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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Slave Ch. 02

fetish slaveheathen 2017-12-04

"slave, stop fucking yourself and stand up." I quickly got to my feet, the Bam falling out of my hungry ass as I stood up. There I was on my knees in my piss soaked schoolgirl outfit, my Mistress under me with her Holmes strapon up my ass, while a man I'd just met that day had his seven inch cock buried in there with it. "Goddamn!" Mistress just kept smirking and started running her arm all the way in and out of my ass. I dropped to my knees and took that long black snake down my throat, right there in the door, letting that 18 year old black pizza delivery boy skull fuck his first white sissy.

The Arrangement Ch. 08

fetish Mr Robert 2017-12-04

Margaret explained to the two men that Tina had never before experienced a cock the size of her partner's and that William would assist by using his tongue to lubricate her tight little pussy. William, licking his lips, was, somehow, now kneeling between Tina's lovely long legs and he slowly lowered his head towards her beautifully framed cunt in her silky crotch- less knickers. I could hear him slurping away at my lovely wife's centre of passion and heard Margaret and the two black men laughing at the grotesque scene. "Jamie, I want you to ask Chico nicely, if he would please give Tina a good fucking with his big black cock.

Steph's Descent Ch. 01

fetish 62_goo 2017-12-04

This particular evening Steph was venting about Phil, her husband. Steph loved Phil but was fed up with her sex life. Steph was worried that she had put on too much weight over the years but Phil loved her body. The discussion centred on either a body piercing or a tattoo, two things Phil hated. The following Friday, Steph's friends got together and decided to dare her to get a tattoo. One of them had a small heart tattooed onto her butt and thought Steph could do the same. They all thought Steph should get a small tattoo in a place where Phil wouldn't see it. Given that it was about ten o'clock on a Friday night Steph asked if the parlour would be open.

Outdoor Shower - An Adult Story

fetish 2017-12-04

About ten minutes later I look up to see some more people walking along the water. They were quite big as she turned her head to look down the beach. I smiled as I look down to see my cock had moved my shorts low on my hips and 28inch waist. She moved her small hands to try to soap her big ass. She opened her eyes when the hot water ran down my cock into her mouth. I smiled again when I plunged my cock deep in the red hair girls pussy. This is not there beach house." said the real estate lady as she ran down the hall. A minute later I had a big smile on my face as I erupted deep inside her pussy.

Bound to Come Back Again

fetish whitetiger420 2017-12-04

I didn't want to pry any further but I'm sure she could see the look on my face, the wheels spinning in my head, and so she smiled and rolled her eyes at me, and said, "I guess I can tell you, but it's a little freaky..." "Well, inevitably," Ann said, continuing with her story while her hands continued to work, "things started to get a bit carried away. "So one time, when I was the 'hostage', after tying me up, instead of tickling me, Kate and Kendra suddenly pounced on June, like they'd had it planned, and stripped off her clothing and tied her up as well.

Wet Seduction Ch. 04

fetish threelayers 2017-12-04

Helen smiled, "Well, if I was you and I knew that a member of staff had seen that data, but had possibly not seen any problem with it and maybe thought that the 'data' was okay and hadn't told anybody about it in the hope that they might be given access to similar 'data' in the future in a more hands on role. "I'm sure the member of staff involved would be more than willing to start straight away." Helen said trying to hide her excitement, "And I can't see weekend work being a problem. Helen wasted no time in beginning to unbutton Brenda's blouse, once open she ran her hands over Brenda's large breasts and kneaded the dark nipples through her bra.

The Humiliation Of Jane

fetish wastedaway 2017-12-04

"I was just about to get up and leave anyway," said Jane, trying to hide the fact that she couldn't resist Tom's request. "What do you mean, you pervert," said Jane, as she followed Tom out of the carol and into the main section of the library where about ten people were sitting their awaiting her arrival. "Where is the dean?," said Jane, "I was d**gged and attacked by the library staff last night." Jane entered the Dean's office, and said, "Mr. Johnson, I was d**gged and sexually assaulted by the entire library staff last night!" The dean handed Jane his coffee cup and said, "Here, sit up and squeeze the rest of my cum into this cup."

Secrets In Suburbia

fetish LoveBlossoming 2017-12-04

Angeline was a gorgeous young girl, around eighteen or nineteen with dark red hair and hazel eyes, but Mr. Johnson had Dark brown hair, was in his early thirties and had blue eyes, most of the neighbors assumed that she had gotten her fair skin and hazel eyes from her mother, which was true, but what the neighbors didn't know was that Mr. Johnson was not her father, sure they looked close in age, but she could be sixteen and he be forty six for all that they knew, no one asked questions, no one cared, the wives had more interesting things to gossip about.

Samantha Becomes a Piss Mop Ch. 02

fetish showife 2017-12-04

Tom quickly moved up to her face and as soon as he placed his cock against her lips she opened her mouth wide. I think John liked seeing her clothes get soaked as the next time he filled he mouth he instructed her to let it all run down her chin. The sight her of her piss covered clothing was stimulating to us all and as soon as John reached down to grab one side of her shirt Tom grabbed the other and they ripped it open. Sam was pretty much stuck at that point as she was kneeling on the floor of the men's room, bare breasted, soaked in piss, and a face covered with cum.

Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 01

fetish curl4ever 2017-12-04

Second, Coach Cortez has taken the Cheerleading Team to Nationals eight out of the last ten years, but your football program hasn't even been competitive in their league once during that time. Liz turned to Josh and stated "Now, I suppose that in case you're thinking of something personal, captain-to-captain, I'll let you see an attempt at 90." Adding the requisite ten pounds to the bar, she stood, set her shoulders, and with her elbows motionless at her hips, started the bar moving upwards. Liz raised the weight to 180 and each cheerleader did one competition-perfect lift, pausing the bar at her chest and keeping the bar's motion smooth and level. Ignoring the fury in Josh's eyes, Liz added another twenty pounds to the bar, and four of the women took turns pressing the weight.

Fucking Pantyhose

fetish ualmech88 2017-12-04

With that said, Sandy left and got into her car for the trip to the mall and April entered the living room to find Ronnie seated in the middle of the sofa with his head down. She knew she was playing with fire and that her friend Sandy would not have approved of her actions but April was moved by an irresistible urge to get up from her chair and join Ronnie on the sofa. It felt great to April having this young man so appreciate her legs in this manner and was prepred to enjoy his touch for some time when he moaned and stopped abruptly after less than a minute.

Silver Chains (Male Bondage)

fetish PoisonousLynn 2017-12-04

She walked around his body, admiring his bare flesh as she placed his jeans on the table, taking a bowl and slipping an ice cube between her lips. The sound of the wood cr****g over the floor startled him, but he tried to hide it as she knelt in front of him and secured his ankles to the legs of the table with simple fabric ties, she tugged the blindfold from his arm and used it to secure his hands further before lowering the chains and allowing him to sit on the desk. His arms jerked forward, the chains jangling as he gripped her hair, tugging as she slammed her hips down, taking him to the hilt before stopping entirely.

Magic Panties Ch.03 (sissy story) by nolfon

fetish 2017-12-04

For those just joining us, let me recap, my name is, Roy, yeah let's go with Rachel, and a few days ago a pair of panties got delivered to my house, I tried them on, and since then I've been compelled to crossdress and even allowed a random guy I met online to come over and fuck me hard. Soon the panties and shorts were off and I was lying on my bed stroking my cock and rubbing my budding tits. The vibrations felt great, and soon I started to work it into me slowly. I left the dildo vibrating in my ass and resumed rubbing my tits and stroking my now raging member.

The Blonde and the Brunette Pt. 02

fetish HairAddict67 2017-12-04

Slowly my memories came back to me, and I would have thought them a dream had I not opened my eyes to see Eliza's hair wrapped around my dick being massaged by Amy. "I like the taste of me on you." She then looked at Eliza seductively and said, "Maybe you should try it some time." The simple thought of that got the blood pumping through my cock and I couldn't wait for them both to shower and get their hair all clean and perfect for me to fuck up! Eliza broke this kiss for a moment to say, "Zack, I stopped you from completing your sentence earlier because I wanted to say it first."

The Natural

fetish karmadarma 2017-12-04

Sandra said her mother always uses an open toe shoe and that high heel sandals, seemed to work the best. Yea looking all right, his eyes kept moving from my face to my feet, like some kind of jumping bean. You Ron Farrel, would love nothing better then for an chance to kiss, my foot!" "Go on Ron", I whispered, "give my foot a little kiss." As I leaned back comfortably on the couch, I used my sandaled foot to toy with his face, stroking the tops of my nylon clad toes to the underside of his chin, lightly brushing my shoe against his cheeks, then rubbing my soles against his forehead and nose.

Goddess Mina: Cravings

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2017-12-04

She is a siren and uses her face, body and feet to bring men to their doom. Goddess instructed me to breath deep and relax we were going to have a good time and that I was safe there. Goddess told me to sit up and face her as she sat on the couch. It was a very intimate moment as I read poetry to my goddess as she rested her feet on my shoulders. Goddess stuck her toes and feet in and out of my mouth for some time she seemed to enjoy it very much. I am sure if it happened in real life I would follow instruction for her...I know it won't but I can dream about it.

Milky Tits Ch. 01

fetish amypussy 2017-12-04

I usually work out of my office at home, and get hard ons through out the day, especially if I get a view of our baby sucking Jenny's huge, milky tits. "I'm gonna suck 'em, Jenny to keep 'em real big and milky, the way I like 'em, now see how big and hard your big milky tits made my cock?" "Yes Baby, now sit on my cock, and work a big load of cum into your sweet pussy, and I'll milk your tits." "please suck some milk out, my breasts are so sore...I'll let you come inside me 50 time a day, I'll do anything you want Ken, Please...

A moment in Taos

fetish stormietv 2017-12-04

I’ve only been to Taos like one other time so I wouldn’t know of a place to change in a hurry and wasn’t going to stop at some gas station bathroom to do it because the last thing I wanted to do was attract attention. It didn’t take long for the wine to kick in and she asked if I wanted to touch them. I fucked her with that vibrator for a few minutes more and she starting to stroke her cock as if it couldn’t get any more exciting. I slowly took the vibrator back out and helped her finish herself off feeling that nice warm cum in my hands and rubbing her cock with the stickiness.

Santa Came Early

fetish shynticklish 2017-12-04

Between being held down and tickled, watching Dave tickle Santa, which was making Santa laugh and shake even harder, and unable to hide her shyness from either man, Amy felt an orgasm building deep inside her pussy. Dave kissed the top of her head, stroking her hair and said, "He's gone, sweetie." At that moment they both heard a tinkling of sleigh bells and a distant chuckle of "Ho Ho Ho." Amy gazed up at Dave and as their eyes locked, he whispered, "Merry Christmas cutie." Amy wrapped her arms around him, feeling his soft, round belly against her and breathed in his scent as they both drifted off to sleep.

Gym workout & benefits! Part 2 of a hard wor

fetish U4ic 2017-12-04

The following week I arrived to pump up at the end of hours & knew time was of the essence plus showering had to be done before closing to not have staff f***e clients out of the locker room. My fantasy now starts to permeate my mind & Steph looms in my thoughts as I know it's just not likely to happen again. I start my shower & soap up as I work my hardening muscle with my eyes closed. I am lost rubbing & slowly stroking myself with my eyes closed when I hear a voice right behind me say, mind if I join you? Figuring we didn't have much time I went at her like a jackhammer & the slapping noise from our shaved bodies echoed in the shower.

Nasty Night Out

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-04

My wife was in the front seat sucking on Jim’s cock, Jane had my cock all the way down her throat and I had to make her stop sucking me so hard or I was going to cum. Jim’s cock was killing me but my wife started sucking on my swollen balls and licking that little piece of skin between my asshole and balls and Jim’s cock started felling good in my ass till he started to swell up and when he started cumming I though he was going to rip my asshole apart. I looked over at my wife and she was riding on top of Jim’s big cock, I told Jane to go over there and stick her hard cock into my wife asshole and fuck her.

What Sarah Seeks Ch. 02

fetish FizzEd 2017-12-04

I spread her cheeks with my hand and touched just the tip of my tongue against her anal rose, tasting a woman's ass for the first time in my life. I began to move gently inside her, my cock moving deeper with each stroke as her ass relaxed and she accepted my invasion of her most private orifice. I slowly pulled my still mostly stiff cock from her ass and lay down upon her back, covering her cheek, neck and shoulders with a hundred tiny kisses. "You have the most delicious looking ass." The she bent down and tongued my rose, lightly at first but then diving in like a starving woman at a banquet.

Ben's Blueberry Adventure

fetish OnTheBonnetOfThatCadillac 2017-12-04

"I bet you feel so helpless" she said cruelly as she began pushing him, causing him to roll over and over and over never relenting, refusing to pause long enough to let him catch his breath, he was trapped completely at her mercy. "Baby please stop I beg of you" Ben panted, his face strained with the continued fruitless efforts of getting her to relent even if just for long enough for him to regain his breath. She kissed him lightly and began to walk away from his tired, immobile body, in her barefooted state she trod on a thorn, the very same thorn that had got Ben into all of this mess.

Hell Week at the Kappa House

fetish lonads 2017-12-04

At this point, my Big Brother, Brian, stepped forward, encircling my torso with his strong arms from behind, and began to remove my shirt. Our Big Brothers would perform the initial, ceremonial shaving, but each pledge was responsible for keeping his body free of hair for the rest of the week. One brother even asked a couple of the women present to check my body for stubble with their fingers, and to verify that my pledge pin was firmly attached to my naked chest. After confirming that each pledge was still willing to go through the rigors of Hell Night, the High Master ordered our Big Brothers to begin the ceremonies.