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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 08

fetish Scribler 2017-12-02

"Hey don't start telling her that, she'll get a big head and expect all kinds of special treatment." Josie told Jill then said, "Now get your ass over here and stop making trouble for me." "Nikki I know it's your honeymoon too but would you mind cooking dinner for us." Josie asked of cause I didn't mind and was about to tell her so when Jim said That's why we both have been tested over the past several months, so we have proof we're clean." We kissed then she said, "Come on lets go shower off this tanning oil and join Jill and Jim in the media room."

First time with a ladyboy at the San Francisco Sou

fetish pog09 2017-12-02

As soon as I got to the bar, I spotted a beautiful asian lady wearing leggings with pantyhose and a sexy little top. My dick was in her mouth within minutes and this lady knew what she was doing. I blew my first load in her mouth and was ready to tear her ass up. I then pulled them down to find a three inch uncut cock! After seeing the sad look on her face is when I made a decision that would change my life forever. I gave her a long deep kiss while running her cock. She shot three loads in my mouth before I let her cock loose!

Lunch in the Chair

fetish Trubbycat 2017-12-02

"There's only so much time in the day." The heels sounded out again as he moved through the room. She worked her jaws back and forth, trying to wipe her lips and chin as bet she could with her tongue, but found it impossible to reach the cooling trails running down her throat. "I think you'll like it." When she opened wide she was rewarded with the largest, juiciest berry of the bunch, and this one was dipped in chocolate, the delicious dark kind. He slammed into her mouth faster and faster, pulling on her clips until she moaned, the vibration in her throat the only weapon against that in her pussy and ass.

Adventures of a Hair Lover Ch. 01

fetish jazm49 2017-12-02

As we came up to the tent a dark-haired, bare-breasted, woman in red shorts detached herself from the activity, picked up several sheets of paper off a small table, and walked up to my side of the car. "I think I'm going to like this, " I told Annie as we drove away, headed for what Darla, the finely furred woman, had said was the main camping place. The sun was just dipping behind the trees across the meadow when I looked up from the computer screen to see a small, red-haired, bare-breasted woman in jeans walking up the road with her shirt and bra dangling from her hand and realized, with a start, that it was Annie.

Princess Britt

fetish Brittni4u 2017-12-01

As weeks turned into months, not only did I think about poor Alex, but all the guys emailing me with their own sexual requests. I put a couple of pictures of myself with an ad out on Craig's List and emailing my Literotica friends, not really believing people would pay that amount for a week of hot, nasty, fetish, sex. I then pulled out my dark rimmed glasses and put them on as I now became his "sexy secretary." I closed the door and sat down in the chair while Alex was mesmerized by my legs and feet. I had finished cumming and Alex was so cute lapping my pussy like a little doggie trying to drink his water.

The Golden Awakening

fetish Littlemissblair 2017-12-01

Bonnie was telling Michelle she couldn't find an apartment she could afford. Michelle had another slight problem she had to share with Bonnie. She turned in the bed and felt the warm wetness squishing her leg. Not to mention the sight of Michelle's round, little ass cheeks sucking those piss soaked cotton panties up into her crack. That night, after Michelle fell asleep, Bonnie turned the alarm clock off. Suddenly, without warning, she felt the warm piss soaking her leg. The piss was coming in a stream, splashing over Bonnie's panties and shirt. She felt her swollen clit assaulting Bonnie's pussy and an orgasm began welling up into her cunt. Michelle laid on top of Bonnie for a long time without moving.

My Aunt

fetish bigsoftie 2017-12-01

My face was being rubbed into her ample breast, I was breathing in the smell & fluff – I tensed & then let my load go deep inside of her, I could not stop, my cock just kept tensing & coming – then my Aunt came too – it was so good!!! I undid my trousers & dropped them to the floor; I took my shorts off & began to rub my already hard cock over her fluffy angora arse. I reached around her waist & began rubbing her clit with her fluffy jumper dress, this was turning me on & it was making her come. She began to buck & scream, I kept rubbing the soft jumper dress into her clit & I kept pushing my cock deep into her arse hole.

Neighborly Hospitality

fetish MILKMAN 2017-12-01

"YOU HEARD ME YOU LITTLE "PERV" PUT ON THE PANTIES OR I'LL WALK OVER TO YOUR HOUSE AND TELL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY WHAT A LITTLE PERVERT YOU ARE. IF YOU GOING TO WEAR PANTIES THEN YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE CLEAN SHAVEN LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. "Huh what?," I my brain was catatonic, but my dick was leaping out of the panties trying leap onto Mel. She then grabbed me by the top of the waistband and pulled it and my dick towards the bathroom. " Mel then pulled my panties down so that they were around my knees and then handed me a razor and a can of nice and easy shaving cream. Underneath she had white shiny silky panties just like the black ones I was wearing.

Wake up and throw up, dear s****r.

fetish jcm900jrb 2017-12-01

She is dreaming, far away, in her happy place. She is safe, warm, in a normal world, where big b*****r doesn't exist, somewhere I'm not chasing her, where she thinks I can't catch her. She is out of reach of my dirty meat hooks, cloaked by the veil of deep sl**p. She is innocent, she is clean, completely content in a cocoon of warm covers, She continues to drift as far away from our world as possible, away from me. Shooting out of the inky blackness the icy fingers of my skeletal hand reach across eternity and poke her. Gripping and pulling, ripping away the sanctuary she desperately created from simple clean sheets. I beat her if she slows, I demand that she furiously masturbate my cock in her mouth.

Real Selfish Lover Wendy Ch. 01

fetish realbigsid69 2017-12-01

In fact, when I'd met at her friends house on only the 2nd occasion we met up, I was licking her pussy and brought my fingers up to enter her. I began to lick as before, remembering this time to slip my tongue inside her. She wasn't in a rush to orgasm and I lost track of time below the covers but I was hoping we would have sex afterwards so I figured if she enjoyed this enough, I'd get my end away too. I began by kissing her thighs, before remembering to use my tongue and licked them, moving towards her groin. Wendy's thighs widened and I licked there for a few moments, just running my tongue over her asshole.

Brownmailed Ch. 04

fetish Rimcrim 2017-12-01

The commercial followed her massive rear end as she walked through the dealership, displaying the cars James had worked for decades to collect. After learning the last few days what a latina woman with a big ass can do to him, James couldn't help but be a little wary, but her words sounded promising. Compared to what he had to do the other days, James was in heaven, as he licked her wet slit eagerly, tasting her salty juices as she ground her pussy into his face. "Oh, goodness me!" Rosa exclaimed, as her massive rear end bounced down on James, propping his mouse open against her ass.


fetish SunrockSin 2017-12-01

His fingers play over her like she is a piano, the nimble and soft tips gently sliding over her delicate skin, finding a singular delight in each note of her. Looking into her eyes, his music flows upward as he caresses her face, moving her head slightly to the side as his lips warms hers, his tongue momentarily slipping into her mouth and then quickly retreating. Moving his hand up her thigh, he watches his fingers gently probe her most delicate folds, searching for her rhythm, for the perfect notes to play. Feeling it, touching the firm nub he plays and listens to the music as she rises again to the trembling crescendo and then climaxes as his fingers slip deep into her and the melody slowly fades.


fetish sakura_inverse 2017-12-01

I saw pictures ranged from crudely drawn sketches to wonderful masterpieces depicting the female form standing at various depths in deep mud and quicksand. She referred to it as mud dancing and I immediately thought back to the pictures I saw online. I couldn't focus on the dance but rather I could only imagine how deep that mud flat was. The mud rocked up Aishi's caramel midriff as she purred "So you did notice. She tossed her blue bikini top towards mine just in time to have the mud tenderly kiss the bottoms of her caramel breasts. Although the fresh tattoo prevented me from frolicking in the mud, a quiet night home with my caramel goddess made sure that we would always be inseparable.

Things change. Ip

fetish Droollust 2017-12-01

Frank says Stan ya know the shower is right there man and I can tell standing next to you b*o shaking his head and repeats what he just said. Frank says real cocky like so Stan man you ain't got no place to be for awhile huh. Frank looked at me serious and said Stan I feel as if you are a very trust worthy guy. I asked why he said he didn't know why he just like to suck cock. I said you just sucked off a totally straight guy in less than 5 minutes yea you got some mad cock sucking skills k**. I will suck your cock all day Daddy he said wiping tears drool and saliva from his face.

Her Time of the Month Menstruation

fetish 425olds 2017-12-01

I played in her sloppy bleeding cunt for only a couple of minutes and diddled her hard clit briefly before she rolled onto her back. But, thinking fast I went to the bathroom and used my finger to wipe her bl**dy juices off my cock and balls and eat the lovely sweet pie. Speaking of which, I'd love to feel your bl**dy pad or tampon and get a deep whiff of it before I eat out your cunt or fuck your nasty little cunt. Don't forget me when that time of the month rolls back around as I love the smell, taste, and texture of your red hot cherry pie.

Mother Futa Ch. 02

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2017-12-01

Katie knelt beside the bed, bent down towards her mother's crotch, and suckled her nuts, while Adam sat on Martha's torso and slid his cock in and out between her large breasts. Adam rolled off of Martha and watched as Katie got into the bed and stood over her mother's impatient dick. "I need a break from your crazy-big dick, mom." Katie looked over at Martha's crotch and her eyes widened as she saw her mother fully erect again. Adam tried not to look too eager to be able to have sex with Katie's mom, but, try as he might, he could not help but leap onto Martha and start planting kisses on her face and neck.

Happy Anniversery

fetish 2017-12-01

"Damn do I have to do everything for you?" As she leaves the room "And be ready he will be here in 15 minutes." Reluctently but lovingly, Billy puts on the clothes he was given and walks out into the living room where Shavon puts a colar and leash on him ordering him to sit at her feet. He sits and watches as Zack takes off Shavon's shirt and sucks on her nipples and reaches a finger underneath her skirt and panties again to stick it inside her pussy. "Get under me and eat my pussy and lick his balls while he is fucking me!" Shavon demands and Billy and obeys. Shavon starts grinding her pussy on Billy's face causing Zack's balls to smack Billy's forehead.

Kleaning Katie

fetish Horny-Boy2 2017-12-01

My fantasy had always been to "clean her up" after we had both cum, but, you know, after its just never the same and anyway Julie would never be up for it – So I'm here in a brothel, waiting for Katie, who is currently getting fucked like the whore she is – for me! Pressing down She now opened her legs fully her lips parting as she did, I took a quick look, what I saw was a cunt that had been well fucked – all red lips and wet with a trail of cum escaping and heading towards her ass. I was working that cunt now like never before darting in and out, as far as possible another load slid down and was quickly devoured, She moaned and tightened adding her own cum juices to the mix, then began stroking my twitching cock.

Equine Kisses

fetish AmethystMare 2017-12-01

And, just like a good little harem mare, Jess shoved her tongue eagerly between those soft, grey pussy lips and lapped up every drop of her juices with devotion that astounded even Rain. However, Rain was more occupied with the bob of Eris' muzzle, the mare swirling her tongue around the head of his cock in a way that made the room spin wonderfully around him, and barely noticed Jess creeping in. The mare could only suppose that Rain was tired after a long day and played her paws across his thighs, shivering as she brushed Eris' breasts, though not purely by accident, massaging in slow circles.


Being a Good Hostess

fetish femalemastermind2000 2017-12-01

Edward was totally into being humiliated and taken advantage of and it was pretty rare that I could think of a humiliating punishment that he hadn't already thought of but I was sure this time I was going to come up with something fresh. I had started preparing early since I wasn't sure how long it was going to take and I didn't want any guests to arrive before we were done but since we still had plenty of time I had Edward start serving up some appetizers. By the time the number of guests present got to about 5 or 6 I think he caught on that I had planned this and he wasn't so nervous any more but I could tell by the looks he kept giving me that he still wasn't sure what I was doing.

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 02

fetish NiceNastyMann 2017-12-01

Use that white cunt as a black man's cum dump – oh yeah fuck me!" Robert starts to piston back and forth into her while Alice wraps her lips around Dan's cock. Come here and eat up all that sperm that came from Robert's cock." Joe bends down and licks up the cum that had oozed out of Alice's pussy onto the couch. She looks at Joe and tells him "Now beg Dan to fuck my ass cum slut. Alice smiles down at her little cuckolded cum slut, and brings more of Dan's cock into her greedy ass. Joe's face is obscured by the cheeks of her ass and he's driving his tongue in and out, licking up the globs of cum from Dan's cock.


fetish jacksgirl 2017-12-01

Then Ted said, "Ok, Gail, time to turn around here and suck my cock." I knelt next to her and I think Ted was reading my mind, cos he said, "That's it, baby, that's exactly what she needs." I slathered some of the jelly around and into her ass hole, positioned the dildo right at the entrance and shoved it in there. "Ok, Gail, you may stop and sit over to the side while I fuck Cathie." She backed up and Ted pulled me to him, rolled me over and stuck his big hard cock into my cunt. "Cathie," he said quietly, "I still have to take care of Gail." Ok, I figured he meant fuck her, but he got up and took her hand and helped her up.

French Lessons

fetish lipsticked 2017-12-01

Madame Darcy included some other photos of her and said that she would be visiting her family in Los Angeles in three weeks. The brief version is that I am in excellent health, work as a consultant so that I have a lot of free time, own my own condo, drive a two-door Lexus, am a very good cook, clean my own home, do not speak any foreign languages and have a six figure income. Madame Darcy gave me her flight number and told me to meet her at the gate in my uniform holding a sign reading "M. I took the hand she held out to me and kissed it, saying "Thank you Madame Darcy, for training me to serve you."

Panty Fantasy-Hurricane Kate Ch. 03

fetish eliasrotica3 2017-12-01

Kyle has a slender body and isn't muscle buff like Tom and Peter. When Kyle bent over for something, I swore I could see panty lines and the bumps of garter clips at his mid thigh. I became much more watchful, to the point where Margaret teased me about checking out Kyle's ass. I'll swing us by Kyle's office and see if he wants to come along. Kyle just fainted," I yell as I rush into the office. Kyle has a definite erection and considering that he's probably got the flu or something, I think the election is over and I have found myself a winner. I know I'm blushing, but I lead the others out of Kyle's office.