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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 02

fetish curriousmatt1 2017-12-04

My muscles clamped around my finger and I looked down and watched the explosion beneath the latex and felt the warmth of my cum race down my cock and under my balls. I jumped as two hands moved up the back of my thighs, rubbed my ass checks, gently pushing them apart as they moved around my waist and grabbed my excited cock. I let out a groan in excitement and pleasure as my hands met her latex fingers on my cock. 'How the fuck did she know I had tried the front door?' I thought as I closed my eyes and turned round to face her.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-04

After all it was just a question of pressure and muscle control and whilst the other school girls had to contend with squatting over the sink bowls in the school toilets when wanting a naughty pee, Laura had always been one step ahead, sending her stream of hot flowing piss down to the floor, or into a waste paper bin, from a standing pose. Finally she could hold back no longer and instantly her pee hole hidden in her pussy slit had opened wide allowing her honey coloured relief to come squirting out in a fast flowing stream of hot piss which instantly started to wash over the desert stone.

Unintentionally Streaking

fetish TwilightSkys 2017-12-04

I frequently slept nude on such nights, and walking around the house naked wasn't a big deal if it was just me and the dog. As I stood pondering this question I suddenly became aware that an attractive woman officer was behind me, bending my hands behind my back, and cuffing me before I had a chance to even think of resisting. There she stood me facing the headlights which fully illuminated my naked body for anyone driving by or looking out of a window to see what was going on. A gleeful smile and coy "What do we have here?" alerted me to the fact that Officer Bustos wasn't the only female cop interested in some late-night excitement at the expense of the poor naked guy.

Village Green Candle Shop

fetish adamaxilla 2017-12-04

Her mother came by the shop one day after Cindy had been working there for a couple of months, and thanked me for giving her a chance. "I like it just the way it is," Cindy said as she poked at a stray piece of frosting with her spoon, looking up at me briefly before resuming her attempts to corral the wayward crumb. "Thank you for a great day," Cindy exclaimed with a blushing face, before opening the door and making her way inside. "I hope this isn't going to be what I'm afraid it's sounding like," Susan said as she peeked over the edge of her cup before sipping her coffee. "Not easy being Cindy, if you know what I mean," Susan said.

All in the Family Ch. 02

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-03

"Ready," Casey said as she stood the completed peg leg on the rubber tip at the end of the titanium shaft. Too bad I hide in pants it at work." She leaned closer and kissed Casey deeply on the mouth letting a hand touch a breast. "We have a woman in our family that is missing both legs at the hip, virtually no stumps," Casey mentioned as she leaned back in the chair slightly. "If I lost my legs...." She paused and watched her mother's face closely - no reaction. "I can't pretend like I would think it was the worst thing that could happen." Leah watched her mother speak trying to gauge the words.

Something New Something Old Ch. 02

fetish dorian87890 2017-12-03

Sarah started laughing and said, "I can't believe Josh wears one of these things all the time, not to mention the panties." Ted laughed too. After breakfast, Ted went to the mailbox to get the morning paper to take his mind off things and looked over at Josh's and Nancy's place. Before they left, Sarah handed Ted the blue panties and said, "Give these back to Josh tonight dear." Feeling embarrassed, Ted quickly stuffed them in his jacket pocket. "Before you go fuck your beautiful wife Ted, I want you to think about something," Nancy continued, "Sarah has told me all about how hot the sex has been for the last few days.

The Party Ch. 06

fetish tghlawyer03 2017-12-03

Maybe five minutes after the sixth white male arrived, our ebony female host returned to the bathroom and instructed us to form a single line facing away from the door, with each man having his hand upon the right shoulder of the man in front of him. The tall, well-dressed man who had originally met Annie and me at the taxi in the driveway of the party-house, appeared and finally told us what we felt we needed to know, announcing, "Gentlemen, in the absence of Mr. One, you will, I'm sure, enjoy the company of Ms. One." At that moment an attractive, blindfolded, naked woman with the number one written in the now familiar places was escorted into the bathroom to suffer at the hands of we five remaining perverted, and by now somewhat horny, white men.

Bar Sluts

fetish sjrrca 2017-12-03

I now get pushed onto the table when my slut has just been fucked and they remove all of my clothes revealing my hard big cock, one of the girls reaches down and starts to fuck my wet pussy with her fingers as she also then starts to suck on my cock. I now am moaning and begging to have her big cock in my pussy so she spreads my legs and rams it into my wet pussy, it is so big and hard it feels so good, her fucking me as my pussy gets licked and played with by the other pretty little slut.

Home alone

fetish dieselboy69 2017-12-03

I was laying on my back, and I slid both my hands down the front of the french knickers and began to play with my cock and balls. I could smell the previous nights stale sperm and couldn't resist sniffing my hands after I had been playing with my cock for awhile. I was staring to ooze some precum as I gradually built up speed and the feeling of my right hand wrapped round my cock and at the same time rubbing the inside of the satin knicker was amazing. I stopped for a while and squeezed and played with my cock and balls though the shiny material. My wife's pants were covered in spunk stains and it was dripping down my leg.

Sharons picked up

fetish 2017-12-03

Pretty Sharon Stits trembled with fear as the huge, powerful man dropped cock was not a nice man, that was clear to Sharon. his face to her defenseless naked tits and licked his big tongue up and Sharon shivered when she felt the thick, wet head of his prick press The man chuckled and chased her lips with his prick, jabbing his cock-head Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock!” Sharon moaned as her small mouth stretched into a big O on his huge prick. Suddenly her pink tongue took a lick at the man’s hot cock-head in her Clint thought it might be fun to hang Sharon by her Tits when she


fetish nadialeather 2017-12-03

We sat down and Lydia said 'We'll have my usual and a bottle of bollinger '86 ' Excellent choice' beamed the maitre'd Lydia produced another cigarillo and the waiter whipped out a lighter and lit it, Lydia put a leather gloved hand on my knee and started stroking the inside of my leg whilst she smoked, l noticed that all the tables had glass tops so everything could be seen. I released the waiters cock and he calmly zipped himself up and poured the champagne and left, Lydia pulled her gloved fingers out of my wet pussy and l could see my juices glistening on her leather clad fingers it was strangely erotic and she smiled and dipped her fingers into her glass and said 'Bollinger and pussy juice an interesting combination', she held her fingers up to my mouth and l licked and sucked the liquid off her gloved fingers.

My Fun With Mom

fetish drew1207 2017-12-03

As Mom and I walked back to the car after dropping dad off at the airport, she put her arm around me and pulled me close. "I'm glad you like the way I look son, god I'm so wet thinking about what I did to you at the airport," she told me as she went back to packing her bag. After we finished we got up to leave and three big burly guys came over to talk with Mom. She smiled at them as they said they would like to take her out to their van for a little while. I kept myself hard by just looking at my Mom, her body, her eyes, her lips all wonderful and sexy.

The Wedding - A Screenplay

fetish HappyOldGuy 2017-12-03

(Mom pulls Julie into a hug from behind - both still looking in the mirror) Mom keeps hold of Julie's hands and catches her eyes) (Julie takes a moment, takes a breath, then looks back to Mom) Julie: I don't know, Mom. I do like guys, but Ashley and I made out a couple of times "just practicing for when we got boyfriends" and, honestly, (Julie gets a dreamy look in her eyes and kind of hugs herself) (Mom and Julie look at each other sadly, feeling so badly for each other, shaking their heads) (Mom thinks for a bit more, then comes to a decision, squares her shoulders, and looks Julie in the eyes - holding both hands again).

Exchange Ch. 05

fetish Soft_Mike 2017-12-03

His legs were hopelessly stuck between Elaine's and in spite he really fought to free himself from Maria's arms he got nowhere... it was kind of squeezed between Maria's arm and thigh and his nose and mouth was tightly pressed against her waist under her big breast which totally covered his head... She got up and left the room, but was soon was back carrying a voluminous pink pack in her arms: "It is time to start your education Michael", she declared. Together Elaine and Maria with ease brought the sack containing Michael to the crib and placed him inside, surrounded by the wooden splints...

Snarky couple discovers Nazi roleplay fetish over

fetish neonhamster 2017-12-03

Stranger: well i do like taking orders, but i am usually the charge nurse so that doesnt happen too much Stranger: alright, not the best pic of me but if you like it maybe i will show you another. Stranger: if you know how to really control a woman you dont need to tie her up to get her to do what you want. You: How about I put on my east German trench coat and fuck you like the bad little Jewess you are? Stranger: and when i am all wet from the water torture you would gently push all the wet hairs from my face and whisper good girl to me on my lips Stranger: * i let out a cry* (dont think i can)

Suzie and Her Big Dick

fetish Sensualady47 2017-12-03

Sweet was Suzie's orgasm, until the knock on her door, she knew her nipples from the twisting session were rock hard, and that it was probably her father making sure she was getting ready for school. "Baby, you are my little girl, I would love to drive you to school, jump out of bed and give me a hug." Suzie made sure her white t-shirt was pulled down, and her soaking wet panties covered by the t-shirt, she jumped out of bed and stood up, stretching up and wrapping her arms around daddy, pulling him close, his tall frame, he smelled so good, felt so warm.

Airport Part

fetish MickieBlue 2017-12-03

Your smile broadens then you close your eyes as I begin to twist and pull. I put both hands thru your spread legs and begin to pull on our nipples. Whilst you are biting me, I pull my cock out of my shorts and begin to rub the head over your stomach, covering it with lube. The sound of soggy wetness fills the car and I can feel you cum over my balls as it starts to run down between my ass cheeks. I suck hard, lifting my left hand to your clit and pulling on it in a tugging manner. I slip a hand under your skirt and proceed to slip my fingers into your cum drenched pussy whilst you drive home.

Confessions of a Panty Lover

fetish Applejac 2017-12-03

While putting my work clothes in the hamper I noticed a pair of my wife's very sexy looking black satan hi-cut panties laying on the bottom of the hamper.I picked them up and was noticing how sexy and good they felt in my fingers I was completly nude at the time and I started to rub the panties on my now semi-hard cock. About two months after the "first time" I came home from work and started to do my panty thing when in walks my wife home early and here I am standing in our bedroom with a pair of her panties on.

Fighting It Out

fetish 2017-12-03

"I'll watch what I want so shut up!" At first Hanna was shock, I had never spoke up to her. Winner gets the remote and the loser ahs to do whatever the winner says for a week." Hanna smile! "I know what you like little bitch!" Her eyes were wild with power and control. Suck harder!" I choked as Hanna rammed her foot to the back of my throat. "Come on Bitch!!" Tossing me over the coffee table she took a shovel from the fireplace set. Now your bitch life is mine say it!" The shovel landed four times! Hanna screamed wrong and beat me harder. Princess Hanna looked at my piss on the table and floor.

The Middle Man

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-03

Kim had him right on the edge of cumming, when she told Bob that she wanted to see him fuck her husband. My cock got so big with him up my ass, Kim thought she was fucking someone else. Kim told Bob to fuck me harder,she wanted him to ride my ass hard. Kim lied down in front of me and told Bob to watch as I sucked my own cum out of her pussy. Straight men will suck cock, eat cum, fuck ass, and let you massage their prostate. Kim told me to crawl up and fuck her again, knowing the big cocked black man was going to fuck my ass.

Green Eyes Ch. 04

fetish assco 2017-12-03

"Hands behind your back." As the woman in the DVD squirted lube on the guy's prick and gave him a slippy wank and said how she was going to fuck his ass, Jane knelt behind me and handcuffed me with a pair of furry cuffs. With my hands cuffed behind my back and Jane up my ass I had no choice but to lay on Claire's great tits and look, startled, into her cold grey eyes. We all lay still for a while, breathing heavily, a bizarre threesome on the couch, Jane's cock still hard in me, mine softening in Claire, as the guy on the DVD sucked his cum from the cock that had fucked him.

My first Cock

fetish gemma-longlegs 2017-12-03

I moved to get a better view but I knocked the stable door and it opened leaving me stood thee cock in hand. He was slowly fucking her as I licked her pussy and I had my hand still wrapped around his cock. I let his cock go free and looked up and said was going to cum. She looked at me and said cum over his cock. At this point she was rubbing her pussy so fast it was a blur and she started to cum hard arching her back as she stared at me sucking him. She looked at us and said " I want to taste " I leant forward and kissed her letting his and my cum fall into her mouth.

Our Wet Camping Trip

fetish luvmywifesass 2017-12-03

To my surprise, my wife was extremely turned on and began to work her ass back and forth against my cock. After cleaning up, my wife said that she should go #2, but she had held it so long, she really didn't feel like she had to go. I stopped peeing and just left my cock in her ass for a minute. When she got back to the tent, my wife said she had to go pee again. Minutes later, I was laying next to my wife in our tent, my cock in her ass. After I drank her pee for the final time that weekend, my wife rode my cock with her ass again.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 15

fetish SylviaG 2017-12-03

The van soon went off onto a country road, and there out the window, the glow of London's lights looked miles away. God look at those fanny lips." the other man said. They had gone downstairs, leaving me to cry the night away, strangely comforted by the ball of nylon between my legs, which stopped my fanny leaking spunk! "We have to move before someone comes looking for you," the white man said. I saw two cocks being pulled and after several minutes two big loads of white spunk splattered on my feet and legs! My tiny skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy, my see-through white blouse that had been opened to let my left tit hang out, and my 6 inch stiletto heeled court shoes clacking along the pavement!