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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I'm Your Bitch Pegging, Cocksucking

fetish 425olds 2017-11-29

Do it now bitch," you say as I open my mouth, with your hand on the back of my head you push me towards Sean's dick and his cock enters my lips. "He really likes sucking dick, he likes being a bitch ass cocksucker!" Sean chuckles at this and you tell him to get infront of me and continue fucking my mouth. I try to talk with Sean's dick in my mouth, and I find it really hard since his cock is so thick, however I manage to say something that sounds like "Yes, I like it in my ass." This makes you laugh a bit and you thrust your dick all the way into my ass.

Mother's Milk

fetish SydneyAshbourne 2017-11-29

She watches him as he moves....letting their lips touch, feeling the passion in their kiss....suddenly...his hands are on her thighs, and she can feel the tingle travel to the nether regions of her promise land....this causes her to groan passionately Josh's hands wander upwards on one side of her thigh, then strokes above her promise land without directly touching it, inside the cleft that her growing belly has created there, and then back down to the other inner thigh. Vickie lets her hands slide down over his chest as she works her body to the perfect depth, never going farther then she can handle it....she feels the tip of him hit perfectly against her cervix, making her moan almost every time it hits....she bites her lower lip trying to silence herself slightly...breathing out of her noses is short pants

Community Service Ch. 03

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-11-29

Carrying the black plastic refuse sack, that was now at least a third full with sock-related litter, I was half way down the six wooden steps and passing the infuriatingly smirking Mrs Newlove, when I heard a female voice behind me call out, authoritatively, "Just a moment, community servant David double-oh-seven!" She had obviously seen my ID, which was emblazoned in bold black letters and numbers, on the back (and front) of my white uniform T-shirt. No need to throw the sack away, I thought, as I could re-use it time and again to perform the same, demeaning chore: picking up the carelessly dropped litter, of the sock-changing females of Canford.


fetish 2017-11-29

“We were about to finish cakes and banh xeo for your return home,” Nguyet said, and she took my hand and lead me inside the house – my house – and into the kitchen. I didn’t have a clue what her game was, especially when she said: “Won’t you lie on me like we enjoy it?” and opened her legs, the night gown sliding up to her hips. “You’d better get back in your bedroom, the house will be up soon.” “Okay,” she said in a sing-song voice, and gave me one kiss on the lips, and I watched her narrow little legs, dark hair and long legs vanish from my room.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

fetish cuckytoher 2017-11-29

Oh, yes, Frank and I worked late and then went out to get a bite to eat." We spoke for another few minutes and right before I was about to hang up, I heard a man's voice and ice clinking in a glass. On the tenth night, we got off work early and all the guys I was staying with were going out to a strip club. Frank said, "Harold, look I know this is probably a little hard for you to accept right now. I mean Steph is a beautiful woman with a powerful job who makes great money, and you're a janitor who works for her father making seven bucks an hour and can't even satisfy her sexually.



fetish rmlooker 2017-11-29

He followed her into the bathroom, washed his hands and instead of just unzipping his pants, asked June to pull them off as he lifted himself. She moved so he could get his mouth on the other nipple and somehow Ed's hand got on the area of her chest that feeling started and stopped. June was into her second year and one day noticed an advertisement on the bulletin board that a doctor was looking for a med tech to work in his office. June asked Wendy what happened to her leg and she said she had a tumor but did not seem to want to talk about it. June said she sure enjoyed talking with Dr. Jack last week.

Jennifer (Part 1)

fetish wastedaway 2017-11-29

The occupant next to her was very quite until late last night when one of the slave maids came into the stall next to where Jennifer slept. Late the night before, many dracmars after she was whipped one of the slave maids came into the stable. Since her mother had removed her clothes nearly a week ago on Alaytia before bringing Jennifer to the slave market in Hoghadeu she hadn't been given anything to wear. As the slave keeper went around her, attaching additional straps around Jennifer's head she wondered just how long she would be punished. As part of a new slave's training the poor girl would be whipped without mercy to show her what would happen should she not be totally obedient.

The Fertility Potion

fetish AmethystMare 2017-11-29

Richard didn't need to be told twice as he unstopped the vial and shook it lightly, letting the contents swirl around inside as Sierra pressed her lips into his neck, teasing his Adam's apple with warm kisses. Rising up onto her knees so that he had just a little more freedom to move, she moaned and pressed her heavy breasts into his face, letting their warmth squeeze in around his cheeks so that his world became nothing but mare, her scent enveloping his senses in a haze of lust. Thrusting up into the equine, Richard groaned and huffed into her breasts, capturing a nipple with his lips through the fabric of the teddy to a chorus of lustful moans.

Corset Conquest

fetish Learningfast 2017-11-29

Reaching round her corseted body, he could tell it was open by about 2 inches at her waist, but almost closed shut at hips and ribs. With his mouth still gulping on her breasts, his hand pushed down over the corset front, all the way from top edge to bottom, and then further into her pubic area with its little fuzz of blonde hairs. He would tighten her waist a little, while she relaxed into the new shape developing inside the ferocious corset. From behind, looking into the mirror and into her eyes, he ran his hands over the flat rigid front of the corset; feeling the tautness of the busk fastening over her muscles and containing her ribs.

Escaping Cybele

fetish oggbashan 2017-11-29

If I wanted to retain my relative immunity from the Immigration Department then I had to do something to make certain about Eleyna's status. "Please tell her, what's her name," I pointed discreetly to Eleyna, "to report to the Personnel Department at two o'clock. Her official first name wasn't Eleyna but Cybele, the Earth Goddess. Mrs Jones couldn't have given me a fiercer grilling if she had been Eleyna's mother and I was an unsuitable suitor. Eleyna was discharged from the factory and I arranged a student visa. The next year Eleyna started on the teaching certificate and Darren started his A levels including English tutored by Eleyna. Eleyna talked to me about her country and asked questions about my childhood and early adulthood.

Me And My BF

fetish aishagrey 2017-11-29

He started to undo the rope belt and was forcing my pants down around my thighs, I managed to loosen the belt for him, while he let his own pants drop to the ground, right here in the parking lot for the world to see, it was almost too hot and I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I only opened the door far enough to pay the guy and told him to leave the pizza on the porch, all the while I have this cock in my ass and I am trying my best to act natural and not let him see my naked ass, thank god I had managed to put my top on.

She Didn't Seem To Mind

fetish hisigorness 2017-11-29

She said that one day she sucked 5 different guys at 5 different times in 2 cities I asked her if she was interested in repeating the gig. She would let me come in her mouth and on her face every time. 1. I would often have her suck me in front of different full length mirrors and she would watch herself in the mirror as I fucked her mouth and squirt come on her face. The whole time never asking or talking about money and never complaining! I came 4 times that day and I wouldn't let her wipe her face or let her use a towel till I was done!

Company Cuckold

fetish Deecee29 2017-11-29

“By the way, Donald Darlene wants you to come upstairs and help her clean up.” He said with an obvious smirk as he looked me straight in the face. “And Donald, after further conversations with Darlene, not only have I found out that you frequently come in your shorts when eating a sloppy, freshly fucked cunt, but that you've also sucked her dad's cock a few times too. And remember Donald darling, the company doctor will be there for you and has prescribed a wonderful program that reduces almost any chances of injury while giving you a nice ass pussy that will bring delight and enjoyment to horny managers and their big dicks.” My wife said with a bright smile.

After A Fashion

fetish Anyport 2017-11-29

Brian looked confused for a moment, then brightening he said, "Oh I see what you mean, you want to know what the husband's would think of the outfits on their wives, is that it?" Then there are the men who don't realise how good dressing in women's clothing feels, if we can find a way to target that group, can you imagine the size of that market." Brian was speechless, Sherrie watched him for a while before asking. But not for long, Sherrie returned and hung a black silk dressing gown on the door before walking over to Brian and presenting him with a shaving brush and two safety razors.

Convent Toilet Slave Revisits

fetish Richard963 2017-11-29

This was followed by a hot smelly stream of piss; I let it flow all over my face with my eyes tight shut; this was what I wanted. She opened her legs to put them either side of the toilet,then bent her knees and pulled the lips of her cunt open to piss straight at my face. I went to lick her arse hole again but I felt a massive fart explode, right in my face. I decided I needed a piss myself, so I reached down and pushed my prick down between my thighs an let it go into the toilet bowl which was positioned under my arse.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 08

fetish NastyPierre 2017-11-29

The secretary was turning it as she pressed it on and it felt like the sound of a long nail running down a blackboard somewhere inside of me. I looked at the secretary, with tear flooded eyes, bemoaning that long thin nail and the ball in my behind. From the tip and under the head of my penis hung the ring to which the secretary attached the end of a long leash. The secretary's hand emerged with a white ball from which a pair of straps hung. The secretary's hand came out holding a white fan collar that she placed around my neck. I dared not turn my head to see if the secretary was watching and I didn't know how long I could keep my arms and hands at bay.

85% love

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 05

fetish gmikeisbad 2017-11-29

With my hands and feet strapped to the cold stainless steel medical exam table on all fours, wearing only sneakers and my lab coat pulled over my head I was feeling very exposed. I heard a glass bottle open and felt a hand pat my bare ass. I moved to try to get them off the cold and felt a long piece of metal deep in my ass. Back arching of the steel table the electrical current drove me deep into the pigs mouth. Said Genie as I felt a marker pen on my chest and heard an anonymous excited giggle. I felt the straps loosen and Genie say from the doorway "Get dressed and finish that glass off before you leave."

Jamie's Story Ch. 02

fetish Michael142 2017-11-29

Come and find me later so you can tell everything Jamie told you about me!" Janet looked at me, gave me hug and kiss and whispered, Anna waited until Becca was otherwise occupied, and approached me, her pretty eyes looked up into mine as her fingers played with the buttons on the silk shirt she bought for me. "Jamie, you have a very lovely place, and Becca looks beautiful tonight." She paused to let the first part of her message sink in, then said, I looked down at Anna's sweet face, turned us so I was facing away from where Becca was, slid my arms around her, and bent down to kiss her.

Only a footjob

fetish gary75 2017-11-29

Many of the office girls wore open toe high heel shoes to work. Soft toes painted nails, firm calfs, all my cock needs. Much of my day would be spent watching there shoes dangle, revealing the soft wrinkle arch. Gary is that your COCK, Yes shes got a dirty mouth, i didnt realise my cock growing as i carresed her feet. Yea , i have been wanting to fuck them since i started working here You want to fuck my feet, come on. She spat on my cock, kicked off her other shoe,and straddle my cock with here soft feet. Just like that gary, fuck it and then Aaaaaah i exploded all over her feet, as high as her calf muscle.

Tales from Behind the Chair

fetish clipperdreams 2017-11-29

With the changes in hair styles for women through the years, and the outrageous fees salons charge for the cuts, women started flocking to barber shops for their haircuts. At first it was practicality that brought them in, the low cost, but soon word spread about how erotic the haircuts were, sitting in a men's shop, a man cutting their hair. When I had my first nape shave orgasm under the hands of a male barber, he understood what I wanted, and tied me to the chair and did the same to my pussy. Allie: Yes. I was so turned on when they all came, that I had my male barbers shave both my neck and pussy to orgasm and joined them on the floor.

Teaching Claire Ch. 03

fetish dreamerboi 2017-11-29

Claire started spanking me with her hand, alternating left and right cheeks as I had taught her from watching all that Internet porn. Went the ruler on my balls and across my arse cheeks several times with full the force of her arm it. Went the ruler, as she laid into my arse, legs, cock and balls. "OK." said Claire "How do you want to come?" But a bigger part wanted release and I jacked my cock eagerly, coming over my cheeks and face, groaning like a teenager wanking for the first time. One time she whipped me with her bra, the underwire hurting like hell as she slapped it around my cock and balls.

Santa deposited his present between my legs

fetish 2017-11-29

It was as if Santa himself had granted my every naughty wish, as if the white bearded old man had been watching me on a hidden cam in my room and knew my confused mind, I might have been thirteen, but my libido as a girl for older men, Santa wanted me to let them know I was available. 'Lets do it here Santa', I said wickedly, and started undressing until I stood naked before him, my nipples like little hard rocks, it was fucking freezing and my naked body was covered in goosebumps, Joe bent me over the cold wooden railing, stuck his hard cock into my open cunt and fucked me until I felt the warm semen run down my inner thigh.

Trust Ch. 03

fetish noglory 2017-11-29

Emma is one of those girls who when you see her you think that everything about her is just right, from the way her wavy blond hair tumbles down around her lovely fine-featured heart shaped face, with her gorgeous smiling hazel eyes, to caress her beautiful shoulders and back; through the way her beautifully proportioned body fills out and moulds to her pretty little strappy summer dress that shows off her curvaceous figure and lovely long legs to perfection; to the way the line and the form of those lovely long legs lead the eye appreciatively downwards to her exquisitely shapely ankles and slender feet.

Friday nite at the ranch.....Part 1

fetish JoeFrank 2017-11-29

We had recently had twin s****rs move to town, so this particular evening I had invited them to join us and meet some of the locals. Some of the guys were really excited about meeting the twins as we knew they were both single. My friends younger s****r Laney followed me for a glass of wine. We were talking about the twins and she even mentioned how sexy they were. Laney, a very sexy, busty brunette, with green eyes and a smile that could light up a room, was also a 19yr old virgin and as I mentioned, my buddie's little s****r. Funny, that with the twins mingling around, no one else followed us down as they usually would.