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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Happy Hotife In The Gym

fetish velvetdesire 2018-09-30

Trevor had grabbed one of the gym's skipping ropes and was now using this to tie Eugene's hands to the treadmill. I looked Jack in his blue eyes while I started stroking his muscled chest with my left hand. I kneeled down and grabbed Trevor's hard cock in my left hand and Jack's huge shaft in my right hand. Both men did not slow down and I felt Trevor's delicious black cock thrusting my pussy as I came into a mind-blowing orgasm. I could feel how Trevor's sperm was starting to leak out of my pussy, as I looked at my husband. I left Eugene with a sticky face and a mouth full of cum from a huge black cock.


fetish leotardlust 2018-09-30

That night when I got home I changed into a pair of black panties under my 30 denier shimmery skintight cinnamon tights and rubbed myself off as I imaged what Alfred’s cock and ass would look like in the cream pantyhose. ‘I worship your arse, I used to look up that red silky skirt your wore and see the shine and curves of your tight ass in that catsuit and wish I could fuck it hard then I’d go home and play with myself in my pantyhose and sniff an old pair and imagine that you were on my face or something until I drenched my hose!’ ‘Ooh, Santa, you naughty thing, you naughty, naughty man!’ I grabbed the pile of pantyhose and said, ‘You like these, huh?

One Hot Fuck Slut

fetish ThatGirl13 2018-09-30

After a few minutes of this he pulled my head back hard, rubbed his hand down my face and caressed my neck, said "Get in my bed," and pointed in the general direction of his bedroom. He laced his hand in my hair and pulled my head back hard while he pounded away at my cunt. He pulled my hair back hard again and started fucking my ass. I was screaming and moaning so loud now, "Yes, oh fuck yes, fuck this slut, fuck me like the like dirty slut I am," and he did, pounding my cunt hard and deep, slapping my face with one hand and then he grabbed my throat with the other hand and squeezed.

Clare's busy schedule

fetish 2018-09-30

I know my wife too well if this guy is any good and can get a hard on again asa-fucking-p its not likely to be a simple fuck and go and I really do have to be up in the morning early if I stay.  I pulled her close to slide my cock into her gently pushing while she starts telling me about what's happening this week as it seems in the short hour she was on today she's managed to arrange 3 days already this week with yet more possibles to consider. My cock was like a trusty piston thrusting into her and my balls were tightening as she then told me there was still also fri night with another guy who just wanted to fuck and go.

Hard Laced Ch. 02

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-30

Quite soon after they started making love, Christian mentioned figure modification to her and Clare told that she had worn a tight belt ever since she was schoolgirl because she liked the pressure on her lower body. Clare came with a huge orgasm and Christian noticed that she held her waist firmly in her own hands as her excitement built up. While they were waiting for it to come, Clare made Christian bind her waist with increasingly tight belts and ropes, sometimes on top of the corset and other times just over her blouse or camisole. For the first time, Christian saw the gradual expansion of a woman's waist when not confined by fierce hard lacing.

Twenty Minutes on the Bus

fetish Madabouthair 2018-09-30

Dawn's arms were creamy white, with a dusting of dark hair on her forearms, and as my eyes continued to travel downward I was stunned when I peeked into the armhole of her short sleeved blouse, which hung open with her arm extended upward. Dawn's armpit was filled with a wild spray of hair that went up to the inside of her bicep and down to where only the darkness kept my eyes from following. In the end I decided that Dawn didn't shave her armpits because she didn't want to. There was a time in my younger days when I would have cringed at being caught like that, or even gotten off the bus just to avoid my embarrassment, but I'm older now.

Punishment in Dubai Part 2

fetish spankingjenny 2018-09-30

The whipped made a high pitched swish through the air and a light tick sound as it struck me back, at first it felt like a caress and as I arched my back I put more pressure directly on my clit and after about 20 strokes it caused me to give out a little moan of pleasure. They slipped the black Abaya over me and lead me out and back to the waiting car but as I passed by the 2 blondes the Chief was talking to the one girl and she looked to be agreeing to something and knowing his reputation I had a good idea what was going to happen to her.

Adult & gh

fetish rogue-1966 2018-09-30

I'm jerking my cock hard and fast ready to cum when she pulls her head off the guys cock, ripping the condom open exposing the head as she jerks the guy off, looking at me and telling me, "my pussy is dripping wet", "I can't wait to get you home and fuck the hell out of me" and "I want to taste cum, so cum in my mouth". She is jerking the guy off to the same tempo as me when she leans opens her mouth sucking the head quickly she pulls back, resting my cock on her tongue as I start shooting cum into her mouth and I can see cum coating the inside of her mouth before she wraps her lips around my cock finishing me off in her mouth. 

an eroitc pantyhose encounter

fetish frannieph 2018-09-29

he didn't have to ask twice as i jump at the opportunity to share my cross dressing with others - i put on sexy print along with a blonde wig - for shoes, i had a dynamite pair of nude pumps with 5 inch heels - applying some red lipstick, i rejoined him in living room where he had made himself comfortable - i think he was stunned at my transformation as he told me how hot i looked - this really made me feel sexy as i posed for him revealing lots of nylon leg and sitting across from him , i let his eyes wander lustfully - i loved it , knowing how attracted he was to me especially when he pulled out his camera and started to take cheese cake pics - being such a pantyhose whore this furthered my excitement but what really surprised me was when he asked to try something

Pungent flower 5: Pampering

fetish TheAgantuk 2018-09-29

I did not inform Bodan in advance as he may worry about Anita and look for another accommodation. Couple of days before the journey I told Bodan about the trip, stressing it was crucial for his career. As instructed by me he told Anita he was going for just a couple of days and she can continue to stay with me and carry on her work. Anita showed some hesitation when told, but neither Bodan was too concerned nor was she really in a situation to afford an alternative. I refused to take no for an answer and told her she was my guest and in absence of Bodan she was my responsibility (‘male chauvinist pig’? I told her I want to buy some new clothes for her but she refused.

A Release

fetish silklust 2018-09-29

Standing up and stepping away for a moment before turning around, her full hardness pressed against his face "And now im going to fuck that little mouth of yours until you drink down every drop of my cum little bitch" she whispered into his ear before sliding her cock between his lips and wrapping both hands around the back of his head. With a loud moan she rammed her cock extra deep "Fuck baby, here comes your reward" before she began firing burst after burst of her sweet thick cum between his lips, both of them moaning with lust and desire as she filled his mouth, her body tensing and shaking as he kept fingering her deeper as she pulsed.

Cleaning Service

fetish jashe 2018-09-29

He had submitted to all her instructions and kinky requests so far. There was a choir of enthusiastic "yes" replies. He could feel Tina's soft, large breasts pressing against the skin of his back through the fabric of the diaphanous gown she was wearing. This is my wife, he thought, it's my responsibility to please her. She was not asking him to replace the other man inside her. She was asking he prove, once again, there was nothing he would not do for her; to submit yet again to her desires with no thought to his own. Not just training, but also desire. After another deep, passionate kiss on the mouth she asked, "will you dedicate yourself to me? "Yes."

Love of Leather Gloves 2

fetish referee666 2018-09-29

This soon got too much and l started begging to be allowed to cum and both women smiled and finally the older woman said 'l think you deserve to cum now',with that she pulled the strap-on out of my arse and removed it whilst the younger woman removed the cock ring, both of them positioned themselves by the side of my cock and both of them put a gloved hand on my cock and started wanking it only took a couple of strokes before l was gushing streams of spunk over both of their faces and gloves, they continued wanking me until they completely drained me and then they proceeded to kiss and lick each others face clean of all my cum and taking each other gloved fingers in their mouths cleaned them up of my cum.

The First Day - Part 1 (FemDom)

fetish mikeyoctopus 2018-09-29

Laying before me are the following: a pair of frilly hot pink thong panties, a dark purple silk night gown, Japanese clover nipple clamps, a spreader bar with leather ankle cuffs, locking leather wrist restraints, my metal gates of hell, and a large black butt plug. As I wiggle my ass into them, I feel the plug moving and it sends waves of pleasure through your cock, which is quickly met by sharp pain from the cage. Your panties barely cover your cock at all, but I pull them all the way up, making sure the thong string is tight against the plug in my ass.

Megan's Milk and More

fetish GusBus77 2018-09-29

Once he saw Megan, whom he found extremely attractive, she silently observed her getting into her car and watched intently as she fiddled with her chest and what looked like a pump? She continued, "look, I don't know you Tim, and I'm sorry that you weren't nursed as a kid, but I don't just hand out my breasts to strangers like that, so..." Megan did something she normally did with John in order to help her let-down be achieved, and with her own eyes closed while still feeding him her breast with her hand and holding him close, she bent her head down to whisper into his ear, "c'mon baby drink mama's milk".

Chrissie Rhymes with Sissy

fetish klammer 2018-09-29

During the years Heidi had worked there she had sex with a number of the going down on guys, but Heidi loves sucking cocks and she always falls to get used to in my new life is being looked at like a sex object by The sex life Heidi and I once enjoyed long ago is now a closed subject we the fact that Heidi can look a little slutty sometimes with the short happened this week when I came home early and found Heidi on the living years ago, when I was still a real man, and said it was fine for Heidi to used sexually like a fuck toy by a few alpha males in my wife's absence I

Dildo in Him

fetish miriam68 2018-09-29

Tensing her ass muscles as she pushes her hips to his ass, she strokes the head into his rim, forcing past the tight sphincter and careful not to cause too much pain as the first inch pops in. He growls and thrusts back against her over and over again taking it all as he lets his hand move on his cock at the same tempo of her fucking rhythm. Pressing his face to the ground and clenching his teeth loving the forceful way she fucks him, he growls, moaning and panting as his body begins to pearl with sweat that runs on his pale skin. Rearing back and hailing down upon him in a furious storm of strokes, she smacks his tender red ass cheeks, smoothing them over then slapping again as she thrusts.

An unusual surprise

fetish zibbles 2018-09-29

I will certainly give it a go I said smiling, we all kissed sensually as we removed each others clothes and I watched as you slid down and took Katie's long cock into your mouth, I didn't waste any time either and was soon sucking on her perfect tits, nibbling her long stiff nipples. I thought it about time to try something else and removed my cock from your perfect pussy, this didn't go down well as I saw your fingers replace the emptiness that I had left, Katie sat back on the bed her long cock pointing straight up in the air and you could not help yourself, crawling up her body I watched as you lifted yourself up and slid down her long perfect shaft, she was now blow you, almost at your mercy and once again I saw you caress her breasts as she reached up and caressed yours.

Total Narcissism Ch. 01

fetish analogkid678 2018-09-29

My delicious cum exploded out of my perfect dick, several blasts landing perfectly on my tongue and supple lips, others staining the perfect skin on my handsome face, and a few more landing on my hard abs. I am the hottest person in the fucking world." I jerked my hard cock, already prepared to shoot my second load. Cover those big, sexy feet in your cum, Steven." As I looked up to the video, my recording said, "No one is sexier than me...I love myself." As I sensed his orgasm approaching, I was subconsciously encouraged to reach mine. As I sucked up and swallowed the last bits of my cum from my cute toes, I leaned back, closed my eyes, and quietly breathed, "I love you, Steven."


fetish Markj363 2018-09-29

One day we found a mens magazine in the park and there was a picture of a guy sucking a womans toes and the next picture showed her rubbing her foot on his cock. I laid down on the floor and Ken leaned back on my bed and carefully put his foot on my cock and started to stroke up and down. She just moaned so I started sucking her toes through the stockings, my cock straining to shoot its load. As the stocking came off I sucked her bare toes as I stroked my cock through a messy orgasm.

Swimsuit Fuck

fetish mystery513 2018-09-29

Then he’s there behind you his hands encircle your stomach and caress up over your breasts teasing your nipples until they stiffen and strain against your swimsuit. At first you work the shaft and fondle his balls but soon you pull back stroking the shaft with and sucking hard on the tip occasionally flicking your tongue over the peehole. He kisses and gently bites at your thighs never actually touching your sex but occasionally blowing his warm breath across your wet crotch. He flicks his tongue once over your clit then blows softly over your lips before finally plunging his tongue deep into your cunt. He seems to revel in the soft folds of your sex alternating between sucking and licking occasionally fucking a finger deep inside you.

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 03

fetish jawanaut 2018-09-29

His hands moved down and began to grab her ass while the heavy kissing continued and I thought to myself; "What, are they going to fuck right here in the doorway?" But, when she pulled back and returned flat footed he stopped and moved his arm around her as she turned to face me. I have other ideas for tonight, and I know you won't be able to last if you start jerking that little dick right now." She said, moving her foot back to the ground. She looked down at me, "Hey bitch boy, take your pants off." I immediately stood and took them off, the sight of my wife fucking was still fresh in my mind and I could easily cum.

Chloe and Paul: The Beginning

fetish inyourknickers 2018-09-29

Some people think that's sick or weird or something, but I just think it's something that everyone naturally does and it's kind of intimate seeing it like this." I nodded at the screen, where a voluptuous and slightly older woman was sat on the toilet, red silky knickers stretched between her knees. My heart pounded as she reached under her skirt to tug her tights down, rolling them down over her milky white thighs, her knickers caught in them and bunched up around her knees, her cunt clean shaven just as she knew I liked it to be. Me gently eating my girlfriend out while she stood over the toilet bowl, tights and knickers bunched around her calves, stroking my head lovingly as I tasted her urine, licking every drop from her till she was clean.

Naked Thirst Ch. 07

fetish maxxxwilde 2018-09-29

Keiko wiped her hand on a towel and pressed the cones of the pump to Samantha's breasts. Keiko's firm breasts pressed into the back of her hands as Samantha held the steadily tugging cones tightly to her chest. Keiko kept working her way downward and Samantha had a moment of self-consciousness as she felt delicate hands part the hair covering her sex. She looked down to see the small, dark-haired woman crouched between her legs, her hands on Samantha's knees for balance as her mouth sucked hungrily at her core. "I'm sure you do." Samantha said, thinking of the way he shook the bed while he was pounding into Keiko.