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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lingerie Dream? Ch. 02

fetish lingerielover 2017-12-07

At this point they both climbed onto the bed at which time I noticed Mary had on the strap on. Mary at this point climbed on to my face while Joan started sucking on my dick. After Joan got done she came up and gave me a big kiss on the mouth at which time she "pushed" my ejaculation deep into my mouth, and Mary plugged my nose so I had to swallow my own cum. After awhile Mary climbed on top of me, while Joan started sucking on my "breasts". Joan then told Mary that this was one of the kinkiest nights that she has ever had, and if she hadn't seen me dressed in lingerie she would have never believed it.

A Class of Her Own

fetish LizInTrouble 2017-12-07

Bent over in her stockings and heels, skirt around her waist and with her breasts spilling from her bra and flapping open blouse, a cock roughly thrusting in both her mouth and her pussy, Rachel was in heaven. "She got a tight little ass!" Jason declared, pitching backwards and forwards, his own panting gathering pace as he fucked her tight hole, starting to reach a crescendo as he finally let loose a long "ahhhhhhh!" of satisfaction and Rachel felt the warm, spreading sensation of him spurting come deep into her bowels.

Spilling the Chamber Pot

fetish Pearl_Chambers 2017-12-07

I feel my skirt ride up my thighs as I pick up objects, and slightly wish that I was wearing nothing-the A/C is broken, and the windows just aren't doing it. This skirt is tiny, and it feels a little silly wearing such a thing just while at home. True to your word, for every time you filled my glass, you made no move to hide that you needed to finish whatever left you had as well. I bring the glass to my lips, inhale, and let the water hit my mouth. You move my hand from your hair, and as our faces are close you let me know you've got a present for me. You also pickup the wine bottle, and it looks like you're surprised by how little it weighs.

Now Get Out of That

fetish tarred 2017-12-07

Sarah looked around her, she was lying on the straw bed of a stable on the back yard of the Abbyway Riding School, the evening stables had been done so she knew that she should be alone for sometime, and that was the catch, Hilary had given her the way to get out but with that there were consequences, she felt the string tied to her index finger, she just had to pull the string slightly and a knife would drop down to let her cut herself free. Hilary had been seething about Sarah's latest prank, something had to be done so she planned with the other stable staff, as she was doing evening stables they would grab her and mess her up.

A Surprise Ass-Fucking in Panties Ch. 02

fetish hummmph 2017-12-07

I am still unable to believe the brazen way in which Emmy just had me like that in the darkened corner of a public bar, yet here we are walking back to my house so that she can "take a closer look at the mess I made in my beautiful panties". I have a panty crotch full of cum here, which feels fucking horny I must say - cold, but horny!" I exclaim. I can feel Emmy's crotch start to move back and forward over mine, rolling my cock back and forth in my panties. We just hold each other in a strong embrace the entire time Emmy is pissing through her panties onto my already wet and messy crotch, enjoying the taboo nature of what we are doing.

If Women Ruled The World Ch. 02

fetish chronoxxx 2017-12-07

They talked about me as if I wasn't there, before the redhead looked at me approvingly one more time and spoke with a large grin forming, "I'm your new Mistress, Jason. The outside world greeted me with harsh sunlight as we walked towards a lot of parked cars before She opened the door of an elaborately designed vehicle that had many smooth, gentle curves, almost like my Mistress' legs. "In future, you will be expected to open all of the car doors for me and my guests, but since its your first day, I'll go lightly on you!" She grinned before lamenting, "I do hope they were right about you, my last sissy was an absolute nightmare, but then again, he didn't want to dress like a Girl!"

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 01

fetish bone251 2017-12-07

Rehearsal started and we just played like nothing else was said. When the zings of orgasm got hot for me I pulled out and licked her clit. That little ball busting stopped the almost cum from fucking her to a feeling of just being horny. She would get me right on the edge of cumming, then grab the balls with a choke hold and pull, giggle and squeeze. Every time I was stopped from cumming, Heather giggled. My cock would throb trying to cum and Heather was giggling and laughing. Heather said I gave her the best oral she ever had, and that she was going to keep me horny so I could be inspired to do more for her.

masterbating at work

fetish 2017-12-07

Walk out of my cubicle with a plump half chub. I lock the door and whip out my cock and begin spreading chapstick all over my throbbing penis. After about 40 seconds of lubricating i can finally start to jack it. I lay some paper towels down on the sink and press my balls into the corner of the sink because I love pressure on my balls. Feeling relief and amazing tingly feelings on my cock from the chapstick, i begin to clean up and toss the paper towels into the trash. I exit the bathroom and make eye contact with the cute receptionist as i walk back to my cubicle knowing i just came hard. Anyone else masterbate at work?

Guido's Cock Whore

fetish dirtynastygirl2 2017-12-07

I lick all the way down to your balls and begin to suck on each side taking them fully into my mouth. I ease my mouth off of your balls and glide my tongue down the area between your balls and ass focusing only on licking and sucking this area of your body. I start with your cock to make it nice a wet again so my hand can slide up and down the shaft and around the tip. I look you straight in the eyes and smile like a little vixen while I am stroking your cock. My head is moving up and down your cock, sucking on the head and my tongue licking around the tip and underneath the little area between the head and the shaft.

Days in Rodanthe Pt. 06

fetish mindingutter 2017-12-07

With her other hand, Za'ana reached beneath the waistband of the skirt and grasped the panties and pulled the white lace tight up into the divide between her labia then jolted her hips, dragging the material across her expanding clit. Readying my stomach for the discomfort and nausea that would certainly accompany being filled with three weeks' worth of my girlfriend's turds, I was surprised when Za'ana straightened up, leaned backwards slightly, and lifted a ladleful upward and pulled the gathered, elastic neck of her top open. Za'ana kept riding me, occasionally reaching back to tug the panties out of the way, then, re-smearing the load of mushy shit all over her flat stomach and tits, pinching her nipples.

My Fetish for Old Men

fetish Forfeel 2017-12-07

I would click onto porn sites and get off watching a guy and a girl fuck. But as I started to watch it more and more the usual guy, girl type stuff didn't get me off no more. Just laying in the bath for a few minutes all sorts of thoughts began popping into my head. I thought about him watching me tease him getting turned on and his hard cock showing through his pants. I began playing with myself thinking about sucking the old guys hard cock on my sofa. It was all fantasy i didn't actually want anything to happen it just made me feel so dirty whenever I thought about it. Watching them stroke their cocks as I rubbed my pussy made me cum so hard.

Beverage Service

fetish trixie dixie 2017-12-07

She also hadn't planned for milk-swollen breasts. "Where did you come from?" she asked, quickly pulling her hand from her pants and trying to shove her exposed breasts back into her brassiere. Carolyn stood up, undid her bra and let her breasts swing freely. The pilot approached her and his lips landed firmly on her left tit, circling her nipple with his tongue before latching on. Carolyn quickly slid her pants off, spread her knees apart and resumed her clitoral rhythm. This time, undoing his pants to let his fat cock spring free, barely grazing Carolyn's outspread knee. Carolyn was rubbing his hair, trying to push his face and tongue even deeper. He began rubbing her nipples and bringing the thick drops of milk to his tongue.

black guy i met online

fetish hot_mike21 2017-12-07

yes I can daddy so I was sucking the shit out of his cock then he flipped me into the 69 ans started to eat my little pussy it felt soooo fucking good!! I said im going to baby I turned his HUGE black cock white when I came on his cock then he said you ready for daddsy load and im like yea daddy come on bust for me so he was hitting my pussy hard and fast for ten mins straight and then he pulled out pulled off the condom and busted on my feet and on my asshole it was a lot he shot 6 or 7 times!!!

Stepmommy Peeing Ch. 02

fetish JhMcKn 2017-12-07

"I want that long hard cock of yours stuck up in my cunt too, so slide it in while I suck your fathers cock clean." My cock was as hard as that of a stallion before mounting a mare and as Agnes spread her lips open I could clearly see her enormously large peehole and very wet matted pubic hair. I need all of that long uncut prick of yours in my wet cunt." With that, Velma dropped her skirt and half slip onto the floor, pulled her sweater over her head and threw it down and left her black bra on.


fetish Bendis 2017-12-07

With a primal moan, I move towards you, putting my hands against your chest and bringing my mouth to the cut. I bathe the wound, drinking of you, swirling my tongue around your nipple and staining your chest with smeared blood. Tasting your blood brings me to my most primal state, and all I know now is to taste and drink of you, going at you like some wild animal. You don't taste me right away, because I can feel a long rivulet of blood trickle down the length of my arm. I wonder if I look as you do - wild with a feral-bloodlust burning in your eyes, almost as if you're drunk on my blood, your mouth and cheeks smeared with the dark red liquid.

My Black Nylon Clad Feet Slid

fetish FanOfChad 2017-12-07

I took a sip of my vodka coke and watched your face with a sideways glance. You were looking mighty fine, tucked into the corner of the sofa, your feet up and the blue grey light of the flickering television playing across your face. Still watching the television, you fumbled with your fly, reached into your underwear to pulled out your cock and stroked it a couple times knowing my eyes were upon it. You grabbed both my feet, tipping them away from your erection and gave them a crushing squeeze, digging your thumbs into my arches and hitting a nerve. You raised each foot to your mouth and kissed the balls of my feet in turn.

A Tight Space

fetish mshsrfc 2017-12-07

Jimmy passed on the information to the Saul Jean designers, who said that the finished 'Hi Top' jeans would be ready in a week, which left a week before the Space Girls' next public appearance, a photo shoot on Friday to launch the 'Hi Top' jeans, followed by a TV show on Saturday. The dressers and Julian went outside to discuss the problem with Micky, Jimmy and Cinnamon, leaving Toddler standing stock still in the rigid jeans. The dressers walked back in, and before Julian followed he told one his assistants to go out and find the longest pair of thigh high lace up boots in Toddler's size that she could to hide the wrinkles at her knees .

Amateur Night

fetish nymph2005 2017-12-07

Emma and Lily agreed upon each other; Mia, though, said that there was nothing more she liked than to sit on a man's face and to feel his breath through her panties. He had often thought about girls on his face; not only that, but he, too, had considered it better to have them in panties or something short. Her back was to Mia and she was extremely close to Sam. Their bodies were touching; Sam moved back a bit so that he could see and Emma removed her shirt. Two other girls came over and sat atop his stomach, being careful to leave Lily room. More women came to join the party on him, and Sam and Emma moved so that Wendy could have a turn.

Footjob assassin

fetish EvilEmperor 2017-12-07

For my last day of school, and a couple of guys in my class decided to start a game call "The Assassin." You give your student ID to them (and $5 buy in), and you are randomly assigned a target, and you assassinate them by shooting them with a water gun. Even though I lied about that soreness, it did feel really good; the way he would slowly glide his thumb around the sole of my foot. I decided to slowly inch it closer, and on my other foot start wiggling my toes. He looked around real quick, closed his eyes, and slowly started sucking on them; putting a few in his mouth at a time.

Cockfight for Sally

fetish cffreak 2017-12-07

I averted my eyes from looking at this other naked man, but I could tell that Jack, like me, was slowly losing his erection. As she did so, she pulled, slowly bringing our cock heads to a point where no straight man wants to be. For the second time, my cock came into contact with his, but Sally, who still was holding our shafts, lifted them up, keeping me from spearing Jack's dick. While Jack and I struggled to get more of our dick into her mouth than the other man, I felt Sally's hand go behind my back, between my legs, and cradle my balls. She must have had Jack's balls in hand too, as we both thrust our hips in hard as Sally spit out our cocks.

The Librarian Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-07

This particular site was trying to encourage people to join their membership by showing a collection of images of a pretty young woman letting her panties down in the woods before starting to spray the ground with the thick yellow flow of her pee. As the seconds passed she peed more and more, the stream issuing out of her cunt a thick gushing torrent of body hot piss splashing down over the floor to create an ever growing pee puddle over the tiles. With one last quick squirt of honey coloured piss out of her muff and over the large puddle of pee she had created with her toilet over the floor, Melanie finished her wee.

My Master's Gift to Me Ch. 1

fetish Falcon 2017-12-07

This My Whore is all that I am going to tell you, but I am going to do much more, so lay back and let your Master enjoy his cunt." His slave moaned into the gag as he began to stroke her cunt. Master gave his whore's hairy cunt one more squeeze and then a gentle kiss, before he left her he gave her ass a swat just to remind her that he was in charge and in complete control. Her Master made her wait even longer by playing with his whore's big tits He squeezed, sucked and kissed them before placing clothes pins on her hard nipples, chuckling as she moaned and squirmed. Master slowly pushed his cock in her tight ass as he continued to fist fuck her hairless cunt.

Leave it in your mouth bitch

fetish SafeSexting 2017-12-07

"Now pull my dick out and put it into your mouth." Gabbie started to cry again, but slowly opened her lips to engolf my cock. "Ahhh, I-I-I want y-you to cum in m-m-my sandal so I-I can walk in your s-s-semen all night." Gabbie stammered out as I started to feel an orgasm appraoching. "Damn, your a great fuck, we’ll have to do that more often huh?" I teased as Gabbie started crying so hard she culd hardly breath. I’ll take it up the ass, or swallow whatever you want me too, but please don’t let those guys **** me like that, pleeeeaaasseee daddy" Gabbie begged.

Miss Alli

fetish CopyCat13 2017-12-07

After a few moments of thought, Alli decided that she'd need some supplies to make it work but she was pretty sure she could get everything she needed before her mom got home from work. She figured this way her mom would realize she'd been found out and understand her new role in the family without Alli even needing to confront her. Alli reached over her mother to grab the collar off the table and hung it like a wreath on the strap-on so her mother couldn't help but look at it. "You know Mommy Bitch," Alli mused to her mother, "I really like the way this looks on you.