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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Silky Soft

fetish KarennaC 2017-12-06

In their conversations online, he'd asked her what kind of panties she had. I'd love to see you in just a pair of silky panties." Which was why she was wearing the silky soft panties under her miniskirt as she drove to the coffee shop where they'd agreed to meet. She grasped his hard cock and asked, "Should I take off the panties, too?" I love to feel satin panties against my cock. "I'm going to cum all over these pretty panties of yours." She lay there, enjoying the friction of his cock but wishing he would let her take off her panties so she could completely feel him. But instead, he draped her silky panties over his hard cock and pushed against her pussy.

Frat's Bitch II

fetish lgreenwood44 2017-12-06

He and Ben were laughing, and as Dean dunked his balls in my mouth, my eyes and nose were right near his ass. I couldn't see because Dean's balls were covering my eyes like goggles, but I could feel Ben's dick over my mouth. Ben continued to shove my head and mouth right on Dean's asshole, I tried to forget about its sour taste and smell, and think about something else. I first sucked Ben. His cock was about the same size as Dean but with more foreskin, which enhanced the taste of it, not for the good. "And since Ben's now got a bunch of pretty photos of you, he can come and say hello anytime he wants, can he?" Dean ordered.

Bi leather spunk loving teen sluts

fetish 2017-12-06

I ordered the 20-year old female teen slut I was training to pull up her tiny leather mini skirt to expose her black leather panties. But the 18 year-old lad whose head I was pushing between her long legs didn't know just how smooth her pussy would be - or the sticky treat that lay under her leather knickers. The 10 men I'd just got to gangbang her had each emptied their balls into and over her slit, and the inside of the black leather panties was coated in thick, white ropes of sticky cum. I ordered the lad to lick her cunt through the leather.

Delia's Story

fetish knowheregal 2017-12-06

I strode over to the bed with her in my arms, booted legs dangling, her face looking at me with heavy lidded eyes. Delia's entire body spasmed at this assault but I could feel her pushing her ass back at my cock trying to get as much as possible into her asshole. She deep-throated me and when she pulled it out she gasped "I can taste my own ass on you!" Then she went down on me again and after a short while of imagining her tasting her own asshole on my cock, and feeling the velvet-y tongue and mouth on me, I orgasmed a stream of hot cum in Delia's mouth.

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 02

fetish bone251 2017-12-06

As her mouth slid up my cock her tongue was far out going over the tip just as I started to twitch on the brink of orgasm again. I went into a fast big tongue licking on the tip of her clit and rode out 5 more orgasms. "Yes I did and I think you like pleasing me so much that you enjoy having your balls busted so you can fuck me without cumming." Heather said with her big green eyes sparkling at me. I sunk my cock in deep and explained to Heather that even though she was tied down she was going to do the moving to make me cum.

Sex with Jan- part 1

fetish HonorAnneDObey2 2017-12-06

The fingertipless gauntlets revealed 4" long black false nails, that guided the sexy cigarette to my bright 'diva' red, heavily glossed, shiny, cock hungry lips. I need to tie my dick, cos I don't wanna spunk yet!' Jan sat back, reaching into a bag, then handed me a leather cock and ball harness that took some working out how to fit. Jan raised her black PVC skirt, and I noticed she had a similar (slightly bigger!) harness, snug around her hairless cock and balls. I started to taste her precum, so I withdrew my lips, tickled her slit with my long black nails, and watched as she gently oozed clear liquid.

Self Bondage for his pleasure

fetish steve69xxx 2017-12-06

"In exactly 1 hour from now a stranger will arrive to see you, to facilitate this meeting you are required to be showered and clean, pussy clean shaven, approximately 20mins before the time place yourself in self bondage , spreadeagle position, face done, gagged and blindfolded, be sure to leave the backdoor unlocked and the dog locked in the shed". With my right hand bit by bit Ill pulled the loose end of the remaining cargo strap, slowly bit by bit my right arm reached the fully outstretched position each time the spring release locking into a new position.

The Principal's Office

fetish analasis 2017-12-06

My final humiliation now takes place as he orders me to remove my last items of clothing, saying 'Your tie and shirt may impede the strokes of the cane and that would never do," adding enigmatically, "and besides their removal may enhance what comes after!' Undoing my tie, and then removing my shirt, I feel vulnerable, totally exposed to his unflinching gaze. I must have drifted off or removed to some limbo between pleasure and pain, until Mr. McKinnon's harsh voice brings me back from my reverie, reminding me that I am only half-way through my punishment. He continues to masturbate me, urging me on, until, groaning with pleasure I come in wild long spurts, my semen plashing the side of the desk, slowly sliding down, to pool in stringy globules on the floor.

Gloryhole slut in training

fetish dirtyalamander 2017-12-06

I jumped at it and worked it so hard and as good as i could but my cock sucking muscles arent that strong so i told him i was getting he said pull down your pants it might help. It only took a few minutes and he was cumming hard and every cumshot i swallow i swallow it like i want to watch porn, so i stuck my tongue out and got shot and then showed him what he did. So getting ready to go i heard the origional door open and a girl and a guy were in there and they were d***k and having a good night obviously so i asked "want to get sucked mr?" and he said fuck no stick your cock in here.

The Experiment Ch. 07: Kitty

fetish LargoKitt 2017-12-06

She put little cups over his eyes and then began to spray his forehead, cheeks, chin and neck with something that tickled a bit and then disappeared, leaving his face feeling a bit warmer. And then run down and jump in the waves and then come back and rub oil all over and just bake, and it feels so good that sometimes I used to, like, slide my top right off and lie there with the sun stinging my bubs and I'd just brush them really lightly, like back and forth and back and forth with the tips of my fingers, and then kind of like swiping my palm right across them..." Alex had never seen a woman who could talk and come at the same time, but Kitty did a pretty good job of it.

Simon's Gassing

fetish blackbox7 2017-12-06

Simon thought to himself, “I bet she didn't empty her bladder either and will soon be wetting her pants!” (Little did he know then, of course, just how right he was!) The other nurse led Simon back into the toilet where she pulled down his blue rubber pants and commented, “My goodness! She'd half turned him as she tied the drawstrings so that the little girl could see the yellow stains on his knickers, even when the nurse pulled the pink rubbers up over them and tucked all the terry towelling inside the tight waist and leg bands.

The Neighbour

fetish mw0212 2017-12-06

I'll let dad know.' Jess said as she walked ahead. 'Mr. Allen is going to help me rebuild the shed.' Her dad said. 'wow, looking good!' she said smiling at Mr. Allen, walking into the garden. I managed to bag a bargain with these!' she replied, pulling a pair of knee high lace up boots with a 3 inch heel out of a bag. I know you are grown up now, but I'm still not comfortable leaving my 17 year old daughter home alone for 6 months.' He said. Wearing a flowing dress and standing tall in a pair of tan knee high boots with a stacked chunky heel, he realised how much she looked like her mother. As I said, I never got around to sorting the wardrobes & drawers out.' He replied.

My Walk on The Wide Side

fetish dblife2 2017-12-06

We'd sit around, drink beer and stroke our cock to a film like this; that's a circle jerk. After a minute I decided I better do what he said so I finished getting undressed, cleaned up the mess from my orgasm and went and got two cold beers. I got up and picked up my underwear and I heard Ray say, "Not yet, pussy boy come here." I thought now what, so I walked back over to him and he pointed to my dick and told me I hadn't finished yet. He said, "I know, and in a few minutes you are going to turn back into my little cum slut.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 18

fetish fursmoke11 2017-12-06

"Don't worry mum" Martina said , pulling the huge crystal fox collar around her and taking another cheek hollowing puff of the Marlboro light, flicking it nonchalantly in her gloved hand afterward before she spoke again "...I would never let a guy get that close." Jennifer nudged Martina under the table and nodded in the direction of Patricia, whose eyes were on the tall good looking Jamaican that was smiling at her in an Armani suit opposite. I am just going for a little walk mum...." and she turned towards Stephen "would you like to join me?" she asked coyly, smoke drifting from her lips and meandering like a snake toward his.

Krestan: Ride Home

fetish kristen 2017-12-06

Besides, I could ask you why you were kissing me, and fingering my pussy" she looked at me biting her lip. I cant get pregnant anyhow, I stole a box of those patches, you can fuck me and I WONT get pregnant, PLEASE I love you I want you to make love to me Joey, PLEASE!" She leaned in and kissed me again and this time she went into my pants and started giving me a hand job. I felt the thin blond hairs on her pussy slipping past my cock with each thrust, her juices made a squishy sound each time. We'd bin fucking for about 30 minutes I guessed and I felt her sixteenth orgasm start to gush her juices out onto my cock and down our legs.

Annie Gives Gold

fetish mjar65 2017-12-06

'Softly please, just touch them softly.' I watched as she inched one of her slender legs towards Jon. Silently, still nervous, he placed the tips of his fingers against Annie's soft skin and began slowly to stroke her. Jon stayed where he was but he also leaned over, trying to make sure his mouth could reach all her legs, right up to the hems of her tight black shorts. My cock was getting hard and I was starting to think about whether I could fuck Annie on the sofa while poor Jon was left to watch. I'd suggested it to ensure Jon got a good look at Annie's freshly waxed cunt lips.

Lisa Finds Love at Sex Addicts Anon

fetish dirtyparisian 2017-12-06

[Bob called her 'Christine' in their webcam exchanges, and sometimes they talked about the famous German Christine dirty porn star and what they would do if they had a long afternoon together with her.] He told his story to the SAA group about how he had led a secret life and a sexless marriage -- but, noted Lisa, he did not go into much detail about what he was really into - and how his wife had finally found out by visiting his office using a key he'd left in his jacket.

I love sex

fetish sexshop 2017-12-06

I touch the inside of your thighs with a light feeling I explore the wetness between you legs as i drop to my knees spreading your legs as I pull your panties down. As your legs are spread before me i begin licking the soft lips above me you and Lori exploring each others mouths above me. I am engrossed in your pussy lips my tongue touching the inner and outer lips as i push in and out of those soft sweet lips. I explore your soft legs with my hands moving up and down the inside of your thighs. I spread your lips apart and push my tongue inside of you. I lick my fingers and i begin to play with your little asshole pushing in and out slowly spreading it apart.

Hands Off

fetish SinAndGrin 2017-12-06

Eyes are a little close together, the better to watch you squirm with!" She turned to Kimber while Sara touched her own nose, thinking 'What is with the button nose?!'. "Who's going first?" Brylee raised her hand and jumped on the bed, straddling Sara's face. "You're up to 3 minutes!" With a last ditch effort to not rack up anymore time, Brylee placed her hands on the wall above the headboard and leaned down, peering into Sara's big doe eyes. Once she found her rhythm, she began to fuck harder, forcing her weight to grind her underwear directly against the apex of Sara's upper lip and where her nose connected, making it bloody and raw.

The Humble Pepper

fetish Seabass 2017-12-06

Jenny had orgasms like Hiroshima as she rode my hot pepper oiled hand pushing it further into her spasming pussy. Shoving the remains from our dessert onto the floor I reach my hands into the bowl of strawberries, take out a handful and press it into Jenny's naked body running it up from her hips ending by sticking my fingers into her mouth. With her hand full of whipping cream Jenny begins to gently stroke my penis as I cover her body with cut up strawberries. We have come a long way sense our Hershey's syrup days and asparagus dipping dictators in books but Jenny and I still manage to bring each other to new orgasmic heights with just the most basic of ingredients.

The Submissive Games

fetish AmethystMare 2017-12-06

The crowd cheered and stamped their feet - hooves and paws included - as Neshyet, a well-styled otter, swung his arm out to draw their attention to the contestants of the evening. Goatie's eyes roamed Raz' body, paw wrapped around the wolf's throbbing cock. The wolf moaned and bucked his hips, rocking into the goat's muzzle with no encouragement at all as the audience screamed and cheered for their lewd display, Goatie's backside presented to the audience as his tail bobbed and twitched. Grunting in the goat's ear, Razak growled triumphantly, the full length of his shaft swallowed by Goatie's hungry tail hole, twitching and clenching around him as if trying to suck him in deeper.


David's FreezeTime Remote

fetish Thorilla 2017-12-06

I wandered through the 'entertainment electronics suite' to where the large-screen HiDefinition TVs were located and sat down and watched an all-action DVD sampler showing some guy jumping off a moving truck onto an RUV and doing other stuff. I felt around, in my back pack, for my newly acquired remote and secretly pressed the FreezeTime button and watched the guy on the truck remain suspended in mid air. Alison 'always a pleasure' stood staring at truck-man in free fall with her skirt and petticoat up to her waist and her stockings, suspenders and panties on show ready for me.

Footrub Friday

fetish noname333 2017-12-06

"Okay, I'm first," stated Simone, as she slid herself closer to me on the couch, her dress riding up her black-stockinged thighs, wiggling her long toes seductively as she stared right at me and smiled, taking a big sip of wine. As I continued to massage Simone's pretty feet, she eventually started moaning softly, while squeezing her legs together and breathing in deeply, and I wondered if she was having a secret orgasm, as the pre-come slowly dripped out of me onto Karen's foot, making things slicker. Instead, Rachel got up very slowly, stretched herself out, her ass and tits jutting out irresistibly, and started walking over to me, staring hungrily at me while Karen teased my cock further in her ever-changing silk prison.

Society 1.4: Modernus Requies

fetish TitianaPrisca 2017-12-06

Groaning at the erotic promises, Jason forced his screaming neck muscles to lift the dildo against Erik's pounding ass. Sure enough, they changed positions quickly, and Jason wound up hovering over Erik's ass again, driving the dildo in and out of his hole as Jason spread his cheeks wide. He wasn't sure if Mistress Elena wanted to teach Jason how to swallow piss herself. Both Jason and Erik jumped, and turned quickly toward their Mistress. By the time he got back, Jason would have taken so many cocks and fucked so many holes that their tight bond wouldn't be quite as tight. "Thank you, Mistress," Jason echoed, still a bit stuck up on the idea of a calendar for training toys and fuck mates.