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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Angeline's Foot Fantasy

fetish ukangeline 2017-12-09

You slide one of your feet a little way up the leg of my shorts and lift the material, "These won't still be hiding you away from me when I return, will they?" Knowing the answer already, you slide off the bed and disappear into the bathroom to change into something befitting what is to come. As the craving for your body takes hold of me, you walk right up close and look into my eyes, "You may touch only my feet." This principle rule had already been established between us weeks before, but you are enjoying the power, and it felt good to say it again.

My Life Ch. 02

fetish jimhaullis 2017-12-08

A new woman was born as inch by inch my wife took that ten inch dildo, "Hope you like the view baby." Holly smiled once she had the whole thing in her. Holly turned to me and teased her nipples, "Do you think guys like it when my nipples are hard?" She pulled out a sheer bra and thought about it. "What I like about this bra, is if my blouse is lose fitting or a deep V, well some lucky man might be able to look down my blouse and see my nipples." She turned to the mirror, "I see that you enjoy it also, nice hard cock honey!"

Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 01

fetish The Needler 2017-12-08

"Lydia has a condition for you to watch our games tonight," Graham said, turning to Emily. Emily was a little surprised, but Lydia gave her a big smile that radiated good will. "Emily, bring that other chair over here and put it there," he said, indicating a spot at Lydia's right at the back corner of the table. That's right, points up, move them in side by side." He lifted Lydia's massive tits up and Emily slid the nailboards underneath as instructed, taking her hands away quickly when they were ready. Emily got up and turned to watch him massage Lydia's tits a bit harder now the obstacle was gone from his lap.

Currents of Chastity

fetish sweetsubmissions 2017-12-08

It has been nearly a month since Sir has allowed me an orgasm, and I am constantly on edge. My phone interrupts with a small chime, and upon inspection reveals a pornographic image of a girl in the throes of orgasm. What I wouldn't to have his fingers touch my dripping wet cunt, to slowly ease out my pent up orgasm. I slip into a vacant small teleconferencing booth and close the door behind me. Again the pressure builds, aching for release, I need to cum, I feel my mind sailing off the edge of pleasure, and manage to jerk my hand back. I grab my files and rush out the coffee shop door, I need to get home to Sir, I need to cum.

Horseface Ch. 01

fetish ojiisan 2017-12-08

But that was all the way back in middle-school, and even then Anastasia was my total opposite: she lived for anime and manga, binged sweets like crazy, and hated any and all sports. You know I don't care." She gave the tip of my cock a mock kiss without touching the lips to it. "You know I love your little baby cock." "It can't do much but it tries its best," she said in a sultry tone, her hot breath hitting my cock like a caress, the words sending shivers down my spine. You don't exactly want to hear your girlfriend say your cock isn't good enough, no matter how much she loves it for your sake.

Nude Beach Photoshoot

fetish jackflynn7 2017-12-08

"I have had too much wine and I must now pipi!" She considers the time and distance of picking up her things and returning to her beach cottage and thinks: "I could not be so cruel to my bladder as to walk so far! When she stops peeing, he stands up, careful not to cast a shadow that might finally wake her, backs away into the low sunset light, turns and starts walking slowly away, again photographing the low horizon color and is now maybe 25 meters away. On an impulse, as she walks toward her beach cottage and in the last rays of light, she turns in the direction of the man, now 40 meters or so away at the water line again and shouts out "Bonsoir Messieur".

Flight of Fantasy Pt. 02

fetish JenniferWilson 2017-12-08

Dave's mind was in turmoil, here he was dressed partially in women's clothing that all the world could see and stare at and think 'what sort of guy would wear a rubber skirt in public?', but at the same time he was ecstatic at being able to wear the latex panties and skirt especially as they had only just come off a beautiful women who he had brought to an orgasm only minutes before. After another cuddle and rest they both got up and showered but as Dave dried himself Rose said "You won't be needing any of your old clothes as I have a few special things for you this morning, starting with fixing up that flat chest of yours." Rose brought out a black latex bra and fitted it around Dave, she filled the cups with silicone bags to give him a nice pair of breasts.

By Masters Hands

fetish ddraelynkhar 2017-12-08

I just hope if they want me to drive with another pony one day it will be my masters hands on my reins. When we were with in sight of Sir James home Master let me pick up my pace a bit, not too much faster mind, but to lift my feet and prance a little. I knew Master was wanting people to admire his pony so I lifted my feet high and held my head up as he unstrapped my harness from the cart and bound up the trailing edges so I could walk about still in tack and not have any bits trailing the ground to trip me or get dirty.

On the Wagon

fetish NicoliEstovich 2017-12-08

Taking the fullness of her ass in hand, he squeezed, parting the cheeks, letting his fingers crawl inside, feel the warmth of the taught, sensitive skin that bathed what he imagined would be a beautiful pucker. He could feel her bowels pushing back at him, trying to force his cock out, but Danny persisted, adding more pressure, and finally with an audible pop his dick gained entry, slipping inside. Her lips opened up, Danny's dick sliding from her mouth as she moved beneath him, her tongue painting a trail down the bottom of his shaft, reaching his balls. Danny's eyes shot open as he felt her hands, caressing the cheeks of his ass, and her tongue, probing in-between.


Helen, my Wife and Cuckoldress

fetish siscuc 2017-12-08

"Look at you getting all excited but your dicky is so small it can't even escape from those panties!" She laughed as she turned on her heels and sat down at the computer. At one point an assistant commented that i was a very lucky man as my wife tried a very short black dress on, Helen laughed and said "These clothes are for me to wear for a Black stud not for my husband, isn't that right sis?" Reluctantly i said "yes honey". i knew beyond a doubt that Darl had fucked her, my wife had had a Black man's cock in her mouth and in her pussy.

Stella at Strawberry Bank

fetish carson2658 2017-12-08

I looked squarely into Stella's beautiful eyes, then down to her gorgeous pussy. Stella kept shaking her pussy lips and examining the panties in her left hand as if considering whether to use them to wipe her cunt. Stella opened her eyes for a second and took a good look at my sagging dick. The combination of the sound of pissing in the night, the knowledge that all those men had their dicks in their hands just yards away, and the sight of Stella going off on her pussy drove me crazy. I wanted to close my eyes and lean back and enjoy it but I could not take my eyes of the beautiful woman squatting before me, her red skirt now tucked into its waist band, her breasts swaying underneath her silk blouse.


fetish centro60 2017-12-08

I licked the precum off the head, savored the taste the took it all in my mouth, burying my nose in his pubic hair, he moaned from around the shaft of marny's big plastic cock and started pumping his load down my throat, I sucked it all back and loved the taste of him, sucking him til he was dry. I felt Paul relax and I started to move out, then in, slowly at first, then faster, and faster til I was pounding my Eight inches into his ass our balls slapping together I was almost ready to cum, I looked up at marny, " Yes honey fill up his virgin ass with your hot cum!" she reached behind me and squeezed my balls hard, I exploded into Paul's ass, cumming deep inside him, Paul started to cum at the same time pumping strings of sticky cum onto the floor.

Introduction to Slavery

fetish subseeker 2017-12-08

Mistress Victoria began to slowly walk across the room, pacing. Through teary eyes I looked up to see Mistress Victoria standing patiently Your wife will enjoy watching this." Then she began to slowly fuck Victoria came striding into the barn...with a young woman walking next to Mistress Victoria laughed and told me to stand still; this was her The phone rang, and Mistress Victoria came into the room talking Back to work Jason." Mistress Victoria took the My cock felt like it was going to explode. See how she likes it in the ass?" Mistress Victoria was really "Jason, watch me fuck your wife, my slut." He held her head up, together, Mistress Victoria jerked my cock until I came also.

A Tights Fantasy: Annabel & Diane

fetish MELD9003 2017-12-08

Looking along the bar Annabel's gaze fell on her friend; as always Diane looked stunning, her tall frame adorned with a beautiful cobalt blue knee length dress with matching stilettos and her strawberry blonde hair cut into a long bob. The pair spent the next hour or so talking about work and getting drunk until Diane mentioned Roger again and a smile spread across Annabel's face. "Look, why don't you go into your room and get undressed and I'll strip off in here, then you come back in here when you're ready?" Diane smiled, putting a reassuring arm round her friend. Taking the taller woman completely by surprise, she pushed her legs apart, slipped between them and began to trib her, extracting gasps and pleas from the blonde as Annabel ground her pussy hard on to her aching clit.

Icky Vicky (F/F)

fetish scorpia95 2017-12-08

Taking a deep breath and steeling my nerves I unlocked the stall door and let it open of its own accord as I came crawling out on my knee's like Vicky taught me. Vicky had stopped wearing sock's soon after she figured out about my fetish. Taking her feet into my hand, I started kissing it while breathing in as much as I could at the same time. Giggling Cassie started to push her favorite ankle length sock inside my shaved pussy. Cassie had a huge smile on her face as she said "Bye slut, next time I'll bring my friend Jessie, she has some really stinky feet!!" The rest of the girls were soon following her lead by making Vicky promise to let them punish me later.

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm

fetish Heather26 2017-12-08

'You were,' she said, turning her head to look at the buxom hucow ordering at the counter of the café. Once they proved that they had the means to produce high enough quantities, and that human milk had greater health benefits, it was soon endorsed and the hucow industry began to grow. The reminder that her large udders right in front of me were probably brimming with milk caused me to shift uncomfortably on the couch so as to try and stop another tent from forming. She cupped her right udder lovingly with her free hand before pointing to what looked like a massage table in the corner. 'You can watch if you want,' she said, stepping around me to her milking table.


fetish blkice2u 2017-12-08

My Femmecock is now fully stiff and the urge to play with it is very strong, but I remember what Marcus always says: "It is for me to decide when you cum and how you cum Stacie, so if you feel the need, phone me." I continue to massage my anus, now pushing two fingers up it, trying, but not succeeding to reach my prostate to heighten the feeling. He pushed his dick in front of me and I took the chance to lick and clean the glans, my tongue eagerly lapping for as long as he wanted me too. Here I was, dressed as a woman, with cum all over my face, an anus that felt like I had just had a particularly cruel fucking and rubbing myself off.

Jemima's Bloom

fetish Nate_Walis 2017-12-08

Jemima's mind had been spinning the most elaborate ideas and speculating wildly for days and now the time had come to open the bag and discover the nature of the thing, she was seized by a momentary sense of trepidation. This was nothing new for Jemima, who had worn similar stockings to play her part as a mermaid and even a jack-in-the-box, and she experimentally moved her encased legs to ensure the fit was good before slipping her arms into the sleeves and zipping the entire thing up to where it ended in a hood that covered everything but her face. The lycra pulled against her body and chafed her nipples, only adding to the sensation of his motion inside her and Jemima, rooted to the spot by her costume felt every second of the experience.

A Fitting for a Tux Plus

fetish carlyle2 2017-12-08

I stare back into her eyes and for some reason, I guess to show her I'm ok, I tap where my cock is inside my briefs and say "it's ok, don't worry, you missed the little guy." She's staring right at it, and it must be obvious to anyone who knows that the little bit sticking out is my 1 inch flaccid cock. And as I leave I look back and she's still smiling and then she puts her hands up and waves at the same time as her coworker, but as I watch she puts her fingers back into the position showing the measurement of my penis, looks at it, fakes a look of shock on her face, and smiles back at me.

High School Dilemma Ch. 05

fetish LaurenWestley 2017-12-08

I even wondered, since Sean was the youngest, did their Mom take a trip to Italy, get pregnant, come home and birth Joe finally settling down with a nice Irish lad in her neighborhood? Sean puts his hand on my thigh and says, "I like that sissy girl. I walked back to the car with a hobo's nut-juice in my belly instead of in my mouth with my high heels clicking away in the dead of the night. I climbed into the car sitting between Sean and Joe. I had been so upset I had forgotten about letting Jim's cum and piss cocktail out.

My First Blind Date

fetish rmlooker 2017-12-08

She moved her hand up and down my atrophied left leg several times and had a big smile on her face. I asked if she was surprised that I had shorts on and she said not really as she knew I liked to show my crippled legs off especially with my braces on. We changed places so she could look at my right leg and noticed that it was a little larger and when she got to my hip area that there was muscle mass in the buttock. I asked if she wanted any hair left and she said no and I shaved everything off all the way from her belly button to past her ass.

Power Trip - Chapter 2

fetish frozenhero1 2017-12-08

“You want to suck their cocks and let them have their way with your ass, because you know you can’t get a sexy woman like me. Reaching towards Colin’s nightstand Veronica took his bottle of hand lotion, “You didn’t masturbate before going to sl**p last night, did you?” Colin desperately wanted Veronica to continue stroking his swollen member and nodded, “Yes, I’ve fantasized about being with another man.” Veronica smiled and resumed moving her grip up and down Colin’s erection, “Do you think straight guys jerk off to gay porn?” Colin didn’t know if it was Veronica’s masturbating hand, or the fact that he was about to shoot his semen all over his face, but his arousal was an undeniable f***e.

The Colony Party Ch. 06

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2017-12-08

Her saree and her mane, which were her past were burnt and the ashes laid on the terrace while Priya was fucked two hours straight by the men's huge cocks straight right next to it. Deepak said, "I just saw the place where Priya's house is, it's far off and we might get noticed by the security guard who is strolling at the corner." Had a nice night I presume fucking a local slut?" The men in unison nodded and darted into Adi's house with Priya. Sure..." and as soon as the guard went out of sight Adi darted into his house and locked the door only to see that it was Ashu who was still fucking Priya her brains out.

Rescue Sex Pt. 02

fetish ironicchef 2017-12-08

"Sir, I would like to give you a blow job," she said. I'm applying one of those lessons now: a woman who ties herself up and masturbates furiously while waiting for a stranger to come fuck her is probably into some pretty dark shit, even if she can't admit it. I reached my hand and grabbed the back of her head, shoving her cum-covered face into the sheets. My thrusts were slow, and when I bottomed out I kept my cock pressed tight, grinding into her womb with one hand pressing her face into the sheets. When she came, she still handn't taken her face off of the cum stain on the sheets.