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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish mondotoken 2017-12-08

Etta hadn’t noticed and she was busy rubbing what looked like lotion all over her thighs and juicy ass. But I was committed at this point and the rest of my hand, fingers outstretched has found its way onto Etta’s juicy left ass cheek. I pulled my cock back away from her ass and found even more pleasure as my rock hard member slowly and surely was pulled free from Etta’s snug juicy thighs. My raging dick had long since broken free of my sweat pants and stood at attention in the air while I bounced Etta’s buns together creating a wave like motion or ripples on the surface of her dark ass.

A Night On The Town Ch. 2

fetish Rust1 2017-12-08

Mr. W's hands continued downward caressing my chest and belly until he reached my dick and slowly started stroking on me, heat begun to surge through my body as he kept stroking on my dick, it felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. "If you keep this up, you're gonna make me cum" I said softly to Mr. W turning my head as far around as I could, but he didnt stop or slow down, telling him that I was so close to cumming only made Mr. W start to pump his dick into me harder and faster.

The Prescription Ch. 02

fetish caring elf 2017-12-08

I called Karen and told her I had thought about what she had said and I felt I needed to know more. By the time I had reached my car, the thought of having a man pull my pants down, see me bare-ass and paddle my fat ass for my pleasure was too much. I was visualizing lying over a mans lap, his hardness pressing into me....he tells me he wants me bare and I feel his hands reaching into my panties and drawing them down over my hips...and down to my knees....his hand is sitting on my bare ass, patting it lightly as he tells me I am a bad girl who needs a good spanking...

Ravished By Rapunzel

fetish Dark_Adept 2017-12-08

I pick up my brush and, holding my hair in my fist about a foot from the end, I make short, slow strokes along the last ten or twelve inches, from my hand all the way to the end. Now I grasp my hair above the nape of my neck, and turn my back to you for the long strokes, and to brush my scalp. These are long strokes that are impossible to continue through the entire length of my hair, so I do a couple scalp strokes, then shift my grip and continue brushing toward the ends. The oozing tip of your penis gets dabbed with the paintbrush end of my hair every time I see it.

The Pleasure Seeking Stalker

fetish mad hatter31 2017-12-08

As he stands to admire her scantily clad body in his choice of sexy lingerie, her long dark flowing hair drapes around her accentuating the silk scarf, he whistles, then murmurs how pretty she looks for him. Her captor begins stuffing her mouth with two bandannas, then rolling up a large silk scarf, he ties several knots in the centre and places the knots over the bandannas, pulling the scarf firmly behind her head and securing it, he carefully ensures that her beautiful long hair freely fans-out above her. Picking up the camera he continues to film Rosalee, while obsessively circling her and explicitly capturing her poignant expressions and the beautiful assemblage of silk scarves and lingerie next to her sexy naked body and long dark flowing hair.

Answering the Call

fetish MatchesMalone 2017-12-08

You plunge my cock deep inside your mouth to the entrance of your throat and gag and come back up. Your throat puffs up and you start gagging violently so I bring my cock back up to your mouth and let you breathe twice. Looking at my dick, you say, "Good God yes ...Sir please fuck me!" I spit on my fingers, start passionately rubbing your clit, and respond with, "yes my kitten cum for me!" I work your clit and tongue fuck that beautiful pussy to the best of my ability! "You just sit there and remember what trying got your ass earlier!" I shout with little mercy in my eyes. well until I start fucking your pussy again and you quickly turn back to moans!

Waking to Torture?

fetish LFHAWW 2017-12-08

My tongue is gliding across the top of her nails when she senses I'm having too much fun and forces her foot in my mouth, painfully stretching my lips as it goes in. I feel lips touch my straining shaft and a tongue licks upward, circling my head, spreading my pre-cum. She finally removes herself from my cock and places cum filled pussy over my face. She moans " Close but I want more." She pushes her pussy over my tongue, making sure I have to lick at her opening. She grinds her pussy into my face and breaths harder and harder as my tongue dances across her lips and clit.

Hotel: Bellman

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-08

It is rare I see someone as lovely as you." I know it is a bullshit line since I see woman with her beauty all the time, just none missing a leg. Her hand returns to my chest and I feel her breath against my face just before she kisses me deeply for a long moment. "I like it this way," I whisper as my finger drags lightly though the slit then I touch my tongue. "Let me fuck your cock with my stump." The soft end continues to stroke the full length nicer than my hand ever has. Her hand holds the stump, rubbing the end letting the flesh move and the shape change.


Quick Trip to the Barn

fetish conroy39 2017-12-08

For a moment Amanda cupped the huge, milk-swollen mounds in her hands, gazing at them. But after an instant more of indecision, she could feel their warm, heavy weight tugging at her, and Amanda's will gave way to the base need inside. The cups filled at once with foaming milk, and a thin line of white shot back through the tubing towards the machine to drip creamy spurts into the clear glass jar. She could hear other milking machines humming, elsewhere in the barn, other cows like her on all fours in their stalls giving up their yield. The cow was long past blushing at being caught in her stall, down on all fours with mechanical cups suckling away at her swaying breasts.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 08

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2017-12-08

I take it and think for a second, I look at her and her friends, them fully clothed and me standing there totally naked with this rubber full of cum in my hand and I decide to tilt my head up and open my mouth with the condom directly above my open mouth. She replays quickly "you should know, you have already eaten it." The girls laugh a little in the background while Lauren finishes by saying she doesn't like the taste of his cum. I tell them as good as the cum was, Lauren's asshole tasted better as I suck on the rubber like a popsicle getting as much latent flavor of her asshole off of it as possible.

Ensnared Succubi Ch. 02

fetish ShadowWolfe 2017-12-08

Lynx removed his shirt the rest of the way and lifted Liicha's chin up to kiss her deeply, drawing her wet tongue into his mouth and biting down softly, licking the tip until her eyes went teary. Liicha started licking from the base and sucked on Lynx's 30 inch dick, running her tongue over all the veins and little bumps on the head. At the last second, Lynx grabbed Liicha's hips and pulled hard, piercing into her womb and having those tight pussy lips all the way to the base of his beastly dick. When the streams finally stopped, Lynx started fucking her again, thrusting faster from behind and spanking her ass harshly as Liicha moaned and her legs thrashed around loosely beneath her.

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 07

fetish carols_box48 2017-12-08

I continued to enjoy having Paul's cock fill my mouth with his hardness, seeing it all wet and shiny from my saliva. I was enjoying the rhythm of my lover's cocks as they slid in and out, one in my mouth, and one in my ass, when all of a sudden I felt Peter's cock slip out of my with a squishy "pop". Peter continued to fuck my pussy and ass for a while, and then I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass deep and hard, and then pull out and fuck my face. Evidently Peter and Paul were intent on seeing just how much I could orgasm at one time, as their tongues lapped at my pussy and ass.

Fantasy Come True

fetish Kristi Kreme 2017-12-08

All you had on was a tight pair of blue jeans trying to conceal your rock hard cock through the crotch of your pants. Dave reached over to me and started to pinch my nipples through the thin material, then simply pulled my tee-shirt up and placed it behind my neck, while keeping my sleeves on. But each time I would try to relax and enjoy the sexual feeling, my bladder would relax also and I simply couldn't piss my pants right there in front of two men. Dave then pinched hard on both nipples and began to piss right on my clit. I felt myself let go and get lost in the feeling of my orgasm as I started to piss all over his cock and balls.

Heavy Air Ch. 01

fetish Haxcall 2017-12-08

However, this allowed John to watch her grow and gain weight all throughout high school and during the few conversations they John discovered he felt were really compatible and he was comfortable hanging out with her than Shelli, but it would be mad to dump the hottest girl in school for her fat friend. A couple days later, John was at his job at the pharmaceutical research company working with his team on the final stages a new project: a serum that eliminates excess cholesterol and excess blood sugar, drastically reducing the chance of gaining diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. John listened to all this and looked at his girlfriends new body and thank his lucky stars that his shirt was long enough that it covered his crotch so Christi couldn't his pants rising while she told her story.

I dare you Not to get Hard, reading this Story

fetish 2017-12-08

He smiled and got up, I looked at his crotch, noting he was hard, 'Don't fight it b*****r, just come over and put it in me', my heart was racing as he took the few steps separating us, and slipped his hand around my waist, I could feel the heat from his body, and slipped both my hands down his shorts and cupped his ass cheeks and pulled him in tight, his cock was rubbing my vulva, and my tongue was licking his tonsils, 'Let’s do doggie', I whispered and started to turn my back to him and bend across the counter top, when the phone rang, it was the main house.

Nina Watches Wendy... Ch. 1

fetish missnina 2017-12-08

Ahh the case I left the kitchen and went upstairs I was feeling tight all over my heart was pounding when I reached the bathroom door, my mouth was as dry us a nun's cunt my cock as hard as the devils horn and I hadn't opened the door yet, just the thought of the case alone was getting me to boiling point, what the hell is in this dam case I've never felt like this before If there's nothing in their I'm going to be so gutted that fucking case will go out the window.

Lost Weekend

fetish MissingGreen 2017-12-08

Her laughter soon turned into trilling sighs as I devoted my soapy hands to massaging her body, carefully paying attention to every curve until I came to her breasts. Now released, I watched the spasms continue to rip throughout her whole body – her legs were jolting seemingly independently of her torso, her head was violently agitating back and forth, and her eyes had rolled almost entirely white. We lay there for a long time as I felt her palpitating body slowly relax in my embrace, until she was entirely limp, her head falling to her chest. I felt her muscles tighten as her entire body froze in my arms in the manner of an epileptic seizure, vibrating internally with an orgasm so powerful it stretched beyond me, the room, the world.

Sins of the Confessional

fetish Dmnoid 2017-12-08

I pull my fingers out, and then holding them together, like how you'd hold your hand to do a karate chop, I start pushing against my wet hole. I gain enough control not to cry out, and let out a breath that shudders with the edge of a sob, and as I continue to squeeze my eyelids tightly closed, I feel moisture seep out of the corners. After a few stabilizing breaths, I push again, and feel the log, hot, and a little slimy, being conformed and channeled by my panties. As hot as the orgasm was, I feel vaguely disgusted, and wish I had walked away instead of going through with what Father Micheal asked me to do.

Dallas Safari

fetish ScottishChieftan 2017-12-08

Not wanting Chase to feel left out, I moved to kneel between her thighs and pushed Erins face back, I slipped on a condom and started slapping her pussy with my cock, I spanked her with my dick and then slowly inserted it. I fucked her slowly and pulled Erin up to kiss me while Chase kept eating her pussy and fingering her. I told her to kneel in front of me and lick my cock clean and while she did I leaned over her and spanked Erin’s pussy. Chase sucked me to the point of cumming again and this time I backed away to jerk off on her face, making Erin whine and beg to be included, but I told her to wait.

Naughty Little Girl... Ch. 04

fetish IveBeenANaughtyGirl 2017-12-08

Desire felt his fingers massage her plentiful perky flesh, the pale orbs, bouncing and reddening to his ministrations as he massaged and squeezed, making her nipples peak and harden to painful extremes, so that little droplets of milk flowed from her tips. Desire moaned and leaned her head back even farther across his shoulder as her teacher's tongue swept over the rim of her neck, her collarbone and finally the back, cleaning up the blood and leaving behind a trail of cooling saliva that sent chills down her spine to the tip of her tail. Desire screamed cumming in pleasure as she felt his hot, burning seed coat the inside of her ass.

RendezView Ch. 01

fetish Dreams of Desire 2017-12-08

"Firm flesh," she breathed, gripping my each buttock with one hand; "all over," she added, pressing into my back as her fingers slid between my thighs to squeeze my crotch possessively for a long moment before running back and giving my arse a hard smack. "Get your fucking tongue working all the way up there you dirty little arselicker!" Then giving my balls a couple of good cracks with the crop which brought tears to my eyes, she demanded I use a hand to stroke my cock. "Come on worm, I want to hear your fucking tongue slurping deep in his arsehole." The leather clad bitch then began smacking my balls with metronomic regularity to encourage my stroking hand in a greater effort.

Movie Night.

fetish 2017-12-08

Katie reached into her purse discreetly as possible, her heart pounded as she pulled the smooth silver vibrator from her purse, and slid it up her pussy when she was sure nobody would notice. Getting a bit comfier in her seat she let one hand meander under her skirt and up against the vibrator, slowly twisting and pulling it in and out, tugging on the beads, rubbing her clit, anything to get a little more pleasure. After grabbing her purse, and using it to shield herself from the whispers and stares, she stood up and began to shuffle past the girls towards the aisle. With his free hand he poked, and played with her pussy, softly rubbing and flicking her clit before pulling away bringing an end to her pleasure.

Snow Princess suffocated and frozen

fetish Lujeston 2017-12-08

Again I jam the giant dildo-head deep down her esophagus shoving again a big amount of sand through her throat, her neck bulging, her body jerking, smashing against the ground, her belly growing, soon as big as she is nine months pregnant. Gasping for air I stand up, bend my back and another big long spurt of cum raining down on her beautiful stiff breasts then a last final giant load of cum shoots out of my swollen cock-head, huge streams of sperm splashing for a last time down on her head, hitting her face with power, the drops of sperm spatter down, leaving behind a big mess.


fetish Mr James 2017-12-08

Jo reached up and teased his shirt buttons through their buttonholes, one by one, pushing the fabric aside and running her fingertips through the grizzled mat of hair on his chest, catching his nipples with her fingernails, then sliding her hands lower, until she could slip her fingertips inside the waist of his briefs and ease the elastic over the swollen head of James' cock. Screaming softly and biting into the pillow, Jo gushed and spasmed on James' hard cock, the tight, neglected walls gripping the head and shaft, driving him wild, so that he thrust hard into her, grinding an appreciative whimper from her lips as his hot slimy cum spurted into her, filling her rippling cunt until she overflowed between her buttocks to make a slimy pool of his filth on the bedsheets.