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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My hardest fantasy

fetish Serif85 2017-11-29

"There, you deserve a good milking slave!" She said while grabbing my balls and pulling them up to feel the weight of the cum that was inside. As it wasn't the first time she fucked my ass, and given the lubrication of the dildo the tip fell easily inside my twiching butthole. I started moaning, giving my mistress the shivers, i knew she would enjoy fucking me. She started fucking me harder and harder, every time pushing more and more inside of me using her whole body to **** my ass as hard as she could. "Thank you mistress for fucking my asshole and feeding me my own cum"

Fleeting Glimpses

fetish laplappapillon 2017-11-29

I took the chance to be with her whenever possible, just to see her delightful face, smell her flowery girl's perfume and watch her pert little bottom clad in the Store's nylon livery as we happily stacked tins of spaghetti. which was not uncommon and for whatever reason, Morag elected to climb onto the belt with another girl and complete the unloading by hand. This was very pleasant in itself, because the girls were bending, stooping, twisting and turning a good yard above my eye level...almost like a catwalk and although I never had much more than a glimpse of a nylon stocking band, I can comfortably confirm that I had an erection to rival a donkey having a party in my britches.

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 02

fetish laplappapillon 2017-11-29

Like a gentleman and an idiot, I looked into her caramel eyes and watched her lips open to mouth the words: The interior light clicked out as I shut the door and she reached forward, pulling me towards her and literally stuffing her plump, warm tongue deep into my mouth. She pushed me back onto the seat, the door clicked shut, the lights went out and suddenly her warm, wet mouth was nuzzling the front of my jeans. "Marilyn, I want to cum all over your thighs and your satin pussy, lie back again, this is all too sexy for words." "Oh honey, I want you to wank over me and splash your warm sticky spunk all over my knickers as I finger myself.

My second 3 way pt 1

fetish crsnfb 2017-11-29

I had gotten out of bed like any other day, had some errands I had to get done right away so I hurried up and got dressed and out the door I went. When I walked into the bedroom, I had hoped she would be lying there completely naked playing with her bald little pussy. I rubbed both titties back and forth, as I began to suck her nipple I slid my hand down her belly to her waist line she reached down and took her shorts and panties off. I worked a second finger in her wet pussy and began to stroke it in and out while rubbing her clit with my palm.

My perfect woman

fetish reddog1961 2017-11-29

I took my place and watch as Vicki and Dan lived out a mother/son fuck fantasy. In fact I think he likes the fact that you are fucking me.” She told Sam. “Don’t you Dan?” she asked me. Do you know how many time I’ve masterbated thinking that Sam was fucking me, use me, filling me with his cum?” Vicki got emotional and started to cry. I’m a fuck slut, a whore, and now a son fucker, what’s more I LOVE IT!, love being sick and perverted – AND YOU WANT TO MARRY ME?” she asked. “I don’t know how to tell you this, I love you and I have to make a hard decision.….I’m pregnant and Sam my son is the father.

Surprise call

fetish coswapcpl 2017-11-29

She giggled and said no hun not for that but I did just get a text from Jeff. Here I am cooking dinner for my daughter and us and she is sucking and fucking another mans cock:) We are just finishing dinner when she walks in the door with a huge smile on her face saying hello. I tell her to drop her pants and lay down on the bed as I want to see her freshly fucked pussy. She lays down and there is her pussy all wide open after getting fucked good bu another guys cock. My cock is rock hard at the sight as I bury my face and eat that fucked pussy out good.

The Hairem Pt. 02: Learning the Job

fetish HairAddict67 2017-11-29

After several minutes I started really guiding her head around, her attention no longer focused on the book, but moaning and sighing in pleasure as I played with and pulled on her hair. Slowly I removed my hands from Katherine's hair as I said, "Time to get to work." I thanked her and as we walked into the break room she said, "Okay, today you're going to socialize with the other stylists so that you have people you can talk to on days I don't work." Getting to a solution to this problem, I said, "Okay, Miss Taylor, allow me to just check the schedule and see what might be taking Nicole so long." I went over to the computer and pulled up the schedule for all of today's appointments.

My BBW Vacation

fetish landmarks43 2017-11-29

A black one piece bathing suit neatly wrapped an excellent cleavage, large belly, wide hips and an expansive ass that I'd have sold an arm and a leg to rock my cock against. Sara looked deep into my eyes to see if I was telling her the truth or if I was "pulling her chain". "I really, really want you", I said as I finally moved to complete the kiss we had started moments before. I backed away from her and moved up the tub stairs so that I could sit on the edge facing her with my legs dangling in the water. I stepped forward and pulled Sara towards me tightly, pressing my rock-hard cock against her belly.

Tanya's Pregnancy Treatment Ch. 02

fetish imaginethis 2017-11-28

Tanya was grateful to Nurse Eva for getting her labor started with a good, strong and effective medical orgasm. But Eva said a post birth orgasm would have many health benefits and needed to be done. Just before Eva departed for the day, Tanya asked for her dear husband, Rob, to be with her in the delivery room. I know you wanted Rob here, but Doctor and I discussed this, and we think it's best that he not be here for the birth." "Sorry, dear, we've reconsidered this and don't think a husband needs to witness the post birth cum of his wife on the delivery table. Eva slowly peeled back the medical tape and gently cleaned Tanya's swollen and sexually tormented pussy.

Sex in the classroom

fetish 2017-11-28

I watched her play with her feet, staring at her sole when she sat down facing the class. I would if I could make her cum, wanted to see her pussy drip out with her juices, all from feet play. " oh my," she said, " you want this pussy, want to fuck it, you want to feel how you feet suck got me so wet"? As we got close, I pulled out, sucked her pussy, and right back went my cock. We finished with me holding off again, she came first, then I pound my cum into her pussy, feeling it suck cock up. I climbed down to see her oozing cum out of her pussy, I went right in to lick it up.

Reunited Ch. 02

fetish NTRmaster 2017-11-28

Terence determined that what he needed to do was find a new lover, a woman who was beautiful and smart and charming like Amy was, and then when he crushed Todd, whether Amy wanted him back or not, he would look at her and turn her down. The next day, Angela called from her banking office and told Terence she had immediately started making moves to accelerate Terence's take over of Todd's company. It was going to cost Terence a little more, but move things faster, and Angela even found ways he might break apart Todd's company and sell it in parts, meaning he might make more back than he expected.

Lucy's visit to the osteopath

fetish garyandlucy3 2017-11-28

Lucy told me that she didn’t know what came over her but she liked the effect she was having on him especially as he was quite a good looking guy, and she started to juice up. He asked her to stand up straight so that he could check her alignment and he began to scrutinise her body from the front. He stood with his cock inches away from the top of her head as he began to massage her shoulders and she had to check the bulge out and moved her arms up as if to stretch and … bingo … direct hit! She was that convincing that he didn’t even hesitate and rubbed her thigh like there was no tomorrow, brushing so close to her precious mound that he actually got juices on his hands.

A Helping Hand

fetish Sir_Erotica 2017-11-28

Deciding that I'd have to face both Paula and Miss Ann sooner or later, I got up and made my way down the hall to the bathroom, fully expecting to find that I had a big mess to clean up before I could take a shower. I was just conjuring up the image of you in front of the tub, your arms draped over our shoulders, your pants down at your knees, and your dick in Miss Ann's hand, shooting a huge stream of piss into the air. A boy's dick hurts when it gets hard at the same time he needs to pee."

The Second Pitcher

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-11-28

His wife, Martha, just a bit younger than Paul, came in, without speaking, her face asking the obvious question. In a bit of disgust, Paul handed Martha the printed set of instructions that he had been given. She noted the therapy was to start the following Monday, and Paul had been booked for an early morning appointment, 8 A.M., every week day, for six weeks. In the car, Paul felt the pain of his expanding bladder and tried to squirm into some degree of comfort, all the while emphasizing his discomfort to Martha. This time, Paul took a bit longer getting dressed. Friday morning, as Paul went in for his treatment, the receptionist spoke to Martha.

A Deep Dark Fantasy

fetish Theresa Moore 2017-11-28

"May I get you anything?" he offers and I smile and before I can say what I am thinking (which is that he can give me himself) he looks deep into my eyes and as if he could read my mind says, "You were going to say that you wanted me." At that point, chills went through my entire body. My legs are still free so I move them and I can hear a voice in the room saying, "Good morning my sweet slave, did you sleep well?" I answer yes and then I feel his mouth touch my lips and kiss me with more passion then I have ever experienced.

A Talk with Daddy

fetish geronimo_appleby 2017-11-28

After crossing his arms and fixing her with a stern look, he added: "And dirty girls smoke to impress boys." His level, accusing gaze was upon her. "I know that if I'm bad that I'll have to have a little talk with you, Daddy." After clearing his throat again, he added: "Oh but we're going to have a little talk." He lifted the half-finished glass of wine from the side table, swigged a deep draught and then loosened his tie. The white blouse hanging loose around her body grew translucent as splashes of semen spattered against the fabric, and she kept pumping at him for as long as the gloop poured out of that evil eye in the end of his cock.

Pee for Me

fetish RayneDor 2017-11-28

Some thirty minutes later, after more wine (with Janet drinking three glasses to Paul's one), they arrived back at their suite. are you imagining what it's going to feel like?" she asked with a naughty little smile, her tone clearly intended to tease and arouse. Paul's pulse was pounding as he lowered himself to the towel covered mattress and he watched silently as Janet undid her bikini top and tossed it aside. Janet now stood over Paul fully naked and his cock throbbed at the sight of her. Janet's eyes flickered open for an instant and then, with a little grunt, she tensed herself once more and let go... Paul lowered his head again and Janet leaned forward slightly, grasping the root of his cock.

Chastity with Neighbor as Keyholder

fetish randomer555 2017-11-28

I was going to ask my neighbor to hold on to the key for me. "I just need you to hold on to this key for me," I said, taking it out of my pocket. "This key opens something pretty important doesn't it?" Beth laughed. "I'm going to have some fun I think." Beth said. Eat me to a couple of orgasms and I'll unlock that cage." Beth said. I almost shouted as Beth began putting the cage back on. I'll let you cum in 3 days or 1 week." She said. But if you wait for a week, I'll let you fuck me." Beth said. So eat me some more." Beth said. I began eating her ass again as she started playing with my caged cock.

Slut MILF Ch. 02

fetish Mailman421 2017-11-28

So he pulled his cock out of her gaping cunt, stormed around to her face screaming in lust as he ejaculated the biggest cum load I'd ever seen from her forehead, down her mouth and chin, her tits and shoulders, before wiping the dregs off in her hair. Meanwhile, two guys held her down, more so now because the hardwood was slick with 10 loads of semen and she was sliding all over the place, cushions flung aside.the violent pounding of her cunt left her breathless, and she was now no longer sucking cock, her mouth was simply open and slobbering as they fucked it, her gag reflex destroyed and her body completely pliant to everything being done.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 09

fetish Demospider 2017-11-28

Laura was getting the attention of all the student's not totally engrossed in their work so Ashley felt safe enough to put her hand down under her skirt to do her own massaging as she watched Laura wet herself in front of the whole class. "I want to talk to you after class to discuss this, meanwhile if you have any gym clothes at the school I suggest you change into them now." Laura was bright red and holding back tears as she skulked out of the classroom trying in vain to cover her wetness by putting her hands in front of her crotch. Ashley was just approaching her climax thinking about Laura walking into that classroom and stuffing her underwear into that boy's pants as she peed some more.

Shagging in the Loo

fetish Irishqt1980 2017-11-28

“You’re quite lovely.” you say as you slide a hand on my leg just above my knee, your thumb stroking me gently. “I know.” You say and replace one hand on my leg, placing it a bit higher, and the other goes to the small of my back, your thumb sliding under the hem of my shirt. “You sure?” you dip your head and press a kiss against my neck, the thumb on my leg stroking, sliding even higher, slipping up the hem of my skirt. The hand on my leg slides higher and I hear you growl appreciatively when you reach the top of my thigh high stockings. Your hand continues to travel higher and I hiss softly when your fingers slide between the thin fabric and my skin.

s*s and I finally hook up

fetish pasexhound 2017-11-28

Then she leaned back into the chair, spread her leg wide open and said, "Here, might as well make it a good one!" I ended up taking twenty or thirty pics of her in different poses, a few even, with my cock in her mouth, her taking a facial pose, doggie, even a few close up of her sweet smooth pussy and asshole. "My turn my little fuckdoll, I want to shoot my cum deep inside your cunt!" I slammed my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her as hard as I can. "Fuck me baby, fuck your little s****r, oh god I want it deep inside, I wanna feel your hot cum dribble out of my pussy baby!" Kelly grabbed my ass and put her legs up.

Laura's Fantasy

fetish CodaCiel 2017-11-28

"Darren, I'm going to begin with a thorough examination of your feet." I'm watching his face for his involuntary reaction to the phrase "your feet." His breath tenses, and his pupils dilate slightly. I feel a rush of power just looking them up and down, knowing that I can run my nails across the skin, and those cute little digits will be trying -- whether he wants them to or not -- to defend the soles from the treatment. "Darren, I want you to just relax and watch your feet. As Darren looks at the main image on the ceiling, he now sees his face outlined by the soles of his feet, and his erect penis between them.


At Last Ch. 04

fetish NotTheTongs 2017-11-28

And the things that most people think of as bad, like the way he's so OCD. With David, it was like pulling teeth to get anything, but BJ will tell me even the tiniest little thing about his day without complaining about it. I want to know what it's like to be with a guy, having a baby we both actually want." Tori had just gone through that with her husband, so she knew what Li meant. The way our conversations regarding that topic were going, it started feeling like," Li sighed. "I try not to spend a lot of time thinking about you in black leather cat suits, with torture implements in your hands." Tori said in a teasing tone.