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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

What I Was Born To Do

fetish powelldonovan 2017-12-04

My right hand grabbed the base of Jeff's cock and pointed it at my mouth just in time to capture the next stream of thick white sperm. I rubbed his balls and licked his shaft until I found the sensitive place under his head, and then I let him have it, licking and rubbing that tender place, then enclosing his whole cock in my mouth again while still running my tongue there. And so it was, in that sleazy room, in September of my first year in college, with the smell of come in the air and all of Jeff's semen in my belly, that I dedicated myself to hunting down stiff dicks and making them spurt, to finding the wild cock and drinking down all of its gooey goodness.

Training Slave C

fetish LovesNipples 2017-12-04

She was wearing only an ankle-length, dark blue kimono, with white Chrysanthemums on each breast, as she sat on the couch with her computer on her lap and by the time she had finished reading Master's email, her legs had shifted enough that the kimono had fallen open and the air blowing from the computer's cooling fan was flowing directly onto the soft, curly blond hair that covered her labia. The promised package arrived that afternoon, but the rest of the week seemed to drag by as she waited for a text message or email from the man she now called "Master", but nothing came until nearly time for her to go home on Friday evening.

Melinda's Fishy Discharge Ch. 02

fetish Paradiggler 2017-12-04

My fantasy portal opened into a world of Melinda's large, milky-white breasts and large nipples, her pubic hair covered vagina (I also referred to it at different waves of my fantasy as her cunt and pussy...); her stinky, discharge-stained white cotton panties; her pungent, fishy vaginal odour and the smell of her sweaty, soiled and swollen anus; I constantly imagined her sitting on the toilet - peeing, pooing, wiping and changing her tampons/pads throughout the day. I was so hoping I was going to get access to the inside of her pants at this point that accepting "no" for an answer was going to kind of kill the moment, although given the sensitivity of the situation, I could fully predict that Melinda was not going to easily allow me to see inside what were probably her heavily stained underpants and in turn, her most private and feminine of body parts.

Easy Cab

fetish RussH22 2017-12-04

"Look at you," he continued, "fingering your wife while you wank your big cock!" His observation about my dick took me by surprise, but I liked it and pushed myself forward a little so as to stick it further forward.I was getting hornier and hornier by the second and realised that I wanted to see what was in his other hand. I groaned out loud and heard him say, "Oh you have such a nice tight butt." I replied, "I bet all holes feel tight to your big dick, it's filling me up!" He chuckled and then reassured me, "Don't worry, you nearly have it all, oh it looks so good sliding into you." He pushed in more and I put my hand over my back, I wanted to feel it going in.

Pony Up

fetish Nate_Walis 2017-12-04

She made her way carefully back along the corridor that ran the length of the interior of the bus, stopping to examine things as she passed that had seemed perfectly normal and innocent only minutes before. There had been no reason for anyone to suspect or follow the tour bus, because despite the gaudy livery in which it was covered and the large number of fans that jostled to see the members of the band, there was still a seemingly identical vehicle parked outside the arena from which it had come. The way in which the door slid to one side and revealed only a small space beyond instantly gave away the fact that it was the entrance to a lift, rather than simply a portal into another room on the same level.

Milwaukee Cuckhold

fetish toothmedic 2017-12-04

We watched for a few minutes and Linda smiled and walked in and said, "looks like you need some help." She dropped to her knees and took the dildo out of Judy's hand and started licking furiously at Judy's very moist crotch. Linda smiled and said, "I know someone that can come over and play, why don't we go in the other room and let him wonder." Judy came over and with her cum filled face gave me a big kiss and said, "have fun, we're going in the other room." Linda walked over and rubbed her cum soaked face across mine and pinched my nipple."

Need for Punishment

fetish hanna_89 2017-12-04

I placed my sweaty forehead against the cool surface of the table, moved my hands slightly to accommodate my new position and tried to relax the muscles in my back in order to be able to hang on for a longer period of time. I was in a place where nothing else mattered, as long as my body was able to feel the pain it needed. You pushed yourself inside of me in one swift motion and moaned softly as my hot skin touched your hips. All too soon, your breathing became heavy, you started to moan and your body twitched and shook as an orgasm of epic proportions started to build inside of you.

Becca: Just Can't Wait

fetish kpaddack2 2017-12-04

Becca, a very slim brunette with B-cup breasts, had just finished applying her makeup for the dinner party she was going to with Kevin, her longtime boyfriend. She grabbed her purse and headed to the living room to wait for Kevin to get home. Lighting one, the brunette took a long drag, leaned back, and opened her booklet of erotic stories. In the so-called true story, the redhead ended up sucking the officer to orgasm, happily swallowing a huge load of cum. As the fictional burglar began to force his huge member into the struggling woman's surprisingly wet pussy, Becca pulled her thong panties aside and started rubbing her clit.

Fantasy Dancers

fetish chatbug 2017-12-04

When the next song started Sandy peeled off her t-shirt, lit another cigarette, and sat in my lap facing me. When the song ended, Sandy asked me, “Do you want a lap dance from Judy?” Judy hit me once every five to ten seconds with the belt, and I pulled on my cock as hard as I could to get to Sandy’s pussy, but she was just too far away for me to do more than tickle her with my tongue. After they stopped kissing and fondling each other’s breasts, Sandy got up and Judy lay down on the bed, her pussy inches from my face.

Menstrual Love

fetish hotpup 2017-12-04

I grabbed her by the crotch as she walked toward me down the hall expecting to feel the warmth of her cunt through her pants, but, instead I felt the unmistakable outline of a woman’s mini-menstrual pad. Taking the tampon from our mouths I handed it to her saying, “Here, use it to yank the shit out of my prick while you sit on my mouth with your fantastic nasty cunt! She explained how to use the applicator and then let me stick her tampon in followed by attaching her pad. I fell asleep that night snuggled on her thigh with my face buried in the crotch of her panties against her menstrual pad.

The Cult of Venus Ch. 03

fetish Iole 2017-12-04

She had never wanted children and feared becoming pregnant, but after living with so many pregnant and lactating women - some of whom gave birth every ten months - she had lost her dread, and the realization that she might be getting knocked up actually increased her enjoyment of being fucked and intensified her orgasms. Lila's tits had been randomly sucked before and during her pregnancy, according to the whims of her lovers, but as the time drew near for her to give birth she began a regular schedule of nipple conditioning to prevent the soreness and cracking that nursing infants sometimes caused.

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 04

fetish fargas111 2017-12-04

His father is now considered the wife of Lieutenant Fawzi in secret of course while his mother has already given birth to a black baby, General Raji's baby, but that story has a lot more details as Khaled will soon discover. And the ironic thing is that Mohammad has tried for months to knock up Souraya with their first and only child while General Raji needed only one time to impregnate Salim's mother with his bastard baby. Hammering her like a mad man fucks a slut on the street; the mother couldn't hold her screams anymore as she began moaning in heat and passion feeling the black cock inside her knocking down the defenses of her cervix.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 13

fetish Alfamann 2017-12-04

With cheers and whistles from the inmates ringing in my ears I hurried from the Sheriff's office and walked quickly towards the hotel where my husband, Michael, and Mother in Law, Jane, had said they would wait for me at the bar. I tensed as I felt my Mother in Law's hand take hold of the bottom of my mini baby doll dress, lifting it fully up to expose my milky white buttocks. All I could do was smile with embarrassment as I put my hand on my Mother in Law's shoulder for support and stepped into my panda cotton panties. "Tell Michael what you are going to do with the tissues, Kym." My Mother in Law did not want to miss the opportunity to ratchet up the humiliation.

Seeing Alicia Again

fetish LoveTomorrow 2017-12-04

Then, she sat next to me- with short dirty-blonde hair a cute smile and legs that I could lick for hours. Licking where her high-heel once was, I came to the realization that I was once told it's an erogenous zone for women to have the middle toe sucked. Without hesitation I made my way back down, and with both hands I spread her legs wider, and smiled even wider at her. I'd sometimes tickle that rough spot at the top, and sometimes I'd switch hands and breasts- making her shirt wet with her own juices, not that it wasn't already sweaty. "I have a confession to make," She said with a sultry voice and a panting smile, "I knew you weren't drunk.

Curvy Size Queens at the Gym

fetish JagFarlane 2017-12-04

Dave waved off the pouty face he got from Christy when she protested at cutting off the workout short, reminding her that if she was having issues focusing on the barbell that it wasn't the safest idea to continue to work out when she couldn't focus completely on the workout. By late Friday night, Christy had Ellen so worked up over the idea of what it would look like to have Dave buried in her rear, she finally gave it. When he heard a giggle, Dave snapped out of the daze but didn't catch that it was Ellen giggling as she stole a peek at his boxers, all he knew is that he was feeling much hornier than usual and a bit of concern that perhaps he wasn't going to be able to hide that too much longer.

Not quite cuckolding

fetish HotGuyinSatin 2017-12-04

He showed me wifelovers and I posted a picture of my pussy after he ate me out for the tenth time that day. I haven't really had sex with huge cocks but he's definitely small compared to others, I was missing having big hard cocks fucking me. I love being bent over in doggy having my pussy rammed, although I love my boyfriends cock, no matter how hard he fucks it just isn't the same. Right away we made plans to have dinner, me knowing that I was going to get fucked good. I started telling him how easy he had made me cum, and how the cock could barely fit in my mouth.

Bianca Behind Bars (Part 1)

fetish BiancaBigTits 2017-12-04

"According to a witness, you were flashing your, and I quote, 'massive, throbbing cock, shouting 'who wants to suck me dry?'" Officer Goldsnatch smiled as she told Bianca what happened the previous night. "This is really embarrassing, Officer Goldsnatch." Bianca blushed hard, crossed her legs, and did her best to cover her fat cock with her hands. "Mmmmm, has anyone ever told you your cock smells so fucking sexy!" Officer Goldsnatch was intoxicated by the musky, futa scent of Bianca's girl cock, and began to sniff closer to her heavy ballsack. Tori reached up with her right hand and began to jerk Bianca as she sucked on her fat cock head.

Chris & Denise

fetish cbf316 2017-12-04

As I got closer she told me "I was just in the area and I was walking around with no shoes on cause my feet hurt and I needed a massage." As she did that she took her red nails and moved them up and down the length of her foot. "Let's see if your cum still tastes as good as it did when we went out." Denise tilted the heel and sucked down a few drops of my cum in her mouth. God it tasted so good in my mouth like I never stopped sucking her feet. "I'm gonna cum soon..oh don't your mouth comes my love juice," and with that her whole body shook as she let loose with a pretty damn big orgasm.

Angela and Vonda Ch. 06

fetish carvohi 2017-12-04

If that wasn't bad enough Vonda had taken to letting Mary wear regular street clothes instead of her maid's attire, and it was starting to look as though Mary was beginning to assume more and more of the responsibilities, and concomitant privileges, normally afforded the woman of the house. When Mary had finished Angela's little puss looked like a child's; all smooth, silky soft, and pink. Mary rubbed the ocher into her aureoles and nipples, "See Angela, you'll look extra pretty for Vonda and the doctor." She gave Angela an extra pretty smile, "Yes indeed your breasts and nipples certainly look beautiful now." She leaned forward and bit the tip of the distraught woman's right breast causing her to flinch, "tasty too!" She re-buttoned the romper top.

Teacher's Pets

fetish Jenne64 2017-12-04

Paul stuttered, "What is lesson two, Miss?" He was a good looking lad, nice body and obviously spent time in the gym. She felt her own juices begin to flow freely as they took their dicks into their hands and began to apply the techniques that she had taught them last time. She lead David's hand down towards her breast and allowed him to feel them while she continued to stroke his cock slowly. Quickly she turned her attention to David's equally firm cock again she placed it in between her lips, again it spewed it's hot salty liquid into her mouth as she pumped it back and forth.

Dry and Wet

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-12-04

To her - there was nothing else in the world at that time...than the thick, long, hot cock that seemed to move on its own inside her mouth. He kissed her lower mouth with passion and desire...he blew hot air on her bud...he took long, wide, slow laps from her ass to her clit. She opened her eyes just as the tip of his cock entered her and stretched her as more and more of his length and girth filled her pussy and massaged her walls. She magnified her movements and clamped her pussy down on him as she felt the great, hot spurts of his semen washing the insides of her. As he released his hold on her legs, and her ass lowered and touched the blanket, the world returned once again.

88% wet

Can I See It

fetish rick_oh 2017-12-04

Trusting my instincts, I put my arms around her and we kissed, just like I had told her of my time with Amy. A moment later we fell to the bed, and she guided me inside her. Finally Tess said, "Okay, Amy, I want you to fuck him good!" Tess regarded the whole scene with intense interest, and saw me lick and kiss Amy's cum-filled pussy through two orgasms. When Amy came out of her orgasmic saturation, she said she wanted to watch Tess get her pussy filled and licked. After Amy left, Tess said, "I know I intended for this to be a one time thing, but if it's okay, I'd like to do this again.

The Negotiator

fetish negotiator 2017-12-04

The breast itself was very solid when first I wrapped my hands around it, so full of milk, but as the minutes went by and I sucked it through her long, thick nipple, some suppleness returned to the delightful orb's flesh. Wrapping my hands around it, like a milk filled coconut, I leaned forward and took this new, large nipple into my mouth. There was a brief moment when she appeared poised to react negatively, but I could feel juices releasing around my finger and with a louder moan, Sarah thrust her belly upwards and her hands wrapped behind my head and pulled my face into the flesh of her breast.

Leila - The First Level Ch. 02

fetish susypeat 2017-12-04

I had to swallow a couple of times pretty hard and downed a whole glass of water to clean my mouth of all of my sperm but then I felt really turned on by the whole submission she sent me through. I pressed her against the door, my hands were firmly placed on her perfect ass and my mouth, lips and tongue were just sucking, kissing and licking on this beautiful, well-smelling vagina. While my mouth was busy cleaning my queen's foot, I watched her how she had put her head back, her eyes closed and softly moaning while playing with her right hand in her panties.