his heads and ankles tied to cuffs set into the floor splayed .She grabbed his balls and squeezed them between her hands until he screamed before letting them go. I removed my panties, found a space and pointed my cock at her mouth and emptied it onto it, some of which she swallowed and then I turned around and squatted over her breasts, forcing out some shit to cover it before sitting on her face so she could lick my hole clean.

Playing with Dolls

fetish paragonrisen 2017-12-09

I hope you enjoy your weekend." Katelyn spoke softly, as if she was looking for approval. "Oh, master, you have to let me know who will be joining you next weekend." Katelyn said before she paused waiting for my response. She understood she was looking for the wrong type of master, and they knew nothing about controlling her in any way. All the time Karen remained chained in the center of the room surrounded by the growing darkness. I lifted her face with my hand again, watching her eyes look away. I find pain and force so uncivilized." She moved her eyes to the ground, trying not to let me see the smile she now had.

The Arrangement

fetish LittleLady99 2017-12-09

It felt kind of romantic, and it made it seem, I don't know, like I didn't have to think for myself. I felt like a huge dork, and looked away without answering. A little roughly, he spread my legs wider and pulled my pussy lips open. It felt so good, I moaned again and started to press my legs closed. "I think I can forgive you, Amanda." And with that, I felt his finger slide back into me. Gently, pressing forward a little at a time, then withdrawing to rub more lubricant in, he started to slide his finger into my ass. It still felt weird, basically like I had to poop, but I wasn't going to say that, but it was numb enough that it didn't hurt at all anymore.

My After School Special

fetish trueman_darling 2017-12-09

Miss Ross placed her hand on my head and as she began playing with my thick black hair, said, "Look up at me Todd, let me see those big blue eyes while you eat me." "Okay, no more making fun of you." She slid closer to the point our hips were touching and resting her hand on my arm said, "You know Todd when I first opened this story I was pretty shocked, and honestly more than a little pissed." At the thought that it was going to happen, that I was really going to fuck Miss Ross, I slid my tongue from inside her and started lapping up through her soft wet lips, intent on getting to her clit and making her cum so I could drown my cock into her hot little box.

A Scrapbook

fetish Chastebob 2017-12-09

A news search for the terms "required male chastity in public" yielded the following article from a few years back. Clearly some women were practicing mandatory male chastity in public gatherings long before it was the law. In an effort to combat what some female lawmakers have called "a rising tide of sexual predation," special police units have been formed to enforce the new stricter 'public lewdness' laws. In any event, as we all know, it wasn't long before the laws were expanded to require male chastity devices when out in public. Perhaps inspired by the quick and public punishment the original AMS units meted out, many of the vigilante women didn't bother reporting violators to the police.

Tall Beautiful Woman Made Me Cum

fetish CuteBabyBoy 2017-12-09

And I being a little skinny and having a schoolboy haircut; and the ladies tell me I look so girly or like a sweet baby, but they all cared for me. And she was looking like a perfect lady, Tall, beautiful and long black hair. She turned of the lights; and I was naked and vulnerable as she came near me and sat beside me, and I touched and sniffed her soft long hair and she let it fall on my face, and it smelled so awesome, and she pushed her breasts into my face, and she raised her hands, so I caught a glimpse of even her armpit, and I smelled the pungent sweat odor, and I would even lick her sweat.