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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

making a deal with a demon part 2

fetish Bry_TG_Fairy 2017-12-05

The bl**d in the chalice started to glow green and I heard a deep booming voice say “Enter and ask for your hearts desire.” I was scared but there was a power in that voice I could not refuse. Her beautiful skin began to turn in to blue scales and a long thick tail started to grow out from above her ass. I turned toward the center of the pentagram and looked at the bone chalice. Do you still wish me to give you your hearts desire?" I looked around my self at the pets and realized that they had each asked for something from this being and where now its playthings for all eternity.

Favourite Fantasies #6

fetish hard_for_yu 2017-12-05

The sight of her fulfilling an old-time fantasy of mine, along with the view I had of my hard-on going in and out of Carol’s beautiful face, quickened my orgasm. With Carol’s ass sticking out as she kneeled on the bed, I gave her a hard smack on the tush. For a finale, I was going to fuck her hard, with her arms and legs spread-eagled on the bed. But as Carol lay on the bed, face down with her hands still bound behind her, she yelled, “Fuck me from behind!” I was happy to oblige, and after dipping my hard-on into her cunt for lubrication, I jammed it (much too hard, I regret) into her asshole.

Unwashed and Smelly

fetish Araw 2017-12-05

The least you could do is watch." I have never thought that looking at her peeing was particularly interesting, but I must admit that the idea of her doing it standing was somewhat enticing. It took more than an hour before I finally found a video of Janet in a Reddit webcam group. I began eating the cucumber while both Janets started what looked like a gynecological examination of themselves. She had worked outdoor all day, but it must have been quite warm, the smell of sweat was very strong between her legs (and I could also see small smears of dirt here and there on her body). We sat watching for another ten minutes or so, before I finally said, "Do you want to continue doing this?"

Strap e****t

fetish 425olds 2017-12-05

She ran her hands through my hair getting a good grip with her other hand she dick slapped me lightly across the face then pushed the cock into my mouth and began short thrusting motions face fucking me. She really started to pump my throat saying, “Oh yeah faster, faster - that’s it, take it bitch - you fucking whore, suck that cock!” It was like she was a real man face fucking me on the verge of orgasm. She stepped back started pulling her clothes off quickly saying, “You suck cock like a good little slut now take your clothes off.” She slapped my ass and said, “You make a perfect bottom bitch I can’t wait to set it up for you.

5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 19)

fetish braducles 2017-12-05

“I bought her last weekend, she’s going to help out around here, okay.” Annie couldn’t look at me, her eyes were lowered toward the floor but I knew she was looking at Cumsocket, the way her body glistened with sweat, her hard nipples twitching, and the wet, soaking shaft that jutted from her pussy. “Hell, maybe she’d make a good sideshow whore fucking dogs or horses, that pussy has to be good for something.” Cumsocket had her hands up behind her head kneeling between Jim’s thighs while he held her face, her body was trembling and I could hear her softly sobbing. They know how to treat a slut.” Jim chuckled in laughter as Annie knocked softly on the door and entered, her face went instantly red when she saw Cumsocket on the floor with her fingers banging into her pussy.

Leather Lusts Ch. 03

fetish candy_2691 2017-12-05

He held her still in that last few seconds and then spewed into her mouth, she swallowed several times then at the end she lifted her head and stuck out her tongue so he could see his seed clinging there then pulled it back in swallowing it. I wouldn't ask you to quit what you're working toward, and maybe we could transfer the rest of your classes to a school closer." He closed his eyes for a moment, "Breezy, Baby I love you, I would go back with you and stay until you finish school." "No, it just means my dad will have to find someone else to take over, because I might be getting married soon." She smiled at him and he got up, and went around the table to pull her to stand in front of him.

Now I Can Ch. 03

fetish hylyfe 2017-12-05

"Look, slave." Madame squeezed my cock head and my pee hole opened up; I could see that the needle had hit dead centre and passed right through my pee tube. Of course the taste of piss stayed in my mouth and the pain of the needles throbbed through my cock and nipples. Madame put a hand on each of my shoulders and said, "Very good slave." Her face was one inch from mine; she looked me in the eye and then my world collapsed. "Well slave it's time or your final fucking." Having said this Madame led me to a set of stocks and clamped my head and hands in place.

Ella and Harold

fetish shoeslayer 2017-12-05

"That's a good Italian name." Ella said as she handed me her gold half-round glasses with the pearl beaded neck chain. Ella then took her small gold half-glasses with beaded chain and started to drag them under my balls and with her thumb and fore finger wrapped around me, began to jerk me off ass well. Ella began to rub her sexy patent black fuck-me pumps all over my cock as she sucked me off.This did not last to long, just long enough to get me nice and hard.She looked so sexy wearing her gold half-round glasses with the bedside lamp sparkling on her pearl beaded neck chain as she lowered herself upon my cock.

Nothing to Declare

fetish Milliemoon 2017-12-05

Barker' and, nodding his head, Peter moved towards her trying to ignore the fact that a sexy woman in, to him, an equally sexy uniform was speaking to him. Refraining from leaping up them two at a time Peter tried to stroll leisurely but knew he had failed when he heard a laugh as he turned the corner on the first floor and saw Tracy, still in her uniform, standing there. He felt her hands run across his arse cheeks, his pants moving against the silky lingerie he was wearing and he returned the favour his fingers skimming over the outline of suspenders and feeling the pattern of lace beneath.

Scooter's Awakening

fetish fossie123 2017-12-05

Stroking the cock would make the strap rub my clit and it made me so hot I would close me eyes and think I was fucking Dave's ass until I came, usually within minutes. Damn this is so fucking hot, each time I pull his mouth down my cock it pushes on my clit shortly giving me the first orgasm of the night. After a minute or two he pushes my hands away and puts his on my ass and takes over sucking my cock like he's done it all his life. I put my foot on a chair for leverage and watched my cock go in and out of his ass and suddenly the orgasms hit, no it was better then that, it was one long hard intense mind blowing explosion that felt like it would never end and I didn't want it to.

Fucking my Roommate's Feet

fetish FootObsession3 2017-12-05

Anyway, as the year continued and it was getting harder and harder to maintain my focus at all with her in the room (she was ALWAYS there) one day I got home from class and was so horny (I had spent all class thinking about Charlotte's feet) I sat down heavily at my desktop and immediately went straight to my bookmarks. "I know you want my feet Tim. So take them." And with that she began rubbing one foot against my enlarged cock right through my jeans and shoved the other in my face. "I fucking love your feet.," I moaned through pleasure, as I licked more intensely, and began sucking on her sweat soaked big toe.


fetish asatluvr 2017-12-05

Suddenly I felt a wetness engulf the head of my hard hot member...I literally almost passed visitor placed her mouth on me and was licking and sucking me. I felt the body of my visitor move up my body...although I couldn't see her I instinctively knew this was a small person...I also realized she was as naked as I am as she took my engorged cock in one hand and guided it into her and lowered herself onto my lap with me fully buried in her wet tight pussy. She started fucking me, slowly, deliberately...up and down..again and again...the tightness and warmth were unreal,,,this whole situation was unreal...the c*** like state I was in..the perfume..the heat and charged erotic feelings and my spectral visitor.

Our First Pee Play Session

fetish PreviaWynne 2017-12-05

I use both hands to pull my lips apart, and you get one brief glimpse inside before the pee comes. This time when I start to pee again, I bend me knees slightly, my hands still spreading my pussy apart. I absolutely savor the taste as your pee flows across my tongue and over my bottom lip to drip off my chin. I scoop my tongue down your slit to gather more of your juices, then I continue to dance with your hard little clit. Your hands grab the hair on the back of my head roughly, pulling me into you as you have your first ever orgasm while peeing.

The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 18

fetish 2017-12-05

I was limited in the positions that I could be in but these men mostly just wanted to fuck my pussy and suck my big boobs. Sometimes they would fuck my ass but they were gentler than the men I had before and they seemed to always want to cum on my belly and rub it into my skin or in my pussy. I took her hand and placed it on my left boob and said to her “Claudia, let’s stop pretending.” I then held her hand and squeezed my boobs with my hand and she looked at me then slowly moved her mouth to my nipple and began to suck on it.

The Harem Slave Ch. 09

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-12-05

Sabrina's mini dress was made of black satin as well, but sprinkled with red embroidered cherry blossoms. She wore black patent leather open-toed pumps; Sophie could see her finger and toenails had been painted red to match the cherry blossoms. "Consider initiation." Sabrina joined him on his left arm, and the three of them proceeded out of the room and down a hallway Sophie hadn't noticed before (there seemed to be plenty of these). The Master procured Sophie and Sabrina each a martini from a passing waiter's tray, acquiring another Jack and Coke for himself. Don't fight, or you will be punished." He kissed both their foreheads, then led them back to the couches, Sabrina on the left and Sophie on the right.


Close Your Eyes...

fetish MarcusStrapp 2017-12-05

The scolding hundred degree centigrade water falls from the spout and washes down onto the back of her right hand. But by the time the clock has wound its hands from one day into the next, the conversation has turned to one of revealing secrets. If you are going to get the woman into the middle of the dance floor, you have to know all the steps and they have to all be in the right order and exactly the right time. She's feeling if she just looks behind the right door, pulls back the dark curtain, she is going to find whatever it is that will wash over her and get her completely soaking wet.

Julia's Huge Tits

fetish The Needler 2017-12-05

So you want to play some stupid game where I touch you, but where you're not entirely free and you don't want to look at what's going on. She gave a little cry and threw her head back, her mouth open and her tongue working as I sucked and licked her delightful nipple. The third time, I put my finger into her mouth, which she welcomed gladly, moving her tongue all over it, sucking like an infant. "Oh yes, lick it off, I love the feel of your tongue on my skin. She shivered and said: "Cold." I took the chocolate covered bud into my mouth and sucked it off, making her squirm and sigh.


fetish roseanneleewynn 2017-12-05

Tom pulls out of me and removes the rubber, then gets on the table and fucks my face telling me that it his turn to cum now. Tom grabs my hips and held them tight, telling me that I am a real “bitch and slut.” Then he starts to fuck me, ramming it in balls deep pulling out then balls deep again, he was pushing his cock in and out, moving from side to side and up and down. Every time my asspussy would try to push his cock out he would slam it in hard and fast, making me cum even more. Every time pushing his cock deep in my ass and pulling me back to meet his thrust.

Being Christina's Bitch

fetish boytoy23 2017-12-05

The size was shockingly large in my ass and I couldn't help but scream but almost as soon as I opened my mouth, it was filled with a rubber ball gag, which Christina quickly strapped around my head. "Your ass is still gaping wide open and leaking ass juice all over the bed so I don't think you need any warming up for this big boy." And with that she positioned the new dildo against my asshole and started to press it in. "Things are getting a little too dry back here so I'll do you a favor and let you lick my fingers." Into my mouth went her fingers as she gave my balls a more forceful squeeze to let me know that she was not interested in what I wanted.

The Inseminator

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2017-12-05

"Hi, how are you, Meg?" Doug said nervously, shaking her hand and then standing aside to let her inside of the house. Meg closed the door behind them and looked at the husband and wife; Allison was sitting nervously on the bed, while Doug was pacing the floor. Meg pulled her face away from Doug's mouth, put her mouth to his ear and whispered, "Help me get your wife pregnant." After Doug had taken off her shirt, he planted a kiss on her lips, while Meg deftly removed Allison's bra and immediately put her mouth to one of the married woman's hard nipples. Meg let go of Doug's face and took a few steps back, allowing the couple to continue making love.

real mothers day interracial double cuckold story!

fetish discreet4rmlanc 2017-12-05

the whole time he was tellin me how much he loved the taste of asian pussy with a smile on his face. i looked over at my hubby to see him with Dariens mom still enjoy his time. my hubby came over and started fucking me as i was sucking on Darien. my hubby came quickly, since he had been fucking Dariens mom non stop so far. soon as Darien had came inside of me a few more times, i told my hubby to eat me out and taste how good his slut wife had just got it. when hubby came to pick me up later that day, my black dress was covered in Dariens cum, my face was covered in Dariens cum, and my pussy was filled completely.

Slave Girl At Night

fetish Tess 2017-12-05

He cock was enormous, she held it in her delicate hands and played with the big erection for a while, it smelled like shit and piss and the odor increased her arousal, she licked under his big nuts to taste the foul collection of slime that slave girls love so much, and she ran her tongue further into his hairy dark area to enjoy the flavor of the grease that coated the man's ass hole. She couldn't wait to tell her master what the man had her do, she knew it would excite him when she told him and maybe he would like for her to do the same for him as well, she hoped he would, and she thought about it while she walked naked down the street in the morning's light, as she felt her tummy and smiled.

Viagra Cuckold

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-05

A lot of the time she will hand me a jar of lube and when she wants her lover to cum, I will insert a finger in their ass and massage their prostate till they explode in her. If the guy she is fucking is her boyfriend or my best friend Dave they will cum in her gaping hole and I get to suck the cum and pussy juice out of her. When Robs cock gets hard I must start sucking it, licking my cum off of his cock. She hooked the machine up to Rob's cock first in about three minutes he was moaning and started cumming you could see that he was climaxing hard by the way is cock was shooting long ropes of sperm into the clear tube.

The Princess and the Assassin

fetish thecloned22 2017-12-05

Though not as powerful as her body mates, Earth is not the lesser because of it, for it was she who originally formed the Cerberus long ago as a means of achieving not only a balance, but a lasting peace. Hell, Earth and Heaven simply pressed their heads close together their eyes closed shut and mouths agape gasping in pleasure. Through a series of bizarre twists, Earth's legs along with Heaven's left leg and Hell's right leg, shifted and merged till only there were two legs. Each Disciple would be shaped with two heads, a normal body, and massive XXX cup sized breasts like their goddess mistresses. They came with their faces angled inwards, with both Hell and Heaven's lips touching side to side as they approached Earth's wanting lips.