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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Wife’s Adventure

fetish altaff143 2017-11-27

As they reached the bike she said she would sit across, so the only way for her to do this was to lift her dress a bit till the bottom of her butt peeped out and she sat on the cold seat. He took his chance and put his arm round her slowly rubbing the side of her boobs and then reached down to her ass. Naked she was way hotter than with the dress and he got a good view of her awesomely perky boobs and very firms ass. He stood her up turned her around put her against the bus and inserted his hard stiff cock into her wet pussy.

High Heels

fetish toetickler27 2017-11-27

My feet are killing me." Bob and Dave just nodded, and I noticed Mike's eyes light up a bit when I curled up on the couch and started to rub my toes. Bob still didn't speak, he just watched as Mike continued to rub and pull on my toes. Looking directly into my eyes, Mike raised one foot to his mouth and nibbled delicately on one toe. With Bob's cock rubbing me, my foot riding Mike's hardness and the intense sensation from his mouth on my toes, the combination sent me over the edge – I started to cum right there on the couch. Mike rubbed my glossy toes dry with his hand and carefully tucked my skirt down, moving back on the ottoman.

Healing Hands

fetish Atrius 2017-11-27

The young orderly held the straw to my mouth asking me simple questions that I could respond to with eye blinking. Nurse Paula took the chart from the end of my bed and flipped it open. Moments later Nurse Paula returned with a tube of cream in her hand. She squirted a bit of cream into her hands and began to apply it to the skin around my hips and pelvis. Nurse Paula wrapped her hand around my semi-hard cock and began to rub it, working the cream into my sensitive skin. Every day, she'd come into my room and rub the cream into my skin and over my cock until I had a raging hard on and finally came.

Pet Seeking Owner

fetish Justwords 2017-11-27

A good pet owner makes sure their pet is healthy, examined regularly, fed nutritious foods, and receives plenty of love, play, exercise, and discipline. Some pet owners want their pets to remain completely naked and natural at all times, others prefer a latex suit, complete with restrained arms and legs and a full hood. What I wear is completely up to you, but you should consider the convenience of when your pet needs to do her "business" and the hygiene related to the same. Just remember that a good pet owner considers their pet's overall health and needs when making these selections. Should you decide to take your family on a vacation, you will need to hire a pet sitter to care for me.

Sexy Feet of my Cousin

fetish sunnyboyz 2017-11-27

Our sleeping bags were laid out next to one another head to foot (I.E: My head was inline with her feet, and vice versa) I first rolled over on my side and tried to forget the sneaker sniffing incident. Yet at the same time I began to think about the odor of her sneaker and as much as I didn't want to admit it, I wasn't repulsed by that strong acrid smell, on the contrary I was quite aroused by it! (That precise moment when I for the first time pressed my nose against a pretty bare foot and smelled it was one of the most exciting sexual moments I have ever had!) I can best describe the odor of my cousin's feet as being reminiscent of light vinegar, with a faint musky overtone.

Bumping Into A Foot Perv

fetish xxkissmytoesxx 2017-11-27

One hurried man in a dark blue business suit crowded past her so furiously that her strappy red sandal turned the wrong way shooting a stabbing pain through her right ankle. "Where are you headed?" Jennie asked him, bored of her book, and wanting to find out more about this man who had taken a tad of interest in her foot. "That is quite a waste of pretty feet, Jennie." Dean said seriously. "Wow, you are definitely skilled in the ways of the feet." Jennie said. He didnt even "drop" anything, but took a quick look around the room, and then leaned his head down and placed his lips around her big toe, right foot.

A Friendship Transformed

fetish naughty_scribe 2017-11-27

Adding just a little more to be taken into consideration was my conviction that by the time we settled her twenty-plus spankings I would be firmly addicted to the pleasures of her ass and body. The other advantage of hypnosis is knowing that, as unlikely as it appeared now, if she agreed to all that came with the debt settling I would believe her willingness was genuine. "Anita, you know that settling the debt between us involves me spanking you don't you?" "For as long as I want, even after your account has been settled for by the time this is done I will have become addicted to the treasures of your body?"

Susan Apple Pie Ala Mode

fetish Clemstra 2017-11-27

"You don't look like an apple pie," I point out. "Well I am, I'm just packaged to look like a woman." "No, I'm a pie for baking," she says. So we removed the hair, gave her an enema, then the pie gave us further instructions. She hands me printed instructions for Susan Apple Pie Ala Mode. Then put apples, sugar and cinnamon on her, followed by pie crust. "So Susan Apple Pie Ala Mode," I ask. "No" says the Susan Apple Pie Ala Mode. Susan didn't just tell us she was pie, she gave instructions." "Hey, it's not like I put people in the oven, they said they were food." Modern foods, they look so much like people, what a marketing ploy - eh?

Satin Cum Boy Ch. 02

fetish biggles3309 2017-11-27

Finally wrapping the garter belt and stockings around my balls and the base of my cock I grabbed Kay's pants and Natasha's petticoat (to be). I definitely wasn't a TV and so wearing Kay's clothes held no excitement, but as I got bored and idly perused xHampster on the iPad I flicked through the cuckold films and found myself watching a film about a wife bringing her black stud home to the panty wearing husband who was tied to a chair and forced to watch with his wife's soiled knickers on his erect cock. I could now smell Kay and with no satin in between metal and nylon covered skin I could also feel the heel of the boots more directly on the head of my cock.

FemCon 2048: The Pegging Seminar

fetish shankinauthor 2017-11-27

Jenna added, "Susan, if Abbey is as devious as I think she is; I bet she's going to attend some stretching labs with you." "Yes, ma'am," Adam said as Molly released her grip and exited the stage to retrieve the cart. Molly walked in the side door with the cart just in time to hear Lucy shout, "What!?" Lucy approached Adam and slipped a finger into his waistband. Let's get you situated," said Molly, turning Adam's head away from the group and toward the bench. As Molly walked back toward the cart, she whispered to Adam, "I think it's really great you like stuff this extreme." "Thank you, Molly," said Lucy as she approached the bench; grasping her cock of choice in her right hand.


MILF and Cookies Ch. 01

fetish GusBus77 2017-11-27

A few minutes later Nancy comes back into the living room with a pump in hand and her blouse and breast still open. "Are you and Penny already making plans for prom later this year?", she asked as she looked up with a smile, breast still in hand. Penny's breasts were not too far from what her mother's looked like. The taste of Nancy's milk still lingered in my mouth and sucking Penny's tits now also had me wanting sex. My mind was still with Nancy, in that living room, breasts nourishing me with their milk. My reality shifts back and my mouth is engulfing Penny's left breast, suckling it like it had milk.

The Owner Ch. 01

fetish robertjones 2017-11-27

Occasionally the studs might be able to service some of the women who desired private time, but basically they would be fed and housed, taken care of, and milked daily of their semen for use in the kitchen and in our mail order operation. It proved fairly easy to find two additional waiters, men who were well endowed, who loved to have women adoring them, and who enjoyed sharing their semen. After much thinking I decided to build a wing of private rooms where women members might be able to engage the private services of one of the studs from our stable, or for a specatacular price, the services of one of the three waiters.

The Mirror Ch. 04

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-11-27

The bottom of Jennifer's heel was dirt-and-sweat smudged; workaday grime, from wearing her flip flops all day at the salon - Tootsies Pedicure Salon, the ladies' foot care business that she co-owned and ran with her business partner and best friend, Sharon. And Miriam's gold anklet, James saw, as the mirror accommodatingly zoomed in closer for an even better view, was inscribed in flowing script with a single word: Ali. James felt as though, via the entrancing medium of the mirror's 'screen', he would be content to view Sharon's right, suntanned, dirt-and-sweat smudged bare sole, for all of the endless eons of eternity.

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 01

fetish scatwoman 2017-11-27

After several seconds of silence she took a breath and said, "OK, I want to fuck a black man! I hope it's not the end of our marriage, but, yes, I want to be a total slut with a big, hung, black stud who would fuck me silly!" Not wanting this monster up my ass, I drank it down as fast as I could, but he piss-stream was too strong, and it tasted of his cum, left over in his cock. I swallowed half of it, but then he pulled out and shot it all over my face, tits, hair -- he shot out like a fucking fire-hose!"

Mia's Transformation

fetish secretsugar 2017-11-27

In their full glory, Mia felt like her balls were going to burst if she didn't fuck the short brunette soon. The hermaphrodite took note of how wet Allison's fuck hole was, dripping down her legs just like Mia's had been earlier that night. After another five minutes of Mia doing her best to hold back her orgasm, what seemed like gallons of thick white cum exploded from the tip of her cock, deep in Allison's cunt. After briefly resting, Mia got out of bed, took a quick shower in Allison's bathroom, took some clothes from her closet, and left the exhausted slut lying in a pool of cum.

A Selfish Act

fetish MissFundawg 2017-11-27

I am overtaken with the need to wrap my mouth around the innocence of your flaccid cock. I lick your balls and gently cup them, and then I pull you into my mouth and begin to work my magic on you. I stroke your cock with my mouth and tongue like a hand can. What a fantasy to have you cum in my mouth and all over my tits while you are still asleep. I gently grasp your balls as my hand and hot, wet mouth envelope and inhale your hard, magnificent cock. I really wanted you to cum on my tits but I just couldn't take you out of my mouth to do it.


fetish Vampiric_Mirage 2017-11-27

My mouth meets the wound, licking slightly, before fastening onto his salty flesh, sucking hungrily, trying to coax more of his reluctant elixir. The sweet taste of her skin mingles with the blood as I taste her, my nails once again holding the back of her head against me, forcing her despite her willingness, tracing invisible patterns into her creamy flesh as I savour each and every moment, each drop that I taste. Suddenly knowledge dawns on me as I watch her fill her mouth with the wine and clean his chest wound, sucking hungrily on his skin one last time before pulling away. Failing miserably, I simply try not to watch them as I wonder what the future will hold for the three of us and if I will ever again taste their copper ambrosia exploding inside of my mouth.

My new Doctor

fetish 2bornot2b 2017-11-27

I could feel my cock getting heavy, knowing that I was going to be hard very soon. He slid his hand up a little and then down a little on my hard cock, this time asked if that felt good? I took in a deep breath when he slipped my cock into his mouth, as I exhaled I said that feels like heaven. He took my cock deep into his mouth and I could feel his tongue rubbing on it. I reached out and rubbed the front of his scrubs, sliding my hand along his hard cock. I knew he was getting close, I could taste the pre cum, so I squeezed my lips tighter as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth.

Monica's New Hobby

fetish bubblebuttdiapers 2017-11-27

After the fifteen minute drive, Monica had thought of some wicked things to do once she purchased her diapers. She had caught Mr. Gray staring into her window on more than one occasion from his house, and since that time, she would leave the window wide open anytime she and Tim were having sex or when she was pleasuring herself. She slowly came back up, opened the trunk, threw the diapers in, and waved goodbye to Mr. Gray as she got into the car. Monica drove out of the parking lot, and looking in her rear view mirror she saw Mr. Gray watching her drive off. Letting all anal control go, Monica pushed the bananas out of her ass, and the filled the back of her diaper.

Hairy University Ch. 01

fetish motleymorgan 2017-11-27

Somewhat concerned as to what her cryptic statement might mean, I made my way down the hall and knocked on the door with the nameplate "Becky Andrews -- Human Resources." As I entered the room I was welcomed by an exceptionally friendly matron with bobbed brown hair and kind eyes. "When we read your, you know, 'Hairy Pussy Manifesto', we knew you were the man for the job, boy howdy." She then proceeded to quote from the letter I had written to my pornographers so long ago. "Good golly there, that is some peculiar tasting jizz you have there, little mister." Becky turned her head to speak conspiratorially with Diana, "Gladys The Grey will want to do a full check-up on him, no doubt about it there, hey."

Pooh Ch. 02

fetish VirtualScott 2017-11-27

Lisa looked cautiously in the open doors, but whirled back at the sound of a noise behind her; surely Faith hadn't had her hand up her skirt? When she looked around to make sure they'd heard her, Lisa found the girls were already walking onto the field! Other hands joined hers, pulling her father backwards away from the boy while a thinly-clad breast brushed Lisa as somebody started pushing Alec forward. Lisa loped across the empty space, angling away from the direct line back to Camp Pocahontas, and towards a spot where several of the shorter boys were grouped together. Lisa struck out for the administration building; her father's office contained the only phone in the camp, and the nearest cellular tower was many miles away.

Braces in a hotel part 1

fetish therj 2017-11-27

I was a little horny one night and my girlfriend was fast asl**p so i went down to flirt with Heather. "Do you need anything else?" she said with a smile that really got me going. "Not if you don't want me to." She was pretty cute by any normal standards, but those braces were really getting to me. "I like your smile, your braces especially" I said. "You can help if you want," I said as I began stoking my meat. "I can't do that if you have a girlfriend," she said after slowly pulling the massive cock out of her mouth. A little cum shot out first onto those braces turning me on more.

A memory from university

fetish lvfemfeet 2017-11-27

"I want to start at your toes and kiss and lick my way up your hosed covered leg, kissing every inch then moving behind your knee and kissing that spot in the back then slowly working my way to your thighs and to your sweet pussy." "I want to start at your toes and kiss and suck each one through your hose then work my way along your arch to your ankle twirling my tongue around your ankle bone then make my way along your Achilles up the back of your calf taking my time enjoying your hose covered legs slowly making my way to your sweet pussy."

Building Perfection

fetish ThomasElliot 2017-11-27

Word of my skills and epic cock had spread like wildfire, and my insatiable need meant that fucking four women into a coma on a nightly basis had become a normal and necessary part of my life. As I stood in front of her, I took one last look over her body, from her beautiful face, to her perky tits, to her flat waist, her wide hips and monstrously huge ass, her long, tan legs ending in feet still encased in 6" stilettoes. "Fuck that thing is thick." She may have been into guys with big dicks, and she may have been a few inches taller than me, but I could definitely tell her pussy wasn't prepared for the thickness of my cock.