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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Train (A Futa Story)

fetish evilbread341 2018-09-30

I figured this would be a pretty empty train ride, seeing as Kansas wasn't exactly "bumping" so I didn't feel bad about relaxing in this way. So it was much to my shock that when my guided hand was finally placed upon her tight pants leg, a huge snake seemed to be waiting for me. Holding it in one hand, standing tan and tall, I was placed right in front of the head, looking like a small apple. There was no way I could handle that large of a cum blast, and it knocked my head off of her cock. Cum drizzled out of my mouth, and I rested on her huge thigh as she laid back in her seat.

Lisa Makes a New Friend

fetish pan321 2018-09-30

Without thinking too much about it, Lisa grabbed bobby's hand, asked Susan to get the tab for her and pretty much dragged the little guy toward the front door. Bobby looked like he needed an explanation so she told him how nice it was to talk to a normal guy for a change. Backing off she slid a hand around his thin upper thigh and then, pulling back the elastic on his little bikini briefs, she moved her hand onto his crotch and cupped his little "man parts." Bobby stiffened like he had been hit with an electric probe and his hands jumped from her shoulders to her legs. "Open up wide babe!" Bobby accepted the ball gag in his mouth and Lisa began to strap the harness around his head and worked the straps really tight.

Dirty Games with My Wife

fetish fetishfreak_2000 2018-09-30

"Hurry up slave," WHACK riding crop on the ass, "I don't have all night, and if you're too slow you won't get your reward." I managed to get her panties down to her ankles but she didn't lift her feet. The panties slipped off her other leg and I hesitated between her panties and her sole for a few seconds, which gave Mistress enough time to swat my ass good with the crop. She handed the jar to me and said, "Well slave, looks like you have to get to those panties, but remember," she said with a wicked smile, "No hands." We both knew what that meant. Mistress's pissy panties came down and slapped me right in the face, covering my nose and mouth.

I'm Her Butt Slut

fetish JoeCool14 2018-09-30

I let my hand drop from her breast to reach back down to her hip, slowly stroking back and forth between her hips, my fingers stroking along her neatly trimmed pubic mound, occasionally running down the inside of her thigh, before finally reaching back to grab her ass and pull her close against me. She crawled forward on all fours, settling with her left arm around my torso, and pulled my legs apart, reaching forward with her right hand to stroke the insides of my thighs as I felt her hot breath against my cock. Watch your Mistress come without you." She laid back down on my body, her ass sitting on my chest, her feet still on each side of my head, and my eyes were riveted on her pussy, just inches from my face.

Nicole's Sexy Adventures

fetish Linda_Laine 2018-09-30

The Japanese boss guy said something to the translator. The Japanese boss said something and the translator told me I needed to get on my knees and put my hands behind my back. One of the Japanese men was breathing heavy now, his hand rubbing against his tiny erect cock urgently and I could tell he was about to cum. I looked at my boss and he nodded, making sure I got the message that I will have to go through with this humiliation to the very end if I want to keep my job. When they had all been satisfied the Japanese boss said something, and the translator said he was pleased and would continue working with our company.

Summer Stopover

fetish ViridianQS 2018-09-30

Tossing her heels onto the bank, she stepped into the gently flowing water, wading knee-deep in the warm, inviting creek. Her skirt became soaked as she stood with her legs spread apart, allowing her to feel the warm water pass against her womanhood. She stepped onto the bank, feeling the slippery warm sediment part beneath her feet, making it difficult for her to keep her footing. She pulled her back leg free, feeling the gloopy sand drag her feet down. She began to feel nervous at the warm, sucking sand around her legs. Wearied by her adventure, she began to make her way back to the motel, hoping to slip back into her room without anyone noticing her sand-covered naked body.

Drinking Sabs at Uni in Manchester

fetish yummicreme 2018-09-30

As I came out of the bathroom I heard Sabs and Danny hard at it. A few minutes later Danny joined me for a cuppa before shooting back to his flat to get started on an essay due for the Monday morning. As I went upstairs to my room I noticed Sabrina's door was open. Five minutes later she was down in the kitchen, hair full of shampoo, cursing the shower. Five minutes later the plumber doused the fire inside her with another blast of cum. A few minutes later Sabrina came to tell me that she had somehow managed to negotiate a special student discount :-) Then she told me that she knew I had a taste for licking her out when she was full of cum.

Waist Obsession

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-30

Patient in tears requested that I should not remove or even loosen the leather casing on her waist. 6 Mai 1905 At 5 o'clock in morning called to Fraulein Bloom by Dr Buonomo who appeared to have been present all night. 7 Mai 1905 Police report that unknown man asked about patient at Precinct office this morning. 13 Mai 1905 Visited Fraulein Bloom in morning and found patient conscious and lucid. Professor Dr Giessel: Fraulein Bloom has suffered from an attack of hysteria caused by grief at death of parents and indifference of man named Friedrich. I did not wear my leather belts in those months because Friedrich did not want me or my waist.

The Slave Ch. 07

fetish Zoeeee 2018-09-30

Brenda got up and took a leash off one wall, attached it to Ross' collar and the four went upstairs for breakfast. Sara attached the opposite end of the collar to a floor hook which safely secured Ross' head and neck, preventing any injury. Brenda knelt down beside the slave's head and screamed in his face, "Don't you EVER even think about defying any one of us ever again." She reached down at that point and slapped his cock extremely hard, which was lying on the floor pointed toward his feet. Facing his ball sac in her sitting position she had a very firm grip still using both of her hands, she pulled straight up, stretching the foreskin out tightly the hundreds of small nerve endings screaming out pain to Ross.

Easy in Japan Ch. 02

fetish Spiritogre 2018-09-30

"Hmmmm," 'this bimbo is such a hot bitch, I could fuck her for hours,' "I love your pussy, Tomoko, it feels really nice." The man, for the first time, had forgotten about business and finally started to enjoy the act himself. Starting a fast pounding rhythm the older woman fucked Junko's little twat with that dildo for a long time. Then I'll have enough money to start a new life in a good place, maybe get a decent job and hopefully a proper husband.' The really 27 years old hooker faded away dreaming of a better future not knowing that her bosses had very different plans with her and no intention to let their precious, money making possession wander off without getting everything possible out of her.

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 09-10

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-09-30

Ken observed Donna's bullet bra was now filled out to the point that satin cup tips were slightly tented by her thrusting nipple tips and coyly said, "It looks like you nipples are ready to be milked, so let's get you up in the stand." Ken took the tape measure from the end table drawer and placed it around Donna's chest with her nipples protruding out and slightly tenting the pre-formed satin material of the cone bra cup tips to determine her exact chest measurement, and then announced, "You did well in that bullet bra as you measure a full 38-7/8 inches.

The Wet Patch (continued)

fetish bobsmart 2018-09-30

Sally was one of those girls who knew instinctively what a boy wanted. She knew that she didn't have to go to the bathroom to wash her pussy before going to bed with a guy - with him left desperately wanking for five minutes in the bedroom, in anticipation of the sex to come. She wasn't one of these girls that needed telling not to wash all trace of their womanly smell away from their pussies. It was wonderful to savour the changing smell of her pussy. From the slightly salty taste of sweat and pussy juice mixed together as her knickers were first removed, to that milder smell and taste as her fresh juices started to flow in expectation of a cock entering her.

A Love Story....???

fetish sarah_siddons 2018-09-30

As I said Sarah was in a frivolous mood, a mood I loved and whilst Jeanluc stood at my side having offered me a little wine to taste, Sarah's foot began to masturbate me, gently at first then rhythmically crushing my throbbing cock against my body. Regaining a bit of her composure Sarah continued where she had left off before being interrupted by her ecstatic spasms...."But, not contented with these outer posts, she now attempts the main spot, and began to twitch, to insinuate, and at length to force an introduction of a finger into the quick itself, in such a manner, that had she not proceeded by insensible gradations that inflamed me beyond the power of modesty to oppose its resistance to their progress, I should have jumped out of bed and cried for help against such strange assaults."

Fun with Feet

fetish pressmybutton 2018-09-30

"Thanks," he said, "You didn't think I was maybe a little bit over dramatic? I'm a little bit nervous but I feel like I already kind of know you. His hand stayed just a little bit too long too :) I admit that I felt loads of chills. I said, "Yeah, I guess you are right." And felt bad and then kissed him once. I was getting so frustrated because he didn't touch me downstairs that I felt like I was going to die. So he slowly went to kiss my foot and it felt like a shock again and my leg kicked him again. Then he started above me knees where the pants ended and kissed my legs and I couldn't move them and I was going crazy.


Dragon Micro

fetish Haxxorz 2018-09-30

Adaline had spent literal hours sneaking past the Red Dragon of this Dungeon to access his massive stash. With nowhere to run, Adaline could do nothing but watch in horror as the gigantic serpent shot forward, pinning her to the solid-like bed of gold coins and trinkets. Suddenly, she looked around in horror to realize that she was literally shrinking; the dragon, once only the size of her, now towered over her. However, to Adaline's tiny size it looked like a rocket. However, her tiny size made this pointless, if not pleasurable for the dragon, a thought which was confirmed by the creature's growing erection. Adaline practically lost her footing, and was now clinging to his dick for dear life.

Intrinsic Right

fetish D_Lynn 2018-09-30

As Corinne started blabbing on about what she was looking for, I turned my attention to Jesse. I frowned at Corinne when Jesse wasn't looking. Jesse fiddled with the bottom edge of her blouse, then shot me a glance when Corinne turned to point at the edge of the carpet. My wife led Jesse down the hall to continue their discussion, and moments later, I was chastising myself for lusting after a girl so young. This realization plagued my mind as Corinne saw Jesse to the door. "Don't you think it would be better if we waited until next week for Jesse to start work?" During work-from-home days, it was unusual for me to wear anything but my boxers, but I, of course, knew that wasn't going to fly with Jesse.

The Lodgers Lingerie Ch. 01

fetish lycranlace 2018-09-30

With one hand I pulled my now very wet hard on out from the confines of the black thong and started stroking myself gently with the white lace boyshorts whilst with my free hand I dialled Val's work number. I bent over in front of the mirror and looking over my shoulder watched the image of the thong and lacy tops of the hold ups showing from beneath the hem line of the short skirt as I thrust my hips and imagined that I was shagging Val. I grabbed a pair of Val's lace panties that I had reprocessed and once again shot my sticky load into the handful of lace.

The Hook in the Bedroom

fetish beccajane 2018-09-30

I moved to the floor on my knees, opening and pulling down his pants to release his manliness, I took him into my mouth. He attached this rack to the hook above his bed and pulled a robe type webbing. As I regained my composure he once again elevated me to his mercy, with my hands and feet nearly touching the ceiling he stood on his mattress and enter me with his incredibly large and hard shaft. I could not bear it as no man has ever enter me so deep, it was nearly painful as he bottomed out, I suffered as it felt like he was crossing the threshold into new region of my body.

Panty Thief Confesses All!

fetish CAP811 2018-09-30

Then I drew up your panties, feeling the joy that comes the first time you put on a woman's most intimate garment and know that it's now yours to cherish. No. As I stood there in your bedroom wearing your panties, Mrs. Riley, I could feel the coppery taste of fear in my mouth; cold dread in the pit of my stomach. By the way, did you know that Mrs. Haley wears only thong style panties? But anyway, as you can imagine, Mrs. Riley, I carefully examined the crotch of both her panties, and found not even one strand of pubic hair. Now, I'm really hoping Megan will show me what's in those panties, Mrs. Riley, but she doesn't.

Metamorphosis Ch. 01: The Glistening Tip

fetish dirtymaria 2018-09-30

Standing barely a foot away from me, his little cock was still at full mast, staring up at the ceiling, the little glistening pink head half sheathed by the taut foreskin. As he picked up pace, I leaned forward to get a closer look, only to realise that my face was now inches away from the tip of his cock. Me, so close to your cock..." I leaned in even further, my mouth barely an inch away from his cock head which could probably feel my breath on it. And when I'm back, I want to see you on the bed on all fours, your head on the bed and your ass facing the sky." With that, I let go of his cock and sniffed my hand as I walked away.

Donna...Part 3

fetish Croozer 2018-09-30

I was becoming very uncomfortable, and decided to leave, when Donna said, "Merrill you horn-dog...are you staring at my boobs?" He was sitting across from me, and I had seen him leering at her, but now noticed the teent in his khaki shorts. He told said, "Why don't you take that sexy little panty off and let me and the k** have a go with you?" She moved aside, stood up, and said, "Here's the deal, Merrill...the only one in this room I intend to fuck - AGAIN - is Trev.

Fond memories of my Mom

fetish knallimon 2018-09-30

The funny thing is that now, many years later, I get a huge turn-on from remembering her naked body or one of the many sex-related situations which I encountered on several occasions. One memory I would like to share with all of you is when I caught Mom red-handed while cheating on Dad: One afternoon when I was 18 or 19 y/o I came back home from school to find my Mom having coffee with a guy completely unknown to me. When I came back home from my gf at around 01:00 in the morning I could not use my key on the door as my mom forgot to remove hers from inside and I had to use the door bell. When Mom opened the door she was completeley naked and, if I remember right, rather tipsy.


Gem's Exam

fetish ambiguousanallove 2018-09-30

Or do you not know how to behave yourself, are you going to be a bad little girl and not let daddy inspect you? "I'll show you this later, so you can see your tiny cunt stretched so wide around this." I turned even more red, and you made little comments, saying how deep you could see inside my pussy, wondering if a big cock would fit into the tiny hole if you forced it in there. "And you're going to hold it like a good girl until daddy says you can potty." Maneuvering around me, you slowly took the nozzle out. Filthy little slut pottied all over her brand new diaper, daddy's going to have to change her all over again." I protested weakly and you picked me up.

Jane Changes Job

fetish flyinpete2001 2018-09-30

Serge closed and I struggled again to get free, but quickly gave up as by now realised I was only going to get out of this when they had finished; deciding to relax, and wait for the shaft to be pushed into my pussy, only it wasn't. The shaft in my arse, kept the one in my pussy pushed hard against my spongy G spot, making me feel like peeing. Serge started to pound Sarah's pussy, each time he drove into her, he pushed her down onto the cock buried deep in her arse. Serge moved back to me, he placed a hand on my pussy and pushed down, the pressure increasing the feeling making me moan with pleasure, frustration and the need to pee all at the same time.