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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Maggie's Little Kink

fetish joulie 2017-12-01

The menu was grills and omelettes served with salads and stuff, there were about four young waitresses, a manager, and two apprentice chefs, part of the main hotel staff, and who were rotated for experience, Dave, the kitchen porter to do the washing up, he really fancied the pants off me but I didn't fancy him, he would have given anything to get into my knickers, and me, I did the salads and things. Monday started another week at work; it was all much the same; I made sure that I got plenty of gropes of the desirable bits of young Dick, and as he became more relaxed, Dick responded to each opportunity that presented itself by touching and groping me, my titties were well fondled, both outside of my overall and with a hand slipped inside whenever possible.

Win - Win - Win

fetish Justwords 2017-12-01

"Well Claire," I said finally "I'm definitely going to be able to help you two start a family, but it's going to take several months of intense work before we can even begin thinking about the insemination." "Now I'm going to need you to sit on the edge of your seat with your feet at your sides and knees apart so I can make sure William knows how to perform this properly." I really wanted to watch William slap his wife's pussy, but I started feeling sorry for the woman. Turning back to the happy couple I said "I'm going to get a hot shower and get settled, but I'll be looking forward to a gourmet meal, Claire, so get the led out.


The Return of Justin D'Enfer Ch. 07

fetish The Needler 2017-12-01

"My brother has been telling me about you as well." Justine looked the older woman over: she was of medium height, slightly chubby, her short hair gray, and her half-moon eyeglasses sat on her nose connected by a golden chain that draped around her neck. Mamasita complained again, and Justin reacted right away: he went over and tore her prison top open, exposing her tits, and started whipping them hard until they turned a nice, bright red. Justine looked around at the office curiously for a moment, finding a couch she could lounge on in moderate comfort, and bellowed: "Get in here, you little nerd!" I'm ready for some entertainment, and Mabel looks like fun."

Honey Ch. 2

fetish Heironymous 2017-12-01

I had only had a couple hours of sleep, and was too groggy to think straight, and was about to tell Jimmy that I needed to go back to sleep when I dreamily opened my eyes and spied Honey standing in the doorway to the bedroom, staring at our prone bodies seemingly asleep in his marriage bed. But as Jimmy's finger began to come out of my hole and slowly trace circles around my clit, and as I remembered the hurt that Hans had inflicted on me the night before, I closed my eyes again and groaned at the good feeling. I began to stroke him, feeling his cock come alive in my hand, and was sure that Honey could see the movements under the bedcovers; our hands stroking slowly away on each other as our eyes remained closed.

The Story of Qiu Lian Pt. 01

fetish hilypo 2017-12-01

"Look at all that stuff, like we're going to Beijing or something," whispered Bao to Qiu, motioning toward the girls struggling to pull everyone up the steps of the bus. "Yes, I'm here for a modeling job," Qiu said, not sure whether to ask or declare. In another room on the sixth floor of the office building that Qiu had just entered, a man and a woman stood over a series of television screens. A door opened back in the hallway behind the front desk after what felt like an hour, and out walked a tall woman in business attire. "Oh, sure," said Qiu. She pulled it from her purse, and handed it across the desk.


fetish lycralatex 2017-12-01

Lifting the suit up again she held it against her body - it seemed like it might fit her, and she felt a strange feeling as the soft, shiny material brushed on her skin. The length of the boots held her upright though and she admired how she looked in the mirror, the black material hugging every part of her tall body, her long black hair falling down over the shiny back. Song nearly fainted - the combination of the hot hard cock inside her and the suit pulling tight all over her body was indescribable. She glanced behind her at the mirror and couldn't believe what she saw - this demure Korean woman dressed in this amazing shiny black outfit, riding a hard cock.

Red Light/Green Light

fetish mrbaseballs09 2017-12-01

It was at that moment, when Paige's mother and sister came into the back yard, and said "We're back." The kids wanted to continue playing, but we gave everybody their prize, and sent them with their parents. When my orgasm came, it started at my toes and rose through my body, until I grabbed her hips and pulled them down until I was buried to the hilt inside of her. She was straddling my stomach, and she looked deep into my eyes and said, "Well Mr. R., since you did not remain perfectly still after I said 'Red Light', you have to start over from the beginning." The next thing I knew, her shaved battered pussy was hovering over my neck, and Paige was looking at me with a wicked grin...but that's another story.

Mum's New Panty Slave Ch. 02

fetish PantiesAndPies 2017-12-01

As they approached the lingerie section his mother told him, loudly enough for a couple of other customers and the middle aged saleslady to hear, "You can buy 17 pairs of panties today so that you have 20, you can also buy another couple of nighties, and you will need two slips at least." I think you heard, but just in case, I'm after quite a few pairs of panties -- full briefs only since I like to be covered, then some nighties and slips." How good did it feel just to say that to this girl! "I'd like some nice pretty cotton ones too, either polka dots or floral please," Neil told Karen. Neil looked at his mother, "What do you think Mum, you know when I'll be wearing them I suppose, will they do?"

The Interview

fetish JerichoX 2017-12-01

At one point you open your eyes to see the red blinking light on the camera and you feel intense humiliation knowing that your assault is being filmed. I pull the panties from your mouth and before you can speak, much less scram, I ram my cock through your lips and begin to fuck your mouth and throat. As his balls hit your chin, you think “My God that entire huge cock is down my throat” and you begin to gag, to struggle for air. Rachel’s clit, stiffened to maximum hardness feels like a tiny cock in your mouth and her cunt quivers as she cums, squirting her fluids into your mouth.

Out Pee Games

fetish luvmywifesass 2017-12-01

The thought of my wife laying on our bed, peeing in my mouth, and me drinking it all was so incredible to me that I shot off all over the bed without even touching my cock. She let me drink her pee every night before bed for about two weeks while the contractors were finishing the house. During that period of time, my wife began to enjoy the feeling of laying in bed and having me drink her. I really didn't want to pressure my wife, so I didn't bring up peeing in her mouth. My wife was peeing in my mouth while in a 69, all the while drinking my pee like she couldn't get enough.

Chopping Block

fetish ClosetFetishist 2017-12-01

Below her, under her ass, Martin softly shook and cawed, trying desperately to survive breathing in the boss' putrid gas. Martin here is in danger of being fired; so he's going around begging us to drop our bonuses this year." A long bassy fart practically blows my face away; as she stands, I fall to the ground where another ass is waiting, squatting inches above; no panties in sight. A slightly wet fart splatters my face as I continue to inhale the putrid gas around me; dizzy now and losing consciousness. As soon as released, I drop my head back and watch a small line of three women spit right in my face.

Turnabout is Fair Play femdom

fetish 2017-12-01

Somehow, the subject came up when she was talking to a couple of her girl friends and one said something to the effect that the guys always want to fuck us in the ass, but they wouldn't like it if someone did the same to them. Jamie took one look at it and said, as if speaking to my penis, "Well big boy, you look anxious, but I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself." With that she began to examine the strap-on, adjust it, fondle it, even occasionally fondling my erection. "Tomorrow is another day," she said with a wink, and I could feel little ole "big boy" getting ready again.

More Adventures of Panty Boy

fetish Panty10 2017-12-01

"Oh, that's nice, I am going to love suck on those smooth balls, sucking the cum out of that smooth cock and then feeding it to you." Said Cheryl. I went about my business, in a pretty excited state of mind and when Cheryl was off the phone I approached her and said "do I understand correctly that the extra panties were for Pete and Bob? I asked what she had in mind and Cheryl said "Well Panty Boy, you take this lounge cushion and put it down on the patio so you don't wear your knees out and start showing Bob how much you love his big cock."

My experiences with a couple – Part 1 : The

fetish caneslice 2017-12-01

After numerous chat sessions and exchanging pictures, my master wanted to meet me. it was clear to me during our chat sessions that they both demand satisfaction and are excited to meet me for real. Being in the IT sector marketing, my job required me to travel and we decided to meet on a mutually agreeable place, on a hotel away from the highway and slightly isolated but very peaceful. It was master, he wanted to confirm that i have arrived, before he started his drive. Somehow my master found my excited state very amusing and asked me how i am. I am to have my lunch and take a shower, and kneel down wearing only an underwear with my arms raised high above my head.

Brooke Anne Jackson's Story

fetish AntaeusQ 2017-12-01

I like how you describe a woman's thigh and ass, the licking of the pussy, when the guys grabbing this and that and then fucking them. Thankfully, there's Google and Facebook, and this chick, beside not being able to write a 2-page fuck story, gave me her real name. As you know, it takes time and talent to write a good story. I opened up a collection of short stories and read one about a guy and a girl pulling on a baby. I got on the bus and started writing her story. Next day, people started emailing me about Brooke Anne Jackson. She wanted to make it up to me, so she started sending me ideas and story outlines, and of course, more pictures.

My Secret Service Ch. 03

fetish HConway 2017-12-01

I peeled the damp fabric away from her body, revealing a glob of cum that was suspended between her panties and the aroused lip of her pussy. Jen lifted her knees to give my better access to her pussy and I took the opportunity to remove her panties, which I dropped on the floor beside the bed after slipping them past her ankles. I planned to be on my couch, Jen's panties in my face and my cock in my hand, in just about a minute. I undid my pants as I pulled away from the curb and let my fingers touch my stiffening dick through the fabric of Jen's still damp panties, which I had slipped on before leaving the house.

Three Wishes

fetish cauchemar80 2017-12-01

I don't know if there's a name for it, but it was basically me throwing her against the wall and fucking her from behind, standing, while she turned her head to the side and I leaned forward, over her shoulder, to lock lips. As I looked up, I saw her staring, unblinking, at her headless body, groping at her smooth shoulders. As I looked at her shoulders, I noticed that the dip where her head would go had the same threading as her neck. Caroline sat, naked on the couch, holding her head above her shoulders. "Well, Rob, that was certainly hot," she said, turning her head to me.

Kennel Girl Part Two

fetish phoenixeye 2017-12-01

I took a generous scoop of dry feel and opening the door I slipped quickly into the kennel making sure he didn't get out. As the minutes passed I had to admit that every time I though about how Samson had pressed his nose into my pussy I felt the same feeling of elation and I noticed I was now wet. This was the last time I could turn back, the last time I could hide from what my body was telling me I took a deep breath opened the door went into Samson's kennel. “Oh, good boy Samson.” I finally managed to say reaching down quickly with both hands to part my pussy lips for him exposing my clit for his tongue.

Masterbating In Front of My Boyfriends Friends and

fetish 2017-12-01

Virginia here, never fear! I have always been a good girl and worn the stuff my bf likes me to wear when around his friends and f****y but he is asking me to take it to another level. I will do whatever he says, but I am nervous. He has asked me to basically walk around naked and touch myself in front of guests. My bf swears that everyone that will be there is fully aware of my sex videos online and for sale at local stores, but I'm still nervous and basheful. Would it gross you out if you were having a cook out and the hosts gf came outside nude and asked everyone if they wanted to watch her make herself vomit? Virginia

Doris' Private Secretary Ch. 03

fetish ossforyou 2017-12-01

Doris really got off on exerting her female power over an oral slave and she made sure all the women who worked for her were also dominant. Doris decided to sit on Tom's face reverse so that his nose would be buried in her ass as she peed into his mouth. Tom choked, swallowed, and began to lick his Queen's pussy and ass as it slide forward and back and up and down on his helpless face. The feeling of her female power, having a slave under her pussy and ass was the ultimate thrill for Doris, as she ruthlessly bounced her ass up and down brutally on Tom's secured face.

Mature Prudish Woman Blackmailed Ch. 03

fetish fannyrat 2017-12-01

We had watched gentle porn clips together and I knew that Jack had a thing about women flashing stockings in public, the exhibitionist and the voyeur sections were always a favourite of his. I denied it like a little schoolgirl protesting my innocence and virtue, until I was beaten into submission and I 'confessed' to being all the things Jack said I was. I did not disappoint and when Jack could take no more, he spurted into my open mouth, I worked him with my hand, I worked his spewing cock with my lips and mouth, as a room full of strangers watched jet after jet of cum shoot into my mouth.

Kathleen's College Revenge

fetish DBoon 2017-12-01

"Oh Rachel knows I'm here," came the reply, "she helped me plan this little revenge." The blindfold was pulled off and I was left staring up into Kathleen's grinning face. "Well..." said Kathleen massaging my balls in her hand, "since you asked so nicely." She moved back and lowered her ass to over my chin all the while starring smugly into my eyes. "Now now." she replied in a sing-song voice, "I think you should tell me how beautiful my asshole is and how much you want to smell and taste it... This had to be the worst moment of my life, I remember thinking as I moved my lips up to her wrinkled asshole, in a few seconds time I would have the taste of her shit in my mouth.

Adult Nursing - Sherry's Story

fetish StrongMaster7 2017-12-01

On the following Saturday evening, as they settled in for another session, Terry suddenly stopped sucking the first breast that Sherry had offered, her left. Terry suckled the other big breast, his tongue flicked the big nipple and the sweet milk flowed into his mouth. He reached to hold one of the huge orbs, but Sherry pushed his hands away and handled her breasts herself, offering him a nipple that had already begun to leak milk. The young man smiled and said, "This is what I have been dreaming of." Sherry felt a warmth come over her as he took one breast in his hands and brought his mouth to the engorged nipple.

The Agrement

fetish pfanv 2017-12-01

She exited the dressing room in the first top, her new tits barely covered by the tight form fitting very low cut top her large erect nipples poking out. Dam, I was so turned on from watching her new boobs bounce the large nipples showing I wasn't going to last long and she almost never swallowed. Finished I turned on the shower stepping in she was right behind me rubbing her hard erect nipples against my chest, causing all the blood in my body to drop to my cock it is poking against her flat stomach. The bra holding her new tits high her large nipples standing proud the light pink halter top was thin and clung to her tits and nipples like a second skin the resulting cleavage cause my tired cock to stir a bit.