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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sniff my Panty/Pantyhosed Crotch

fetish leotardlust 2017-11-26

Because my lover has such a big cock I can't refuse him anything, least of all his arousing fetish for sniffing my ass and crotch while I wear my shiny black full bottomed skintight panties under gleaming sheer to waist high gloss pantyhose! So I thought I'd offer him a drink but to my surprise he wasn't putting the wardrobe together, he was wearing a pair of my high shine tan control top pantyhose, with my panties over his face, and a black stocking pulled tightly over the top, wanking himself furiously as he looked at himself in the mirror and was saying my name!

Michelle Ch. 01

fetish TenScoopLove 2017-11-26

Michelle stood in the doorway....with a small pause looking at my hand holding my dick , she said :" Listen, I'm sorry. It feels so nice.........fuck!"- she said and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I felt her warm flash pop out of her bra, I pulled back my head and glanced at these huge white milky tits. Michelle sat on a toilet quickly and with one hand holding her boobs to the side and the other she spread her hairy cunt and let a stream out. I packed my laptop and headed out, on my way to the corporate, I was thinking about her huge tits I sucked on for 10 minutes, her licking my cum off her palms, and her gargling my urine.


fetish nataliafoster 2017-11-26

"Yes, I believe you can," was the response from the dark-eyed young man and within a split second, he had pushed his way through my door, into my apartment and had his hand clasped over my mouth. Catching my face roughly in his hands, he whispered two inches from my lips, "You are a dirty little whore, aren't you?" With that he forced his mouth onto mine. Again, his lips met mine and his hands held my bound ones above my head as he began to grind his pant-covered cock against me. My hands tenderly stroked his cock and without a second thought, lust overtook me and the words came tumbling out, "Yes. Yes, I knew you were watching the entire time."

womanly experience 5 - self bondage

fetish 2017-11-26

The board was pressing hard against my scrotum and anus while my hands were stretched high above me in the time-release locked handcuffs. My mouth was full of taste of cum, my hands tied high above me in pain, my nipples two spots of huge pain with the clothespins on them, my bound penis just about to explode from pain, and my anus and scrotum sore from the plank I was sitting on. First I got off the board and released my bound cock and then removed the clothespins from my nipples. I tried to get my hands into the front but I couldn't and that only resulted in pain for my balls as I pulled them quite hard a few times.

A blow career

fetish juniysa 2017-11-26

Stopping at the underwear, the fingers pull on the top, forcing you to lift up your hips before letting the rest of the underwear slip to your ankles. The other hand presses and kneads around the balls before a salivating, wet tongue replaces it. At the same time, the rest of the shaft is being pumped by one hand, while the balls are massaged by the other. The hands, once gentle, f***e you once again to turn, but this time, your knees are dug into the sheets and your ass is up in the air. The hands return, but this time they rub and cup your ass.The squeeze the muscle and fat before prying the cheeks open to inspect what's inside.

Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

fetish smallfurrycreature 2017-11-26

Mom was going Out of town for three days to see a friend providing me with a good opportunity to go a little crazy, dress up, drink some fine wine and maybe toke a bit. In the background a number of tabs were open with men in panties stroking themselves so my mother was shocked not just by me but by my audience of cocks. "I want you to stand up and let's put some more lights on so we can see how beautiful we look." We stood there, a strange mirror image of each other with one major difference - my cock was very hard, veins looking like they’d burst, the sticking out the side of my panties.

Just for Her

fetish erekose686 2017-11-26

"Good, if you agree, then you won't mind spinning me around, hiking up my skirt, and kissing my round, beautiful ass." Slowly I slide your skirt down your legs, feeling your beautiful curves underneath the fabric. looking you in the eyes, I dutifully drop to my knees, before reaching forward and sliding your pretty thong down your legs. Once I know what is expected of me, I approach the foot of the bed, where I begin to caress your calves, slowly sliding my hands over each calf, up toward your thighs. Upon reaching the top of your thigh, I change sides, moving just above your other knee, so i can caress and I can kiss my way back up toward your sweet lips.

A Story of Foot Love and Lust

fetish Ambrosious 2017-11-26

A few minutes passed like this, with me sitting on a chair facing both women, who sat on an oversized couch next to each other, when Annie propped her feet on the coffee table. I licked and played with and rubbed Annie’s feet for a half-hour at least and caught Jordan and Annie looking at each other several times, with what I can only describe as lust in their eyes. As Jordan got into position, Annie shifted herself around on me and placed herself so that she was on my cock but my cock wasn’t inside her; rather, she had pulled her pussy lips open, lay my cock in between them, then sat her entire weight down on my cock.

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 02

fetish Sodomite 2017-11-26

I find a way into her house at least twice a week to watch her do all kinds of nasty things that make me cum so hard I feel like am going o pass out. Soon the bag was almost empty and she reached back and clamped the clip shutting off the flow and slowly pulling out the nozzle from her ass. I turned, to see my neighbor ramming her dido into her pussy just as fast as the guy on the screen was fucking the girl, maybe even faster. My neighbor took one hand and started pushing on the plug as she fucked her cunt with the dildo. Her eyes were glued to the screen, and as I looked, the guys white cum was oozing out of the passed out girls' ass.

My Love Affair with the New York Times

fetish riederfrank 2017-11-26

”Now you ruined my paper,” Tina yelled, pushing the come soaked sports section into my face. She replied that she had talked to Tina and I should come to her dungeon in two days at 5pm and I should of course bring as many newspapers as possible. She grabbed my cock and balls with one hand and wrapped a thickly folded newspaper around it. She wrapped my head in newspaper again securing it tightly with leather straps as before. She pushed me back into the cage and locked it. Apparently she had folded a paper several times and was rubbing it up and down my erect member pushing my foreskin back and forth over my penis head. From that day on I visited Mistress Phoenix regularly and thoroughly enjoyed my newspaper fetish.

My Cum Obsession: a Guilty Pleasure

fetish Brittni4u 2017-11-26

The cock and cum total was starting to mount and one night at a party, I had been drinking heavily and I sucked off probably around eight to ten guys but I can't remember for sure. Hector turned to face me and smiled, showing his long cock releasing it's liquid like a firehose, "Sure, if you think you can handle it." When a guy cums and I get that taste, there just isn't that much in a single load and it just makes me want more." I laughed, "It's like an appetizer but I'm still waiting on the meal.

Uniform of the day!!!

fetish Trudru 2017-11-26

The next smack on my balls is the hardest strike yet, I let out a moan but all I want to do is scream. As she strokes her cock nice and slow I feel the plug come out of my ass. Just as I feel it building she lets go of her cock and keeps the plug in my ass. Then i feel her climb on to the table and grab my cock as she sits on it. It slides in easy as her pussy is so wet when she gets to the bottem of her cock I feel her wetness run onto her balls. She lifts up and off then grabs her cock and angles it back a little and sits back down this time taking it in her ass.

Knicker Teen

fetish Carpe Diem 2000 2017-11-26

'I am not dressed; I don't think I look so nice.' Alan smiled and took her arm leading her to a low table surrounded by comfortable club-chairs. 'It is an English expression for someone who wants something in return for something given – and yes, of course I would love to fuck you, I would be lying if I said I didn't, but it is fine to spend a couple of hours with you and get you safely home.' Good, it is Anna, I am supposed to be having interview for bar job, but I am late at work.' Alan toyed with his lighter. 'Yes, I am Anna, indeed I am, and your knickers get me very excited.' Indeed, as they were both relaxing Alan felt the blood flowing into his cock.

Swords & Daggers

fetish M_P 2017-11-26

"Oh no reason really, it was just I saw all of those swords and daggers as I walked in and wondered if you had ever used them." Again Connie was stunned at what was coming out of her mouth, Lisa was supposed to be the normal one and she was supposed to be the self mutilating, blade obsessed freak. Connie went red and looked back at the floor, Lisa just kept smiling and left the room only to return with her favorite dagger. Lisa took the blindfold of her and untied her hands, immediately Connie rose pashing Lisa and took off all of her cloths slowly and laying her on the bed she kissed her body with the dagger in one hand tracing her body with it.

Loving Thyself and a Creampie Too!

fetish cpluver 2017-11-26

She began sucking real hard on the up stroke and pretty soon I knew I was going to cum. I began to thrusting my hips and every time I'd thrust, it felt like my back was stiff. Now you know what it's like to swallow a big mouthful of hot cum. As I closed my mouth around it, I knew what Kathy must feel like to have my cock in her mouth. My balls were getting full and I felt my cock begin to throb wildly in my mouth. Then I felt my cum begin to race into my cock. It felt magical to be cumming into a warm and wet sucking mouth, even if it was my own.

Submissive Employee

fetish dominant_4_dames 2017-11-26

She held my hands tightly, making sure I could not move them higher, aware that her bra had been undone and was dangling inside her top. I suddenly dropped my hands lower and before she knew anything, my hands had found its way inside her top and had started to explore her belly again. Only this time it was the feeling of her warm skin on my bare hands that I know would do the trick. With one hand I started gently pressing her butts and with the other I continued to explore her bare back from under her top. I smiled and allowed her to play with my dick before pulling her hands out.

The Dairy Maid

fetish slippery0 2017-11-26

Your small white hands fall below mine then grasp my arms as if as support, my finger tips move up and down your breast bone as we both watch them follow the dark rivers to their source lifting the hanging covering over your seeping mountain peaks, they are like a volcano smouldering away emitting small amounts of goodness to the world but ready to explode and shoot forth and relieve the pressure with in. Your hands now clasp my head, run through my hair trying to pull my lips to your other mammary as you beg me to release its pressure, to suck on your left nipple and take you life sustaining goodness away.

The Vacation

fetish 2017-11-26

Alex began to suck Richards cock, running his tongue over the sensitive underside of the shaft as he sucked him, and stroking the base of his cock with his right hand and fondling his balls with his left hand at the same time. Alex’s breathing got faster and faster till suddenly he wrenched his cock out of the young mans mouth, and bucked his hips and shot spurt after spurt of cum all over Richards neck and chest! He held Richard in his arms and kissed him, and softly stroked his cock with one hand while his other hand worked up and down the young mans ass crack.

Cat's Dream Cum True

fetish Shadoleopard 2017-11-26

Both love the thought of forcing her awake to sate his need in her pussy, not letting her clean up so her day starts with a creamy filling, feeling their cum run down her thighs as she makes breakfast, and he can start his day going off to work grinning with a fully sated cock, or just leaving her in bed knowing his slut is equally content, ass still up on a pillow as he ordered, using her fingers and tongue to catch and lap up any droplets of cum that might escape her freshly defiled little cunt before she is allowed to roll over and get back to sleep.

Jacqui's Clinic

fetish rick_oh 2017-11-25

Joy climaxed, and rather loudly, several times while Deanna's husband warmed up to licking and sucking out his own semen. "The other," Joy continued, "is something I also use on my own husband when he ejaculates sooner than I want - I have him immediately service me orally and lick me clean - he has to remove all the semen from me. And there were the times when Deanna, on her back with her legs apart, pumped her hips and rolled her head from side to side, in the grip of an intense orgasm, while her husband orally cleaned her pussy of the semen which he had spurted before she was ready.

She Got What She Asked For Ch. 05

fetish Dreadlocks 2017-11-25

"Will I not be sleeping in the Master's chambers tonight Miss Anna?" Both slaves had been instructed to refer to the staff by Miss and Mr. As they had lost their status as beings of any real consequence. "Not in here Miss, this place scares me so." Anna turned and stared at the fearful slave and frowned. I could hear music out in the club and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was placed in my "tube", on display, my pussy there for general consumption. "Slave g, I have thought it best that you not be left entirely alone tonight, that would be harsh." I could see the look of disgust in his eyes and I knew it must be over my soiled skin and smell.

Yvonne - Played My "Games" At The Game

fetish altaff143 2017-11-25

"Bend over baby, I'll fuck you like a dog," the guy said as he eagerly dragged his pants down then got behind me and pulled my panties off my bum. Even though I'd not gotten over my nervousness about those other men outside, I felt so beautifully dirty at the thought of being fucked by a total stranger, in the men's toilet block, while my husband was nearby happily watching the game. As I say, the new guy was fucking me in absolutely no time flat, and while it was happening I'd seen one of the other men opening the front of his pants and lifting a magnificent hard cock into view.

A Night In

fetish rastaman170 2017-11-25

My wife appeared in my field of vision strapped to her crotch was the biggest dildo I had ever seen Katrina kneeled in front of Suzie and took the head if the dildo into her mouth she got a tube of KY jelly and started rubbing it up and down the dildo as if masturbating it. Katrina unzipped her mini skirt and let it drop to the floor sticking out hard as anything was a cock not a dildo this woman this sexy Swedish blonde had a cock.


fetish creampiestories 2017-11-25

I don't know if I am finding the right spot, or if she likes having her hole filled with my fingers. I especially like it when she licks and sucks my balls, then returns to my cock. I gently urged her head into a kiss (I love kissing her, knowing my cock has so recently been on her lips!), then suggested she lay on her stomach with her hips over some pillows. I pulled her even wider open and kissed her asshole like it was her mouth. She especially seemed to like feeling my lips against her opening, and when I gently brushed my teeth against her. Even so, I spent minutes kissing her ears and neck, enjoying just sitting still in her steamy sewerhole.