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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lea's Weekend Ch. 01

fetish ruthless bastard 2017-12-07

Moving up to his ear Lea whispered to Ray, "I want to be Daddy's nasty, slutty, little fuck toy again." From the show she was putting on with Ray the last hour or so they couldn't help but know that she was going to be his slut all night and that she wanted to be fucked rough. As the stream got to her belly button Lea lay back on ground tilting her hips up and reaching between her legs spreading open her pussy letting Ray piss into her like a urinal. With his hands on Lea's hips Ray pounded her pussy, she was screaming through the panties in her mouth.

Cuckold For My Wife & Her Sis Ch. 01

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-07

She then told me that she wasn’t interested in fucking me any more… since my tiny cock couldn’t fill her hole any ways, but she did want me to suck her pussy when ever she was horny or she would tell all my friends that I was gay and loved to eat cum. She then said that she knew I had been fucking and sucking Susan, and that as long as I serviced her she would keep that a secret and not tell Susan’s boyfriend I told her that I didn’t want to eat the cum of a black man and she informed me that not only will I be eating the cum of a black man I will be sucking his cock sometimes too.


fetish Wistful1 2017-12-07

Shortly after that the building management fired the security company I worked for, but hired me as Head of Security, basically I would hire and train all the guards, schedule them and I got a nice raise and a free two bedroom apartment. She would come by the Security Desk to talk while doing her laundry and after several times we ended up going into the locked rental office and having sex on the sofa there (Head of Security has keys to everything!) I was pretty excited about continuing to have some fun with her at our next meeting. I finally got back into the situation enough again to end up in the delightful position of lying between her legs and sinking my cock into her nice wet pussy.

Steven Actually Meets Jennifer

fetish pinkpony2 2017-12-07

"Yes, Jennifer, very badly." I maintained some sense of the situation, but at that moment I knew that I need to taste her, to feel her legs spread before me, to let my tongue slide into her and pull out only to glide upwards between her slips, feeling the smooth soft skin pull back , allowing me to pleasure her while literally drinking her into me. I do not know whether we had played out this scenarios too many times, whether the realization that I was kneeling naked and blindfolded in from of a woman I knew but had never met, or something else, but I was almost compelled to add, "Yes," again, followed by, "Mistress." That clear laugh peeled through the air and under my skin.

Hot Dreams of Alice Pt. 02

fetish molineux 2017-12-07

"You look the perfect woman for the job," Juliette said. Even on the TV screen Alice could clearly see her pussy lips in detail through the white panties, and the elastic of the blouse was so loose that she could look straight into her own cleavage. "I do have to get a closer look at that tantalising bottom of yours," he said, and he lifted her skirt a little - more than that wasn't really necessary - to show her firm , round ass in the thin white panties. Juliette looked at her husband fuck Alice. She half rose and let out a shriek, and then slumped back, and Mr Townes pulled out his cock and shot his load all over Alice's face.

My Ex Girlfriend's mom, Sarah

fetish Chartless 2017-12-07

I opened my eyes turned to face Sarah, my heart stopped with her stocking covered leg and bare stocking covered foot laid across the seat caressing my thigh, the other leg still on the floor of the car, her skirt being held open between her knees with an almost perfect look straight up to her blue silky looking panties, I wondered, did she know she was giving me a show, what was she doing? Sarah; I mean would you like a more mature woman "ME" in your life, to have sex with that knows more than the girls of your years, one that can teach you how to make love to a woman and let you experiment with your sexuality of sorts, with me as your guide to women?


fetish benutzmichbitte 2017-12-07

Ben had been with other women several times but it was new experience for Liz. Her one and only was Paul and now she was naked with his best friend and nothing she could do about it. "Sorry Liz but I just couldn't live with myself if we spent the night here together, naked in this sl**ping bag and I didn't at least make some attempt at having you." He didn't continue to push his hand farther but he didn't remove it either. Liz knew if the situation they were in had not happened that she would never have been with Ben. After they were back home she would do her best to make it up to Paul for the rest of their lives, but right now she wanted Ben to fuck her and make her cum.

Selfless Lover

fetish realbigsid69 2017-12-07

I lay there as she began to take my full length in her mouth, sucking gently, occasionally taking it out to lick the head before engulfing me again. "I think I'm going to cum soon," I told her and she quickly left my balls with a last lick, taking my cock in her mouth again. She wouldn't hesitate to tongue my ass, balls and cock each time now, begging me to cum in her mouth until I grabbed her hair and fucked her face until I erupted. She adored sucking my cock though and when she stayed over during the week and at weekends, she would spend a lot of time with me in her mouth.

All in the Family Ch. 03

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-07

The clerk stood close by and watched as Erin's single hand moved hangers along the silver metal rod of the circular rack. Just pretend I'm not missing an arm and a leg." Erin let her chest swell slightly as she inhaled then smiled. Erin leaned close and pecked Kate's lips letting their chests brush. She held the glass of rum and coke inches from her lips and let her eyes roam over Erin's shoulders and the short arm stump. Erin studied his walk then looked back at Kate and whispered, "I think he's missing a leg ... "A month ago I was alone with my thoughts...." Kate sipped from the new drink and watched Erin.

An Erotic First Meeting

fetish Une_Erotique 2017-12-07

My jaw drops telling you how sexy you look, you smile as you straddle me - sliding your g-string to the side and you push your pussy right into my face - grinding on my face so your wetness and scent fill my nostrils as your clit rubs against my powerful tongue. You ride my face until you are pleased and cum multiple times then turn around as I lick your pussy and ass and you tease my cock sucking it hard and using your teeth as you feel me squirming. I feel two fingers push inside me as my body squirms and I moan arching my back into you as your fingers get deeper completely inside me as you suck my hard cock showing me how incredible and how amazing you are at sucking.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 01: Hard Times

fetish Absweat 2017-12-06

He wanted so bad to keep his nipples and soft pooched belly, his armpit hair which he could feel was now dripping wet with his nervous sweat and he was sure his armpits were really ripe with his manly armpit musk, and even worse, the huge sausage shaped bulge in his pants created by his mature genitalia that he was so ashamed for anyone to see was now in full view of everyone. Eugene could feel that his dick was now stretched out and sticking up vertically and that the very sensitive fat head of his cock was now squeezed between his soft sweaty belly and the tight elastic waistband of his shorts.

My Ex-Wife's First Time with a BIG Black Dild

fetish bobsballs2003 2017-12-06

It didnt take long before I had her close to orgasm, so I slid my hand over to the nightstand, and pulled that big black dildo out of the drawer. I could tell she was tense, but I kept licking away as I pushed more of that fat dildo into her tight pussy. She was starting to pull my hair, getting more insistent about her orgasm, so I stopped licking and pushed more of that dildo into her white pussy. I worked up to long, deep, rythmic strokes, fucking her with that black dildo harder and deeper than I ever could. My thrusts were deep, solid, and powerful, totally filling her little white pussy with big black dildo.

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

fetish soleful 2017-12-06

The robot girl surprised me, when she punctuated what she said by seductively arching an eyebrow, as her white glove daintily grasped a small lever on the dashboard and pulled it downward, with a dramatic flourish. I tried to wiggle out of the arm rests, but there was no room left to move as the robot adjusted the lever one more notch down with her long glove, making sure I was "secure" in my seat. Several moments later, after I calmed down, the mechanical girl's gloved hand gave the lever two more short pulls and I found myself secured by the seat's hidden leg and neck restraints.

Graham the Nude Waiter

fetish V.Rich 2017-12-06

This note, along with a fully nude picture of Graham, was slipped beneath Louisa's napkin on a previous visit to the Poodle Dog. You know the place, right? Such was the eclectic mixture of a by-gone opulence and modern gay decadence blended with an erotic sensuality that the New Ritz Poodle Dog was known for in the City by the Bay. As the world changed, San Francisco maintained it classic facade, while below the surface one social experiment after another drifted through her Golden Gates and moved right on over its rolling hills like the fog that regularly blanketed the city. Graham pulled the cape around himself, and Louisa took up the cock leash and they set off into the foggy night, along Castro heading up the hill.


fetish sirsemega 2017-12-06

The kink of getting off knowing your husband is having sex with another woman. Now there are a lot of definitions regarding this term, and I could split hairs on this all night long, but for this post, let's just look at the woman who gets off on the excitement, the uncertainty and the humiliation of her husband, her "man", taking sexual pleasure elsewhere, and her powerless to her own base urges to allow this to happen. She can smell his scent on his work clothes, and she wonders how easy it would be to orgasm if he would just stop what he was doing at that very moment and push her down on the bed and take her rough and quick. What if when she begs to be let to cum, he asks the bitch to decide.

Bitter Sweet 02

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2017-12-06

I looked up her long legs to the pouting lips of her pussy as she stepped astride my head and took a step onto my chest, quickly bringing the other foot up as she wobbled and shifted her balance. Straining my eyes to look down, I saw her move forward as she stepped back onto my cock and shuffled her feet to massage it with her insteps and big toes. As Angla turned to the couch and stepped away, Dafne stepped forward and I felt the hard sole of her shoe press down on my barely softened cock. This one caught my cock and balls, I gave an involuntary jerk that set Angla laughing with Dafne giving one of her annoying little giggles.

Laura's Moment

fetish cottonballs 2017-12-06

They spoke in idle chit chat for half an hour and the more they talked, the more Laura found her self liking Angela's easy way and charming, almost sensual smile. The conflicting sensations of contracting muscles and pulled skin and heavily tugged hair gave her the most intense orgasm Laura had experienced in a long time. Laura had never really been interested in women in a sexual way before, but for the first time, when she thought about a woman, when she thought about Angela, she felt herself become aroused. Her legs spasmed, the long muscles of her legs fluttering as her fingers rubbed her clitoris hard and then just after the moment of orgasm she called out ever so quietly the name of her dirtiest fantasy; Angela.

Lunch In A Bradford Strip Pub

fetish 2017-12-06

Juice Newton's powerful voice finished her song, the girl's performance ended, the snake fully five or six inches inside her cunt, she gathered up her bikini as the audience whistled and clapped her off the stage, " Thank-you Ayshea, beautiful as ever, give her another round of applause!" The compere a large, balding man in his mid 40s continued, " Now here for the first time at 'The King *****' is the wonderful Janice!" Simon gulped down half-a-pint and his face reddened as the stripper came on stage.

The Photo Shoot Ch. 02

fetish chrisho 2017-12-06

"It looks like stimulating him won't be a problem Miss Tess" one of the girls in front of me said. "Ok girls" she said as she wiped the pre-cum from the head of cock, "Let's see what just exactly causes his dick to ooze." Somehow they managed to control my pulsating member while the other two girls took turns kissing its head at alternating angles, each time studying the method of the other and trying their best to out do each other. "Do you like the girl's breasts?" She said, licking my ear while her teasing fingers found my nipples. After what seemed like an eternity Vanessa came forward and started to plant kisses on the head of my swollen member.

Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 01

fetish qexiqex 2017-12-06

Two girls in uniform waited in front of it, with a notebook and what looked like a measurement tape in their hands. More girls entered the stuffy place one by one, everyone wearing the fancy shirt with their boobs prominently sticking through those special, seamed and rubber-sleeved openings. Those helping hands from below would first pull the rubber sleeves through the holes in the metal floor and affix the seam with a small metal clamp. "She demanded a small hole!" laughed one of the staff girls, "Be a man, make it fit!" Young guys pulling at enormous, dangling, white tits; Those cute, uniformed girls helping them; and he, watching the whole ordeal through the rear mirror and groping those sacs above.

Gassed by Mrs Preston

fetish blackbox7 2017-12-06

‘I didn’t realise that you lived above a Dental Surgery.’ I said, (I’d always had a bit of a secret thing about women in uniform, especially those nurses that wore nice seamed black stockings with high heels). If you are prepared to act as a patient while I train her in rudimentary dentistry, and this will include having gas from time to time, and also going under the drill, then I will make sure that regulation uniforms are worn whenever you come for treatment.’ This all sounded too good to be true, but before I had a chance to reply she took hold of my hand and said, ‘Perhaps this may help you to decide?’


fetish tripleflip 2017-12-06

Okay, so, like, later I go back and get the tongue, and as I'm checking out I'm thinking, "Oh god, EVERYBODY will KNOW what I am going to DO with this, I mean, it is SO SUSPICIOUS for this girl to be, like, buying this TONGUE, and I'm like, trying to at LEAST find a female checker, so I go in the slow line (You know, like, cash only, 10 items or less) behind this lady with a cart full of stuff writing a check. Okay, the lady writing the check is from Alaska or something and only has an out of town check and no ID, so I like STAND there in the Piggly Wiggly holding this TONGUE, so then Jenny, who is on my skate team, comes by with her mom and her little sister, who's like, "Oooo gross!

The Sergeant's Wife & The General's

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-12-06

Wanda, the younger, was a young mother, having left her four year old daughter in the care of her family while she would be away for a few days with her husband. Wanda saw her one suitcase and picked it up while Louise was away. Now when my man gets here, I want his full attention, and, Wanda, I just couldn't compete with a figure like yours!" There was a bit of laughter in her voice. I need to send out the clothes I had on to be cleaned, in case I don't get my luggage, and If I do I won't have anything to wear to go out shopping. I won't be needing clothes--" she stopped herself, embarrassed at what she had just said.

A Married Man a Story of Casual Sex

fetish 2017-12-06

He started to talk dirty to me as he ran his fingers through my hair and fucked my throat, telling me I was a slut, calling me a cocksucker, and that he knew a whore like me wanted him to cum in my mouth. He called me a slut telling me he was going to cum in my mouth as he frantically tried to fuck my mouth, but I held just his cock head in my mouth and worked it with my tongue as I squeezed his balls causing him to explode, I nursed on it as he filled my mouth with his hot cum, as I savored it he commanded me to swallow it calling me a little whore.