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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Break-Up Bitch

fetish bartleby_prefers 2017-11-27

I had to admit that at this point in my relationship history, I had no idea what love should feel like. Her words pushed out of those red lips like heavy smoke, occluding my vision and clouding my thoughts. She slid my trembling hand up her skirt and I felt something hard against her thigh. She was so powerful, her breasts pouring out of her half-buttoned dress shirt, her hands sliding her black skirt up her legs, widening the stretch of skin above her thigh highs until she reached the event horizon of clothing and fetish. You'll feel the warmth of my thighs touching against your skin and you'll know I've got my hard cockhead deep inside you. Would Johnny like to let his pussy milk my sweet cock?"

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 11

fetish mousemoonwalk 2017-11-27

The lad and I gave a sigh of relief as the Decorator entered the van and closed the doors, "Now then son let's see your handy work." As my poor backside was being pounded I watched the Decorator place a box in front of me, and sat on it; "Well then lady I think that arse of yours needs a rest." I looked up at him, he signalled the lad to stop and the spanking ceased. I turned to the lad, he was staring at the Decorator in disbelief, but with a wide smile to his face, "Well do you want to be paid?" I said and wiggled my naked backside to him.

Annie & June Ch. 03

fetish writerotica 2017-11-26

In these next few episodes, Annie and June get away for a weekend "shopping" trip that turns into two incredible nights of debauchery when the local sales girl joins the fun! "Ah, yes, the 'shop or die' weekend, as Annie referred to it!" Jack replied before adding, "Let me get her for you." "Okay, sounds like a plan!" Annie replied getting excited again at the thought of seeing her friend. June continued flipping her gaze between Annie and the road, simply replying, "What do you think I was thinking about?" She wanted to make a wiseass comment but was unable due to her need to focus on driving. Annie watched amused as June let one hand fall from the steering wheel to her crotch, rubbing her pussy through her neatly pressed pants.

Denise and the Banker Ch. 04

fetish Marty Eagan 2017-11-26

She turned to see the woman looking at her oddly, and then watched her jaw drop as Carolyn simply walked up the entryway to Denise's apartment. Carolyn noted with amusement that Denise now sported a silver ring on the middle toe of her crippled foot—an adornment for Bart's benefit, she was sure. Increasingly she liked to do things to turn Bart on, and it was from that motivation Denise had impulsively switched to her underarm crutches. What do you think about a short dress and a pair of metallic pink forearm crutches?" Denise was warming to her role more than Bart was ready to accept. Carolyn looked at Denise and urgently mouthed the words, "next weekend." She knew that Bob had to have time to do his part with "Donna Steele." Denise nodded.

Caught In Lillian's Web

fetish Croozer 2017-11-26

My penis was at full erection when I asked, "But...the ring on your hand says you're married." She threw her head back laughing and said, "Hell no...I've been divorced for eighteen years...the ring just keeps the ones I don't want out of my panties...which, by the way, are satin...want to feel them?" She uncrossed her legs and straddled mine, placing my hands on her hips. I had two handfuls of her breasts as she kissed my neck, rubbed my chest and shoulders, and said, "Auntie Bev needs a good pounding." I pushed her onto her back and got between her legs so I could rub my penis over the top of her panty.

Quid Pro Quo = SSBBW

fetish mondotoken 2017-11-26

I retrieved the oil from her bag ( I couldn't help noticing more than a few candy bars & snack cakes in there.) and climbed in bed (what was left of it) with Melody. Melody lightly touched my chest, running her hands down my body. Melody plunged her small mouth with it's thin lips down on my cock and began sucking all of the precum out of my torutred unit. Melody began to sound like she was fucking choking on the dick ... Melody pulled her arm free from me and grasped the end of the chair rising slightly to accomodate me as I beat her pussy to death. I don't know how long we were like that, but eventually Melody struggled to her feet and staggered into the shower.

Sunday Lunch, dear?

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-26

In need of a poo all morning, she'd actually begun farting twenty minutes earlier whilst still at Wendy's, and Wendy had asked her if she'd like to use the facilities ahead of hitting the open road. Out in the open air it would have been more manageable but the car was a confined space and even after forty years experience of her own farts, some of which had been quite ripe in their day, Anne didn't believe she could smell quite so bad. After what seemed like hours but was really no more than another fifteen minutes, Anne passed the familiar welcome signs to her home town of Attleton Market and drove as quickly as she could to the smart Seventies cul-de-sac where the home she and Brian shared was to be found.

Tattoo Fetish

fetish girlwithadirtymind 2017-11-26

She didn't want to act strange or aroused beside Dean, she needed to hold in the pleasure until she arrived home and could jump on her sexy boyfriend, without a second thought. In those silent moments when Dean concentrated on the tattoo shading, Leanne unleashed her inner minx and started to spontaneously tense her vagina in short, sharp but pleasurable mounts of excitement. She couldn't wait to book in next for a big tattoo piece, although she had to consider what design to have and where exactly on her body she wanted it. She knew he craved a little pain from sharp nail experiment, and couldn't wait to try out her beginner bondage kit on him on their arrival home.

My Fantasy

fetish assman1260 2017-11-26

After a few seconds you slowly start to pull your cock out of my ass till just the head is in my ass you pull my thighs back toward again as you fuck you cock hard into my ass as you balls hit my ass you pull out again, you fuck me like this for a good few minutes each time you stop deep in my you tell this is for all the teasing I have done to you. You then climb on to the box with your knees on either side of my head your cock and balls are hanging just above my mouth then I see someone else climb on to the box behind you and I watch as his thick cock is placed at you ass that's all nice and wet from my tongue and slowly start to slide in......

Cumming Home

fetish Sodomite 2017-11-26

As I’m licking her clit from underneath O reach up and remove the plug from her dripping little cunt. Deciding I want to see how she got that huge plug into her pussy I grab it and start rubbing the sides of it up and down her dripping slit to lube it up. I start to fuck her with it, each time getting a little further into her sopping hole. Mara feels tight inside with the huge plug in her pussy. I grab the camera and snap a few pix of her cum filled and wrecked ass. Mara bound to a stool, blindfolded, gagged, both fuck holes gaping, and my cum dripping from her ass to a puddle of cunt drippings and piss on the floor.

Changing Marriage Ch. 03

fetish sm8100 2017-11-26

"Why honey, is there anything that you hold back that you'd like to tell me?" Tera didn't expect Jim to open up here but it was important to start to create a safe environment for him to be comfortable if she were to get him to fully embrace the new ideas she was entertaining. Alexa says that is one of the top three turn-on's for males....a woman's foot." Tera had no idea where foot fetish ranked on the turn on top 40 chart but she wanted Jim to feel normal, at least at this stage. She spread her legs wide, obscenely wide, and asked Jim, "Would you like to shave my pussy tomorrow night, honey?

Mom in a Strange Land

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2017-11-26

"Please ignore my ignorant son," she said to the tour man, dismissing Gerry with a wave of her hand, "What conditions are there to enter?" Trisha looked at the sunken body of her son, and her eyes bulged when her gaze drew to the impressive cock of their tour guide. The tour guide's grinning figure held his cock in his hand and waved it before Gerry's mother. Gerry's mom opened her perfect mouth and got closer to the tour guide's dick. But his mind's eye could not ignore the other room, where his mom was slippery and naked, being stuffed with a foreign con-man's hard brown dick.


Bondage date

fetish J-art 2017-11-26

They talked a little and had a great evening having dinner and drinking Okay I'll sit on the couch she said. He asked her if she wanted something to drink and she'd like something And he put his hand on her pussy and stroke a little. And pushing his tongue in her pussy a little bit. He went in and out of her pussy while she laid tied up on the bed. Now sit on your knees he said with your face down to the bed. She did what he said and he put his cock up her pussy again. She moaned a little and came while he fucked her and stroke her breast. He tongue kissed her fucked her and stroke her breast

Dean of Medicine

fetish AngelBell 2017-11-26

Her entire body seemed to blush when the Dean exposed her right breast in a similar manor and continued moving his instrument and asking her to take a deep breath and hold. After Jenna had pulled her pink undershirt off and unsnapped her black bra she was sitting topless in the Dean's office and he continued to massage both of her breasts with his hands. "The skirt is really just in the way," the Doctor said and Jenna removed it as well as her clogs until she was sitting on a leather office chair completely naked. Jenna felt her entire body quiver as the Dean began manipulating her clit with his two fingers partially inside of her cunt.

Panty: First Dirty Treasures

fetish pantyrehab 2017-11-26

This was fine with Hank because even though thongs make the ass look totally hot, the crotch and gusset of the panties doesn't cover enough of the girls' pussy which contain all the juices and smell. He brought it up to his nose and took a long deep whiff and said outloud, "Ahhhhh, god Linda's hot pussy smells fuckin good! and speaking of hot pussy, it's time to check out her cum stain crotch." As he laid down the panties to open it up, a half inch black pubic hair fell onto his bed sheet. And then Hank took another look and deep sniff of her cum stained panties and stroking hard and fast saying "oooh fuck Linda!

Cumming for Christina

fetish 2017-11-26

She gently stroked it as I licked her until she rolled over me and slowly kissed my chest, then my stomach, my thighs as she positioned her tongue to taste the tip of my cock. My lips moved from her mouth, to her neck and nipples as I faux fucked her passionately letting our cocks rub with each movement. She rubbed her lubed ass back and forth across my shaft then slowly she placed the head of my cock at the entry of her tight hole. As she sat on my waist moving up and down moaning each time my cock when deep inside I grab her waist and held on as I felt the pleasure of her tightness and watched her beauty.

Bitter Sweet 06

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2017-11-26

As we walked up stairs the door to the lounge opened wide, Dmitri stepping aside as Chloe called out from inside. "Plenty of time is a problem, we could do with a screen in here unless you want to watch Chloe's choice of programs," I added, as I walked with her. "I was thinking that as well, I'll have to talk to Chloe about it." she replied, sitting on the edge of the bed. Dmitri went down on his knees and crawled out after Chloe, Dafne gave me a quick smile as I went down on all fours to follow her out. They talked a little about Master Cedric until a Mistress Davina turned up to greet Chloe and accepted an invitation to join us.

Depraved Secret Ch. 02

fetish llieno 2017-11-26

I had no idea, watching, when the 10 seconds would be up, but eventually Ellen lifted her head and looked into the man's face, taking his powerful stream of piss directly into her own. The men constantly made filthy comments about what they would like to do with Ellen's body and as each man took his turn to piss into the bowl, the others would slap her ass or pull her head back and spit directly into her face and, as her head returned to its place over the bowl, the saliva would drool into the rapidly growing yellow soup which filled it. As the last man began to piss, Frank bent down and spread Ellen's ass cheeks wide apart and said, 'George, push the head of that pink dildo into the Slut's ass!'

Apartment Slavery

fetish Reavantwo 2017-11-26

"Well, just get the damned VCR out of that box over there and set it on the shelf if you can't figure it out, I'll fuck'n well do it myself!" I did as she asked and and actually managed to hook it up and turn it on and then headed for the door. First open your robe; let's have a look at your equipment." I was more than semi hard." What have we got here, seven inches erect?" I shrugged as she gave me a sharp stare. "Eggs any way you want toast, jam, coffee, cereal." I already had her robe on my arm and held it as she got up and stretched arms above her head, then after rubbing those beautiful knockers let me fit the robe on her.

Ann's Art Project

fetish qexiqex 2017-11-26

To bring her plan to life, she would have to create an artwork to exhibit her assets in a beautiful, yet daring setting that would make her breasts look like an expensive sculpture. Ann wasn't sure if her boobs were in fact aligned with the openings at all, and how everything looked from the outside. Ann climbed in the hollow column, let her body slide down, and pressed her naked boobs against the roller-fitted openings as tight as she could. The assistant was a bit reluctant first, but she finally told her that the dean is usually spending his day giving courses and stuff, and that he's barely in the office except for the official opening hours.

The Bathroom

fetish MsViolent 2017-11-26

The hole made him imagine his wife's red lips wrapped around some hard cock, slowly and seductively sliding up and down its entire length. A warm, wet sensation immediately surrounded his finger. He couldn't escape the sensation he felt wrap around his finger. Slowly, the warm wet sucking sensation was surrounding his cock. He imagined the cock sliding into her mouth, her lips stretching, wrapping around the shaft and taking it all in. He felt the sensation building deep in his groin, the feeling moving in waves throughout his body. Once again, he thought of his wife and the look in her eyes, overwhelmed by a throbbing cock.

Serving My Boss Ch. 02

fetish womensToilet 2017-11-26

They apparently loved it and Priya told me I was to stay there soaked in piss while they went back to the living room as their ladies night was not over. After a while one friend of Priya came in and took another piss on me, spitted on my face and left without saying a word. When a friend of her came in and saw me covered in shit she left a scream then started puking, right on my face, and basically everywhere... She then stood up, took her husband's cock in her hand and directed on my face, he soon started peeing too.

For Marion's Pleasure Ch. 03

fetish MarionsPuppy 2017-11-26

"I can never take all your cock in my shitter baby because you are just too big, but faggot boy's little dicklet is just perfect and I really want him to feel you inside me. It took my lover only 3 plunges, until my poor little hubby had a foot of black cock deep inside his ass. He was close to passing out with the pain and emotion when the massive load of black slimy jism started spurting inside him, but he whispered something unbelievable "I love your beautiful penis Master Daryl - I can feel your hot sperm in my bottom, it's so wonderful." I'll call her later, first I want to watch puppy doing what sissy white boys do best i.e. making love to their black Master.


fetish jeromeodawg 2017-11-26

I'm having trouble lifting this big belly; I hope I'll still be able to walk in the months to come. I'm eight months into my pregnancy and look like I'm going to drop huge twins anyday. Guys come to the house everyday wanting to put their cocks inside me, but it's getting too hard to bend over so they can fuck me. My doctor wants me to get exercise to enduce labor, so I waddle outside in nothing but a bikini thong and a very tight bikini top (nothing else fits anymore) and invite guys to come in. My belly started to get all tight and I thought I was about to have a contraction until I felt it swelling up and suddenly I realized I was growing!