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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Adisa has a Plan

fetish SwiftWenlock 2017-12-05

"Good idea." I yelled after her and with that she was gone leaving me how to figure out how the hell was I going to explain my earrings to Rebecca. "Erm----" with no good reason not to, I called over to Adisa, "Hey Adissa, come and meet Rebecca". "I figured it was time to meet you now that you've destroyed my husbands beautiful ears" this actually took Adisa back a bit and as she struggle to build a response "I'm kidding! Adisa's legs pulled tight around me and I shook me head to and actually growled whilst I flicked her clitoris lightly with the tip of my tongue. "Maybe, a little harder." I carefully placed her nipple in my mouth and slowly increased the suction until I Adisa started to pull back.

Nadia and the Glass Room

fetish Hobblenock 2017-12-05

He looked drained and pale with dark shadows around a pair of red-rimmed eyes that seemed to be making a great effort to stay open. His tried eyes where visible in the rear-view mirror, continuously looking from the road to the back seat, unable to conceal his apprehension about having a stranger in the car. There was a sound like another automatic window and a thick pane of glass began to rise between the driver and his passenger. He tried to remain composed but began to feel more like a prisoner trapped between two panes of glass. The sound of the shoes stopped somewhere behind then a hand began to fondle between his legs, roughly pulling and squeezing his penis then gripping his vulnerable sack.

The Pink Collar

fetish FemLedRelAdv 2017-12-05

"Hello, Miss." Mack's voice rumbled forth, "I am wearing this collar to signify and demonstrate my absolute obedience to my wife." As he completed telling Chloe the definition of Rule 6, he handed her one of our 'Get To Know Us' cards. As Mack explained it to me, "You learn to make friends quickly, sadly, you are likely to know them for only a short while as one or both of you will be transferred to another post soon." Mack's parents were open about sex with their kids. On a Thursday, I asked Mack if he wanted to go hiking with some friends and I on the local trails at the nearby State Park on Saturday.

Doctoral Discipline Pt. 04

fetish tom6432 2017-12-05

Before he answered the door he covered my head with my short skirt and pulled my panties up even tighter exposing my under cheeks. She dropped to her knees, just inside the door, which was now shut, her head lowered, her legs spread wide, her hands were outstretched holding the homework assignment and her mouth was open. "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out and don't pee until I allow you to do so," the Professor ordered. He took his thick rock like cock and slapped her panty covered face with his prick once on one cheek and then on the other. Annabelle tilted my head back and began to French kiss me with her tongue probing me deep inside my mouth.

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 06

fetish sissymissyct 2017-12-05

Miss Annie then reached around me and cupped my slight breasts in her hands and whispered to me "Yes you are a sweet sissy Brenda, and you soon be a perfect ditzy bimbo with the prettiest titties very soon." As Miss Annie brought me into the room and I saw the 2 doctors with Mistress Maddy, I hesitated and pulled her hand to stop her. Miss Annie stepped up with a warm wet cloth and cleaned me thoroughly as Mistress Maddy said that Mike needed to check some things with my clit before we proceeded. They all watched as a slight bit of resistance left in me tried to form the word no, but all that ended coming out was" yes Mistress I like looking at pretty cocks."

A Trip To The Dentist

fetish littlegeorgie000 2017-12-05

Tim stood along side Vonna’s limp body and un-zipped her blouse all the way, opening the loose sides, exposing all of both her big tits. “Come here.” Tim said, pulling his wet face from my wife’s cunt and looking at me. I got up and stood beside Tim. “Here, hold this.” He said as he grabbed Vonna’s left ankle, raised her leg up high and wide and handed it to me. “Wider!” Tim said as his cock touched Vonna’s cunt. I pulled her leg out farther and Tim took hold of his cock with his free hand and pushed it into Vonna’s hole. It only took a minute and Tim let out a long moan as he filled Vonna’s cunt with his hot cream.

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish cockster21 2017-12-05

Dave then pushed Catherine away from Kristen like the dominant male he is and forced her doggy style and was now getting her ass ready to meet his huge cock by spitting on it and fingering it slowly. I took his penis with my hand and started stroking his cock while kissing Catherine. Kristen was watching and rubbing her clit, saying things like "don't you like that big black cock inside your ass you little slut" or "that's it, fuck her ass harder". He then forced my mouth open and started fucking my mouth and I could taste Catherine's ass out of his black cock. It got in easier this time, and he fucked her ass passionately as I was licking Catherine's asshole like if it was ice cream.

A Stronger Love Ch. 02

fetish KatieTay 2017-12-05

On the morning before the duel - in my mind that was what I was terming it - Donna sent Ashley a picture of herself, flexing her right arm, topless but nipple off-camera, with the accompanying message: "the arm that will crush Katie :) looking forward to our good time tonight sweetheart". The moment Ashley lifted her hand, Donna gave a wild cry, and jerked hard on my arm. I couldn't hold her gaze for long - I looked away as Donna reached across to embrace Ashley with her brawny, sweaty arms. Ashley was passive, almost like a rag doll, as Donna gently cupped her face and brought her in for a full-on kiss.

An Exotic Dancer and Cum

fetish w8vem8ker 2017-12-05

While she was gently scratching the back of his head she pulled her robe back a bit and spread her legs apart so he could see her swollen pussy lips eating the string of her thong. She pushed hard into his cock making sure all his cum was shooting deep inside of her, she didn't want to loose one drop of his sweet sperm. As soon as she felt cum oozing from her pussy she sat up causing his softening cock to fall out and ooze it's last bit of cum onto his pants. After a thick ball of cum fell from pussy onto his cock she pulled her thong tight and squeezed her hole tightly shut.

Wife Trains Hubby as Her Cockslut

fetish Bisub4wife 2017-12-05

I'd place it back inside of her and carry on eating her pussy but damned if it didn't keep happening, sometimes his cock would end up in my mouth a dozen times or more before she came repeatedly and intensely. This fun soon became a staple of our sessions and regardless of who was fucking her and who was sucking on her pussy it didn't matter, somehow the cock kept slipping out of her pussy and into a warm mouth (usually mine). Suddenly she shifts and slips his cock out of her pussy and right into my mouth, he doesn't break stride and keeps on fucking away as if nothing happened!!

On Holiday with My Mother in Law

fetish nckboy 2017-12-05

Back at the caravan I know she want it as much as I do, and we go straight in to the bedroom and I slip her skirt and blouse off, she looks so hot in her cream lacy bra and black stockings, she lay down while I remove my clothes We’ve had hours of foreplay and now it’s time for her to feel my rampant cock inside her pussy. I was getting worked up and fucking her good as she started moaning and panting, thinking of my hard cock slipping in and out of her big fat smooth lips and feeling her tummy wobbling under mine made me give that little extra push at the end of my stroke

Panty Raid

fetish george34 2017-12-05

Then Kay (leader of the group) took one of the pairs of white panties he'd stolen and began pulling them up his body. They turned him around to get pictures of his ass in the cute little panties...the girls were laughing hysterically and definitely having some fun at Mike's expense. About 30 minutes went by and the girls had taken a lot of pics of Mike wearing several different panties. After the last girl got off of Mike, his cock was huge and he was dying to cum. As she stroked him, the other girls rubbed the panties on him...he could feel the cum moving up from his balls and knew he couldn't hold back any longer.

My Pregnant Wife

fetish Clansmansco 2017-12-05

A couple of days into our holiday Mary asked Garry if he and his wife like to join us for dinner. More wine and more sexy conversations continued until Garry asked my wife if she had thought about having her legs in the "stirrups" when she had to give birth? I untied her legs from the stirrups and Garry turned her on to all fours as he entered her again from behind and began fucking her as hard as he could again. Soon the sight before me of another man fucking my pregnant wife doggy style had my cock as hard as steel and Mary deep throated my cock as she was pushed on to it by each of Garry's thrusts.


I needed some flooring

fetish letmepleaseyou2006 2017-12-05

I needed flooring and had heard about this shop, it was a hike, in one of those utility like business parks where they seem to have every type of small company imaginable. As I stood there a minute, really taking in the room and finally getting a good look at the woman on the phone. I am studying the flooring and asking questions about the hardness and as I kept looking at her body, my dick started to get hard. I got down on the floor and put my tongue right up to her sweet pussy. And as my face was covered with that sweet nectar, I could finally feel her body contract and let me know that it had felt good too.

Sassy goes to the library.....

fetish pj01 2017-12-05

The librarian gives me the key to one of the small conference room while giving Sassy a knowing glance. She opens to the marked page which turns out to be the male reproductive organs and asks me the one question that let's me know what is on her mind; "What are the different ways the bl**d can bring the penis to full erection"? Sassy places her hand under the table and rubs the outline of my penis through the tented pants. Our room is mostly dark and Sassy and I are soon up on the table, rushing to see how intense is my erection and her reaction to it.

Revenge Pt. 02 Day 01: Her View

fetish JacobRain 2017-12-05

I usually trimmed them short, but this month I let them get a teensy bit past the tip of the finger painting them a red so dark it almost looked black.I made a claw shape reaching between his legs watching his eyes widen. Carefully not moving I took my right foot and placed the ball at the base of his penis wrapping my toes around the shaft, enjoying his short gasp of surprise. "Now you may ask if you wish" I said sliding my toes up the shaft so that it was firmly trapped between his belly and my foot. "Sit the bags at the end of the couch and bring me those shoes." I said like a child wanting to open a present.

Marcy's Travelling Patio Show

fetish papadog 2017-12-05

Marcy still liked him to bind her hand and foot with soft clothes line, give her a chemical enema while lying on the bed then beg him to put her on the toilet after about ten minutes when the chemicals had done their work. Todd knew the type---he would be the one to masturbate all the way through the performance and jack himself off while Marcy was in her finale; squalling in pain, eyes bugged out, her face taught, hips bucking and brown & yellow water gushing from her crotch openings. Todd especially liked the little move they worked out for her where she pushed her hand against her lower abdomen as if trying to lessen the 'pain'.

my dream come true

fetish victorkinky 2017-12-05

The day i'd been waiting for had arrived at last , my wife away for the weekend and time for anal fucking and prostate orgasms,, it began with a through clean inside as i do'nt like any mess on my toys and for a kinky change i raided the wifes sexy undwear draw and dressed in red and black basque ,red silk panties and red stocking and of to my lounge where four large mirrors are placed three behind one in front of pile of cushions and towels spread in front of a log fire ,my laptop signed into xhamster on one side of the mirror and a bucket of hot water and six different size jelly dildos from eight inch to f******n inch monster.

Footrub Friday Ch. 02

fetish noname333 2017-12-04

While Nicole slyly slid her silky toes up under my pant leg, I looked around the car and saw the five women grinning at me like I was their prey. Karen and Nicole were lightly sliding their nylon feet slowly up and down my slick legs, occasionally lightly swiping my balls as I moaned helplessly and strained against my bonds, while Katia gently trapped my cock and balls between her silky feet, grinning while I gasped. Karen and Nicole even slid a foot underneath me, so that I could caress their silky toes and arches with my bound hands, while the other girls continued tormenting me, never letting me come, but always taking me up to the edge of orgasm.

Men or Women How to Suck Cock

fetish 425olds 2017-12-04

If your lover has a normal (4-6 inch) length cock then the most erotic position is to kneel before him on a pillow and let him fuck your face. Pulling out and leaving only the cock head in your mouth lets you enjoy the f***e of his ejaculation and the taste of his semen. You then have the option of laying or sitting back and enjoying the ejaculate in your mouth before you swallow or even share some of it back with your lover. Finally one man was so turned on by my semen soaked face that he sucked me to my own orgasm and swallowed my cum.

Boy Brides Ch. 7

fetish yano 2017-12-04

Maybe the gin and tonics helped us all because Laura and Claire were very excited as they chose their gowns, and because I was ready first and in plenty time, I accepted Robert's offer to have a walk outside to meet some of the people helping. Claire climbed onto the edge of the ottoman and managed to balance with her legs open above our heads, her dildo aiming at our faces, as she stretched downward across the top of her sister to lick her pussy as I fucked Laura's ass. I really went to town on Nadine and she orgasmed three times which eventually earned me my wish when Mandy instructed me to fuck her as Mike continued to hold her with his dick up her ass, cum in her, and then pull out for the girls to drink up my cream.

The obedient girl and the old man

fetish 2017-12-04

As I stood before him, like a girl in the headmasters study, expecting a good caning across my bared buttocks for smoking, I saw the thin line of perspiration across his upper lip, then across the balding pate behind his thin hairline, he was feeling the heat about something, I wondered if it was the young body clad in two articles of clothing standing before him, 'You do as your asked', my mothers interjection jolted me from my train of thought, my dreamily unreality shifted from him to her, she was dressed and obviously going out, leaving me here alone with him, 'Be a good girl', she continued as she hurriedly made to leave, obviously keen for me to ensure her lover was not going to be disappointed once she left us alone, 'Just answer his questions honestly, and you will be a star', she concluded, and then we were alone, the door banged, and she was gone, suddenly I felt my lack of clothing, knickers and an ill-fitting t-shirt, made for too little protection, suddenly I instinctively knew, his interest in me, was more physical than social, I felt warm between my thighs, I had released some pee, I was urinating and could feel my pee run down my inner thigh, not much, just a trickle, just enough for him to notice.

Miss Megumi Ch. 01

fetish Ubiquitous101 2017-12-04

That was the root of the whole fetish: watching (and hearing) women openly farting like crazy as if it was no big deal, and loving the depravity behind all of it. Although I could not see what was happening, I could easily picture it in my mind: her enormous cool bubble-butt flattening itself against the toilet seat, her hands spread her ass cheeks apart, her grunting as she tried to break wind, her asshole flexing in and out with her efforts, her facial expression alternating. I grabbed my hard cock and, thinking about Megumi's toilet farts, jacked off until I blew my load onto the bathroom floor. After I had spent sufficient time to remove the evidence, I flushed the toilet to deceive her (as I heard Megumi getting close to where I was, looking for me) and left the bathroom.

Jenna from the club ch 6

fetish Blondegirl85 2017-12-04

I saw that no one was actually looking at us, but I still felt exposed with her hand squeezing my ass. > She nodded and said "Don't worry, I'm not a weirdo." She laughed and began stroking my hand with her fingers in a way that made me want to purr like a cat. > I looked over and spotted Jenna coming out of the bathroom. I felt a little full of myself, but I didn't mind as it was usually the other girls that left with a good-looking girl or guy. > I kissed the girls goodbye and made my way over to Jenna who was waiting at the door to the lobby.