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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

May I Cum by JoJoforu

fetish jojoforu 2017-11-30

She wanted to give him a spirited ride, and experience several orgasms from intercourse before allowing him to cum. At last, Bitch opened his eyes and saw Mistress's sensual smile. Mistress gave him a few sweet nuzzling kisses, and whispered, "Bitch - I want you to eat my pussy now. Her Bitch finally cleaned her of all that useless cum. "Ten swats, Bitch, and you will lose touching that small useless cock for three days. He knew from experience that twenty-five swats would not be easy but not being able to touch his useless cock for three days was an enormous punishment. Then he thought of Mistress's sensual, pussy, and the sweet feeling of being inside her and begging her to allow him to touch it.

American Geisha

fetish GillianCD 2017-11-30

The table was presented well; a centerpiece of flowers that I had arranged myself, a spot for a single plate (I had already eaten) and a glass waiting for the wine which I had opened fifteen minutes earlier to allow it to breathe. When he was done cleaning me, he stood and headed to the door and opened it. I stood and crossed the room to him and retrieved his shoes and slid them onto his feet one at a time, kissing each foot after I put a shoe on him. "You may keep the room to pleasure yourself." He said, kissed me on a cum-free spot on my forehead and then left me to pleasure myself, alone, happy and fulfilled by my lover's satisfaction.

Susan in Control Ch. 02

fetish Rabbithorny 2017-11-30

They had been sitting on a couch when she told Tom what was going to happen, and when she'd finished, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him very warmly. Susan told him it was time to go to her friend, Karen's house, and made sure that Tom remembered the address. Tom didn't remember what because all he could think about was that someone else was getting what he wanted, and Susan's friend would always know that he had agreed to let that happen. Tom knew that Susan did not especially like him to come in her mouth, and so when he was almost cumming he told her so.

At The Hairdressers

fetish sammy_u 2017-11-30

My breath caught again and I gulped as she approached me and caught my head with her right palm and brought my face to her left arm-pit. I caught her toes with my left hand and slowly massaged her soles with my right. Playfully pulling each toe I caught her feet inside my palms and vigorously massaged them. While inhaling the smells of her feet she rubbed the other foot on my cheek and the sheer silk stockings sent sparks inside me and ignited my groin. I took one shoe in my hand and caught her feet by the other. Stepping closer she looked into my eyes and placed her palm just above my right breast and stretching the skin shaved off some hair.

Four-cock Foursome

fetish sexlover19 2017-11-30

He smiled back, probably guessing - rightly - that I was going to let him fuck me, then lay naked on top of Kev. I watched his butt clench as he thrust himself against my boy's super-fit arse, then got a surprise as Kev wriggled round and the pair went cock-to-cock, side by side on the rug, their mouths meeting in a deep kiss. I turned back to Kevin and Danny, stripping myself of the rest of my clothes as I watched them curl into one another, head to toe, tongues working on shafts and then eager mouths enclosing hard cocks.


fetish wastedaway 2017-11-30

He heard the trailer door slam as he got in the car, so he started it and drove back up the dirt road to the highway, heading toward home, his thoughts on the way the girl had treated him. He was annoyed that Suzie didn't even offer to help as well as the stunt she pulled in the store, so as soon as he got behind the wheel, he asked the gum-popping girl, "why didn't you tell me you didn't have any money, Suzie?" She looked at him with a sneer, "well, it was your idea to come to my place and ask me if I wanted to go anywhere." She punctuated her excuse with a loud pop of the gum as she turned her head to look out the window, showing her contempt for the bewildered Ray.


My First Pair Of Ladies Kid Gloves

fetish Classygloves 2017-11-30

She told me that I had not and she was just lying in bed wondering how I was enjoying my new kid gloves. There was an old lady standing next to us who was also waiting for the bus and she gave me a strange look as I slowly put on my 8 button black kid gloves and smiled at her I really did not care as it only excited me more. She took my hand, I was still wearing my black kid leather gloves, which had been massaging her breasts and slipped it down to her pussy and started moving against me taking my fingers into her pussy and moving back and forth on them.


fetish Misty Angel 77 2017-11-30

A few moments past and then Master Michael took Nathan's left nipple in hand and did like wise as the slave bucked against the pain. Stepping aside, Master Michael stood and left the room, leaving Nathan with a raging hard on, his balls almost pulled to their limit and his nipples aching as the blood tried to enter them. "Hands around your ankles boy, its time for your Master to use that tight asshole of yours to bring relief to his throbbing cock!" Nathan grabbed his ankles as he felt the leather thongs begin to bind his wrist to his ankles. Every shove sending Nathan forward and causing excruciating pain in his balls as well as causing the clips to scrape the carpet when his nipples were stretched even more as his hips were pulled back by Masters strong hands.

Meet Your Destiny

fetish AngelusLamia 2017-11-30

"How else is a dirty whore to repent, except through pain?" He stalks to the armoire and retrieves a leather flogger, pulling his fingers through the knotted strands as he returns to her. "I let them put their cocks in my pussy Father." His hand gropes between her legs until he is twisting her cuntlips between his strong fingers, making her wince in pain. "Just look what you have done you filthy whore!" He holds his wet hand close to her face, grasping her hair to force her gaze upward. It's my duty to show you what a disgusting cum-dump you are." She turns her face away, but he just grabs a handful of strawberry-blonde and forces his cock between her lips.

Happy Birthday

fetish Drakon66 2017-11-30

When Kim's lips reached the base of his cock once more, she extended the middle finger of the hand fondling his balls and placed the tip at the entrance of his puckered asshole. Kim used her legs to pull Danny down and his cock became trapped between them. Kim could feel his semi hard cock throbbing against her thigh and knew they had better get into the shower before it was fully erect, besides fucking him in the shower would be fun too! 'This is the best birthday present I've ever given myself,' Kim thought pulling away from Danny and with a wink she led him by the hand toward the bathroom.

The Love of Panties Ch. 08

fetish chuckp7860 2017-11-30

"I could buy that, I admit, you are not a bad looking guy, I mean, for being hold enough to be my dad, but I know a lot of Dad's that think a college age girl can be something they would like to get in the bed with and what better way to get as close as you could without trying to risk finding out what I am like than to look at my intimate attire." She looked at me, then she opened her bag and took out the pair I had just put back in, taking them out she could see that there was a wet spot on the front of the panties.

Mermaid Movie

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-11-30

Russell Thatcher, producing a low-budget movie, had called on Tim with a very simple request; he needed six models who would be costumed as mermaids and would serve as a kind of background scenery for a sequence he intended to shoot. "I know about what a mermaid costume is going to look like, so I guess that explains the no-bra bit; but I don't understand why I need to come with my bladder so darned full! We need models who can look like mermaids, but they also have to be able to hold a lot of pee for a long time, and we can't take a chance on you not being able to do it next Friday.

Prom Date Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2017-11-30

With my finger deep up his ass, his beautiful cock softened in my mouth. I shove it in and we establish a steady rhythm, my licking, slowly turning to cocksucking, the vibrator fucking his delicious ass, and me grinding my anal stinker into his mouth. take me, fuck me home, now, I need your come, Red, fuck me hard..." she begged me and pulled off me to rise on her hands and knees, ass in the air in front of my throbber. Foam sizzled from her hole, thousands of tiny pale brown wet bubbles, I ate it like a delicate sorbet, bitter with a tantalizing sweetness, coating my lips as I rammed her mouth.

Steven Miller's Financial Demise Ch. 01

fetish AfroerotiK 2017-11-30

Given that Iceland didn't have a stake in the Trans Atlantic Slave trade and his ancestors more than likely had no direct connection to the enslavement of any Africans, Steven's "white guilt" was more reminiscent of a global and pervasive trend by Caucasian men to sexually submit to people whose origins are from the motherland. It was clear to me, behind his desires of being forced to pay, that he believed that all women were objects to be purchased, that every woman had a tipping point, a certain dollar amount that would entice them to conform to his twisted fantasies.

Picked Up Hitchhiking By A MILF

fetish panteeluvr 2017-11-30

As we chatted some she shocked me by saying "You know..........back in my day there was a saying people had when they picked up hitchhikers, cash, grass, or ass......nobody rides for free!" and she laughed! She asked where I thought we should go and I told anywhere was good with me and she said she'd be more at ease if we got a hotel room. I told her I loved her hairy pussy and the smells it created and asked if she would mind me bending her over doggy-style and sniffing and licking her hairy bum crack. We shared another smoke as I told her about my panty fetish and love of ass smell.

Cure for a Sore Throat

fetish prickasso 2017-11-30

Dawn rolled over onto me, pushing her large naked breasts into me, and said "I bet I can get rid of those hiccups." And proceeded to lick down my body, over my nipples, her hot breath making my nipples harden, pausing just enough to suck each one for a moment, and continued down my body to suck my soft dick into her mouth. She bathed my cock a bit, then wandered down to my nut sack and slowly sucked one into her mouth, knowing that this always gets me really hot. Of course the hiccups were long forgotten and I said to her, "Don't stop, I have just the thing for your throat." I knew that after 4 days, I would have enough cum to drown her.

Glory Hole Confession

fetish twistedthoughts19782 2017-11-29

Deep hard full strokes for at least 45 minutes in three positions, the whole time asking if I enjoyed my mistresses cock deep in my ass. I continued to suck and then I felt his cock suddenly get slightly bigger and harder and before I could stop it was filling my mouth with cum. I watched a video for a few moments when I rationalized that I could go to the other booth and if a cock came through I could jack him off. I went to the glory hole booth many times but I only got one taker and when I attempted to put a rubber on him he pulled out and called me a fucking asshole.

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 06-08

fetish SHAFERLINE 2017-11-29

Since Donna had spent some time after she started working for Kevin, and while quickly adapting to and embracing the new office dress requirements of 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels, she had started studying the more refined aspects of makeup in order to achieve different looks for every occasion. Therefore after Donna arrived at Ken's apartment, she started getting ready by redoing her make up for the evening by changing from the professional office look to a different softer look since she would be wearing those sexy black suede T-strap pumps with the 'hoop-and-Pin' buckling system as well as the silk blouse, belt, and the bullet bra that Ken was bringing home from the shop!

The Lamp Ch. 01-02

fetish carvohi 2017-11-29

I can do anything." The genie looked at Mike and said "Lean over here. He spoke again, "Tammy sweetie, if you don't hurry up and get down here and give me that big treat I asked you for I'm going to have to do something you really won't like." "Tammy here let me help you." He reached down to her face, taking his fingers his started to scrape the semen off her cheeks. Tammy reached out with her mouth and licked the comb off Mike's fingers. Isn't it good?" Three more times Mike took his fingers and scraped semen off Tammy's face for her to lick up and swallow. After the third swallow Mike said, "Now Tammy say something."

hubby and I double date

fetish stefhavre43 2017-11-29

"Just think how Justin's cock is going to feel as he rams it into your virgin arse darling, I'm getting really excited about watching. All the time Steve was belting the shit out of hubby's arse, Justin was stroking his rampant cock, which was a really beautiful sight. He reached between my husband's legs and pulled his balls towards him, as far as his stretched ball sack would allow, then taking his cock in his right hand he leant forward towards hubby's virgin bum, leaning all of his weight on hubby's balls. I did feel a bit sorry for my husband at that point, since Justin hadn't bothered to wash his cock since it was up hubby's arse, but I soon got over it.

Testicle Love

fetish madismaximus 2017-11-29

His screams of pleasure and pain only made her more aroused as she rode Ryan's cock while maintaining a firm grasp on his testicles. Ryan’s body was laced with sweat as he trembled and pulsed in response to the waves of pleasure and sweeps of pain that racked his body; he could feel his penis being tightly held by the throbbing walls of Connie’s vagina. Suddenly Connie broke away from the kiss and let out a scream herself, her head thrown back and her hand still tightening on Ryan’s unprotected testicles. As he drove his cock into Connie’s pussy he felt an orgasm sweep over him, from his balls all over his body.

Shy Janine and Mr Smith

fetish JayCross 2017-11-29

The days visit went as usual, a little small talk with Mrs. Smith while her husband looked from the kitchen. I just wanted to ask to maybe massage or play with your legs and feet?" "Yes sweetie, I've always had a foot fetish and most women usually don't play along or let me truly enjoy their feet, and that's including my wife. Mr. Smith looked at my foot and up my leg. Now Mr. Smith don't you want to play with my other foot, I asked while wrestling with my skirt. "That's right Mr. Smith, a payment" I moved my foot out of his hands and he reacted like a baby that's had it's favorite toy taken away.

Something new #4

fetish bignicdigger 2017-11-29

You slowly start grinding your hips back and forth, coming down to lay on me and whisper in my ear, saying, "do you like my cunt baby, is mommy fucking you good" of course you are fucking me good, I bite your earlobe, telling you that I wont be able to last much longer in your tight cunt, youre driving me crazy and I have to cum. Once you feel my cock start to go limp, then you come up for air, licking every drop of cum that spilled, you savor the flavor, not bitter, not too salty, mildly sweet (pineapple juice) you have it in your mouth, coming up to kiss me, I take my still bound hands and lock you down on my mouth.

Delicious Evening

fetish sdpolyguy 2017-11-29

I start to rubbing your tits through your shirt, then move my hands inside your shirt and get you really hot After much hot sucking, I climb onto the table and slide my rock hard cock into your moist, waiting pussy, and you moan out loud. I pump at your pussy for a long time, while you reach underneath and rub your clit. I can feel my cock getting ready to spurt, you rub my hips and coo "C'mon, Baby. FUCK ME, you fucking cunt fucker!!" Your language surprises me, and it makes me soar over the edge, as I fill your cute tight pink pussy up with my cream, and moan out loud.