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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Alexander's Resort Ch. 03

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-09

"Looks like you need another one of these." Her voice was as smooth as velvet and she leaned forward reveling the canyon between the ample, but not overly large breasts, something he devoted time exploring with his eyes before smiling and thanking her. "I just like to hear you tell it." Her head fell back and her mouth draped open as she took in a deep breath just as she had the last time she had asked Leslie to tell the story of how she came to not have legs. Amanda slid across the red slightly ripped vinyl upholstery stopping near Mack with her stump almost resting against his leg. "Boobs and legs," Mack said as his head turns back towards Amanda.

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 01

fetish ZotDragon 2017-12-09

"Maybe I don't want to have sex right now," she said while laying back and spreading her legs. "That's what I'm trying to do," I said, taking a quick break from her nipples then started kissing my way down her tummy. Apparently the NFE was big on getting their members to move to the village and work for the corporation—either on their many farms in the surrounding area that grew all sorts of organic foods or in one of the offices where they did all sorts of internet businesses, at least according to Lilith. She was on me in a moment, knees on either side of my hips, her hands caressing my face and hair, her tongue licking my neck and finding its way into my mouth.

Takeover Ch. 01

fetish taiyakisoba 2017-12-09

Your hands are trembling as you carry the tray of tea and freshly-baked madeleines into the sitting room and set some down on the table before Miss Lucreza. It's hot and you gasp, more from surprise than anything else, but you gasp again when Miss Lucreza takes up a napkin and placing your hand in her own dabs at it. Dad kept going on and on about how you're too young to get married and that they didn't know Miss Lucreza well enough yet." So mom let people know she was looking for a wife for you." Loretta squeezes your hand. "You look so handsome," your mother says, tears starting in her eyes as she takes your arm.

Stacy's First Stranger

fetish Draco3638 2017-12-09

I watched her licking her lips and making little soft moaning noises while she rubbed her pussy to the sounds of porn. All of the sudden, she felt a hard cock forcing its way past her lips and into her throat. When I couldn't hold back anymore I yanked her back by her hair and told her to open her mouth. I pulled her pussy lips apart and told her to hold them there. She quieted down while I rubbed her pussy a little bit. When she came, her pussy clamped down on me like a vice and started another orgasm for me. I pulled the condom off and told her to open her mouth and lean back.

Linda Joins the Navy

fetish davi66ida 2017-12-09

It soon cleared away most of the muck although her hair was still pretty gungy and when Linda was able to open her eyes and looked around her and at herself she saw that the force of the hose had blown aside part of her bikini top, completely exposing her left nipple( a fact not unnoticed by the front row of the crowd). As a final touch one of the empty cans of paint was placed on her head, a sheet draped over one shoulder (leaving her breasts exposed), a homemade trident put in her hand and a large round basin lid placed at her feet. "Now for the very last bit of today's ceremony," grinned Neptune and Linda was bent over the mess table and secured firmly by ankles and wrists.

Gemma Shaves Her Head for Charity

fetish Timeris 2017-12-09

Gemma turned her back and headed towards the bathroom and Chris followed, watching the sway of her hips, and the large tattoo of crow's wings covering most of her back. She used her hands to spread it over his scalp, and used a fresh razor to carefully shave the remaining hair from his head. He took her smooth head in his hands and leaned in to give her a passionate kiss, feeling Gemma's hands caressing his scalp in return. Chris took his left hand, and began caressing her head, while he looked down, jerking off. He used his left hand and began rubbing into her scalp as she again took his cock in her mouth, cleaning it off.

At The Cheer Squad's Feet

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-12-09

I was at my stand right now, and the cheerleading captain, Lexi, was looking at me with a smile. If both teams lost the their home games, the cheerleaders would take their disappointment out by "having a little fun." As far as I knew, the last time that happened was two years ago. "I can't believe that he actually yells like a little girl,"Sally said, replying to something Kalyn had said. Told them all to go home and think about how they played tonight," Kalyn paused for a second, looked at Lexi like she was expecting something to happen. Lexi looked down at me, "Go on Danny, I know you want to." I really couldn't resist for long, so I took off her right boot.

sexy time with fiance

fetish corbinmyman 2017-12-09

So I got in between her legs and started kissing the side of her body, working my way up to her nipples where I slowly and very firmly flicked my tongue up and down their firm pink flesh. My tongue remained at her fully erect clit as I slid my right index finger in to her swollen vagina, cupping it so that it was pressed against her g spot. I started sucking her clit as I worked my tongue around it, and I could feel the rush of her pussy juice and her vagina throb with delight. She was about to cum, and her pussy was throbbing and tightening around my f***eful finger, which I pushed hard on to her g spot.

April's Body Ch. 04

fetish keelslight 2017-12-09

"Would you like to help me?" April said as she pulled Julia's hands toward her pants and then placing her finger tips on the buttons over the crotch. "I would love to," Julia said as she pulled open April's pants. Still, Julia felt the need to place her small hands in each of April's large bra cups even as the breasts squeezed tightly against her braw. Julia pulled out a small box from one of the side compartments of the hot tub as she sat on April's lap. Julia unseated off of April's lap and went underwater reaching down for a small compartment on the floor of the hot tub.

Apartment Wrestling: The Dark Side

fetish gomez8 2017-12-09

Char, the arrogant bitch from the unemployment office glowed in her brown, satin bikini and bra set, trimmed with white lace. The blue-bikinied beauty tightened her grapevine bringing a cry of anguish from her satin-wrapped victim, as the dominatrix in Bella took over. Char's struggle only aroused Bella who responded with a firm slap across Char's face, a laugh, and a growl as she tongue-fucked her victim, wrapping her arms around, and began groping her. Bella lowered her head, and in a low, sultry voice said "fuck my pussy, bitch." Bella slid her bikini to the left and deftly lowered her moist pussy on Char's waiting mouth. Bella slid her left hand down and around Char's thigh, up under Char's tight, soaking bikini, and started fingering the woman once more.


fetish ericthebard 2017-12-09

I like sucking on soft cocks, a tender, pliant bit of flesh for my tongue and lips to tease, licking it gently and lipping at it, sometimes nibbling lightly with careful teeth; letting my fingers trail over the soft skin, cupping the heavy sack below, testing the weight and texture of his balls. I love the sounds my partner makes, with my lips around his cock, my tongue exploring its texture and topology, sometimes sucking so hard my cheeks hollow, sometimes just letting him feel the wet heat of my mouth, sometimes coming off him completely and just giving teasing little licks, or just letting my lips run over the head, or ducking down, sucking his balls into my mouth, teasing the loose skin with tongue and teeth.

Watching Her Go Ch. 05

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-12-09

Angie looked so damn fine in her short, cream colored camisole and ruffled morning hairdo. I...uh...well...I need to use the bathroom." I felt some of the foam slide from the corner of my mouth as I tried to speak clear enough for her to understand. "Well, I need to use the potty myself, but it looks like you beat me to it." She rubbed her slightly distended tummy with her other hand. I'll let you use it now, Angie." I started to get up, but she held me in place with her hand on my shoulder. I do have to go pretty badly." She scooted closer, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me squarely on the mouth and let out a sexy little moan.

Out for a run Part 4

fetish 2017-12-09

I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side.

Two Big Girls!

fetish SpankerSam 2017-12-09

You'd love to feel him fucking you in your fat ass." Irene's hand movement became more intense. Irene is in the shower now." My hand had reached her ass and I was rubbing one of her big cheeks. Are we gonna have some fun or what?" Gladys and I laughed as Irene handed us our glasses. That's just how Gladys hurts me." I let go of her pussy lip and lay between her fat open thighs. I sucked it hard and at the same time, started to work my fingers up into Irene's cunt. I pulled my fingers from Gladys' asshole and pushed her to get up off Irene. Kiss her." Gladys kissed Irene hard and I felt the fat bitch start to cum.

Foot Sex with a Loving Girlfriend

fetish McLovin60 2017-12-09

She outstretched her legs, putting her heels on my chest as I suck on her lovely toes, holding her ankles while she plays with my balls and rubs my dick with her fingers. She sits back and bends her legs, rubbing and squeezing my balls with the toes of her left foot, moving her right foot up and down my shaft, my penis held tight between her big and pointer toe. She pushes my penis against my stomach, running her whole foot along my shaft, squeezing my balls with her toes while she licks her lips. She does, now facing the headboard, I hold her right foot in my hand, my other hand on her left ankle as I tenderly suck on her toes, her feet together.

Allison at the Gynecologist

fetish drrrtygrrrl 2017-12-09

Roxie continued, "I know that's a lot to take in, but will need you to decide whether you'd like to get the process started with treatment." She flashed another smile, a big warm one this time. She grabbed a pair of gloves from the wall, scooted over in a stool beside me, and placed a hand on my chest, using pressure on my whole breast and then using a finger at a time to push into varying spots. It must have realistically been 10 inches...This time after only a couple seconds, Roxie started heaving but Dr. Sells simply kept the dildo in place. As Roxie walked toward me with clipboard, Doctor pushed her two fingers inside my cunt, curling them against my g-spot and waiting there while I desperately and quickly signed.

Moms Drawer

fetish showoffmybod22 2017-12-09

"Oh Mom" I thought, "they feel so good." I felt jealous for a with Mommy's breasts Jimmie?" She held her position there like that, bent Open your lips more and suck gently on Mommy's tiddy. how Mommy wants you to kiss her nipple." "O.K. Mom" I silently said inside still wearing Mom's high heels, stockings and her white panties. Mom had the covers all pulled down neatly so the bed looked so inviting. It would be nice for Mommy, and I think you might like it too. she was doing when she said "Honey, do this to Mommy just like I am doing Rub Mommy here while you suck her tiddy." "O.K. Mom." At the same time she opened her legs wider and slipped my hand

Cruel Asian Girlfriend Pt. 02

fetish tasx007 2017-12-09

Feels like a healthy seven or eight inches of man-meat looking for a mouth to that right Richard, a juicy wet hole to dig into...hmm?" Richard started to get into it a bit: "Yes, it's eight inches at least, and ready for a hot slut's mouth to suck the cum out of it in front of her boyfriend." She stood up, and motioned me to sit in front of Richard's now quite erect cock, with a hardness in her eyes that said I had better give the performance of a lifetime. Evita dug the knife a bit deeper: "And I have some lovely video of you getting your cock sucked by what is clearly a guy, although I can't see his face or any distinguishing marks that would help identify him.

Pungent flower 6: Curiosity makes the pussy wet

fetish TheAgantuk 2017-12-09

She told me she liked it very much but that they were a bit tight. I insisted that she can at least wear them inside the house, she went back in to change. Though I could not see her changing I saw her walking towards the mirror in the tights. She looked very pleased with the clothes and started posing in front of the mirror. I told her the tights look great on her. I went to my room and changed into a sleeveless T-shirt and loose baggy shorts. Initially she had the innocent smile on her face as she turned towards me, and then her eyes caught a glimpse inside my shorts. She looked at me and nodded, trying hard not to stare and into my shorts.


fetish kittyvan 2017-12-09

She approached the bush he was waiting by; something made her turn towards him, a sound, or maybe a feeling, the smile ever ready, already on her lips. He spoke softly, "I guess you want to know why I've brought you here, like this." Her eyebrows shot up, a silent answer, but any response was welcome to him. Feeling the wine and his own excitement, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He knelt between her knees again, this time dipping down to kiss and caress the soft skin above her thigh highs. He allowed himself a minute to study and caress the soft skin of her bum, and the beautiful nether lips that still dripped with her cum.

My Footjobs In The Library

fetish ShoeShots 2017-12-09

Now I could kind of wave my right foot side to side causing his cock to slide and roll over my left toes. I slowly pulled away from him watching his smile, I even sat there with my left foot soaked with his cum, I can’t explain why but it just felt amazing to me. My friend could tell right away if he was going to get a foot job by the shoes I was wearing, Sneakers or boots he was going home an unhappy man, LOL! Those ballet flats got ravaged, by the end of the semester the insides had a semi sticky layer dried cum in them, the top of the toes and sides had little stains from cum shots that didn’t quite make it in.

First Time as a Toilet Slave

fetish pantyslutpaul 2017-12-09

"You know, only the most pathetic slaves get degraded in this way don't you?" said Mistress Suzy. "I need to piss first." Mistress Suzy said suddenly. Mistress Suzy gave a small grunt and the turd, at least four inches long, slid out, broke off and hit the back of my mouth. Mistress Suzy was just going to shit like she always did and I just had to start swallowing otherwise there was going to be a big mess and big trouble. I saw Mistress Suzy's asshole, covered in a dark brown stickiness. Pretty, young, vibrant Mistress Suzy wasn't finished yet, however. But the cold wet urine was still there and the remains of Mistress Suzy's shit still stuck to the inside of my mouth.


Lacey's Arrest

fetish Gudzinya 2017-12-09

I shouldn't be asking this, but you don't exactly look like the type to be turning tricks. "No, but if your story checks out, you have no priors, I'm going to let you spend the night down here, no official record of your arrest, let you learn your lesson, and in the morning you can go." He walked away and Lacey sat in the cold cell, nervous as hell, but oddly, feeling a bit turned on. Ten minutes later, she heard the door to the cell block open and Jeff walked back in. His right hand slid down her arm, down her torso and between their bodies where it settled between their bodies and began rubbing her clitoris.

Maiden Maid

fetish menufem 2017-12-09

From next weekend my Saturdays are not going to be fun as my mom has got us a maid who will attend to my needs at weekends. I had to make her come sleep in my room, so I told her a lie that I have got my parent's consent in this. I had to relive my tension, so I went into the bathroom and jerked off thinking of fucking Nayna. I told her to come and sleep alongside me in my bed. My hands found a thick bush of pubic hair, that I had seen few hours back through the hole in the bathroom door. Her hands touched my hard dick softly. Lying on my bed with Nayna I was looking forward to the coming Saturdays.