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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

PantyHose Virgin Ch. 01

fetish LucyAnne 2017-12-03

David and I continued to talk over the next several days and during one of those conversations he told me he had a pantyhose fetish. He told me about how he liked his women to have a little hole cut in the crotch of the pantyhose before they started sex and he would take it from there. I asked him what he liked about wearing them so much and he told me how he loves the feel of a man and woman wearing pantyhose together, legs rubbing against each other, sleeping in them together licking and rubbing each other through them. David and I have had some very hot conversations about pantyhose and what our meeting was going to be like.


Bukket Ch. 03

fetish PoisonedEve 2017-12-03

"Tell me please, Madam," the man in grey suit said with a calm voice, "in which State does the law forbid a person from making enquiries about a fellow citizen?" The man in the grey suit took a step forward and said, "Please calm down, Mrs. Dalehood. "Then maybe you could explain," he continued in the same flat voice, "why, after three years you advised your female roommate to give up her wild habits and turn into a 'good lady' so that she could be capable of finding a rich man to marry? He looked at me and said, "Now we have come to the final phase...I mean the current phase...from the time of your separation till today. Now the man in shirtsleeves sat forward in the sofa and said softly, "Evelyn..".

Her First Erotic Spanking

fetish Dolltony 2017-12-03

When he felt she was out of line or hand, he simply touched his belt while looking in her eyes. Instantly her body would flood with excited fear, because this handsome in control, calm and collected could exact a spanking that felt as if the skin of her bottom might tear at the seams and the fire underneath would erupt. His perfect artistic hands began rubbing the heat from her tenderized upturned ass. Feeling the air on her exposed intimacy, and his eyes burning an even more intense heat into her, the dripping between her thigh began to trickle. His free hand flew to his jeans and before they knew what was happening he was behind her, flesh upon flesh poised to enter her heated ass.

Making a Maid at College

fetish Kary_M 2017-12-03

"I'm sure Kary, that Debbie won't mind helping you unpack, this is lovely large room but the five of us would just get in each others way and I'm sure the two of you should take the opportunity to get to know each other." Sandra said with smile. "It'll be all put away in no time at all with the two of us working together." She suddenly stopped and looked down again and in a meek voice asked, "That's if you'd like my help?" The look in her eyes and the smile she gave me was like the sun coming up, Debbie may only have been a year or so younger than I was but I felt much more older.

Naughty British Teacher

fetish whore_destroyer 2017-12-03

Miss Neasham also loves that he has a massive bulge, she longs for him to shove his giant, throbbing cock inside her wet pussy and then cum all over her perfect ass. At night, she would go out to clubs with her friends, and be the nasty little slut she always wants to be towards Sam. She gets d***k, strip-teases for random boys and on one occasion had a gangbang with 1 friend and 5 guys. Sam and his mates had been out for a few hours now and had been too a few clubs, but they wanted to try and find some girls too take back to there hotel rooms and fuck senseless. When they got back to the hotel room, Lisa pushed Sam onto the bed, yet said nothing.

Onsen Onna (Hot Spring Lady)

fetish dior11 2017-12-03

I just love the feeling of traditional nylon stockings that I wear them all the time--in bed, outdoors, traveling, even while bathing. I replied, "I don't know about other men, but I can tell you that I can't get enough of seeing beautiful women wearing nice nylons all the time--even into bed or getting soaked." Now that Erika seemed comfortable talking about her love of garters and nylon stockings—not to mention how she enjoys wearing them all the time, even while bathing—I ventured to suggest that we share our own experiences. On the streets, women wear hose regularly, but usually low-quality pantyhose with minimal color and almost opaque—nowhere as fine quality products such as Hanes, Dior, Belle Sharmeer, and Schiaperelli 15 denier RHT stockings.

Wedding Night Payback: Sequel

fetish rick_oh 2017-12-03

Author's note: Sometime after posting the story Wedding Night Payback, I was bothered by the fact that Jerry's atonement for his dalliance during his engagement to Tasha, was a lifelong happening. Jerry persisted in wanting to marry Tasha, and she came up with the idea that on their wedding night he was to watch her get fucked three times before he could consummate their union. As time went on, he felt that Tasha's demand that another man fuck her three times on his wedding night, before he got to consummate his marriage, was over the top. Tasha was increasingly nervous as the time drew near, and Jerry suggested that they both abstain from orgasms for the two weeks prior, so they'd be more than ready when the big night came.

The Movie

fetish Aiurzealous 2017-12-03

"Well wait, what exactly are we doing?" He asked, kneeling down on the mat, facing Lacey. Rob knelt down on the mat facing Lacey, who bent herself in a sprinter's pose just off camera. She slid forward even more, her skirt parting back to reveal her black thong and bare legs, and she fell down hard on his upper chest. Jessica stepped over Rob's head and stood astride his face. "So the next step is to cover his face with your skirt of Truth," Jessica said. Lacey drew her legs together and he felt her thighs pull against the side of his cheeks again. Lacey moved herself forward onto his face, and his nose slid into her cleft.

Smothered and Face Sat

fetish depositdutchess 2017-12-02

I so badly want to reach my arms out from my sides and touch, grab her perfect ass, pull it closer to my nostrils and inhale deeply. I'd lick up and taste any odor Dutchess would allow me to, her perfect caramel ass must taste like chocolate. The sweet torture of my scent." Dutchess demanded, a chorus of new giggles in between as she spreads her legs further and arched her back, literally opening up her holes and allowing me to sink deeper, further. "Beg for my bare, sweaty ass on your face and my panties up your nose or in your mouth." Dumb and obedient, always ending with her perfect rump in my face, juices and odors left in my nostrils and coated over my nose.

Business trip to Mumbai

fetish 2017-12-02

He asked me whether I wanted to try Indian pussy, little did he know I fucking love it. At the entrance, we were greeted by some chubby looking lady (who knew the taxi driver by name) and asked us to sit inside a small room which was dimly lit. Me and my friend were asked to pick one each, I was instantly hard making some of the girls giggle and after few minutes of total silence - I selected this stunning dark girl from the whole pack. After 15 - 20 minutes of kissing, hugging, caressing, I asked her to take my clothes off . My friend also had an amazing time, we left and the rest is history.

Me and My Granny

fetish xxx_hamster 2017-12-02

She was very surprised by this answer and she did ask him how this was possible, after which he said, half laughing, half-serious, "because I still haven't found a girl like you." Geraldine was for a moment speechless, regained however quickly her senses and said, "but boy, now you're laughing on me, isn't it, because you know how old I am and you certainly won't convince me that you would like something second-hand." All of a sudden Tommy made a decision and said, "but granny, I know that you aren't young anymore but I'm sure that with the right clothes you're able to look like the mom of any student.

The Weather Girl Ch. 04

fetish seat542 2017-12-02

While still stroking my balls, Betty looked in my eyes and said, "Douglas, there is so much I know about you. Closing the door behind us, Betty whispered seductively, "Douglas, tonight you begin your journey into the world of erotic lust, sensations and filth." My cock was dancing and looking for relief as my mouth lapped and licked and sucked any trace Betty's nectar from her folds. Betty worked it with purpose: hands and fingers caressing and squeezing my balls; her tongue wrapped around my shaft like fingers. I opened and Betty's tongue shoved cum into my mouth. The real problem is people never take the time to understand their sexual desires and don't know how to develop a sexual relationship with a partner." Betty's hand touched mine.

Extra Credit for Amber!

fetish sexy_mama_09 2017-12-02

Mr Ardor wasn't a very friendly teacher, so she didn't want to ask what else could be done for her grade. When she got to Mr Ardor's office, he was seated away from her, looking at his computer. He invited her to sit & got out his grade book for her class. As he showed her the grades she had received & explained why she got them, she couldn't help but notice that his dick was hard, it was pressing against his pants. Mr Ardor, just ask, I'll do anything to pass this class. Then he started over, licking & suckling, each time she came, it seemed to make him want her pussy more.

Blood Lust

fetish cortnymarie 2017-12-02

She opens my legs with her sausage fingers, presses the strap-on inside of me, putting my hands above my head as I scratch the nails she insists I keep long down her back. She pulls until it falls out, it hits my leg, leaves a trail of blood behind. Mary runs the end of the tampon along my slick slit, kissing my shoulders softly. I want her to stop using the thin paintbrush and at least use her fingers. I want her to fuck my pussy until it stops bleeding, five days of her on top of me, sweating, pumping her rubbery cock into me. I can only think to tell Mary that I love her, but she is already asleep.

The College Girl

fetish SpankerSam 2017-12-02

The way their soft round ass would turn nice and red as my hard hand spanked the cheeks always got me roaring hard. I only spank naughty girls on their bare ass." I could feel Jessie tremble as my hand rubbed her ass. Or maybe you just want to run back to your dorm room instead of getting the spanking you deserve?" Jessie told me about how she was so hot after talking to me she could feel her panties getting wet as she rushed back to the dorm. I want to see your pussy as I spank you." Jessie moaned as she opened her legs. This time when my fingers slid into her pussy, she lifted her head up and looked at me.

Miss Laura vs. Ben

fetish MissLaura 2017-12-02

Ben wrapped his arms around Laura and tried to get some sort of hold. Ben's arms were quickly losing their grip on Laura, so Laura stopped herself as Ben continued to charge into the opposite side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes alone. Ben quickly got to his feet and charged toward Laura, tackling into her back. Ben immediately crawled over onto Laura and tried to pin her down, pressing his arms down on her shoulders. At the last moment Ben in turn wrapped his arms around Laura as he fell to his side, pulling her onto him. Laura got to her feet as Ben continued to lie on his back, attempting to catch his breath.

Kinky Kiki

fetish sweetnpetite 2017-12-02

Kiki circled Gil, looking him over from head to toe. Kiki stood in front of Gil, letting her own attraction to him overtake her. Kiki knew that Gil was growing restless when his hands went to here hair. A second scarf appeared, and Kiki bound Gil’s hands over his head. She wanted to give him time to process this, to let a little shiver of fear run through him at the thought of the unknown, the moment of doubt where he wondered if he had done the right thing by calling her. His hands pulled against his restraints, yet the rest of him remained where he was, servicing her- licking furiously at her cunt, inwardly begging her to come, to free him from this dilemma.

Pantyhose Bondage

fetish spice16 2017-12-02

"Oh, just thinking." He sounded distracted, probably because his teeth were idly scr****g the underside of my chin and his nylon-sheathed hands were lightly stroking my thighs. I groaned and tried to thrust my clitoris up to meet his hand, but he only pulled away. Continuing to stroke and squeeze my breasts, he used the other hand to unzip his jeans and free his erection from the black briefs. He pulled away, a little, but continued his slow, agonizing strokes. His hands moved down to my breasts again, stroking, twisting, pinching. I took him eagerly into my mouth, but he twisted his fingers into my hair and pulled my head away.

Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 3

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-12-02

Carly would you like to fuck Adele, wearing her clothes?" said Jean. "You look lovely Carly babes, if Adele's husband was here, he would shag you on the spot," laughed Jean. look Adele, Auntie Kimberley is a clumsy cow, pick it up with your teeth," I said fucking her like a stoat. Kimberley lifted up Simon's orange dress, My hand went inside his large, green panties, removing his rock, hard cock. "Time for bed Carly babes, Kimberley and I want to be fucked all through the night," said Jean. Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd picked me up in her arms, feeding me, a large, sticky bogie from her nose, in the traditional kinky way.

Dirty Little Secret Ch. 01

fetish JustPlainMerrie 2017-12-02

I knew he wouldn't last too much longer under these conditions, so I demanded that when he started to cum, to only shoot about half of it deep inside my pussy and then to pull out. I felt his dick get rock solid and his pumping slowed to his special speed, I knew he was about to unload deep inside so I squeezed my pussy tight, milking his cock. I felt a familiar tingle between my legs and thought that I shouldn't be feeling turned on by a man that was twenty-five years older than me! We rushed upstairs to put my things away, it didn't seem like Rob was home and I relaxed a little.

Texas Heat: Nosy Lady, Rosy Bottom

fetish Sabrina Leigh 2017-12-02

I imagined my husband’s amused response to Miss Conaway’s frequent furtive glances at my hard nipples and pert round breasts, and felt a little tremor in my pussy. I let my hazel eyes widen innocently and said, “I don’t understand, Miss Conaway. I didn’t dare turn to look at her again, but I could tell what she was doing by the sounds I heard: the rustle of fabric as she hiked her skirt up and reached her hand underneath it to caress her own cunt, which was probably as wet as mine by now. He was so turned on by the idea of the fair Miss Conaway spanking my round ass that he said he was leaving work early to come home and fuck me.

Stepdaughter's Transexual Surprise Ch. 1

fetish juge1 2017-12-02

We ordered, then Dawn said, "I have something to tell you Daddy and I don't want you to butt in till I'm done. Dawn's body shook as she rammed her cock deep into my mouth, while holding my head screaming, "I'm cumming... Your cock felt so good in my mouth and when you came, the warmth, the creaminess, the scent and taste of it made me want to drink it all down. I want to feel your cock up my ass when you cum Daddy. Before we left Dawn said, "next time, I get your virgin ass, Daddy. I told Dawn, "Someday Honey, but for now I want to love and enjoy you.

No Control

fetish paddedembarrassment 2017-12-02

Not too long after I felt the flow of warm water stop, and Sally pulled the enema tube out of me. Then I felt Sally pull my legs down from the position they were in so I was simply lying on my back, legs extended straight down, like I was going to sleep. I started to feel a bad cramp in my abdomen, but Sally had said no talking, so I hoped she would ask how I was doing or something soon. She leaned in and whispered, "you had better not poop in that diaper if you know what is best for you, I would hate to have to change you in public, hope you can hold it in!" She giggled a little and pulled me alongside her to the couch section.

Sarah has a wild experience (continued)

fetish 2017-12-02

I was only a short ride from home and was careful not to squash the woodlice in my knickers as i sat on the saddle.Once home i rushed in doors and went straight to my room and layed on the bed, lifting my skirt i looked inside my knickers, all 5 were still inside. I picked up the smartie tube which was now full of woodlice and held it between my legs. Pulling the smartie tube out, i saw it was empty, the whole lot were in me. It felt like i was as on fire down there, loads of little legs crawling every where. I froze as i layed there,watching the other woodlice crawl on me.