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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Shared Bathroom Adventures Ch. 02

fetish Jjonest 2017-12-06

Meeting adjourned." Courtney said with a satisfied smile and turned so quickly her hair flew in the air as she left the room. "I don't want the whole floor staring at my cock while I'm taking a piss!" I said a little louder and couldn't believe I was having this conversation. "Do you know how many stalls are in the men's room on this floor?" She asked with a little smile. "Jeez Jason, at least let me wash the massage oil off my ass before you before you go and kiss it like that." She said dryly and popped her head out of the door, revealing her bare shoulders.

The Harem Slave Ch. 01

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-12-06

With a gasp, Sophie realized that there were more than two hands sets of hands touching her—one to hold her legs apart and another to spread her ass. Sophie winced as the finger, slippery with her juices, slid slowly into her tight passage, pushing deeper into her bowels until it couldn’t enter any further. Juices squirted from her pussy in waves, soaking the hand that fucked her ass, coating the insides of her thighs, staining the rug beneath her. The head of the object opened her ass wider than three fingers had, and still it continued to grow, widening her anus to unbelievable limits. When at last Sophie thought she could take no more, the object began to narrow again, sliding slowly inside until her ass took over.

My Cum Donation

fetish xcitu 2017-12-06

She explained that she didn't want any intercourse, but instead she would prefer to meet at a public type restroom, I am to go into the restroom while she waits outside, and I am suppose to ejaculate into a small plastic cup, then hand her the cup of my sperm (conspicuously of course) as I exit the restroom, and go on my way as she goes into the restroom, where she will use a small plastic non-needle type syringe to transfer my cum from the cup to inside her pussy. I discreetly handed her the cup of my cum and her panties, she sincerely thanked me, then I saw her go into the restroom to introduce my cum to her pussy, and I went on my way.


fetish English Lady 2017-12-06

"I bet you're enjoying it too." He pushes my thighs apart with one big soft hand then runs the fingers up my inner thigh until he connects with my wet lips. The words seem to egg him on and he moves harder and faster, making the sofa creek as he braces himself against the arm, pressing himself ever deeper inside of me and I can sense he is getting ever closer, harder and faster he fucks, hammering me back against the arm, my breasts and rounded tummy bouncing, my head thrown back , my mouth in a constant ooooh of pleasure. Sitting back he runs his eyes over me and I get an extra shot of passion and slip my hands down over my hiked up skirt to my lightly hair scattered pussy.

Long Haul Stranger

fetish classynsensual 2017-12-06

Just before the end of the movie, Chrissy excused herself for a few minutes, reached into the overhead bin for her hand luggage (stretching long enough to get my mind focused on her hips and the clear outline of the bulge and crack of her pussy in those wonderful tight jeans) and headed to the lavatory at the back. She laughed, and said, "Years of practice; don't worry, it gets better." My hard-on sprang out of my tight bikini briefs as she pulled the waistband forward, and she whispered, "I'm glad you're not wearing boxer shorts, I can't stand them." Chrissy began to stroke my cock, now slightly oozing with its own lubrication.

Prince and the Insatiable Slut Ch. 04

fetish theprince 2017-12-06

Squat like a dirty street hooker and push that cum out of your ass and cunt." Diane held her legs up and pushed hard. Diane moaned and howled like an animal as her cum streamed out of her cunt into the beer mug. Prince grabbed the beer mug full of cum and puke from Jenna and Fug the contents on Diane's face, head and body. Prince buried his cock in deeper and fucked her faster, making the piss and cum spray in all directions. It landed on Jenna and Prince as Diane tried to deal with the thick cock in her cunt and the fist up her asshole. Diane lay there with both her holes fisted and Prince's cock cumming on her face.

Husbands Panties Lead to a Surprise

fetish jennycnnn 2017-12-06

I started the conversation, "You know what, my pussy really needs a good licking tonight Steve and these panties I made for you are really special. His fingers slid underneath my panties and I could feel it slide inside of my wanting pussy. It felt wonderful as he worked his cock in and out, pushing a little harder each time, until I could feel the fabric of his bikini rubbing against my clitoris. I could feel the warmth filling me up and then he suddenly pulled out and stroked his cock as he continued to cum on the outside of my pussy lips and the crack of my ass.

The Return of Liz & Katie Pt. 01

fetish TongaFrank 2017-12-06

Yet despite my genuine respect for their privacy, I feel perfectly comfortable engaging in unspeakable sexual acts with my wife as Liz and Katie watch, and in turn watching them make love to each other in every way imaginable right next to us on our king-size bed. Soon she began bucking her hips to meet my thrusts, and the combination of the love for her I felt in my entire being, and the pleasure she was providing to my most vital organ, and the excitement of having Liz and Katie right next to us in bed watching our every move, not to mention the luscious creampie I knew I would soon be devouring, catapulted me over the edge and headfirst into possibly the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever experienced!

Charming Jemima

fetish Nate_Walis 2017-12-06

Once she was naked, she unfolded the latex body stocking and pulled it over her legs, pushing her feet into the end until she felt them slip inside the padding a the base of the costume. From his vantage point, he glimpsed the top of her green-clad head as she slid her arms out of the basket and reared her upper body like a snake uncoiling to scent the air. He looked down at the sight of her body as it twisted away beneath him and swore that the rhythm with which she was twitching the tip of her tail was the same as the one with which she was massaging his penis inside her mouth.

Caught in Panties Pt. 01

fetish TeresaB 2017-12-06

How did you get into her room? And just what are you doing in her bra and panties? It looks like you're at her mercy now... Click Here to listen. (3.5 min/mp3)


fetish Targloyalist 2017-12-06

I took the flyer, and decided to head to the university health center where the study was to take place. "Hey, what the hell are you doing?" Emma looked in to my eyes and said "Relax. Besides, your cock is useless, so why not lock it up?" She said this casually. "I don't know about this," I said, looking down at my cock in its plastic cage. I went down on my hands and knees and looked up at Emma. My cock strained against its plastic cage. Emma took my head in both hands, giving me a thoughtful look. "Let yourself out, will you?" she said, her stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she walked off to her room.

Co-worker Golden Shower

fetish RKHunter 2017-12-06

Add to this the beer that Kaye had brought from the hotel bar and I found myself needing to pee ... There is no hesitation on Kaye's face or in her voice as she tells me that she needs to feel me covering her body. Pulling me closer and positioning my cock between our bellies she tells me to relax, just let it happen, let me feel your warmth upon my skin. Moving back slightly and falling to her knees she begins kissing my thighs, stomach, cock and balls all the while gently telling me to relax ... Kaye goes on to explain that she has had feelings for me for over a year, deep feelings of love that she has had great trouble controlling.


Bachelor Party Creampie

fetish creamypussylover 2017-12-06

“The groom is going to need another lap dance, but I guess he can just watch us for now.” I looked around at all the cocks and could hardly decide where to start, they all looked like they were aching to cum. I was vigorously licking his balls and shaft when I heard one of the guys fucking Cindy groan loudly and say, “God, I can’t hold it, I’m think I’m going to cum in you!” I knew by the time I got home my cunt was going to be a completely cum sopped mess, just the way Rob likes me.

School Daze

fetish Croony 2017-12-06

One day eighteen year old Henry, a slight and small boy, was due to have his monthly health check with matron and he sat nervously outside her office waiting for his turn to go in. Andrea knew just how to tease these boys and as she sat opposite him she crossed her long legs, loving the feel and sound as her stockings rasped together. By now the headmaster was pounding the young boy's tight hole and soon let out a groan as his cum filled Henry's insides. Two weeks later and Andrea and David were once again in the headmasters office, this time with two boys the same age as Henry.

Tara's Pregnancy - 2nd Trimester

fetish PrincessErin 2017-12-06

The home was almost twice as big as Erik's, but Tara had gotten use to the lavish lifestyle of his friends and coworkers. Erik rubbed Tara's belly all night and had to hide behind her when his erection couldn't be controlled. "I want to slide my hard cock into your pregnant pussy so bad baby. I want to fondle your huge breasts and make you scream when you cum." Erik whispered this against her earlobe and Tara stepped away. "God I love your pregnant body baby." Tara grinned and fixed her panties. Erik put his cock back into his pants and a few minutes later they were back in the living room chatting with his friends. They slid into bed and Erik fell asleep holding Tara's pregnant belly.

Shakti: Wallflower

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-12-06

Rina looked down at Shakti's thighs. Rina looked at Shakti's strangely-styled, jet-black hair. Rina bit her lip as she looked at Shakti's thick legs. Rina let out a slow breath, daring again to look into Shakti's brilliant jade eyes. She asked, "Are you okay?" When Rina opened her eyes, Shakti's face had softened. "Ah, right this way...." Rina lead Shakti into her bedroom and turned the light on. She put her hand on the heel and looked up at Shakti's smiling face as she slipped the boot away. "Mmmhh...." And as she neared the crux of her thighs, Rina could feel the warmth coming off Shakti's sex. Her fingertips guided Rina's head further in, until her lips and nose pressed against Shakti's heat.

Cost? Paid In Full

fetish JimBob44 2017-12-06

But Earline had been standing there, showing off them hairy legs and hairy pits, slurping on an ice cream cone and Timmy Don bought himself a pint of Miles whiskey, drank half the bottle, then walked up to the girl. Wednesday, Earline agreed to go with Timmy Don to his church, leaving Mabel alone with the Reverend Bailey. Mabel let Jim Bob fuck her and wondered about Reverend Bailey's statement that an older man would appreciate her charms more. Afterward, Timmy Don bought Earline a vanilla ice cream at the Pack 'N Sack and got himself a pint of Miles Whiskey. "They got some alarm going off!" Earline yelled when Timmy Don returned, carrying a half gallon bottle of Miles whiskey and a carton of Winston cigarettes.

I, However

fetish dropsofpinkcess 2017-12-06

Either way I want to run back to Chicago, bury myself deep in the city until I am sure I walk through the night completely unnoticed. Too controlling, too obsessive to leave you in the past. I jump on the bed and walk back and forth over the mattress. Almost feel guilty for pushing you to agree to something we both know you don't want. I'm standing on the bed in black boots, bouncing up and down lightly. After I hang up the phone, I go back to admiring my reflection in the mirror. I jump off the bed and stride over to the mirror in a mere fraction of a second, running my tongue over perfectly white teeth.


Muscle encounters 9 Goddess Heather Clean up

fetish lilguy41 2017-12-05

Muscle Encounters 9- Goddess Heather Clean up Goddess Heather finds her slave didn't clean her house right and punishes him. Goddess Heather came back from working out a gym for 2 hours. Goddess Heather was tattooed over his ass Goddess Heather grabbed pictures of me, my house would be clean" Heather Said just come in my house, check out my muscles and not doing any work" Heather going to give you all 12 inches, of my thick fat cock" Heather Said She plunge the strapon deep in his ass making him scream in pain. Heather grinded in his ass, getting a "Ohhhh I think your ass came little slut. You must really LOVE getting pounded" Heather Said

Wife in Control Ch. 08

fetish wifetoy 2017-12-05

Suddenly, I felt the sharp sting of what seemed like a thin leather belt strike my suspended ass cheeks causing me to flinch against the restraints as my scream was muffled by her tights stuffed in my mouth. The weight of the high heeled bootie pulled my hard cock down between my legs, and the leather encasing my cock ensured I would feel no stimulation from her ass as she rode the dildo. She looked into my eyes with lust, spread her legs so her pussy lips flattened wide over the base of the dildo, and began to rock back and forth, pressing her clit into the black leather harness covering my pubic bone.

The Shit-Packed Life of Rachel Quin

fetish Heresyourstupidusername 2017-12-05

Following the shower, Rachel stepped out, letting several more naked servant women step closer and lick her clean. The toilet servant opened her mouth wide, catching Rachel's stream of pee and, ultimately, catching the giant turd that came out of her ass. This was supplied by a sorority house downtown, whom she paid to piss and shit in different toilets. At the same time, Rachel would need to shit, due to the exlax, filling the vat almost as much as she would empty it. Servants were there to time her, help her out when she was done, and shit in the vat themselves, if Rachel demanded a difficulty increase. "Nighty night, Miss Rachel." said the servant, turning off the lights as she walked out of the room.

Clara Makes Her Move

fetish Norm_dePlume 2017-12-05

As Clara slowly pushed her swollen cock inside of Val's pussy, she at last felt that the playing field was starting to level out. She felt a little wobbly in the tummy, but she knew that the second Clara was with her, she'd feel warm, her pussy would get all wet and hot, and the two of them would join as one and make love until dinner time. It felt good, but not as good as Val's pussy was going to feel, and she'd be home soon and if the recent past had been any indication, they'd be fucking like newlyweds within minutes. Laughing and kissing, Clara's cock still twitching with aftershocks, firmly lodged in Val's loving, cum dripping pussy, they drifted in and out of consciousness just to begin again an hour or so later.

Leather kink: good deeds, bad results

fetish JohnLeather 2017-12-05

Of course the session could only go for so long and before cumming i felt a need for fucking and ended up mounting her from behind like a savage, given my pent up lust for leather over the years and having this hot bitch on the shag pile, as desperate as me for rare and greatly missed, sex. It was terrible of course to commit this betrayal, but i adored making Tracey moan out loud and squeal, and the sight and sound of her leather outfit clinging to her hot and lean body in response to my deep fuck thrusts was fantastic.

the perfect wife

fetish driveherbinight 2017-12-05

"Fucking cissy boys enjoying it?" I asked and though Tony couldnt answer with a mouth full of cock Adam replied "yes mistress" and tried to f***e himself even further down Tonys throat "well you fucking well shouldnt be you are here to please me not yourselves so stop" I moved closer to the edge of the sofa and told Tony to come and lick my pussy."Slowly" I ordered I was already very turned on enjoying the power I held so when Tonys tongue slowly teased my pussy I knew it wouldnt be long before I needed a cock fucking me hard. Adam started pumping hard at my pussy, every thrust rubbing on my clit, after Tonys licking it didnt take long for me to cum and Adam was soon filling me up with his hot salty cum.