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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Couples massage (part 1)

fetish 2017-11-27

Something about laying on a massage table with limited vision having a stranger rub from my feet to my neck just seemed to leave me in a vulnerable position. My wife's ther****t then turned to us both and said,"We're going to give you both just a few minutes to get comfortable on the table. As her hands moved up my thighs I felt the blanket slide up, knowing that my bare ass was showing and the back side of my balls and thick cockhead. When hearing nothing more and feeling nothing more,I lifted the warm compress off my eyes and found the other ther****t still massaging my unaware wife while giving me a judgmental stare.

Gina's Work in the Wild

fetish 5A4nxL32 2017-11-27

Though Gina tried not to stare (fortunately Wendy was still engrossed in her book at this point) her eyes couldn't help but notice the strong growth of long dark hair south of her bikini and growing well down her inner thighs as well as a little also peeking out from the top and a thin trail to her navel. Jack began to withdraw his dick firing on all cylinders and Gina took it in her trembling hands and scattered the warm semen all over her hairy legs until he was spent Jack began to rub it in the dark blond pelt and then they both them fell into each others arms again exhausted but sated.. She then whisked down Gina's undies and started fondling the long hairs of her bush and said she had longed to explore Wendy's body full of different textures, smooth and hairy.

Teachers Are People, Too

fetish Wicplx 2017-11-27

Anyway, over the years she would mercilessly tease the young men (and us older men) in the building with her short skirts, tight dresses, designer jeans, and of course, her heels - all styles of shoe and boot, varying heights. Being the holidays Tiff was dressed in a red velour type dress - designed to look like a Santa outfit, with the faux white fur around the hem, deep neckline, and sleeves. Tiffany put her hand on the hard lump in my pants and said, "Well, this tells me the truth." She squeezed me and my cock grew and I let out a soft guttural sound.

My Top 5 Lingerie Stories #1

fetish John Seas 2017-11-27

In Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity,” the main character, Rob (played by John Cusack in the movie), observes that women often “save their best pairs [of panties] for the nights when they know they are going to sleep with somebody.” Eventually, Rob says, they fall back to their regular underwear – a sign of how a relationship can get boring. By this time, I had acquired several pairs of panties, a favorite slip and even a bra or two, collected as gifts from girlfriends and found abandoned in the laundry room or the apartment. As I write – seven years later – I am wearing the slight Warner’s bra and white panties she left.


fetish Bedr00mBully 2017-11-27

I'd almost done it several times but as soon as I came, the urge to lick and suck on her cum filled pussy faded away. I was right in the middle of a really hot story about a guy who loved to go down on his wife or have her sit on his face after he came when I had to go pee. She'd already had several orgasms but when she rides me, I know she's building up to a massive one and wants to go hard and fast until she cums which usually means I can't hold back any more and this time was no exception. As soon as I came, she surprised me by reaching for my hands and holding them above my head as she moved up my body.

SBBW Farmer & The Milk Man in France

fetish lovethembigger 2017-11-27

She got up and went into her living room and came back with some cookies and a jar of white cream." said Fred. All we require of you is to sign off on the milk and help us produce my white cream in the jar upstairs." said Fred I looked at him and put my hand on my head. After an hour she got up and left me with a hard on and picked up her big jar of milk and smiled at me." said Fred. She also put the milking machine on her breast and got into a sixty nine position so I could eat her pussy and fondle her big ass.

Ashley's Teeny Green Bikini

fetish Upskirt_fan 2017-11-27

With her free hand, my wife reached over and pulled Ashley's bikini bottom down so that half of her tight little ass was exposed. My wife took my cock and used it to spread the large drops of cum that were on Ashley's ass and bikini, making sure it was all covered with my cum. The sight and sensation of my cock rubbing cum all over Ashley's tight little ass and skimpy green bikini was mind-boggling. As I continued to suck her clit and massage her wonderful tits, my wife began to jerk my hard cock using Ashley's bikini bottom. Drained of all cum and energy, my wife dismounted and snuggled up next to me, Ashley's little green bikini bottom still wrapped around my semi-hard cock.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 02

fetish KaseyLegs 2017-11-27

Immediately after meeting me and exchanging pleasantries, Bill went into the long and detailed story of how he met Doctor Love, became one of his test subjects, and began needing to have sex constantly. I started to change my mind when I saw his lab, but then I thought about Erica and how she said I could do better than three orgasms in an hour after I saw the picture of her beautiful foot. When I got back to my motel room, I pulled up the picture of Erica's foot on my new giant computer screen and masturbated furiously for thirty seconds before getting off.

first time swinger mmff

fetish Ryan0731 2017-11-27

She said yes, her boyfriend saw the text though she replied out loud. "I want to, he wants to fuck Laura (my ex fiance) too though." Replied kelly. We went to there room to tell them or decision, no knocking we just opened the door, and there was kelly on her knees, mikes dick in her mouth. I looked over, Laura still just sucking mikes dick. Laura, Mike, and i went to the bed laid down and watched tv while kelly showered. Mike started playing with lauras ass. I flipped laura on her back, or my dick in her face and she stayed sucking it. Mike and Laura kept fucking for a few hours.

Tammy's Panties Ch. 3

fetish pantyperv 2017-11-27

Not only had Tammy invited a friend to our little panty game, but it was my girlfriend Maria of all people! I thought you weren't going to tell Mike and Maria!" "Relax Pete," Maria said, "I've known all along that you were a little panty freak. Tammy and I have discussed you fetish and we both think it is very sexy, and something we could all have a little fun with." "Yeah Pete, just relax and we can all have a wonderful experience with this fetish of yours," said Maria. Maria and I have had a lot of time to think about how we want this game to play out." Maria and Tammy noticed me jacking off in the corner of the shower and started to laugh.

Hockey Camp

fetish jallen944 2017-11-27

Ethan sat in Dr. Herbert's office waiting room with Mom, feeling terribly embarrassed and ashamed. Nurse Thomas' hand was shaking as she tried to insert the end of the tube into the hole at the end of his penis. When the end of the tube came out, some of the fluid squirted out with it, staining Nurse Thomas' rubber gloves and spilling on his groin. Ethan was trying to figure out what they meant about his penis when the door opened and the other nurse came in. It took several minutes for all of it to come out, and Nurse Thomas held his penis the entire time. "Ethan, are you all right?" Nurse Thomas said.

Owned by The Boss and Her Gay PA Ch. 01

fetish labrysuk 2017-11-27

Then after some time of having the questions in my head about gay sex that I think most guys do at some point, I worked up the courage to go and visit one of the two gay pubs in my hometown. I told him that after trying to analyse the fact that I liked the look of cock I'd given up and just wanted to see if the actual experience would be as good as the fantasy. I loved the look of it (would you believe it was my first real life sighting of a hard cock that wasn't mine?) He then told me to come forward and hold it. He told me that he couldn't wait to see me take his cock in my mouth, to taste his hot cum, but I wasn't to do that tonight.

Lady Liddy

fetish Rockinworld 2017-11-27

Elizabeth Glenn felt for her friend, but couldn't help feeling that she still Laurie it better. In the video clip, the blonde woman grabbed the man by his hair and pulled him forcefully into her waiting pussy, and in the chair, Elizabeth slipped her fingers into her warm slit. As the video played and the man lapped at the woman's clit, Elizabeth's fingers slid up and down over her own, and the two drew closer to orgasm together. She leaned back in the chair, her eyes closed, imagining Paul on her knees, and her friend Laurie writhing in ecstasy. "And what would you say if I told you that my panties are soaked right now thinking of you on your knees between some other bitch's thighs, sucking her clit, making her moan?" His cock was rock hard.

Monica Meets a Cumslut

fetish BuckyDuckman 2017-11-27

I took my time with Monica, watching her face as I slid in and out of her in long, lazy strokes. I rubbed my prick against her clit a few times before putting the head of my cock back inside her pussy. "Yes," Monica said, looking up at me as if I had just asked one of the world's stupidest questions. "I know," I said, stepping past Monica and pushing the door open right before Tim reached it. Tim was a good looking guy, in great shape, and it would only be a matter of time before his daddy turned the company over to him. Instead, like last night, I brushed my lips against hers and pulled away before the kiss could begin.

Tut Tut Ch. 02

fetish DesertFocks 2017-11-27

We lay there for some time, continuing to explore one another's mouth and while he kept up the gentle stroking back and forth across my pubic hairs, I let my hand rest on the hardness I could feel under his shorts. I'm not sure if it was the pleasure his lips and my tits were sharing, or the feeling he got from me having his cock in hand, or both, but he began to stir more and the finger tips that were playing in my cunt hair were now slowly moving down to slip between my cunt lips. We lay there, lip locked together and I felt his hands slide down my back and return to playing with my ass, as his cum and our saliva blended into what can only be called a marvelous cocktail.

The Preacher's Wife Part 4

fetish imornery81 2017-11-27

Smiling and thinking this was not going to be so bad, I replied, “Nope,” and immediately Sarah grabbed Julie’s arm, turned her to face her and then pushed the taller woman back against the steel rolling door! I was thinking maybe I could get away with just a little bit of touching when suddenly Julie pushed/walked Sarah over to directly in front of me and then bent her forward over my lap as her hands went to either side of my thighs. I had to lean back on the car and the net effect was, Sarah was now leaning over my cock, her long dark hair trailing over my highly sensitive cock, balls, hips and thighs as Julie stood behind her, breasts swaying as she reached down and then pulled the shorts off of the other woman!!

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 23

fetish Thorilla 2017-11-27

She appeared to understand and rubbed herself between her legs and said, "We sit on your face and make us 'pussy-delight', yes?" Above me Shika Arai nodded and bowed then shuffled forward lifting up her pleated school skirt and broderie edged flared cotton petticoat. The little lady on my face began bouncing and screeching as I fondled her small rounded buttocks. I stared at the underside of the waistband of Naoko's pink nylon petticoat and suspender belt and at her smooth rounded stomach and wondered how many more of these tiny girls required pleasuring that night. She smiled down at me and nodded several times and said in her delicious high pitched Japanese accent "Pussy-delight Mr.Tom please, yes?"

A Kennel Opens

fetish TheBitchWhisperer 2017-11-27

As government contracts have tightened, I have expanded into service dog work, search and rescue, horse training for law enforcement and more. I am a single mom, two kids, lots of working dogs, a large house with an equally large payment, and ordered child support that never comes, and I am so tired. I can't park in the garage due to the amount of gear and dog kennels, but it is the easiest way to deal with a persnickety front door lock. It will be chores, training, kennels, dogs, the horse, laundry, paying bills - although, paying bills may have to cease in the near future, which pains both me and my future credit score.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 1

fetish Hudson 2017-11-27

The heavy steel door slammed behind me, I jumped and turned around, Julie was standing there in a black latex dress, "Hi lover" she said, her nipples pointed through the dress, her blonde hair tightly curled, bounced on her shoulders, her lips painted in dark red lipstick, she walked towards me staring deep into my eyes, as she reached me she handed me a riding crop, not uttering a word she kept walking to the large wooden bench, chains hung from the ceiling with shackles attached, Julie placed her small wrists into the them clamping them tightly around, I watched her kneel down and lay her stomach across the bench.

Panty Boy Ch. 02

fetish 32B_minus 2017-11-27

Through the opaque curtain that once more blocked my view, Mom loudly proclaimed, "Jamie, a lady does NOT stand like a vulgar tart to urinate." At that moment I vividly recalled the time I had experienced a lesser embarrassment when Maggie saw me in similar circumstances. There were times when Mom let the curtain on a few stalls swing open while she tried on clothes, giving me a guilty view of her in panties and bra while changing dresses or even a flash of breast when she 'accidentally' dropped the top of a bikini she had tried on.

Best Day Ever With Best Bud and Bitch!!

fetish joeluvsthe 2017-11-27

Brandon gets back sits down and talks to micha for a bit, “I am Gonna go pee ill be back”, Al said as he walks inside. Brandon suggested Truth-or-Dare, they all agreed, and began a game, starting with Brandon, Al, and Finlay Micha. They continued the flirtatious some what kinky game, Al, turn he chooses truth, after sum joking reticule Micha asked: Is it true that you were turned on during that last round? Alan also choose truth so Brandon asks him; how far would you let things go between me and micha? Yeah babe Micha agrees and Brandon suggests going inside to cool down.

Hairy Helga

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-11-27

I grabbed one of her suitcases, and struggled with it since it had to weigh 95 pounds, and thought to myself "God this woman is incredibly strong." She didn't have the protruding veins or ripped muscles of a bodybuilder, but was smooth fleshy muscle like that of a 235 pound power lifter. I was wracked with guilt over my perversion, but I could not get the scent and the site of all her pubic and ass cheek hairs covering her panties. I have a small dick at 4 inches, but do have a thick patch of pubic hair, and large dangling balls. I slowly separated the cheeks of her ass, which she also did, and was greeted by more incredible hair on any woman than I had ever seen.

Florida Women Ch. 03

fetish KimMarcone 2017-11-27

Anna full and buxom in her blue and white suit, and Leila lithe and strong in her shining black string bikini with its triangle top. I felt like Leila and Claudia and Dee and all of these other women were at the table with us, but it was also as if I were all alone, and Anna was alone as well. She looked over her shoulder at Anna, black hair draped across her eyes, and then leaned forward on the side and posed with her ass up in the air. And when I had oiled her small breasts and vibrant arms, back, stomach, legs, and I came back up again, Leila was ignoring me altogether and staring intently at Anna.

Let Him Cum Oral Training

fetish 425olds 2017-11-27

My man also loves cumming straight down my throat, as you're being throat fucked it's easy for him to do, it's nice but feels pretty weird (like drinking without swallowing) and you'll miss out on tasting it. Rubbing your face against a hard cock and balls feels really good and it'll make him bust his nuts big time. Mine shoots pretty far so I like it when he cums on my tits first, and then lets a few spurts out onto my face. Not only will he like the look of your make-up ruined cum drenched face you'll feel like such a naughty slut your whole body will be tingly and you'll be smiling for days.