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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Another Week, Another Hotel

fetish subsukkr 2017-12-01

As I grab Ryan's balls and start to control his strokes a little so we can work up a rhythm he reports "God this slut sucks good. As Ryan continues to pump he fills my mouth, he pulls out as the last of his cum spills over my lips and cheek. Once again it was over too soon and as she pulled away she says "Now be quick, suck your cum off Ryan's cock and join me on the bed. I quickly kneel back down and clean Ryan's cock with my mouth - I'm sucking my own cum of another man's cock - I did not think I would be doing this today.

Fantasies of Katrina Ch. 02 Pt. 01

fetish mntnmanor 2017-12-01

God what a sensation, there is the large soft pillowy breasts that I long to fondle kiss and suck, separated only by the material of her bra, no Victoria's Secret here folks, this is the real thing. I start kissing and nibbling all over her face and neck and slowly move my hand down to the underside of her bra and gently dig my finger in underneath the under wire, to lift it and allow her breast to come free. Kat is quietly moaning, and before I know what happens she has slide her hand down and has a firm grip on my cock, through my pants. As I begin to fondle her pussy through her pants, I can feel the softness that comes from the dense hair between her panties and her labia.

A Work of Art: Renee Arrives

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2017-12-01

Author's Note: This will likely be a long series as right now there will be an introduction story for each girl that arrives to celebrate Chandler's birthday and use Gerald as the canvass. "I'm doing great Renee, happy birthday girl" replied Renee as she gave her friend Chandler a girlfriend kiss. "You have no idea, Renee," and as Chandler said this she thought back to her boyfriend, tied and gagged outside, panties in his mouth and duct tape over them just waiting for the girls to come out. Chandler and Renee went outside and Renee said "oooohhhh" as she saw Gerald tie to that pole, the duct tape of his gag glistening in the sun.

The Abbeyway Bulley Turns

fetish tarred 2017-12-01

Following on from The Abbeyway Revenge - the bully Jennifer shows her true colors by kidnapping Hilary and subjecting Caroline to a series of evil, messy games. Here goes." Caroline tipped the bucket and the first of what looked like fifty shelled eggs started to pour across Jennifer's brown hair slicking it to her head. "Okay bitch, you want to play that game do you?" She stepped towards Caroline ripping her blouse open, the buttons pinging in every direction. Jennifer saw her chance and poured two more buckets over Caroline as she lay on the floor, first a flood of blue paint followed by a contrasting red. "You see Jennifer, this is something you will never get!" Hilary pushed Caroline back until she was standing beside the pool full of sticky fluff.

Life With s*s: Pt 7

fetish 2017-12-01

She did ask if I was going to go naked all the time at home and I said as long as it didn't bother her, yes. Then she asked another question, she wanted to know if I thought her pussy would look better completely shaved, I like the little patch she has, but said that maybe we could work at it and make it look better, she shaves it kind of ragged, maybe I can help. I told her he'd been staring at her pussy the whole time and she said she knew it and Sue kept looking at my cock. We were both pretty tired and Steph said that she had told me that we weren't going to clean up every time we messed around.

Nadia Nails It

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-12-01

The change in position gave Shoulders more room to work and he was really devouring both tits then, squeezing them together to fit as much of my heavy soft breasts far into his maw, sucking the nipples lustily in *pop* after *pop* of flesh, sweat and slobber spraying into the air with his efforts. Shoulders, you're on clit-licking duty, Quads you've earned the right to suck my tits, forearms, I want you to get behind me and use those big hands to serve my breasts up for Mr. Big-Legs.

Ready and Rough

fetish Fit Like 2017-12-01

As his tongue teased her clit, he reached down with one hand and slid the tips of two fingers into her pussy, while his other hand still played with he breasts. She pushed her hips forward, increasing the friction as the tip of his tongue flicked her throbbing clit, intensifying her sensations as the contractions spread from her pussy to her womb. "Damn!" he sighed, "Oh fuck yes!" he gasped as she took the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and slowly slid her lips along his shaft. He placed his hands on her hips and paused, partially to let her become accustomed to having him inside her and partially to savour the sensation of feeling his cock gripped deep within her arse.

Real Encounter in brief

fetish 2017-12-01

I started to give massage to her toes, few times while massaging her toes I did kissed them for which she moaned loudly which gave me license do some more acts. They were amazing and I was enjoying the massage that I was rendering to my lady .While I was doing this husband was recording our act and was feeling horny and he started stripping himself and asked me to strip her too. Before doing that she soaked my dick with her saliva and gave me the blowjob of my life while doing this the hubby was licking her pussy and I was moving my dick between her big boobs and while doing this she was kissing my dick head whenever it was going near her lips.

Helene Ch. 03

fetish Kirk482002 2017-12-01

Even though we both loved Gracie's performance with Kent, I kind of got the impression that Helene was sorry for losing her 'Total Virginal' status. It's her fault she baulked, not yours," said Gracie, as she opened the top button of Tina's shirt. "It wasn't like I got them at Tiffany's, you know," I said, embarrassed, as it was now Gracie's turn to give me a kiss. "Ah, Gracie, would you give me a hand with the food?" asked Tina. "I didn't ask you," said Helene to Tina. "Okay, now I'm ready to talk," said Helene, as she walked past us and sat in a chair. Helene was still seated in the chair, but Gracie and Tina were facing her with their arms crossed.

The Job Fair

fetish BaronS 2017-11-30

Without any relief, Karen finally began to feel a lot like the ad campaign for the local rock station; the hits just kept coming. Karen's interview would be with Carla Breaker, the Director of Recruitment for British Care Inc . Carla Breaker's office wasn't anything like any office Karen had ever seen before. "Karen," Carla began, "I choose to conduct my interviews where we are both unencumbered by the convention usually found between someone who has a position to offer and someone who wants that position. "Yes, I feel quite at ease," which was an outright lie because Karen was not about to let her jitters come in the way of getting this job!

Trust Ch. 08

fetish noglory 2017-11-30

I feasted on the sight of the curves of her beautiful body filling out the close embrace of her blouse and her little tight skirt and the way that the long flowing lines of her lovely legs led my eager ayes down to her irresistibly pretty ankles and her gorgeous feet making her dainty little skipping steps in her white plimsolls. "Bless his little white frilly cotton ankle socks." She put her hands on her hips, lifted the heel of her leading foot and with a twist of her foot lightly ground the sole beneath the pointed toe of her plimsoll into the asphalt surface of the car park, inclined her head slightly to one side and looked straight at Rick.

Mike's Lot

fetish plain_man 2017-11-30

Mike asked the guy how the job was going. Mike said he'd massage him if he'd like, but he'd rather do something with all 3 of the guys, here in the parking lot. Mike just looked him in the eye and said he wanted to help the guys in the ditches. After a minute the first rigger just blurted out that Mike wanted to suck their cocks. The guy was so fired up and knew he wouldn't be able to keep from kicking Mike's ass, so off he went. Once they seemed done Mike stood up, said thanks and went back to his car. Mike told her he said he was a disgusting nasty perverted faggot and he'd rather kick his ass than let him touch his dick.

A lady Police Officer comes home from work

fetish jonmagellan 2017-11-30

I push my hands down to her arse and my cock just goes huge because I can feel that she is wearing stockings under her skirt. The top of she blouse is already torn and although she has her hands around my wrists I tear open the top of her blouse and reveal the sexiest black lace bra I have ever seen, but better than that the tits inside them look totally awesome. I grab hold of the handcuffs around her wrists and with my cock going in and out of she arse I ride her like a fucking police horse. ‘get your fucking mouth over hear’ I gasp and she bends her head towards me just in fucking time and as I stick my cock in her mouth she sucks it hard and I cum.

Daddy's Hard Day

fetish geronimo_appleby 2017-11-30

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little role-play where the hot wife waits for her Daddy to come home from work. The bottle thunked against the bath as Anna pressed her lips to his and squirted beer into her husband's mouth. 'Let me lather you up, Daddy,' Anna said with a bar of soap in her hand. Anna's tee-shirt grew opaque at her breasts when she lifted each of her husband's legs out of the water, holding his limbs against her body to work soap between each toe. 'I want you to lick my pussy and fuck me with your hard cock.' She peeled the damp tee-shirt over her head, smearing his ejaculate across her face and into her formerly immaculate hair.

A Day at the Grocery Store

fetish HHenry57 2017-11-30

And because it's mostly women that do the f****y shopping this gives me a chance to enjoy the variety of footwear they wear to show-off their lovely tanned legs and manicured feet. Much to my surprise when the SUV door opens out pops two very long tanned legs that belong to a business woman that is wearing a dark skirt that ends just below the knee, a white sleeveless blouse and no jacket. It looks like shopping today is going to be my lucky day as she walks, very well I might add right into the grocery store. She smiled and thanked me for the comment and just went on her way down the aisle like she hears compliments about her feet everyday, maybe she does.

Filipina Feet

fetish fflover58 2017-11-30

A foot guy for as long as he could remember, Wyatt found Joy's feet to be the most perfect he had ever seen, and that meant something, considering at the time he'd spent staring at classmate's feet. When he though both his peers and his professor weren't paying him any mind again, Wyatt returned his attention to the only interesting thing in the room; Joy's entertaining feet. Though Wyatt honestly did appreciate everything else that made Joy one of the hottest girls he had seen at the university, it was her giant feet that really caught his attention from the day he lay eyes on her.

You know you like it...

fetish StretchNutz69 2017-11-30

I overpowered her and held her head still while I f***ed my now rock hard, throbbing cock into her mouth and began humping her face. I stroked her face gently while I crammed my cock down her throat and cooed her while she gagged on me, "Sssshhhhh," I told her, "Just relax, you know you like it." She sobbed more and more as foamy strings of drool hung off of the corners of her mouth in slimey streams. I grabbed her hair and f***ed my sack in her mouth and screamed at her, "You bitch, I told you to lick my fucking balls!!" I took my balls out of her mouth and looked at her again.

Watching Her Go Ch. 01

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-11-30

In one amazing moment, she opened her mouth and took me right down to my balls and then swallowed...twice...three times, massaging me with her throat. I took her cotton panties in my hands and slowly pulled them down around her hips so I could just see the upper triangle of her pubic hair, but not her swollen lips. All those years of listening through walls, curtains and doors, dreaming of it morning, noon and night...and here I was, kneeling in front of Angie's pussy, waiting for her to a sink, yet. I was touching the inside of her thigh with my left hand and firmly held my hard cock with my right.

Dreaming of Daddy's Breeding

fetish ddygrl 2017-11-30

You are nothing but a slut, wanting your Daddy to make you pregnant! "We've got to give your tiny little pussy time to get used to my big fat cock." He bent down and kissed my neck, the feel of his soft lips making me tremble. His orgasm continued to spurt into me for a long time, I was so full that it looked like I was 3 months pregnant, but it was all cum from Daddy's glorious cock! I would be disappointed because I had been on birth control since I was 16, this would never happen when I was awake, and after this dream I realized I really did want to have Daddy's baby.

Cum slut wife !!!

fetish 2017-11-30

Then one night it happened I tied her up in the same way and went outside , just then my neighbor pulled up in front of his apartment , he got out of his car and started talking to me and her had a clear view of the nasty slut on the bed, he did not let on right away that he could see her , but after a few min he said shit she looks hot , I told him thanks that I love to show her off and that if he kept this to himself he could get a show every now and then, he said that would be great.

Med Testing Lab Assignment Ch. 02

fetish boudin5 2017-11-30

"You see, this nozzle has two bulbs, one goes inside and the other outside the rectum," as Mia studied it carefully, Olga continued, "And these two squeeze-bulbs pump air to inflate the balloons once they're in place." With that, she sat down between my legs at the end of the table, grabbed the K-Y and applied liberal quantities all over the nozzle-bulbs (mainly the inner one) and then to my waiting hole. My gut was swelling as nurse Olga instructed Mia, "While the water's going in, it's good to gently massage his abdomen in the direction of the flow." My boner was now rock-hard, it stood out at an angle as Olga's hand moved along my belly and she chirped, "Well now, we sure don't have to hold it out of the way!" Mia smiled at Olga and said, "I was kinda hoping we would!" They both giggled quietly.

Saturday Night Matches Ch. 01

fetish StoneKidman 2017-11-30

Liz was a lot prettier, that's why I enjoyed watching her matches, but she always got her ass beat by the bustier Asian woman with the long straight jet black hair that made her look like some evil Disney queen. Mimi came up behind the beautiful brunette and grabbed a handful of hair; she ran Liz face first into the top turnbuckle hard enough to make her head pop back like whiplash. The Asian woman roared with laughter as she seemed to repeat this move, standing on Liz's beautiful long brown hair this time and yanking on her opponents hand--the one Mimi previously was standing on--to lift the white woman off the floor.

Claiming of a Slave

fetish MasterSyco 2017-11-30

I suck your nipple into my mouth as hard as I can, your soft flesh feeling like heaven on my tongue. I lean in and lick from your clit to the bottom of that perfect pussy pressing firmly, allowing my tongue to slide inside. I let my hard cock drip its precum onto your perfect ass, lick it up, and move around the bed to kiss you with my essence on my tongue. I let you lick, kiss, and suck but just for a moment before I pull away. As I feel you start to orgasm I hold mine back until yours begins to reach its peak, then I let go with a deep growl.

The Art of the Female Orgasm

fetish DrunkenDiablo 2017-11-30

When a woman wants internal stimulation, it is best to start slowly with one finger touching the vaginal lips in a circular motion, and then slowly penetrate, with the fingernail (always cut short, no sharp edges, and clean) down and the fingerprint side up. When her feeling intensifies, the man will move both fingers together by bending at the first and second joints, then straightening and bending, straightening and bending, while sucking on her clit and performing left-right tongue flicks and/or circles. If a man feels he may come too soon, he can let the woman know and she can help keep this from happening by taking his balls in her mouth and gently pulling down (toward his feet)--with great care not to bite!