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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kelly's Bukkake

fetish stockinglover 2018-10-01

"Yes. It's a perverse act where a young woman is dressed in fetish clothing, and her face is used as a target of the cumshots of the dozens of men as they jerk off," replied the not so innocent temptress. She'd tried the outfit on each night for the past week, and each time was so aroused she laid down on the bed and got herself off, all the while imagining two dozen men covering her beautiful face with cum, transforming her from an angel into a filthy mess. She knew she had great legs, and the bow topped white stockings and the patent leather Mary Janes made her look like the most innocent of sex toys.

Father Moss Ch. 01

fetish Nightshade_Angel 2018-10-01

I would like to see you in my office." I look into Father Moss' eyes and feel my cheeks flush. "Now Miss Anderson, you have an extensive record, and it seems to me you are trying to get expelled," He sits down behind the nearly bare oak desk and laces his fingers together, his eyebrows arch and he looks at me, "Now why is that? "I see, well seeing as you have disobeyed you have to be punished." Father Moss' tone raises slightly and I look into his eyes. He pulls my arms and guides me over his knees, "I think I have a suitable punishment for you, Miss Anderson," I feel him raising my skirt, and the cold air of his office against my bare ass.

A new way to ride

fetish letmepleaseyou2006 2018-10-01

There is nothing hotter to me than a woman giving me a nice wet dick sucking, where she has been sucking my cock, playing with my balls, then getting on top and riding my dick like a rodeo cowgirl. As I move up to kiss her, and rub her tits, the feeldoe now rubs against my own balls and cock, hmmm, the vibration feels good, as I kiss her and grind against her body. Slowly we embrace and feel the heat of our bodies, the vibration of the feeldoe deep within her and against my balls and cock.

Money Earned and Lost Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-10-01

"Well, in that case, perhaps you would be interested in that thousand bucks afterall." Roger grabbed Marty's frayed tie, the only one he owned, and pulled the young man to his knees in front of him. With Roger's cruel gaze on his sweaty and reddened face, Marty's eyes rolled back into his head involuntarily as he felt this massive...intruder, in him, violating him. Eyes on me as I fuck your ass." Roger started to saw his cock in and out of his slut's ass and smiled as he saw Marty's bottom lip start to quiver and eyes tear up beneath him. Roger slowly pushed the head of his cock into Marty's ass and stopped again. Roger's eyes didn't move from Marty's face as the young man panted and recovered.

Vampires! Ch 1

fetish pornaholic63 2018-10-01

Sylvia slid down and dipped her beautiful face down into Danny's lap, taking his hard cock into her warm mouth, being very careful not to scratch him with her long, sharp fangs. The gorgeous vampire effortlessly sunk her mouth right down to the very base of Danny's hard cock, her lips stretched wide as her nose was pressed into the eighteen years old pubic hair. Sylvia gave a small moan as she lifted her mouth back up off Danny's cock and dipped her lips down towards his balls. The gorgeous dark haired vampire bobbed her head over Danny's cock, slurping noisily on his hard length. Danny gave a moan and reached down, getting a tight grip on Sylvia's head with both hands and taking control of her sucks.

Don´t Go Into The Woods

fetish klammer 2018-10-01

I started pulling up my shorts and panties but he said, “Wait, turn around “Don’t touch or rub your ass after a spanking girl,” he said. asked if I wanted a spanking and I had to answer “Yes Sir.” “Remember what I said about you would one day ask for a spanking?” Dick didn’t want another spanking but I had to walk slowly with my ass Dick also said what I did was more of a feminine orgasm not man cum and so The man turned to Dick and said, “I’m glad you left the toilet training to “Lift your skirt and look me in the eyes girl,” he said. “Yes Sir,” I replied like I had too but didn’t want to.

Jimmy Cuck Ch. 02

fetish jimmycuck 2018-10-01

Jesse quickly took control and said "Jeff why don't you take Jimmy here to the bar and get us some drinks while us girls get comfortable," more of a command than a question. On the car ride home, we both agreed that we had a good time and maybe we should hang out with Jeff and Jesse again, Ashley even had a little buzz going which always has proven good for night of action. Nothing much happened for the next few days, it was the middle of the week and we were chit chatting about work and various other mundane subjects when Ashley said, "so I talked to Jesse today, she called me to see how I was an to invite us out next weekend."

The Newcomer

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-10-01

Looking up he noticed spotted Barnaby Timpson, a tall, lanky youth who worked in Enforcement, walking towards him carrying plastic beaker of what passed for tea in that place and a sizeable bar of milk chocolate. Anne poured a large glass of apple juice for Adam and a glass of Chardonnay each for herself and Barnaby. Adam couldn't help feeling a sense of displeasure that his privacy had been intruded on by prying ears but at the same time felt there was a compliment in Barnaby's remark to be appreciated. With that, Barnaby closed the bathroom door behind him and in barely the time it would have take him to get undressed, Adam could hear the shower running.

Unexpected Strap On Ch. 02: Return Journey

fetish nt60 2018-10-01

My ass was sore from my Mistress fucking it for the first time a few minutes before. After a few minutes of her pressing me against the wall, I used both hands to grab her ass and pick her up, walking her toward the bed. She told me that she and another girl had fucked each other with strap-ons and dildos, but mine was the first real cock she'd ever had up her ass. Now tell me what you want need me to do to finish the night, slave," she said as she climbed back on the bed and aimed her big black cock at my hole.

pregnant a life changing night pt 2

fetish vinney 2018-10-01

Her hair was damp and she smelled fresh so I knew that she’d had a shower and, silently, I prayed that I’d done a good job removing my semen from her sex earlier that morning, I asked what was wrong. When my mother pointed out that I had been a very good baby and he’d never had to change a nappy or get up in the middle of the night beside which they now could afford to have a nanny he blew up and said that his mind was made up and nothing would change it. As she’d been talking about having another baby my mind flashed back to last night when I’d blasted two loads of potent sperm deep into her womb.

A Coming to Terms

fetish steve25805 2018-10-01

It got me thinking - would God condemn someone for this when in all other respects they were truly good people? You see, my kids have grown up and left home now, and my husband is away on church business for a couple of days, so I was home alone in my bedroom, reading my favourite erotic story sites, especially several new stories I found featuring girls peeing in naughty places. And, for the first time ever, I seriously considered actually doing it - peeing somewhere that is just so totally wrong! Finally, as I read a story about a girl peeing against her bedroom wall, I could wait no longer and decided that I was going to do something like this too.

Right at You

fetish ctemple 2018-10-01

"I mean we hit on the guys first, we ask them out, and we do the whole dom girl thing; pinch their asses, blow smoke on them, tie them up if they'll let us, order them to say yes ma'am, no ma'am that kind of thing, have threesomes," Stephanie said and giggled. "I'm going over and introduce myself and ask him to come over later for drinks, Claire said smirking at Stephanie. Claire looked at Stephanie, then she said, "He was just surprised, older woman hitting on him and stuff, give him a little time. Claire got a long thin cigarette out and held it, smiled an evil smile, then she said, "Lets see if the little bitch likes smoke."

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 10

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-10-01

Dan felt a need to tell his mother about what had been happening to him. Dan stopped short of telling her that he felt more comfortable as a woman than as a man. And the fact that Ayisha loved having sex with women worked in his favor. After the blonde had somewhat settled down from her orgasm, Ayisha leaned over the side of the bed, produced a dildo attached to a pair of rubber panties, slipped them on, and then slipped the rubber organ into her partner's pussy. Dan could tell that the blonde was having serial orgasms by the tensing of her body and the moans of pleasure.

Daddy for a Day

fetish tru2dagame 2018-10-01

We tip toe into her bedroom and she starts talking "daddy, mommy isn't home from work, let me help you out" she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my fat cock thru my boxers and licked it up and down like she was starving. She took it out her mouth and said "daddy, can you take a look at my booty, can you kiss it and make it feel better" she climb onto my face with her panties still on and pulled them to the side to give me access to her asshole and her sweaty pussy, that by this time was almost dripping wet.

Meghan's Awakening Ch. 01

fetish forentcu 2018-10-01

Now Meghan watched in a kind of horrified fascination: there on their bed, her husband was splayed out spread-eagled, his eyes intent on the small television perched on the dresser, his boxer shorts around his ankles, his right hand slowly but relentlessly squeezing and stroking his penis. "Too bad we don't have one of those little things to shove in your butt, like the guy in the movie, huh baby?" she said, looking back at the screen where the man's spanking was, at least temporarily, over. Then she grabbed his tightly wrapped cock and, like the woman in the porn flick, pulled it suddenly back between his legs, squeezing his balls back against his ass.

22 Ch. 02

fetish Andromeda7 2018-10-01

To me, it was this stage that started me on the road to winning ribbons at the fair because the sow was much less traumatised with the potion and had decided in its much reduced mind that its teats were to be bared and the clothing it had bought with it modified. Speaking quietly I maintained my slow approach and with the sows permission I adjusted the pyjama covered teat and then started to cut away the cotton fabric that was covering it, all the time reinforcing the decision it had made to modify its own human clothing. The sows nipples were not prominent like some but with the aid of the cream and my expert fingers they started to swell and move out and away from the areola and the teat.

Metamorphosis Ch. 02: The Milking

fetish dirtymaria 2018-10-01

There on the bed, just as instructed, lay Jim. Never could I have ever imagined being this attracted to anyone, let alone Jim. It wasn't the person that I was attracted to, nor the body; it was the first time that I'd had a man completely in my control, displaying the entirety of his genitals as a gesture of complete surrender to me. Your limp little cock hanging just inches over my open mouth" I said, smiling as I saw him shiver a bit to the sensation of my breath on his exposed head. "I sometimes think about fingering you and then...cumming on your face as you lick behind my balls." He said, sounding relieved to have gotten it out of his system.

Mistress June

fetish 2018-10-01

My first submission was under the direction of my girlfriend at the time, Mistress June. Bold and adoring wife she headed dominated during the first part of leg in the air during which I was attached through the night, she decided when I was riding and when I ejaculate.Sewing up new practices she found it made me suffer (prostate massage, spanking, strapon, a drink made of my sperm and urine, milking ...). All these practices gave him pleasure, so I was thrilled.One day she decided to go early with a method on long-term (4 months), this method was to jerk the subject with a time limit decreases from week to week. I respected his decision because it is women who are supposed to run and not men. She made me understand that women were the superior sex and men that we had to do all their desires.

Life With s*s: Pt 3

fetish 2018-09-30

Terece started up the bed between Lexie's legs and put a finger into Lexie's pussy, pulled it out and said that she was pretty wet, then she started rubbing her clit with the wet finger, then put it in again to get it wetter. Terece got up and got a bottle of lubricant from her suitcase and came back, smiled at us as she squirted some on Lexie's pussy then started to work the opening of her pussy with her thumbs, while still stroking her clit with her fingers. Lexie was groaning and moaning and rubbing her clit when all of a sudden she grabbed Terece's arm and started to work it in and out of her pussy real fast, then she climaxed.

Body Modification

fetish Ed M. 2018-09-30

As the night went on, I was So goddamn high I, I wanted work done on my legs, chest, tits, around my pussy, and I was still yelling for more. On my tits and saw that my nipples were double pierced, and I had vines tattooed with little flowers and leaves all over my right breast. I went to clean the dried cum off of my pussy and ass hole, I had a clit ring vertically through the clit and nine other piercing on the major and minor labia, all were CBRs. Some places I had to scrub like my lower leg it had grass and other shit stuck in it.

Strap-on Twins

fetish Talin 2018-09-30

I am too turned on by this variation of the strap-on fantasy we had discussed to kiss for long before slowly sliding two inches, then three into my mouth. My lover walks up behind me, her strap-on sliding up the checks of my ass to poke my lower and then middle back before she rests her hands on my shoulders and sends my happily to our knees before our friend. My lover lets me service our friend for a while before reaching over and pulling back slightly on my hair to get me to let that black dildo out of my mouth and go over to her red one.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 04

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2018-09-30

"I think I know what you want" I say, and I open my mouth wide, waiting to feel his big cock slide in on on top of my tongue. Kevin pulls back, dragging his heavy cock across my face, down to my open mouth, and he shoves his cock in my mouth and tells them it's his blowjob and that he'll cum when and where he wants, and right now, he's only thinking "fucking the hell out of Bill's mouth". He moans a few times and tells me that I'm doing just fine and that soon enough, he will be depositing a big, hot load of black cock cum right down my throat.

The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man

fetish HisMeg 2018-09-30

Faster and faster, closer and closer until suddenly you feel your left arm crushed under the sole of my shoe! You feel as if a century has passed before I finally lower my foot to a point where the sole of my shoe just lightly brushes your nose. Suddenly I rock my foot back, turn my toes outward, edge my heel forward, and STAMP back to the ground. As I crush your little feet and pin your calves to the ground, I lift my right leg from your arm and slide it further out for balance. I lift the pressure a bit as I adjust my stance in order to bring my foot in line with your head and chest.

Blood Work: A Love Story

fetish Diderot 2018-09-30

I'll choose a restaurant on the water, and we'll have a chance to meet in a neutral setting, talk about our mutual interest, check out the chemistry." And to tease her a little bit, he sent a photo of the straight edge razor he mentioned in the story that started it all. "What was that thing?" Merry asked, still sucking the blood from her finger tip. Merry wasn't normally shy when it came to her body, but talking about her cunt with a man her father's age was a little bit embarrassing. The pretty young Goth placed the lancet against Denis's finger tip, and then pressed the white button. "Nice tongue work," Denis said as he grasped her jet black hair with both hands and slowly pushed her to her knees.