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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Not Quite What He'd Planned For

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-12-02

They'd started filming at ten and, despite the passage of some three hours enjoying taking that glorious early morning relief, he'd felt fine at the time. Jonah could feel his cock stiffening at the sight of Carla and felt the sap rising as three days' supply of cum started to ease itself into his urethra. Despite being painfully aware of his growing need to pee, Jonah thought it wouldn't seem right if he settled for a small coffee whilst Carla drank what was in effect a bucketload. To his surprise Jonah discovered that walking - and he had to be brisk to keep up with Carla - helped to ease his discomfort and his tail was still semi hard from her stroking earlier.

Spa Break

fetish Marabunta 2017-12-02

The bed starts to tilt forwards, raising my ass above my head, I feel the tube expanding inside me, plugging me tightly making sure I retain the enema. I start to feel comfortable after the pressure is released but soon I am plugged again, the bed tilts forward, but this time a slightly bigger and longer tube pushes into me, going further into me. The dildo stops and I feel a slight bulge pressing at my ass, slowly entering me, stretching then expanding inside me, locking the dildo in place. You kiss me again as you pull your chair closer and raise it, positioning yourself in front of my face, you slowly take a vibrating wand and start rubbing it over you, starting at your magnificent bust, slowly over your stomach and gently between your thighs and over your latex encased pussy.

Female Money Slave

fetish tnanna 2017-12-02

After talking more he found out that I get even more turned on from rough oral sex, or point blank, a guy fucking a girls mouth like it was a pussy. It gets me so turned on to look at pictures of see video clips of this kind of sexual act. Well this new on-line guy started sending me links in our chat window to these kinds of pictures and videos. One day, when he had sent me many pictures and video links and he knew I was so turned on that I couldn't hardly sit still. He sent a few more links of girls getting their mouths used by some guy, getting me even more excited.

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 05

fetish luvsatn 2017-12-02

I was still ensconced in the short pale pink vest with the boa hem tickling my ribs, and really sexy matching panties that consisted of a delicate two inch belt of lace that teased my hipbones with each breath and panels of microfabric that rose steeply from my crotch to the waistband, joining it about halfway between navel and hipbone. I couldn't stop looking at myself, enjoying the way my breathing moved my taut muscles, the waistband and even the front panel of the panties. "Now please lie flat on the floor, and Eliza, please sit on his thighs, put your hands on the floor and look him in the eyes." Francesca said.

The Human Cow Auction

fetish thirsty73 2017-12-02

As these poor cows were led round the ring there were a few inexperienced buyers who got excited and paid over the odds when they saw the bull come out to service them. All night the quality of the stock hadn't been good and now the demands of his role and their lack of appeal meant that it took almost a dozen circuits round the cow before he could muster a hard enough erection to service the scrawny specimen. She self-consciously tries to pull the hem of the jacket down to cover her ass and pussy but I lift the garment just up over her rump and take a good hold of her fine flesh, she turns her head to look at me and I slap her ass hard, she starts but deep down she knows she belongs to a new owner.

If Only to Please

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-12-02

Painfully aware of her all too plain features, Anne had decided that with the arrival of the mini skirt the time had come to show off her best assets. Perhaps the thought that wearing that mini skirt to school might not be the best thing to do, hadn't entered her head. Mr Carson pointed an accusing finger in the direction of Anne's skirt as she crossed, then uncrossed her legs, affording him a flash of her clean white maxi knickers as she did so. Anne didn't consider it any of Bill Carson's business to tell her whether she should go to the lavatory or not and wanted him to know what she thought.

Scent-sational Sex

fetish mrbaseballs09 2017-12-02

I grabbed my bag and looked her in the eye as I said, "When are you going to believe me that I love everything about you, and that means the way you smell and taste at all times. She started to rub my face as she looked down at me, and she softly said, "If you truly enjoy me like this, you can ask me anytime and anywhere to let you smell or taste me, and I will not say no. With the tangy taste of her pussy on my tongue and the sharp smell of her ass engulfing me, it only took 3 or 4 strokes with her soft cool hands up and down my shaft, and my cock erupted.

9 Stone Cum Queen in the Suburbs

fetish sly77 2017-12-02

When I'm wearing heels and I bend over a table I find my cunt is at just the right height for the average man to slide his cock into. If you saw me out on a summer's day wearing a tight t-shirt with no bra you would think; "I want to fuck that girl and her big tits." "If I come over and lick your cunt and ass out, maybe finger-fuck you. You know those confidant sexy older women who wear tight dress over their big tits and asses. I once said to 11 Stone; "Next time you take two cocks in your cunt can I come and watch?" You could slide you cock into the slut mouth of this big tittied whore whilst I eat her cunt.

The Rendezvous Pt1 (Sissy Story by CassidyCaine)

fetish 2017-12-02

Just as he started to slide back down, he felt a hand on the back of his head and Wyatt thrust forward until his cock head was wedged in the back of Nick's throat, cutting off hair. He tried to do as he said as his cock got towards the back of my throat, tilting his head back and sliding his tongue out like a ramp for the man's shaft, moving like he was going to yawn. His hands suddenly left Nick, letting him pull back enough to look up at the man with teary eyes, seeing he expected him to continue. Taking a deep breath, Nick drove him lips down the length of the man and pressed on until he felt the head passing down his throat.

Under Lock and Key

fetish MsMorrigan 2017-12-02

I quickly checked my email and found a response from Lady Morrigan, "Very thorough boy, just concentrate on the tightness of my grip on MY property....I will be in touch" My heart was racing as I headed off to work, my mind bouncing all day long to the thoughts of my imprisonment, I just couldn't take it, all I could do was see images of her devilish smile, laughing at my suffering and it only made me harder. "That's right little boy, Lady Morrigan doesn't take chances, and She is the only one that has the keys to this lock, Shall we see if it fits?" She asked as she removed the silly plastic pieces from Ms Morrigan's property.

A Simple Solution Ch. 02

fetish jlltec 2017-12-02

We talked about dinner and our work day and then she said, "Why don't you get undressed and get out the glass, we'll get the second dose out of the way when I come in. As I heard her car pull into the garage and I looked down at my naked body and shaved cock and wondered, with embarrassment, how I should greet her. As the door was closing I walked out into the garage and to the back of her car, my cock bouncing and swinging lewdly, a string of pre-come hanging from the tip. After ten minutes or so, she picked up the glass and asked me, "Do you want to do this now or after dinner?"

Dressing Room

fetish Decayed Angel 2017-12-02

With the panties hidden in his coat pocket, he carried the shoes in plain view, acting as if he was waiting to give them to his wife, who was trying on clothes in the dressing room. The woman now continued trying on the blouse and Harold listened to the sounds of her as she partially undressed and then dressed again, all the while, quietly stroking his cock with the panties. Harold would sit quietly, hearing the sounds coming from the dressing room, his mother giggling, the man growling like a puppy dog, and then both making strange noises that his mother said just her putting on some too tight pants.


Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 02

fetish hpm12 2017-12-02

"Looking good back here" my Master said with a bit of self satisfaction, ending it with a smack on my ass as I screamed into the dildo that was currently paused in my mouth, awaiting the freshest deposit to be sent down my throat. You'll pass a man on the streets and immediately wonder what his cock looks like, how it would feel pulsing in your mouth and pussy, and how his cum would taste when he explodes inside your mouth. In front of him was a wide variety of sex toys, arranged from smallest to largest, and also a few glasses arranged in size with what looked like the familiar contents of cum sitting inside them.

Panty Consequences No. 01

fetish PantiesAndPies 2017-12-02

Then dad got on the phone and was telling me how he couldn't wait to see mum in all the new lingerie he had bought her. While wearing your panties would you rather a.) be sucking a cock b.) be licking pussy or c.) play with yourself?" she asked. "Definitely b) licking pussy!" I told her, "Unless of course my Mistress wanted to watch me suck her boyfriend off or wank for her in which case a) or c) would also be fine!" "So what I meant was, a good panty boy has a nice collection of ..." with that I opened my bedside drawer and pulled out the two cock shaped vibrators I recently purchased just in case my fantasy ever came true.

Taylor Makes Me Work Gabi's Asshole

fetish sharingissogood 2017-12-02

I was looking forward to watching Taylor mount his smoking hot sexpot of a wife and start fucking her, with my nose an inch from the action. All I could imagine at this moment was Taylor's face, his look of concentration as sweat poured off his body and he drilled his wife. I slowly pushed the vibrator against her perfect asshole and I uttered in a low growl "You fucking slut. She worked it like it was Taylor's hard cock. My thoughts returned to Taylor's face, sweat pouring onto her back as her fucked her like a porn star would. You like to feel me lick it up, don't you?" and all she could do was grunt and growl as her body convulsed.

Strap-On Asian

fetish Talin 2017-12-02

She left the door unlocked and started back to her office, I followed a bit slowly, distracted by the sway of her hips in the low lighting. When we reached her office she stood beside her desk with its soft lighting lamp, while I stopped beside a chair facing her and let my pack rest on the floor. She grabbed what looked like another harness and dildo then walked over my supine body to a patch of bare carpet where she slowly laid herself down. Slowly lubing up her strap-on's dildo with one hand and rubbing jelly onto my semi hard penis took only a few moments.

A Wet Walk in the Woods

fetish SpaceMantis 2017-12-02

Then I feel another wave of pleasure spread through my cock and I relax further, pushing a torrent of pee into your mouth. It's too much for you, and you don't even try to swallow, just holding my cock head in your mouth as a wave of piss soaks your top and pants. Cum here in the middle of the forest, covered in my piss." You start moaning, and shaking, and I spray the last of my pee into your face as you do. I turn my eyes from this entrancing sight (I love how huge my cock looks in your hand) to your upturned mouth, and suddenly you find out why I wanted your hands - so I could kiss you.

My shemale fantasy....continued

fetish 2017-12-02

I throbbed and groaned as the warm smoke flowed over me...."mmmm your a dirty boy huh..mmm I like...what happens if I put you in my smokey mouth..." Taking another drag and quickly sucking my mushroom head, then just at the right moment opening her mouth letting the smoke slowly escape and pour over my cock..I let out a gasp as she kisses the tip and says "mmm you really do like it, gets you nice and hard..." She continues sucking and smoking till she's got me hard enough to fuck.

Tease and Denial introduction

fetish 2017-12-02

But it looks like you don’t want to go anywhere, do you” She accentuated her words by licking her finger and sliding it through the crack of my ass, via my anus to my balls. She started licking my balls, perineum and anus with the tip of her tongue while rubbing my sweet spot. She listened to me for a minute and then dove down to start licking my balls, perineum, anus and cock and working all those places with her nails and fingertips again. Then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it while bobbing up and down a few times, then she just licked my sweet spot, then she just sukced on my cockhead, alternating every trick she could think off, all the while tickling me.

Kat's Anniversary

fetish jaimie49 2017-12-02

I stayed there slowly and gently pumping against her opening.She responded by opening her legs a little and my now rock hard cock slipped further in engulfing the head.She hummed in my mouth her kissing became more intense our lips were soaked with our saliva.I continued my ever so slow entrance into her wet love hole. When I got as far in as I could on our sides I rolled over on top of her trying not to penetrate any more.Her legs instinctively opened but I maintained control slowly sliding down her tunnel of love.She gasped as I hit bottom and I stayed there,not moving, just enjoying the warm wet ecstasy.I kissed her passionately.She bear hugged me letting out a screeching yell.She was cuming.Her body vibrated,her legs went straight up in the air then wrapped around me tight.

Red and blue, an erotic spanking story I've b

fetish Tk-42069 2017-12-02

“Oh relax, you’re acting like a maiden stager who’s just discovered puberty.” Peebee took in the human’s shivering, red faced form and was reminded of just how young the human pathfinder was. The pathfinder was evidently not entirely convinced by Peebee’s attempt at comforting, she got up from her bed and began pacing, Peebee swore she saw what looked like tears beginning to form in the girl’s eyes. Sara’s hands touched the floor and her bare ass was propped up on the Peebee’s legs, giving the asari a perfect view of the pathfinder’s exposed nether regions, a vision which Peebee was all too delighted to take in.

The Sausage Slut

fetish black saphire 2017-12-02

Steve kissed her mouth again, his hand massaging her breasts; her nipples still sensitive from the stimulation earlier. Steve licked her labia and clitoris alternately as Angie continued to moan. He moved his hand up to the sausage and slowly started to move it in and out of her pussy as he continued licking her clitoris. His jaw and hands ached as he licked her, tweaked her nipples and sausage fucked her harder and faster. Steve sat on the bed and looked at his well fucked wife; her eyes closed; bra and blouse raised to her neck; skirt raised and around her stomach and a sausage still buried in her pussy.

Bukket Ch. 06

fetish PoisonedEve 2017-12-02

I spat the panties out of my mouth, closed my lips again and looked up at him with a defiant expression. Now with the ribbon pressing tightly on my cheeks I could not turn or twist the panties in my mouth. "Well well well...I won't bore you anymore with my famous speeches." He told the crowd and raised both arms into the air, "So guys...let the show begin!" I tried to look down, but the gag stopped the motion and the my nearly swelled breasts blocked the view. He jerked his dick a few times and two drops of cum fell on my right shoulder. The next guy was a big man and he washed my left cheek with his cum.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 04

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-12-02

I don't know what it's like having a normal cock, but just imagine having twenty times as much penile surface area to feel pleasure with! Just cause I fuck girls that designate themselves 'hotter than thou' doesn't mean you're not 'hot' as you put it, okay?" I put my meaty, rough hands on her pudgy belly. "But there's one fair way to do this," I said as Felicia began to rub her hands over my hot glans, biting her lower lip. I heard her moan as I began to push forward, the mass of my cock and muscle pushing its head into her and stretching her welcoming silkiness. The blonde put her hands on my cock, gripping the part that wasn't inside the girl ...