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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

French Twist: Angel vs. Gaby

fetish gomez8 2017-11-28

She grabbed at the Frenchwoman's breasts, and latching on to the left one she worked hand toward Gaby's nipple, pinched it as hard as she could and twisted. The pink-bikinied vixen grabbed Angel's left wrist, tearing it away from Gaby's aroused nipple, and twisted it behind Angel's back. Holding a handful of blonde hair in her left and reaching back to arouse Angel with her right, Gaby was one busy woman. Following her pussy massage by Angel's face, Gaby brought the now stiff and sore blonde to her feet, facing the arm of the sofa. Gaby released the blonde's tits and pushed her face forward into the sofa, her ass presented to the victorious Gaby like a prize.

Vixens - Pastels

fetish Nellskitchen 2017-11-28

"That's a nice style, Etta." Bein' modest, but still offerin' a little profile, I curl the hair over my right ear and look slightly, ya know, away from her. I've seen a lot of 'em the last couple a years; girls who do namby-pamby classes all day like queen shit, get bored with the spic n' span campus scene and start doin' nights in the city; girls who think they can get by on their perky tits which, on campus, keeps the boys from the island kissin' their asses in exchange for a little head. I mean look, I'm a call girl so if Jabir wants, he can twist his finger up my ass like a cork screw and I'm gonna swoon and say "more," right?

Hand Job Slut Ch. 02

fetish Carnevil9 2017-11-28

"Me," said Jason, a good looking blond kid, a business major like Nancy. "You bet!" said Jason, jumping slightly as Nancy's cool soft hand encircled his pink shaft. When Nancy decided that the time was right, she lengthened the strokes of her right hand to include the rim of Jason's flaring cock head. She'll feel your love for her, and she'll know the meaning of ecstasy as her pussy envelopes your loving cock." Brendan's breath caught in his throat, and he jerked involuntarily as Nancy's hand surrounded his cock head. As she held Brendan's pumping cock, capturing his semen in her hand, she squeezed her thighs tightly together, trying to strangle the hollow feeling, to send it back to sleep so that she could forget about it.

The Modern Marquis

fetish Thnx2KinkyStar 2017-11-28

He knew that each of his petty little perverts would do their best to impress him with their gifts which was predicted to be likely youths to be punished appropriately and diligently by his rough hand or whatever he chooses. The Marquis gave a chuckle and mused, "Such an appropriate name." his eye glimmered with possibilities as he admired his gift, "The virgin Mary and she's all mine." he again praised, "You have outdone yourselves, my friends." Anne startled then stated, "Yes, Marquis!" She quickly retrieved the virginal gift by the handed leash. "Oh, Anne," the Marquis scolded with amusement in his tone, "Naughty you are." He loudly groaned, felt his cock begin to pulse within the firm grip of the other twin's mouth.

mrs watson has old dog round again

fetish theemachiner 2017-11-28

mrs watson took her own clothes off , old dog pulled her fingers from her cunt and pushed them into mrs watsons mouth watsons face mrs watson opened her mouth old dog pushed the glistening fingers inside and mrs watson sucked on them 'yes mrs watson i think so thankyou for letting me finger fuck myself thankyou for sucking my husbands cum old dog layed back with her legs spread knees up pulled her cunt lips wide mrs watson leaned down and looked old dog sucked the finger licking around it getting it clean mrs watson took it out of her mouth old dog started sucking at mrs watsons cunt and licking shoving her tongue deep inside

Terrier loves my feet.

fetish Lateshay 2017-11-28

I see cocks all day and night on this sight that have probably created more lesbians than all the DNA of 20 generations,no some dudes hate feet no matter what, and whats the big acceptable "fetish" ASS ASS ASS-no it's ASS-HOLE_E COLI-HEPATITIS A+ - DYSENTERY- 1000+ SPECIES/GENUS/f****y/ORDER/CLASS/PHYLUM/KINGDOM of annelids(worms),Bacteria,virus and every microscopic creepy crawly Science-fictionic nightmare of pestilence by the trillions! or is it give the cat a formula or milk enema and have the baby nurse cat ass?-THANKS FOR spreading all the disease around ASS HOLE eaters,BUTT guess what Dr C as for next time k**die's a whole different kind of slide show!No I can do better,it's time for a sex-ed show/blog--something for the Typhoid Larry's to see what gets systemically transmitted when they play Mr Macho "gonna fuck the world in the ass" ASS- HOLES,no more pretending for those that have learned to walk up right!,liberation is near (not the rear) OH DEAR!

The Start Of Something Good

fetish mistressslave 2017-11-28

As I stop sucking your cock and we leave the toy in you again I pull out my double dildo and I lay beside you and slide it in me and then Brenda slides on the other end are pussys touching each other as we fuck the dildo. Your excited but nervous being the first time the man approaches you and I tell him to suck your cock and taste him and he does and he shares you with Brenda and I after the kiss he continues to suck you hard and fast. You lay on the bed and I climb on top of your cock like old times, the other guy enters my ass from behind and Brenda climbs on your face and me and her kiss while I am getting dp by you and the other man.

sissy for mum and friends p2

fetish karenhcd 2017-11-28

"oh I think there is" my mum almost sneered "firstly, myself and ur auntie have both only had boys so we have never got to play girly dress ups, secondly, we have spent a lot of time and effort getting your outfit and makeover together, and thirdly you are a dirty little pervert who likes wearing women’s panties and you need teaching a lesson" My mouth fell open in shock at hearing those words come out of my mums mouth, but I responded as convincingly as I could. My mum patted the seat on the sofa between her and my Auntie and said "come and watch a little video we made, I think you will like it" I reluctantly sat down and looked at the screen as the film started playing.

Anonymous Friends

fetish Quiet_Thoughts 2017-11-28

He then rubs her ass with a circular motion, enjoying the heat already rising under his hand, and leisurely delivers a couple more smacks, a wee bit harder this time. She moans with pleasure, pushes her hips back against his hand, and grips his fingers with the muscles inside her now thoroughly wet pussy. He squeezes her red ass in his hands and, pausing with his rigid erection at the entrance of her soaked slit, says "Now, beg!" She gasps, "Please, please fuck me after my spanking." "Good girl," he says as he slams his erect cock hard, as far as possible inside her, holding her hips steady.

Seth's Fetish Ch. 02

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2017-11-28

Whenever she even sees a pregnant woman (and working at the hospital, that happens quite often) she comes home and we have amazing sex, each time picturing my sperm swimming to meet one of her eggs, which will swell her belly and fill her breasts with delicious mother's milk. I think she was more disappointed than I was, because as much as I wanted Dana to be pregnant, I wasn't sure I was ready to be a father, that is, emotionally ready. But having a baby would mean a lot of things that I wasn't sure I was ready for at the moment. I was so wound up I knew I couldn't last, and one powerful thrust later I could feel ropes of come spurting from my body into my wife's cunt.

Last Job of the Day

fetish BobbyFingers 2017-11-28

My rattling on the cuffs and the bed posts must have alerted her to the fact I was awake because she sudden y stood from the chair by the dressing table that I had been in earlier, She no longer had her hair up in a scruffy sense of preparation but instead it was neatly tied up high in swirls with black ribbons holding it. I then helped get him hard enough to make the two pictures with him in worthwhile although I do think that given a little more time, just the sight of you dressed in such pretty lingerie might have done the trick for him anyway." She returned to the bed and continued to talk to me from about level with my right hip, still holding the riding crop in her right hand.

Lusty Lauren --- Spokane "GF for hire" P

fetish starbucks169 2017-11-28

Sitting so close to me that I could see down the front of her blouse, her large breasts looked so inviting which caused my dick to become hard. I told Lauren to take off her clothes and lay down on the bed with her head at the edge of the bed. While fucking her face I reached down to play with the pussy which was already exposed as her legs were spread wide open. Within a minute of me touching her fat, slutty pussy, she spewed out a little juice. She'd pull her lips apart, raise up, allowing me to see up-close as her pussy again spewed juice over my face.


fetish dieselboy69 2017-11-28

Kim said she needed a wee as well she went deeper into the woods and slide down her cycling shorts, squatted down and let fly an enormous stream of pee as I watched her. They were soon erect and looking gorgeous, at the same time I started to rub her lovely fat arse and her pussy through the lycra. I love the smell of pee pong on her pubes and was soon licking her clit and probing her hole with my tongue. Her orgasm was fantastic, she arched her back as she came and let out some more hot wee on my face, I shot my load deep into her mouth and when she had regained her breath, she licked it clean.

Street Whore Chronicles: Michele's Story (par

fetish Pious-the-Perverted 2017-11-28

Telling Michele to turn around Anthony looked her in the eye and said calmly and seemingly nicely but in that subtly authoritative way he's a master of "get down there and help her suck my dick." Obediently she dropped to her knees beside Brenda. Mean while Brenda had been licking Anthony's balls and being the seasoned well trained whore she was the combination of her and Michele began to really excite him. Michele didn't realize it but she had a mouth that was perfect for deep throating and soon she was face fucking Anthony's Dick in a way even he hadn't experienced before. Michele, again, instinctually knew to not release Anthony's cock from her talented mouth but instead to begin to softly suck and clean his tool of the remaining cum.

Not Pissed Off to be Pissed On

fetish Metrocurious 2017-11-28

I love the warm feeling from the heat of the moment, the anticipation of Jasmine's sweet piss as she squats over me, and the salty scent that lingers in the air. Sometimes I pee into the toilet and Jasmine catches what she can in her mouth, but since she was going to take a shower after me anyways, she thought she could use the full-body treatment. I started peeing on her face first but I soon traveled down south to her beautiful tits, making sure I shot it directly at her nipples – a sensation she told me she loves. Jasmine gave me a naughty look and bit on her lip, suggesting we play our little game of who could take this further.


fetish Crissaegrim 2017-11-28

Standing, you gasp as you feel me deep inside you pushing the vibe aside with my huge cock. Vibe going, water on clit, steam rising, me enlarging still within you, you gasping for breath. Feeling my cock pound on your cervix, you try to scream. I finally remove myself from inside of you, only for the vibe to stay on your clit & for another dildo even larger than myself entering your already battered pussy. Spanking your ass some more, it still being wet making it sting all the more, you begin to rock your pelvis, fucking me harder, actually wanting more. Melted wax on your back, a vibe on your clit & both me & the toy stretching you to unbelievable limits.


fetish alibodge 2017-11-27

Scissors in hand I returned to our chamber, carefully closing each door behind me as I went she was standing arms at her sides, facing the door she had on a short grey skirt, an old tight pink tee shirt, and trainers stood right under the single light bulb she looked fantastic, her hair tied back in a tail, neat, tidy and out of the way, her face expectant perhaps a little flushed, her eyes lowered not in the least way defiant.

Feather Me

fetish MelanieRae 2017-11-27

His smile sent chills up my neck and launched an intense throbbing between my legs. He slid his hand down my leg and one by one, while still maintaining a suitable speed, he undressed my feet. I saw hand restraints hanging from the ceiling, leg/feet restraints coming up from the floor, feathers and other odd objects piled on tables. I walked up to the hand ties falling from the ceiling and opened my mouth to ask what they were for…….I didn’t get that far. I was so caught off guard that I didn’t realize that in less than 20 seconds, my hands were enthralled by the restraints. I screamed as he started tickling the hell out of me bare handed.


The power of my wife in pantyhose

fetish 2017-11-27

But if she's dressed up for work, going to work in her scrubs, or wearing boots with ANYTHING, she has on pantyhose or tights. So she had to 'work dress' everyday and she told me she wore pantyhose every day. I think she also likes getting a leg and foot rub when she gets home, but I don't think she'd wear pantyhose for 12 hours unless she understood the support benefit. So I wake up as she's getting dressed in time for the pantyhose putting on voyuerism! I took a bunch of pictures of just her legs and feet the other day after she got home though and I will try and post those.

nylon femdom

fetish 2017-11-27

The s****rs thought David's fetish was cute and many times they would tease him by slipping off one of their high heels and place their warm stockings clad toes right over David's face, letting him smell in deeply at that strong, well-worn nylon and leather scent and laughed as they watched his eyes roll back with pleasure. She knew that David grew up watching his mother walking around wearing just an open robe with her girdle, garters, nylon stockings and high heel slippers in full view of David as she got ready for work. Joan loved the act of teasing David and knowing the young man's specific weakness made it all the more easier and exciting, knowing in his fetish starved mind he wanted to drop to his knees and worship those nylon stockings she wore more than anything...

Back-alley Sissy Boy

fetish Travel_by_day 2017-11-27

When I saw that ass barely covered by those girly jeans and that slutty thong, I figured I would be getting a chick that was good to go, not some boy in whores clothes." You started by taking just the tip of my dick in your mouth, and swirling your tongue around the head, licking up all the juicy pre-cum that the thoughts of your ass in that white thong had caused. Then, maybe if you can look like a pretty little girl and be the kind of whore I want you to be, in the future, I'll think about making you more than just a cum-bucket," I said.

Working Relationship Ch. 03

fetish Jonnyflies 2017-11-27

I thought 'does John want me to find a lover?', like the man who wrote in in answer to that question, while he waits at home. David grinned, "I must admit to liking the bit about it being a 'date' and about me being a potential lover," he said, "But are you sure you want to push him into deciding about this right now?" "You didn't have to spend that much," David told her, "he could have just cancelled your old contract and sold you a new Sim card." Sarah smiled, "I know, but I have never liked this phone, so I thought it was a good time to change it, and to let him sell me another one.


New Years Eve (Part 3)

fetish flasher974 2017-11-27

She placed her mouth back over my cock and sucked really hard moving her mouth up and down my shaft, getting quicker all the time, then I could feel it coming in my groin, but I could tell she felt it too as she went mad for the last few seconds and my semen shot through my shaft and out of my throbbing bell-end into Holly`s mouth. Sara got off of Luke`s hard cock as he slid his way back onto the sofa and Holly mounted him, laying towards him with her wonderful breasts dangling inches from his face.

The Succubus Awakening

fetish chiara1996 2017-11-27

A moment later, Mom seemed to remember what I'd been asking and continued, "When I came to see who was calling...your body sensed the energies I was using and reacted. A moment later, I was inside of Kyle's bedroom, having appeared there the same way my mom had when we'd summoned her to the garage. Mom had earlier told me that after I was fully awakened, I'd be most drawn to men with fantasies like the ones I'd imprinted on. I stared at Kyle's mom for a moment, getting only a vague sense of her fantasy lover but nothing more.