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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lynne's Unhappy Lesson

fetish JillS 2017-11-30

There'd been a spanking scene and she remembered Gary's comment, "Gee, maybe that's what Lynne needs." Lynne was half way up the stairs when she heard Gary's raised voice. The only word Sarah understood was 'bed.' Chastened, she slid off the couch, sidled past Gary and galloped out of the room. Reassured, Sarah bounded onto the bed, turned around several times, and then settled next to Lynne. "Lynne, I don't want to do this, but you know, at least if you stop and think, that you need something to remember and to remind you before you do something stupid again. She pulled the pillow over her head, in imitation of Sarah's 'ostrich act,' as Gary called it.

Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 01: Intro

fetish qexiqex 2017-11-30

Three months later, Tom, Tim, Bob, Julie and some support staff all met at the old ruins. The giant head of this thing looked like straight from a medieval horror movie, horrendous and intimidating, and was a real work of art. Bob asked Tim and Tom to help him get strapped in, to be able to try it out, get uses to the controls. The beast moved his ridiculously huge arm in front of her nose, let the plate-sized hands rotate, and boomed, "How do you like my features?" "Jana, finally!" Tom ran towards her, looking at her, then at the big, mechanical arm swaying in front of her. "Tom, you really sound like a freaking sales-man!" Julie laughed, "Better watch this!"

Daddy Entries Pt. 01

fetish AnxiouslyWaiting 2017-11-30

"Daddy, I want cock." I whisper in your ear wiggling still in your hands. "I want cock in my princess parts." I whisper closing my teeth over your earlobe and I shiver as I hear you moan. I trembled in your lap as you cup my sex removing your hand slowly by dragging your fingers a crossed my moist slit again, and then my spanked again. It feels amazingly, but it gets better as your hand picks up speed, your fingers rubbing that spot over again making me moan and whimper in your lap. I try to run away but you press your hand on my back and refuse to leg me go as I beg for you to stop and shake in your lap from the building tension.


fetish honeydipped 2017-11-30

I felt the streams tickled my ass, hot!, and soak my khakis in dark patches on the inside of my legs, spilling onto my socks and shoes. I took off my soaking shoes at the door, and left piss-damp sock prints on the carpet on the walk to my room. "Oh, yes you have," I say, stretching out below him in the cold bathtub, "you've pissed hundreds of thousands of times in your life. "OK," he says, and lets loose a stream of piss, the force of it stinging my breasts as it hits them and runs like rivers over my ribs, into my armpits and then the bathtub.

You dirty boyyy

fetish prettykittymiaos 2017-11-30

I take off my underwears and start to finger myself because I just can't stop the urge to feel something inside my pussy. It felt so good, your head pushing its way up me, reaching what feels like the end of me where the pain begins. So you stand up and make me suck your dick again, asking me if I taste good and of course I do, so I reach my fingers up into me and put them in your mouth to give you a taste. I do as I'm told and you grab on my hip with one hand and slide the other hand down the spine of my back all the way to my still ridiculously soaking wet pussy and open up the tightness to make room for your cock to get in once again.


fetish Mailman421 2017-11-30

I told him that chick who just walked in wants to be fucked like a whore in the toilets. There she sat, living her wildest fantasy, dress hanging off her in tatters, perfect tits exposed in a see through sheer bra, coated in spit and wobbling with every violent thrust as she took the facial abuse of a stranger in a pub toilet. Within minutes the Barman was ready to blow, and with a tremendous yell he pulled out of her mouth and jerked his cock, erupting a massive stream of cum, shooting all over her forehead, the second spurt glazing her lips and the third hitting her tits perfectly, covering this whore in his seed.

My Wife My Mommie part5 con

fetish 2017-11-30

"Ann, don't worry, Robin has been a complete baby for over a "What is your name little girl?" Ann said. Daisy went into the diaper bag and brought out Robin's dolly. "Wobin, you wee-wee your dee-dee?" Tami asked Robin. Robin lifted Tami dress and stuck her hand down her wet Tami took Robin by the hand and said, "You want to see my room Tami took Robin by her hand to her 'new' room. conversation while the babies played in Tami's room. Tami, never seeing Robins room, "No it isn't!!!!" especially for Tami," Daisy said. Daisy lead Robin by the hand, her little dress Tami was taken to her room, where Ann changed her diaper and

Dark Alleys are Dangerous

fetish NotSoBigBird 2017-11-30

Despite the knife in his hand and the cords binding her wrists and ankles, John felt powerless against the woman's patronizing smirk and unimpressed expression. As the horrifying realization that she was right dawned upon him, John started to pull away, but the woman clenched her jaw just slightly and he froze. As soon as he pulled is hand away, the woman's fingers snapped shut over the handle, and she spat his package out of her mouth. The blouse went over his shoulders, and the button and zipper on the skirt were still intact, but the panties were torn across the waistband; feeling the woman's scrutinizing gaze upon him, John slid himself through the leg-hole.

Gwen & Sarah: The Pissmop Sisters

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-11-30

Both Sarah and Gwen crawled over the plastic covering, their bodies shimmering in a coating of piss, towards the table that held the two glasses and then when they got there they held them in their hands, looked each other in the eyes and started to pour them into their waiting mouths. "Sarah, you get yourself the other side of the tuba and while I sodomise your big sis I want you to dip her head right into the piss, hold it for at least 30 seconds before letting her up OK?", her nod and smile told me she was well up for this scene so with us in position I thrust my eight inches of cock up and into Gwen's tight arsehole and began to establish a harsh rhythm of pounding her.

laundry day

fetish albertbaker1 2017-11-30

a young lady came into the laundramat and began doing her laundry. she was wearing jeans and a tight little shirt so i watched her as soon as she came in. what really excited me was when she squated down her shirt lifted and her pants dropped, ususally i would have been quite happy to see her g-string, but what she showed me was the line of hair running from her ass up her back. it was thick and dark and there was no doubt that she wanted me to see it. it surprised me and affected me like i had never felt before. i wanted her, there, then, up against the tables. I felt this a****listic urge grow inside me.

Norma, Eskimos Have it Right Ch. 01

fetish MilkFountain 2017-11-30

In her words, she was "kissing his friendly hardness." She said she had been aware of wrinkling her dress, and that despite the heat and the sweat trickling along her back and over her bottom, and the stickiness she felt filling the crotch patch of her panties, she didn't care. In bed with me after, she whispered that she couldn't tell if it was the feeling of a balloon swelling in her womb for him that created an ache in her breasts, or only the boy's eyes—feeling to her, she said, "Like hands squeezing my nipples so both breasts hurt, but sweetly." (Como manos apretándome los pezones hasta que mis pechos enteros me dolían en manera tan dulce!")


fetish hotRobertXX 2017-11-30


Cucking Andy - Episode 1

fetish CuckoldandHotWife 2017-11-30

I didn't need to be asked twice when Andy suggested I join them and quickly changed into my bikini and grabbed my vodka and tonic before easing myself into the warm bubbly waters between Jerry and my husband. Maybe it was the drink, maybe the jacuzzi or maybe it was Jerry's fit body but I couldn't stop myself saying "well, there's always me" Jerry looked surprised and said" But what about your husband?" "Well" I whispered "Andy's always saying that I can sl**p with another man if he can watch, so maybe now's the time to call his bluff. Andy needed little encouragement but as he started to kiss my sex I was suddenly concerned that he might be able to taste Jerry's cum in my pussy.


fetish jason1000 2017-11-30

My wife would hear nothing said against them and readily accepted their invitation to visit them, as their home was only a couple of miles from our holiday hotel. I stood at the kitchen door and saw her surrounded by six men who were all trying to get a feel of her lovely body. "Wow!!" "God look at that!" Were some of the comments that came from the crowd of men as they beheld my lovely young wife. The men in that kitchen needed no further encourage- ment, one of them got between her legs and eased his big dick into her opened cunt. This attracted other men at the party to come to the kitchen where they all took a turn at fucking my obliging little whore-wife while I watched.

Jack of Spades PT1

fetish 425olds 2017-11-30

I'm a white promiscuous cocksucker, meaning I've sucked so many cocks that I have sucked a few black guys, and have loved it. pictures are of white guys sucking black cocks. friends I chat with regularly who suck black cocks exclusively. I also chat with a number of black guys online. Today I was chatting with a black guy in would signal my desire to suck black cock. similar Queen of Spades symbol for white women owned by black men. As I drew closer she asked, "Do you know what that spade really hot to suck this guy while two more big black cocks were waiting for Soon the first guy shot his hot load in my mouth and pulled out.

Pissing Away a Weekend Ch. 01

fetish Jerrycurious 2017-11-30

" So John and Debbie aren't going to the lake until Saturday morning?" Tom questioned Barb, " I mean they could save a lot of time by going up tonight like we are. " I think you're right Barbara," Tom said, " I mean we know that they were swinging last year but they've never seemed to have any interest in that with us. "Why don't we head back for the cabin," she whispered to him," I'm sure we still have time before John and Debbie get here." Tom turned the boat and being very familiar with the lake as well as knowing where the cabin was brought it around and chose his direction by using his compass and gave the craft full throttle.

Come Over Pizza

fetish DrrtyMafia 2017-11-30

"I want to feel that hot load inside my fucking pussy. Four weeks later, it's the night Chris is coming home, and I am horny as fuck. He grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my mouth like a pussy. It's a big dick and I want you to take it all like a good girl." He pulls out a little further and then eases it back in. "Now, I'm gonna pull out of you, and I want you to make sure whatever comes out of you gets on that pizza. And the next time he goes away, I want to come back and fuck you and hear all about it.

First taste of shemale piss

fetish samcolt1911 2017-11-30

When we arrived to her apartment she led me to her living room, and I without even taking of my jacket got down to my knees and unzipped her pants and lowered them and then reached for her cock, it was still relaxed so I needed to lift it up so I slowly put it in my mouth and began to move my tongue all around it, it felt like heaven growing inside my mouth, it throbbed and grew until it was all erect and it didn’t fit inside my mouth, I began to suck it really slow in the beginning but I needed to taste cum for my first time so I fastened the rhythm , she was moaning in pleasure and she kept saying things like “yes, oh ,yes you cock sucker, I’m gonna rip your mouth from ficking it you little bitch, I’m gonna let you sink in my cum you fuckin’ whore” and “ faster, oh ,faster, yeah”

Living Fantasy

fetish xQueeniex 2017-11-30

I couldn't help but check out my boss and i was hardly listening to anything he was saying as his lips were moving and sound was coming out but all i saw was his tattoos, and me pulling on his brown hair and making him eat my pussy while i straddled him on the floor by sitting on his face. I gulped hard sure enough, his hands were already moving and tugging my dress upwards and i moaned softly as he struck my pussy [as i wore thongs] and his fingers kept strumming along my clit. his breath was so warm to the cool air touching my legs and he was licking at all the right spaces, carefully flicking his tongue all along my clit and nnot givng me an inch of rest where i wasn't wiggling and moaning and cursing.

Tied and Taken

fetish PrncAlbrt 2017-11-30

Angrily, London Fog pulled the rubber penis from the magnificent ass, grabbed some kerchiefs from a display rack and deftly wrapped them around my wrists. London Fog handed the other woman a small strap, which was then placed around the base of my cock and tightened. The woman on my face then slid down between my body and upturned legs, she placed my cock at the entrance to her hot pussy and began sliding down my stiff shaft. London Fog, never taking her eyes from mine, wrapped her fingers around the tip of my cock and expertly squeezed and slid her hand up and down while the other woman fondled my balls.

The Day I Did A Dalek

fetish jennyswallows 2017-11-30

And, with a resigned “you really are twisted, sometimes, you know that don’t you,” he undid the cord of his dressing gown and six and a half inches of semi-soft cock was angled through the hole where the gun used to go. I pause and just let my tongue dance a moment, before my lips close around an inch or so of shaft and I suck at the flesh while his cock flexes for more. His body was banging against the Dalek, edging it forward, pushing me back, but I couldn’t go back because his hands held my head, slamming it down then pulling it back, and his cock was growing harder and hotter and....

A Wet Reunion

fetish Sacanaz 2017-11-30

I thought I was in the clear when the song ended, but the band immediately segued to a slow number, and before I could retreat she took my hand and pulled our bodies together, smiling up into my eyes as she pushed closer to me. Sandy was there in a heartbeat, covering Sheila's pussy with her own mouth, grasping her buttocks with her own hands, and getting much more of a reward than I had. Just as quickly, she pulled back a bit to get the next gob on her tongue, and then pulled her mouth away completely to aim the spurting organ towards Sandy's face. I had rinsed most of my cum from Sheila's face and began to work on Sandy when I finally ran out of 'gas'.

On Her Terms Ch. 01: The Arrangement

fetish econut 2017-11-30

Laura was bisexual and talked all the time about wanting to have a threesome with another girl, which gave Dale plenty of material to fantasize about when they weren't together. Dale had Laura's shirt off and was sucking on her breasts with one hand down her pants, when Sam walked in... Laura was scared for an instant, but then Sam leaned in and kissed her fiercely on the lips and began grabbing her tits, picking up right where Dale had left off, only with a little bit of a different attitude. Laura finally got Sam to stop by begging her to fuck her in the ass instead.

Fun and Fornication Ch. 06

fetish SideshowD 2017-11-30

It is impossible to describe the disappointment Katherine had felt when she heard Mr Blackwood's footsteps receding, leaving her alone, aroused and unable even to stimulate herself to the release her body craved. A few times she felt a light hand brush her skin, the delicate inner thigh, the curve of a breast and her heart would leap, her nipples instantly harden into tight peaks as her body smouldered, and she could feel the seeping from her swollen hole increase to what felt like a flood. Katherine lay, her thoughts equally on the unsatisfied longing deep in her belly and the humiliation she would feel if Mr Blackwood were to allow her parents to behold her compromising position.