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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish eatmyowncum 2017-12-03 head was still spinning but I had striped naked as she emerged from the en-suite just wearing matching light blue bra and panties .....what a body she had done some modelling and her looks were incredible cock was at full attention....kneel she she sat at end of the big double bed go get mt a pint glass..quickly.....I ran to the kitchen aware I am naked with a raging 7 inch hard on leaking precum on to my wifes expensive cream carpets....hold the glass in position she pointed to her cunt....I did as instructed and she produced a golden stram thru her panties mostly into the pint glass ..with some running down her gorgeous slim legs...trying to save the carpet from piss-stain I was glad she ordered me to lick the golden streaks off her fit legs....she tasted awesome as my big tongue lapped at her legs cleaning her nectar....

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 03

fetish EroticDelights 2017-12-03

I beat my meat three times that day, looking over every inch of that photograph. I imagined what it must be like to be him, completely owning this beautiful woman, pounding the shit out of her until she was so far gone she didn't even care if you took pictures of her. I really, really wanted to see the video, but the idea of asking Pete for it was just so humiliating. Later that day, Pete emailed again. You're a loser, dude. But to admit to Pete that I wanted that video, that I wanted that video so much I was willing to give him $100 for it? Do you like that I can make her come over and over without really trying? Enjoy, loser!

The Doctor is In Ch. 07

fetish NurseSally 2017-12-03

And, even though his ordeal was laced with sexual connotation from start to finish, the important thing is that my brother received exactly what he deserved, he took it like a man, and the fact that he allowed my friend, Sara, to remove his panties and spank him naked meant he wanted to be forgiven for his bad behavior and start over with me with a clean slate. Considering the fact that in the last few hours my brother had been embarrassed, humiliated, examined, inspected, spanked, sucked, teased and then brought to a tremendous orgasm, one would have thought he'd be to tired to keep his eyes open – but no, he was quite awake and staring at my panty covered pussy.

My Descent into Subliminals

fetish draugrmaker 2017-12-03

Straight up subliminal message tapes and subliminal self-help audio tapes do not work! As I stated earlier, straight up subliminal message tapes do not work! You love to suck cock You love the feel of cum in your mouth You love the feeling of a cock in your ass (She already liked anal but I put this in for good measure) I said, “honey, I’m close to cumming!” It is at this point she’ll usually finish me off with a handjob or jump on my cock so I’ll shoot my load inside her. Satisfied she had collected all my cum in the wine glass from her ass, she looked at me and said, “cheers” and drank every last drop.

Bi Lesson

fetish 69chuck4both 2017-12-03

Shortly Fred reached down and held my head as he started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth saying you are a good cock sucking slut and I am going to cum in your pussy mouth. Fred looked over to Wilma and said he is a good cock slut now if he eats pussy as well as he sucks cock we will have some good times. As I was enjoying this sweet gooey treat I felt a mouth slid onto my cock and sucking ever so gently then slide off and a tongue licked the pre-cum off and then suck it some more.

POF Chronicles part I. My first catch

fetish Snips420 2017-12-03

So a couple weeks ago I started a POF account looking for women DTF or interested in being with me and my girlfriend. However, before that date was reached she said she needed something for more money and she needed the money soon. She met me where we said she would and agreed on a down payment of 40 dollars now and the rest later. Her hairy pussy and pink asshole were inches from my face. "Its fine" I said "I dont mind, just keep going" "So you still owe me the rest of that money...but how about the next one is on the house?" she smiled "A couple of my friends asking if I want to go out later" I said

The Third Time

fetish BarracudaSwordfish 2017-12-03

She took the More out of her mouth, blowing a final plume skywards and turned her head, locking her amazing penetrating eyes on Rick Redmond, her gym teacher as he slammed his long hard dick into her dripping wet pussy from behind. Every instinct screamed at him to pull away, to run back to his office and pretend it had never happened, but now for him there was no going back either and he just groaned in amazement and put his hands into her thick black hair and let her take him somewhere he never dreamed possible. She lit it and took a long draw on the brown cigarette before pursing her lips again and letting out a long, thin stream of smoke that started on the tip of Rick's cock.

Snatched Again.....

fetish gag4her 2017-12-03

I hear the door open and it looks like your friend is about to leave. I place my bag on the on the floor reaching inside I bring out the roll of silver duct tape. A latex gloved hand holds the glove inside your mouth as I peel a section of duct tape from the roll. My rubber hooded slave holds your arms as I wrap another several layers of silver duct tape around your wrists. We gotta lose the bra” I say as my rubber gloves hands pull your bra downwards exposing your perk breasts. “Watch her” I instruct my partner as I reach into my bag again and pull out what looks like a roll of black PVC sheeting.


Jean Get a New Black Master

fetish 425olds 2017-12-03

Mark moved his face closer to Jean took his hand and pulled her body so it straddle his leg, he could feel the heat of her pussy against his thigh. Mark pulled his cock out of Jean, moved forward and wiped his cum coated pole on a handful of her red hair. The sensation of the black cock in her whore ass, the nut sack slapping, Mark's powerful hands on her ass and the sounds of his breathing send Jean over the edge.  He held his cock and aimed it just over Jean's tongue, and released a sixth and seventh spurts of black jizz in the bitch's white open mouth. Jean took a deep breath as Mark probed her cunt with his thumb and her ass with his index finger at the same time.

SD Wild Pony Races Ch. 02

fetish SDcowboy 2017-12-03

See how wet you have made my whore cunt" Ali said as she reached back with one hand and pulled one of her ass cheeks to the side to open up her pussy hole for me to place my swollen cock in. "Ahh yes fuck my hole " Shannon moaned as she pushed her hips up off the seat, pushing Sara's fingers deeper and deeper in short forceful strokes until Shannon's whole hand started to disappear inside her sisters young body. "YES, that was so good,you make my pussy feel like it's on fire" Shannon moaned as Sara pulled her wet hand out of her sister's once tight hole.

Our Little Secret

fetish Nomean_feet 2017-12-03

'Ahhh fuck it,' I thought to myself as I heard the door close; signalling that Donna had left for work, back to sleep for me. 'So, did you take care of yourself in the shower this morning then?' As she asked it, she was up and moving towards the hallway to greet Donna, leaving me sat, stunned in the kitchen, too flustered to even muster a response. Sure, Jenny had been a little teasing earlier, but I was a 28 year old man; I didn't need to hide away to prevent myself getting embarrassed by a teenager.

Hot Smoke and Sassafrass

fetish Mick Carlo 2017-12-03

I began, once again, to feel alone in my 'variation on a theme' which is to see a painfully stiff cock spurting hot cum all over the face of a sexy woman, while in a teasing way, she nonchalantly smokes a cigarette. After that, when watching cigarette commercials, where women were depicted [ in a sexy way ] smoking at the beach or at a party etc., the oral symbolism of the cork or all white tip being thrust between full wet lips, and the exhale of satisfying smoke through said pursed lips, all became highly significant to my fevered pubescent brain. But when she took a long drag with those lush red lips, while still holding my hand, and proceeded to blow the smoke directly in my face during her exhale...


fetish WFEATHER 2017-12-03

"Breathe in..." My hands slowly rose up her arms once again before sliding around to her chest, gently squeezing each firm breast. I maintained that steady pressure throughout several breaths, then slowly loosened my grip, enjoying how she eased against my chest as she realized that she had passed the initial constriction. My grip loosened slightly to give her a mental boost and allow her a less-labored breath before I tightened my hands further around her neck, almost completely severing the airflow. That was when it ended, my grip slowly lessening and my hands ultimately gliding down her neck and her chest, over her breasts with a gentle squeeze and sliding around her stomach as I held her to me.


fetish christy20 2017-12-03

"Oh yes miss, I love your pussy" she said with a big smile on her face. With big strokes of her tongue she was covering all my slit from top to bottom, making sure to hit my clit every time she was getting upwards. My rose petals parted wide open and she immediately buried her tongue inside my dark pink depths. "One day the headmistress of my school caught me sucking a 19 years old pussy inside a cubicle. The only thing that bothers me is that she never shaves her pussy fur and her hair has become so coarse and rough that it always hurts my lips and tongue when I lick her."

Driving Mrs. Tandy

fetish Heel778 2017-12-03

"Mrs. Tandy wants to see you," she said with a smile that made her look almost beautiful. "It's nice to see you Mrs. Tandy," John said. Her drunk husband, driving at high speed with a sheepish smile on his face; his free hand slipping under her skirt, squeezing, rubbing, making her feel like a whore; the fear on his face when he lost control of the car; the rain of broken glass; the enormity of the impact that crushed her body. "Mrs. Tandy, are you ok?" John said and guided the straw to her lips. John could feel the redness creeping up his face and looked at the floor to avoid her green eyes.

Next Door Is Very Handy.....Part 3

fetish Croozer 2017-12-03

"I thought we could have an erotic dinner," she said softly, "Why don't you take your clothes off, and I'll get the food on the table." I stripped, sat down, and watched her move in the slip and heels, and how her full-but-shapely ass and thighs stretched the nylon fabric, and how her full and firm breasts gently swayed and bounced with her movements. "Yes, earlier, but found it more fun to watch you eat your potatoes off your nipple." She sat back, looked at me with a smile, and said, "Well, see how you like me eating my parfait off your cock." She got up, grabbed a full parfait cup, turned it upside down and pushed it onto my rock-hard penis.

Bun in the BBW Oven

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-12-03

As Jessica's mouth and fingers were driving me out of my mind, I could feel Elizabeth kicking me in the chest, and it felt good, knowing that in about three months I would be a father. Her spread full ass cheeks were a vision, and her huge sagging breasts and stomach reached the mattress with just enough room to allow my hands to gently caress and fondle. I slowly inserted my cock into her and began to pump in and out, knowing just the right rhythm to make her body jerk and spasm as moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. I stroked her cheek gently and whispered, "It's incredible, and I hope our little love child will look exactly like her mother."


fetish TN_Vixen 2017-12-03

Kristy shifted her body under the covers as she quickly thumbed through the familiar pages of the girlie magazine she clutched in her hands, illuminated by the soft rays of her bedside lamp. Now, Kristy thumbed through the one magazine in search of the stories that caused her pussy to puff and swell… to seep the moisture that even she was surprised at even before her fingers began to stimulate herself. She read about young girls forced to submit to their headmasters at school to punishments… punishments that caused them to display themselves – to expose their privates as the headmaster had his way with them. Kristy’s forehead grew moist and her lip began to tremble as she read on, her fingers acting out what the man in the story was forcing upon the young woman.

Like a Girl

fetish GirlFan1855 2017-12-03

How does it feel to be like a girl, to have no cock?" "Today, I want to make you cum from just my fucking your pussy, no cock play for you." You reach down and squeeze my erection - the last time you will be touching him until after you have finished. "Get it nice n wet, Baby, cause the next place it is to be is inside you." Some of the lipstick left over on my lips smears onto the shaft of the probe, turning it pinkish. "I'm going to use a condom, too, so you won't dirty my pretty cock." After you roll it on, you say, "It looks real when it's all bagged up like this!" Then, I feel you tug at the butt plug, pulling it out, leaving me with a somewhat empty sensation.

Bus Trip Missed Stops

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-12-03

Alan began to walk to the garden, then realized the walk was quite far, and at the time he was feeling no compelling need, so he opted to return to the bus. Most seemed to accept this idea, and Alan, not wanting to stand in the queue, busied himself looking about the site while the women (including Louise, eventually, he noted), used the facility. Alan, much aware of his unrelieved needs, returned to the bus, hoping the lunch stop would offer a better opportunity for relief. Alan, who had been shy around women, was feeling more comfortable around Louise than he would have thought possible a day earlier.

Slut wife chronicles 3 Barb Loose

fetish Johnnytames69 2017-12-03

then, "fucker" continues "I was on my 'flat side' " (trying to catch some sl**p) but this turn (rest stop) is "wall to wall" meaning full -back- Hey "fucker" little beaver wants to put up show and looking for a 9 incher -back- is this a "dress for sale?" (prostitute) -back- big negative or negatory (meaning big NO) -back- ID your "OL" (old lady) says 'fucker" -back- beaver is 41 hot blonde -back- beaver at the right place, better than 9 here -back- great, we are a "mobile" or "on wheels" or "wheeler" (passenger car or automobile) tan "wrapper" (car color) and ID your eighteen wheeler -back- Smokey has "big ears" (police could be listening to the transmission), I'll signal low beam when I see your tan wrapper at turn -back- Is your beaver a group of "heg fest" (females on CB radios transmitting for fun) before -back- big negative "fucker" -back- (by the way never say "Go-Go girls" this term refers to farm a****ls for some reason, not women) CB chat continues, "we are at turn 'fucker' and I see no lights" -back- see them now?

The Primrose Case Files Ch. 01

fetish AnonymousPerv 2017-12-03

Had he taken this train before?" Mark noticed the girl had a name tag attached to her short skirt that read 'Wendy.' In her initial interview, she'd introduced herself as Wendy Smith, a university student who'd worked at the station for almost two years now. Mark knew that Amanda did this act of tweaking her nipples while she was concentrating, similar to the way he tended to pace in circles when thinking hard. "The victim landed here," said Amanda, pointing with her right hand, while still tweaking her nipple with the left. Amanda stopped abruptly and turned, nearly knocking Mark in the head with her right breast. "Oh, you're right," said Mark, letting go, looking at the soaking wet nipple, more erect than ever.

A True Slut Ch. 03

fetish ArminiusMerivale 2017-12-03

I'm your little whore!" Tori moaned out loudly, having her eyes closed while she imagined her master fucking her again where she was, her fingers now rubbing her breasts as her free hand rubbed her breastplate softly, the heat exploiting from the plate. She opened her eyes to see that she really couldn't close her mouth because she was too busy lustfully kissing a dark haired woman as some unknown guy roughly stirred her pussy up with his cock. "Allow me." The dark haired woman said in a soft, cooing voice as she got down on her knees and cleaned off the slightly semen coated juices from the man's cock, deepthroating it easily with little to no problem.


fetish thisgirlistrouble 2017-12-03

"Suck it," you command, placing your big hand on the back of my head, guiding my mouth to the tip of your dick. Grabbing my head, wrapping your hands into my hair you pull me forward, further onto your dick and begin quickly and nastily fucking my face. "Put your hands behind your back," you demand, as you push your cock into my mouth and hold my head steady so you can fuck it as hard and fast as you want. Still licking and sucking your balls deep into my mouth and cupping the tip of your cock, you suddenly feel my slippery, wet finger slide between your ass cheeks, finding your puckered hole.