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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dave's Wife

fetish Springer 2017-11-28

Dave answered the door with a smile, and hand shake, and a hearty " come on in and meet my wife!" As I walked in the door the cool air of the central air felt like a great release from the smoldering heat outside on the sidewalk. Cathy smiled, "Dave did my nails for me today, do you like the color?" Her hand moved to my thigh and she raked her nails across my inner thigh. She turned to me, "Isn't he a cute little sissy boy?" I smiled and stroked her face with my hand, Cathy turned and kissed it. Cathy and I retired back to the sofa after dinner was over, again she smiled at the sight of my erect cock straining against my shorts, she looked at me and licked her lips.

Casanova Redux Ch. 06

fetish velvetpie 2017-11-28

This set of windows opened out into Arthur's private library, a place where Cassia was allowed during the day but in the evening, if the doors were closed, she was not allowed into its wing. The firelight reflected the sweat on their bodies and Cassia watched her mother ride her father, her hips rocking faster and faster. Cassia squinted, seeking out the shape and size of her father's softening cock but she found that she couldn't remove her eyes from her mother's breasts. Laurie Marie wiped her eyes, meeting Arthur's. Was her father really telling her mother that it would be all right for her to fuck another man?


Church Lady on Christmas Eve

fetish accuratehonesty 2017-11-28

When the flow stopped but before the last few high pressure spurts that always accompany pissing through a semi-hard cock while slightly drunk had occurred, she spun me around and latched onto my dick. She froze and whimpered "this is a church, please don't say..." but she stopped talking when I shoved my cock-head at the lips of her lightly haired cunt. I wasn't close to coming so I kept fucking her as she came for a long time. As I was reaching down, I saw several tracks of the drips of her cunt juice down the insides of her legs and there were several large gobs of come starting to run down the inside of her thighs trying to catch up with the pussy juice already way ahead in the race toward her shoes.

Nathalie's Ticklish Breasts

fetish bbkradwell 2017-11-28

"Who wants to go with me?" Melissa, my mistress, asked my wife, Amber and her cousin Nathalie, our nanny, if they'd like to accompany her for a weekend of shopping in New York. "If not for the big breasts- which I might add, are not going to stay this big, 'cause as soon as the kids are weened, these'll return to their perky, little size- this gig would suck!" Henry stayed hard for thirty more minutes, in which poor, little Nat had to BEG me to cum in her pussy so she could catch her breath!!! We fell asleep in each others' arms, and Henry stayed nestled in Nat's warm and loving cunt-hole all night.

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 04

fetish Paradiggler 2017-11-28

I loved the idea of her conducting her private, feminine activity - stained white knickers pulled down around her knees with pubic hair triangle fully exposed and pee shooting out from between her legs before spreading open her pink vaginal lips and replacing a large white tampon at period time. I had begun masturbating intensely as Elaine was conducting her dirty talk to me, dreaming vividly of her spread, hairy pussy and its incredible tangy, fishy odour, together with her white discharge-stained panties and her brown, smelly, soiled anus. As I looked at her glistening, wrinkled opening and her tiny black pee hole in amongst the moist lumpy flesh, I couldn't help but think of Elaine on her period - that special feminine time of the month where her vagina gets extra special attention.

Cajun Ass Queen Part 1

fetish lilguy41 2017-11-28

“Make sure you remember that” She said whispered in her hands in her ass cheeks “Come take a good grab…want the trailer trash bitch to smell my scent on you” Bet my asshole taste like sweet sugar compared to that nasty ass hoe you fuck.” She Said I want her sl**p in our juices like the cuckold bitch she is” She said moving her foot faster and playing with her tits. “And your cock so hard and sweet” She Said “Suck my tits baby...want you to cum in my hands as I suckle my tits like a baby” “Don’t you cum let, want it to last” Jane Said tighten her asshole “Maybe I will beat your ass right here” Jane Said “You old dried up BITCH”

Silky Punishment Ch. 02

fetish satinfantasies 2017-11-28

But just so you know, Cassandra has never met this guy, his name is Mark and she has no idea what he even looks like. Cristy giggled at Cassandra's enthusiasm and left the room to go greet Mark and Cassandra started pacing the room looking a bit nervous. Cassandra checked the cameras starting with the one at the foot of the bed nearest to my view, and then I finally see Mark step into frame as he goes to be seated on the end of the bed facing me. Mark was so excited he sat up a bit more straight on the pillows and put his right arm around Cristy and began running his hand over her satin covered back.

"Squashtoy" part 3, my wife involves her

fetish 2017-11-28

It quickly became clear to me that this was not going to be the normal squash and lick session as my wife pulled up her skirt to her waist while sitting full weight on my stomach. Her reaction was to lift up off my face and slam back down hard on my chest forcing my quick in breath back out with a loud gasp. I soon started to whimper to be let up and without stopping her conversation J pulled her skirt out from under herself and wriggled back until her arse cheeks f***ed my mouth shut. I heard her tell M she was ready to make me lick her arse, but did not hear the answer as she lifted a little and moved back to sit with her anus right on my lips.

The Stepmother Checkup Ch. 01

fetish Tribad 2017-11-28

Dana moved Peter's penis left, right, and up, examining it from all angles with lust in her eyes. At the young man's surprise, she removed her hands altogether, and watched from over Peter's shoulder as he began ejaculating. The young man began to growl in frustration from the interrupted stimulation, and Dana quickly grabbed his wrists to hold him in place. Dana looked at the glass panel, covered with an increasing number of white lines diverging from Peter's sex. Her left hand still on his chest, Dana pressed the young man's body against hers, caressing his sex as the last waves of pleasure coursed through his extremities. Dana put the glass on the bed, beneath the young man's sex, and opened the bedside table's drawer.

Susan & Her Search.

fetish archer_p 2017-11-28

Never in her life would she have thought that after so many years working her way up in the world that she would have reached the point where her boss was less qualified than she was, and basically stole every idea she had and claimed it has his own. With his mind made up he sat down and wrote a post dealing out what he felt he needed in his life and clicked post. She felt a little trepidation before clicking “send” but upon doing so, it was up to the wills of the internet on if this was going to be bad or good. The 30 minute wait and the few glasses of wine she had was enough to get parts of her body buzzing and her head had all kinds of thoughts that she wanted to do.

What's Good for the Goose

fetish giveandreceive8 2017-11-28

"Oh god, Sandy!" Arthur gasped as her thumb pushed past his puckered ring of muscles, her other fingernails slowly scraping over the skin of one buttock. Sandy began to thrust the dildo slowly up Arthur's ass, a half-inch out and an inch forward, its circumference steadily expanding from a half to one-and-a-half inches. "You'd love to have your cock way up my cunt until you filled it with come, wouldn't you?" She jammed the dildo up his ass to the base, bringing her hanging, teasing, golden nipples over his gasping, flushing face. The sight of her lover powerless and spread wide, tears starting from the corners of his eyes from frustration and the filling pain of the dildo up his insides, excited her in tandem with the pulsing pressure on her clit from the strap-on.

Little Ricky Ch. 02

fetish goosebbv 2017-11-28

I opened my eyes as Amber turned her cute little booty away from my head and brought her face up to mine. Amber started licking my ear a little. I told him I got Amber's number and was going to call her to set up a date. I was really looking forward to talking to Amber and seeing her again, that I started searching the internet for the best places to take her. I was looking for Amber through all the girls and finally spotted her and Bryn. I was not the only one to notice, because Amber took the chance to spray Bryn's little butt with the hose. I suppose my lack of response to Amber's small talk was noticeable enough, because she stopped speaking and turned the chair to face me.

The Train Station

fetish TheFatalEnglishman 2017-11-28

This is Debbie, Tracy and Jennifer." She said, pointing out her friends in turn. But then Sharon began to grind her pussy up and down my face, past my nose each time. She was topless herself, actually completely naked, and her breasts, though not as large as Sharon's, were creamy and natural and at that firm-yet-soft stage after puberty but before child-birth. The scene was beginning to get rather serious across from us, as Jennifer and Tracy were both fully naked and had finished the kissing, the breast-fondling and the pussy-eating stages. But the others moved and switched and rearranged accordingly, until Jennifer was crouched between my spread legs, Debbie was on the floor facing Jennifer's bum from behind, and Tracy was preparing to enjoy Sharon's tits.

Another pantyhose fantasy

fetish tonyhose 2017-11-28

I was doing my usual tour of the local charity shops looking for pairs of pantyhose, stockings and any other suitable lingerie, either for myself or my wife. As I knelt beside her she turned in my direction, opened her legs a bit more and gave me a great view of her pussy through her pantyhose. As her orgasms subsided she pulled my cock from my pantyhose through the cut away gusset and reaching down she ripped open her own pantyhose and moving down my body she lowered her soaking pussy down onto my hard cock. After several minutes when we were both fully spent my cock slipped out of her and taking hold of it, I wiped it on the nylon of her pantyhose spreading mixed cum and pussy juice on them.........

Sam's Secret Pt2

fetish Wolfshed66 2017-11-28

I’d bought a girl’s purple bikini last year, and though I hadn’t expected to wear it in front of mom and Blaine because of it being so revealing, the two of them had come home much earlier than they were supposed to that day and had caught me in it. Jim gave my ass one last, long look before nodding his thanks and walking off, and I’d be lying if I said wasn’t a happy camper right now. “Mmm, you’ve got a nice big cock, Jim.” I cooed, then leaned way over so I could use both hands to work his shorts out of the way. My hand and mouth worked in unison for a while, and again I had to admit that I really thought I liked the way his foreskin felt as I pumped his hard shaft and sucked his warm, firm head.


Ruined sissy slut - a night of fisting.

fetish andygone 2017-11-28

With one hand thrusting away, I used the other to play with her nipple, squeezing and tugging it, as she closed her eyes, pushing back on the dildo, making squeals of delight as her pleasure increased, until she shouted 'I'm cumming!' In and out we went slowly, pulling her fingers out to the tip, until before long the duck bill was not needed, and she started really fisting me and fucking my sloppy cunt as deep as possible, diversifying her thrusts with twists which sent more electric spasms through my body. She stuck her hand inside me then, 'Yes slut, as long as you are going to cum,' she said.

4 1/2 hours with 20 yr old asian guy

fetish 2017-11-28

I kept looking at my watch all the time counting how long they'd been together and my dick getting hard wondering how many times she had reach orgasm and how many times he had fucked her. I went round getting the shopping and it was now getting a little tough managing all of it so I paid for what I bought and got a cab.  She came down while he went toilet and told me wow he is good and that she'd lost count of how many times he had cum. God knows what the neighbours must think but my wife she says she doesn't care and as she went to fetch the k**s she made a point of giving me a big kiss.

Dwarf Son Enjoys My Wife's Feet

fetish philgill11 2017-11-28

Well this particular incident occurred without anyone knowing except for Michelle my wife, and the perpetrator of the assault on her pretty little feet; that being the dwarf with a crazy wild foot fetish he seemed unable to control. Although I never noticed, Michelle said early on when my boss's wife was in the kitchen her dwarf son dropped a pen he was playing with between his fingers on his lap. She could feel her toes from her unhandled foot sliding across his pant leg, and as he was trying to place the little darling on his hopeful crotch, and on top of his erect penis, the hosts and guests were breaking up their conversations and leaving the table to look at a new waterfall the couple had bought for the backyard.

Code Name: Blue Goat

fetish kleincox 2017-11-28

Rachel hooked my arm and lead me off, "Looks like you'll be coming home with me tonight." The bright side was that my jeans were drying out fast but the down side was the stain from our earlier activity was becoming more visible. "My punishment is having Cindy think I pissed myself and peed all over your floor?" I was getting a bit worried that she wasn't joking. "Rachel told me about your problem," said Cindy, "I almost feel bad for give you a spanking but you did pee all over the floor.

Don't Sweat It

fetish TE999 2017-11-28

Carole's mouth was filled with warm juices as Maddie climaxed explosively, almost smothering her lover as she grabbed her head and held it to her gushing pussy. I love eating a sweaty pussy and licking sweat from a woman's body, especially her pits." Maddie paused, trying to gauge Carole's reaction. Carole squealed as Maddie inserted a slender finger into her lover's puckered asshole, moving it slowly in and out as she licked her pussy. Maddie never wanted to leave these woods, this place, this wonderful woman beneath her, this golden fringed pussy filling her mouth with warm juices and both of her holes filled with her lover's fingers. A second later, Carole thrust her pussy into Maddie's face, wailing in sweet agony as she filled her lover's mouth repeatedly with warm cum.

Game with My Roommate

fetish SeBu 2017-11-28

"Now, lick my feet so good as you possibly can," she said while leaning back and putted her head on the pillow. She said, "Okay, now sniff my asshole through my leggings like you would be in love with the smell of my asshole." I putted my hands around her legs and pushed my nose so hard into her asshole and I noticed how she was surprised and said, "Wow". My cock was so hard and I just wanted to start wank but I felt like that she would take care of that at one point. She said, "As you can probably see, before coming here I did go to a toilet and after that I did not clean my ass because I wanted you to lick shit.

Her Toy Takes My Cherry

fetish zydrateaddict 2017-11-28

"Seeing you take such a thick cock up you tiny little butt, having you swallow a hot load...damn baby, that was sexy...kinda makes me wonder what else you might get into?" And with that, her fingers reach my cock, "you liked that dildo huh? I could tell you got into it." Her fingers stat sliding up and down the shaft, "liked he feel of big, hard dick sliding up inside you?" My cock was pulsing now. "And with the way you sucked my mouth and lips clean, I think you might actually enjoy the taste of cum....Makes me wonder how that little mouth of yours that eats pussy so fucking well would do with a flesh and blood dick.

Lady Darkness' Toilet

fetish istanbulnoir 2017-11-28

When her piss flow subsides and then stops, she strains a couple of times and shoots out a few more little jets. She stops after a while and raises herself a little and runs her hand over my chest and then smears some of her shit onto her cunt and rubs it over herself. Then she stands up and pisses a little on the shit that is coated over my chest. 'The maid will come and clean up later, 'she says, 'and this evening I'm having a little party. 'She told me that she had a new toilet,' she says in a matter of fact way. 'No,' she says, 'but if I had time, I might have a little ride on you, though I don't get wet anymore.

Humiliating My Wife

fetish a_random_user 2017-11-28

When she yelled for me and asked to get her clothes, I said there is no need, as Hans has seen her naked anyway, so whats the point? At times, I found it really erotic to watch her chat with Hans about something school related - knowing that he saw her naked so many times and spanked once. When someone said "pantyhose," she lied down on her back on her teacher's table and invited him to take them off one at a time, which he did slowly and erotically. "Now since all of you had gotten pussy, breasts, and ass right, you may grope me in these places as you wish during your kiss."