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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 05

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-08

She told my wife to lick all the dried cum off of my balls and cock and that she had better do it right. As my wife started to suck my cock Donna grabbed her head and told her to be nice with my cock or she would be punished. I was pumping her mouth real hard, and she let my cock slip out of her mouth and she bite down on my ball sack she looked up at me and said; I will deal with you later Cumboy. Donna looked at the amount of cum and started laughing, she said they wasn't enough their to take a sperm sample. Dana the other woman told me to get down and clean my wife's pussy and ass out with my tongue.


fetish simigirl9 2017-12-08

I'm actually going to make you feel very, very good." As he said that he ran his hands down my sides to cup my ass. He rubbed it against my lips then started pushing it against them until the head of his cock popped into my mouth. He pulled me up, the tentacles apparently moving when he wants them too. I moaned then put my hand into my shorts to rub my pussy to keep my orgasm going. That was one of the best dreams I've ever had but I was a little disappointed I didn't remember exactly what the mans face looked like and that I didn't get to feel him cum completely.

The Panty Store Ch. 02

fetish Gabbycat 2017-12-08

Lance's sexy body pressed against mine and pushed me down on the couch, his hands went up my skirt as I laid back. I felt my body reacting to his, every thrust causing me to moan louder. My pussy sucked at his hard cock, sweat starting to drip from our bodies. The flood broke, I screamed gripping his tight ass cheeks in my hands, I felt him let go the warmth of his come painting my walls. He stood me in the shower and started the water, the warm liquid felt good against my tired body. With one hand he changed the setting on the shower, pointing it at my aching breasts, the water beat strongly against my skin.

Giving and old man a good foot job.

fetish Fridagirl 2017-12-08

His face softened and he smiled, somewhat approvingly, 'Not really my dear', his voice spoke in soft even dulcet overtones, like a hypnotist, 'I was admiring your lovely feet', at which point, I waved and wiggled my long toes slightly, as he said it. I could feel my cunny wetting and expanding with sexual desire, his tongue was fucking the skin between my big toe and the neighbouring one, he was having sex with my foot, and I relaxed as he got into a rhythm that made my hips rock and my hand slip down the front of my panties, he sucked as I unashamedly masturbated myself, my free foot digging into his hardening cock.


fetish deanono136 2017-12-08

"What happened to the employee who came up with this?" Bella couldn't take her eyes off of the highly realistic vagina that had been modeled into the costume's crotch, and the hard nipples at the tips of the breast forms. Bella considered those words, and as she admired the costume she felt a slightly alarming- but alluring- thought crept into her mind. As Bella looked from herself in the mirror, to the succubus costume at her side, then back again, she felt the heat of the comparison begin to tingle at her throat. The nipples of the costume were placed above her own, and for some reason that Bella couldn't figure out, she could somehow feel through layers of soft, quivering latex to her own nipples and breast below.

The Prescription Ch. 04

fetish caring elf 2017-12-08

Since I didn't have a steady partner at hand to share my new found love, I figured there were going to be times when I would want, or even more so, need my ass warmed... Sitting there I realized that the present I had ordered for Karen (and me) had come a couple of days ago but I hadn't opened it: I just hid it in the hall closet, away from prying eyes that asked about everything they saw in the days before Christmas. Over the past month or so I have "filled in the blanks" myself and used the thought of him in a number of my masturbation fantasies...he my "ever ready and reliable lover." I think now he should spank me...with my new paddle, for being irresponsible and for not getting to work on time.

Business Trip

fetish rampe 2017-12-08

"Yes little movement have happened but nothing radical - maybe you should come to my surgery some time and we can take a better look". I start to take my clothes of and when I'm taking my underwear off and bending she is behind me and grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and spreads them apart. She uses her tongue slowly at first then I feel some pressure at my opening when she is sticking it in and slowly starting fucking me with her tongue. It feels so good that I can't even think resisting when she adds fingers one by one in my ass. She presses a little butt plug in my ass and says good bye.

Kink at the Hotel

fetish jamescrush 2017-12-08

We continue to laugh and have another cocktail and I ask if you would like to have cocktails on one of the balconies in one of the rooms in the hotel. While taking in the view and drinks I compliment you on how well you look in that little black dress and that gets me a kiss and a whispering the ear that you wore in just for me. I firmly grab your arm with my right hand open glass sliding door with my left stepping inside myself and pulling you in after me. I order you to stay where you are by the desk as I walk over to the bag unzip the top and reaching in and pulling out a think leather collar.


fetish sexgundam666 2017-12-08

Ashley clicked on it, and the screen took a second to loud a large picture, and what she saw had her jaw dropping slowly in amazement. Opening a box of the Bovine chemical, she pulled out a syringe and lifted a rack filled with vials of the liquid, each one a milky colour that looked inviting, almost tempting her to drink it, but she knew better, and simply began to fill the syringe. With that in mind she went down to her family's living room, watching whatever was interesting, but even after calming herself down, she failed to notice the words on the box she had opened: Bull-ox.


fetish moresubthanslave 2017-12-08

The red masked man grabbed at her thighs, lifting her hips and tilting her so that her ass was hanging off the couch. The two men fucked her hard and the white masked man pulled away from her mouth. The red masked man sat on the couch, lifting her head, and then setting her down on his cock. The girl was unable to even move her arms to protect herself, the man in the red mask grabbed her wrists and sat on her hands. The video continued in this vein, men would come and take her pussy or her mouth, covering her body with their cum and beating her with their hands, belts, and even her hairbrush.

New Neighbour New Role

fetish waraxe13 2017-12-08

I did a twirl and Sandy and Vicky came towards me and as they got closer I realised they had heavy make-up like me, whilst Jen had very little – if any. Sandy kept kissing me, but they moved me so I was facing Jen. Vicky spread my legs and pushed my back down. 'You ever fuck your own pussy sissy?' Said Jen as she worked a finger inside me. Vicky grabbed my head and pushed her balls against my mouth and I started licking and sucking them like a good girl. I screamed and Vicky said, 'Aw, you want more poppers don't you slut.' She held the poppers to my nose as Sandy kept working her fingers deeper into my cunt.

en: Pissing in the Office Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-07

Since that time Jen had taken to peeing in the sink bowl inside the Ladies single toilet room at work. This time her pee hole stayed open and her first initial little stream of piss became a fast flowing, jetting squirt of hot golden urine raining down to cover the floor with her pee. Having now peed a good deal of her hot piss all over the floor which was now covered in a shining pool of pee reflecting in the overhead light, Jen still wanted to be even naughtier. From amongst the mass of wiry pubic hairs hiding her pussy lips from sight was now squirting a thin yellow stream of Jen's hot pee.

Fucking Joanna

fetish realcitykid 2017-12-07

She looked like such a slut, on the floor in a restroom, sucking cock, the split in her skirt wide open, revealing her shapely legs in her pantyhose. There we stood, in the men's room wearing slutty little thongs and matching pantyhose, my hard cock barely contained, her pussy dripping with juices. I want to have a pussy, a cunt just as tight and wet as hers that she could fuck whenever she wanted, that she could split open with her thick cock and fill up with cum. Recently, at my urging, she has bought a small plug and has started training it, preparing for the day when I will take her anal virginity, when I will open up her little asshole with my thick cock and fuck her until I cum in there.

Teacher's Pet

fetish peebudy 2017-12-07

The spiked punch not only melted Rose's defenses, it intensified the spark of sexual energy that she immediately felt upon meeting John, and soon they found themselves tearing off each other's clothes and falling on her dormroom bed, like a two-headed naked octopus with their arms and legs furiously exploring each other's bodies. "I didn't mean to....honest" she pouted, "I thought I could hold it until the end of class, but then I started having nasty thoughts and before I knew it I was wetting myself in the middle of class." The kinky thought of actually wetting herself in class back when she was in her small town high school sent a surge of energy through Rose's pussy, and John saw her nipples push more urgently at the sheer covering of her blouse.

Peeing on the Peeper Ch. 04

fetish adoration 2017-12-07

The large-breasted 36-year-old millionairess who had recently purchased a Beverly Hills property that my wife had on her books, was due to join us for a rather more exclusive piss party poolside than I had endured the previous day, when five of Barbara's friends and colleagues had ganged up on me. "Here you are, Keisha," said my wife, handing the bottle to her friend, "and I've brought a beer glass for you to pour it into." Barbara then hoisted the VCR onto her shoulder and began to film my first humiliation of the day. I almost groaned as she stepped into my arms: "Fuck, Alysha, you look good enough to eat!" "That, I am sure, you perverted old Peeper, can be arranged," she laughed, kissing me sweetly on the mouth.

John and Lyn the teacher and guest

fetish tusker 2017-12-07

They drank for a while, then Lyn said " OH I need a good hard thrashing, Mark was never firm enough with me, would you cane me severely?" John opened her top buttons, put one hand on her breasts , Lyn moaned. How many strokes !!?" John said " 3 a minute for one hour is 180, you said you wanted a severe caning, now out to the punishment room with you now, it is open ready!"

Sissy's New Toy Ch. 02

fetish sissyfemme 2017-12-07

I want you to gimme your big cock and fill me with your hot cum!" I was almost shouting by the end and I'd barely realized that her fingers had been removed and she was positioned between my legs. Feeling filled in my ass completed my craving to feel like a sissy-slut, the ultimate symbol of my addiction to panties and being a submissive femme. Your cock feel so fucking good in my pussy," I moaned, my cock throbbing in my panties. I'd felt an orgasm sneaking up on me but Tessa's practiced hand snaked down under my panties to grab the base of my cock, pressing hard and keeping my cock from cumming.

Fucking Tree Hugger

fetish sinthiadellaselva 2017-12-07

Someone yelled, "You want to fuck the tree hugger, Jeff?" and the others roared with laughter. Jeff was the last to follow, looking back over his shoulder at me as the men slipped between the trees and out of sight. "You can help by promising that you and your men will never harm another tree in this forest," I said quietly, trying not to stare at Jeff's hard-on. His moans became louder and I felt his mouth and fingers tremble as he fucked me. Jeff kissed me softly on the lips, tipping my head up to look into my eyes. I turned to look at the tree, wanting to finally see her face.

Slave Ch. 05

fetish slaveheathen 2017-12-07

Mistress Kay bent me over the bench and held me down as Tracy and Lori strapped me in place. And I kept screaming as she took a step back, pulling it almost all the way out, then started slam-fucking my ass. Lori was hammering my ass with almost two feet of cock, and I wanted more. "If you can take both our cocks all the way up your worthless faggot-y ass, we'll let you take a four hour break to get some sleep. It took ten minutes, and damn did it hurt, but I finally was able to lift my feet off the floor and let my weight settle the last inch all the way up my horrendously stretched bowels.

How To Get A Bigger Willy

fetish pinks43 2017-12-07

I suppose that if yours has got a bend in it and you don’t like that, (heaven knows why, I have always thought that looked great on blokes, but there again, I don’t know if it effects the way you can fuck) you could always slowly pull your dick in the opposite direction to the bend and see if that helps. Obviously, I don’t count them, otherwise I would never be able to concentrate on what anyone around me was saying or what other traffic was doing, I just know how long I have been doing it for each time, but I can really feel the difference in the size of the muscle, now all I have to do is learn how to use that better muscle to my advantage.

Sarah the Schoolgirl Slut

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-12-07

She would be pushing the door open, all nervous excitement, on the bed she would find the following items: black patent shoes with a small heel, knee high white socks, a red and black tartan mini skirt, white panties, a pristine white blouse a tie for the school Sarah taught in. I had dropped my porn magazine earlier to my left and knew that right then her head would be hovering over the page I had left it open at, a two page picture of some implausibly breasted blonde with five guys loads of cum all over her face and a sixth guy was balls deep inside her mouth.

A Different Doctor Experience

fetish LeManne 2017-12-07

We went to the doctor, I admit I was a little nervous but she kept telling me it shouldn't be any different than when she fingers my ass. When my turn came, we entered and the nurse told us to sit down, saying the doctor would be in in a moment, and left. She whispered for him to fuck me and pulled out his fingers, leaving me horny and hard, with an empty feeling as if I had been forgotten altogether. You look so hot with the doctor's cock up your ass..." She came up to me and told me to moan like a bitch, that she wanted me to enjoy a real ass fuck.

Stella teased daddy, then left me to finish.

fetish Fridagirl 2017-12-07

We looked at each other as he masticated the banana, mixing his saliva with hers, as if he was down between her legs and licking her, 'She said she likes you too daddy', I smiled and walked back into the kitchen. The air was heavy with innuendo as far as I was concerned, and as the door closed behind me, I said to Stella, 'Daddy sends his love', to which all the girls cheered mockingly, then I added, 'He's eating the banana, actually, he is licking it before chewing', which gave rise to another cheer.

The Captains Wife (Chapter 13)

fetish wastedaway 2017-12-07

Thinking of a lifetime of fearful beatings from the Captain did not change my resolve but strengthened it--I wanted nothing more than to please him, and if my suffering gave him pleasure than I would suffer as much as he desired. "Will you consent to wear my mark?" He snapped his fingers at a nearby pirate who raced over to the Captain immediately. The Captain had him turn and bare his back and I saw on his shoulder the image of a large devil set within a pirate flag. I was young, healthy, and though I knew I would spend the rest of my life seeking to understand my bizarre desires, I knew I loved the man they called the Red Devil.