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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mother Futa Ch. 04

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2017-11-25

Martha Ridley had been born a hermaphrodite; her body was that of a beautiful 40 year old woman, save for the 12 inch penis and large testicles that jutted out from between her legs, right over her vagina. Right then, Adam knew that he had said something wrong; he felt Martha's body become tense in his embrace. Martha's body shuddered as she felt Adam vigorously move his feet up and down her penis. Adam used the bed covers to wipe the lotion off of his feet as he gazed at Martha, who was still catching her breath. Feeling the hot semen bubbling inside caused Martha to explode as well; since her pelvis was tilted up in the air, her dick spurted into her own face. Martha gasped and giggled as she felt Adam's warm urine pelt her cum-stained body.

Part 2. The

fetish blueyeddev 2017-11-25

The big man grabbed both of her small flailing fist in one of his much larger hands and pulled her arms over her head, "NOOOPLEEZEPLEEZEPLEEZE.." Sobbed the poor girl as the trucker now, shifted his large frame between her petite legs. Its sized engulfed the softness as it climbed until it was once again touching denim, the large hand cupped her crotch and Old Pete’s the long, fat middle finger pushed against her cunt, then slid slowly up and down between the middle of her legs and even through her shorts, Amber could feel the thick finger slide between her cunt’s vulvar.

Emily Black’s Temptation

fetish Egmont Grigor 2017-11-25

Emily pulled her light gown around her nightdress more tightly and was about to bolt when her mouth opened and she said, "It's lovely weather we are having Bruce." Emily filled her mouth slowly with hot cock and with her saliva flowing the taste of old potato peelings with perhaps a hint of mature cheese faded and either by memory of long past activity or instinct she settled into her work and went about it steadily, knowing well at least Bruce ought to be enjoying having his cock strummed.

Nick's Roast

fetish fisterguy 2017-11-25

"Yes dear, it will be a nice touch for you and you alone to tend to his cooking, I'm sure he'll appreciate it." As Alicia moved over the sauces, spices, basting brushes and some drinks to a table and chair set only a few feet from the pit, he realized they were putting small onions on each of his fingers. It'll still be a while before you feel any pain." She was looking into his eyes as she started to use a long handled ladle spoon to slowly and evenly ladle beer over his entire body as he turned on the spit.

Tutor and Her s*s

fetish hamboner28 2017-11-25

I then remembered a quote " All it takes is 20 seconds of stupid courage, literally 20 seconds of completely stupid courage to change your life." So I decided to open the door, I went somewhat slowly and when I could poke my head through I saw Maralee holding her thong I had cummed in against her face licking up my cum with her shirt off, showing her great tits, she also had her shorts off and her sweet legs spread out with her little red painted toes pointing and her fingers jammed in her pussy as far as they could go!

The Freshman Ch. 03

fetish iman2 2017-11-25

Mollie shook her head, knowing it was far too embarrassing to admit the real reason she was growing distant from her friends was that she now spent so much of her time dreaming about, worshipping, and fucking Chad's huge member. "I need to talk to you girls," he said, "I want you to understand why your friend is spending so much time with me." Shannon and Alex glanced at Mollie, who hadn't moved and was still gaping at Chad. "Now suck my big cock, you big-tittied slut," growled Chad, and he drove the head of the massive dick inside Shannon's gaping mouth. Abby watched mesmerized as Chad fucked Shannon's throat until her eyes were red and the cock drenched with saliva and precum.

At Suki's Ch. 04

fetish So drained 2017-11-25

I had to wait until I got home, where I could stare at my shockingly disheveled self, my hair in pigtails, still clumped and sticky with dried semen, my breasts heavy, heaving against the tight blouse, the plaid schoolgirl skirt covering nothing, the wool stockings pulled up to my thighs, sticky with come themselves, God I hardly recognized myself, and what I saw in the mirror turned me on incredibly. "Pretend I'm the popular straight girl in school you always wanted but never had the nerve to ask, even though you had your suspicions, you know, the way she looked at your body, the way she held your glance for a moment too long."

Tales Of The Lap-Danced

fetish slightly_distracted 2017-11-25

But now that it is years later and I have become some sort of de-facto Grand Pubah among my friends for initiating them into the world of strip clubs and the inherent male bonding that comes with it, the place holds some weird sort of sentimentality for me. One of the bouncers came by and informed Kelly that the club would be shutting down in half an hour and that now was the last call for lap dances. Kim took me by the hand and sat me down in the little lap dance hovel. One night while we were sitting around at work she asked if I was going to be attending the private party the coming weekend.

Life's Changes Ch. 09

fetish Scribler 2017-11-25

I wanted to scream my orgasm to the world but with my mouth and throat filled will Glenda's fat cock nothing came out. When I came back out to the living room Jenny was sitting at the table Sharon and Ginny were gone, probably taking their showers. "We're going to stop at Sam's to get our nipples pierced right." Jenny said yes. The maid woke to see if we where staying another night." When Jenny got off the phone she came over and said "If I stop this car and fuck you every time you wanted it we'd never get home." I put my back to the door pulled my left leg on the seat and started flipping my skirt up and down and said


fetish 2017-11-25

then she reached down and unziped her pants and bent over then something big shot out andinto christinas pussy geting her wet then somrhing shot in her ass hole and started filloing her stomic. a red corset and then dresd in her work cloths and whent to work jessie was there erly examing the creture christal locked the door snuck up on hime and snuck is pants down she startes swollowing his shit like it fertalizer then she rubes her pussy real hard says eat me jessie looks down then christal drops her pants off and he sees her going his ass hole with her cock then he screems mmmm yess feels good she then cums green slim in is ass with make hime saduced and then he start fucking her black wet pussy

femdom chastity

fetish 2017-11-25

"I like to touch my cock too." She traced her fingers up and down the shaft before slipping it into her grip and beginning to stroke it. I got myself settled so I could lean down to the whole cock easily and began to kiss and lick the whole thing, from the fat head down to the hairless but moveable balls. After only a couple minutes, she came, her ass clenching down on my finger and her hand reaching out to my hair to hold my head as she ground against the base, getting the real peak out of the orgasm.

my antique chair

fetish msjojo 2017-11-25

I am naked myself and you are powerless to touch the parts of my curvy body that you so enjoy - my full breasts jutting with pebble-hard rosy pink nipples, my round hips that you love to grab tightly as you pound your dick into me, and my soft, velvety folds leading to a warm, wet, crimson delight that wraps around your tongue, fingers, and dick giving you hours of pleasure. I run my tongue around and open my wet mouth to encase the tip down to the base of your hard thick manhood. Once inside, I close my mouth tightly, I swish my tongue around, suction the shaft, and bob my head back and forth to fuck you with my mouth.

A Pipe Smoking Santa

fetish Braagii 2017-11-25

"Old Santa's pipe has gone out, would you mind lighting it for me again?" She nodded, and searched for the lighter in the jacket. As I finished lighting my briar, putting the lighter on the table beside us, she started to stroke my dick and to lick my balls. With my right hand, I took my cock and started to slowly rub the head against her pussy. I got out, tried to spit on her pussy and on my cock, but the Santa beard made it nearly impossible. She got up, took my cock in her mouth again but this time, she really let the saliva flow. "Santa Clause is cumming tonight!" I took my cock and stroke it furiously, holding her in place with my left hand.

Dance in Your (Under)Arms

fetish revol 2017-11-25

John pushed his nose in her right armpit, tasted and sniffed it long and hard with nibbling & licking sounds, licking the armpit hair & flesh, munching her underarm hair. John, still embracing Sally from behind, rubbed his nose on her shoulders and armpits and licked away. John was rubbing his face and nose on Sally's broad and soft tanned shoulders and kissing and licking her shoulders. Sally pushed her armpit into his face, and engaged in a lusty embrace after trapping his d**k in her soft and slippery hand, and nesting her nose and lips in his armpit, kissing and dripping with lots of saliva.

What Would You Do? Ch. 01

fetish akilfinch 2017-11-25

I smiled, nodded and said "Yes, baby, just like the flu. I hit the video camera button and held my breath, waiting to see what a diet of five times a day junk food, increase in hair growth and reduced defecation would do to a fat, blue eyed Italian woman. She smiled shyly and replied "Yeah, I thought you would like that too, seeing as how you want me to do all this other crazy stuff. With a smile she says "I can taste my food in my teeth daddy, it's like i'm always eating." Her long nose oozes a stream of mucus, thick and white, that she occasionally wipes away with the back of her hand.

Knobs, Tubes and Halfmoons

fetish shoeslayer 2017-11-25

And when it looked like I was gonna blow my load she took my cock between her lips and started sucking and licking and all the while stroking my balls with her sexy half- moons and I came like I never came before. Lying on the sofa, Marcia began touching me down there with her heels and gold square glasses with those sexy half-moons. Marcia saw how hard I was and within a minute she was on top of me and now I felt her hot pussy juices around my cock.I had my arms around her and looking into those sexy half moons and breathing like an old engine deep and steady.

Here a squirt, there a squirt, everywhere a squirt

fetish deeper_still 2017-11-25

I was her first, we fucked for the first time in the back of my '64 Impala parked outside her house while her mom slept. I ripped her shorts down, without a second going by I grabbed her hips and lurched inside her with my tongue, so deep my nose was rubbing all over her clitoris. I started working on her clit softly pinching it between my fingers, flicking it with my tongue until all the bl**d was making it sick out farther than my dick. I leaned in to give her a nice deep french kiss, with my tongue down her throat her muscles started to tense up, especially her abdomen.

Behind My s****r's Back ( With Pictures )

fetish Juliedesb 2017-11-25

"Are you okay?" he said, turning to Vanessa, giving her a weird look. Vanessa looked at the clock, said a quick goodbye to Austin and me, then rushed to her car. Austin pulled off the blankets as soon as he saw her leave the driveway."You dirty little slut!" he said biting his lips. Please, Austin, fuck me, fuck me so hard until you don't have any cum left. I want you to cum everywhere.” I felt his dick bounce right up, hitting my ass. I humped it until I had an orgasm, sticking the huge vibrator in my pussy to show him I was a big girl. “Wow...Vanessa doesn't do that,” he said, licking the cum on his lips and my pussy.

Jae-Sun: A-Mei-Zing

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-11-25

Tilda narrowed her eyes and squinted at Tabby for a long moment. As Tilda swept her hand up Tabby's thigh, jizz gathered in her palm, filling it up. Tabby looked at Tilda. Tabby looked at Tilda. However, despite her trepidation, Tabby still liked the look she had on now. Tabby had never thought about it until now, but Jae had the fashion sense of a cartoon character—he always seemed to be wearing the same thing. Of course, what Tabitha didn't know was that Seo-Hyeon said that every time Jae brought a random girl into the restaurant—mostly because he was a nice young man who should be looking for a good wife at his age and why wasn't he thinking about marriage?

Am I Really Teacher's Pet?

fetish 2017-11-25

It stands for fuck and that’s what a bad girl like you is going to have to do in order to raise your grade. As soon as I get your pants and boxers down, I drop to my knees and gently take your dick in my hand and start to stroke it. I moan as I feel you pull my hair and say “Such a good little teacher’s pet, but you know you’re going to have to do better than what you do to those pathetic school boys.” I know I deserve such a hard fuck because my plan was stupid and it failed.” I barely make out as you start ramming your dick in and out of me like there is no tomorrow.

Anniversary Gifts

fetish Piggie 2017-11-25

The five women all grabbed their buckets full of white butter cream frosting and started to spread it all over Sarah's naked body. Sarah heard people ask if there was a special occasion going on at the hotel and was told yes, and this is a very special cake. Sarah, I bet you look as good as I dreamed you would." I took off the cake box cover and saw my wife laying there decorated as the most erotic anniversary cake ever. Now that she was on her hands and knees covered in frosting in a tube filled with melted ice cream I decided it was time to add some toppings.

How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01

fetish rembrandt 2017-11-25

They had only been unpacking and talking for about fifteen minutes, mostly about their collective nervousness and shyness (Lily seemed the most shy of all, a fact made surprising to both Louise and Sophie when she told them that she had been coming to the sister camps since she was fourteen, and knew most of the staff and a lot of the campers at Rosewood), when the door flung open. 'This is Wendy' interrupted Betty, motioning to the girl standing on her left hand side, with short brown hair and a smaller, rounder body. But Taylor and Wendy were too strong for the tiny little creature, and the dragged her over to Betty, now sitting on the bed next to Lily, and forced the struggling girl down over her lap.

Summer on the Farm Ch. 02

fetish christian_hm 2017-11-25

All I can think about right now is how good it's going to feel when I stick my fat cock up your ass in a bit." As Christian attempted to work his tongue up his friend's ass, Dustin was having a great time receiving his pleasure and sucking on the beautiful penis before him. Holding in a moan from Christian now sticking a lard-covered finger up his ass, Dustin opened his throat as much as he could and bore down on the cock before him. Noticing this, Julie pulled Tiffany's head away from her nipple, removed her hand from under her dress, and stood both of them up, giving her sister a stern look.

A locker room fetish story.

fetish Lowdiddy09 2017-11-25

Every teacher knew me, k**s I didn't know said hey to me as I walked by, girls stopped and stared, whispered in each others' ears, the usual stuff you could expect of a varsity football player.. I began paying attention to every girl's feet in the school, seeing whose were the best and then finding their locker, and masturbating to the sweet smell of their sweaty feet and toes. I pulled her as close as I could and came deep inside of her to the smell of her feet and the sound of her moans of pleasure....and when we both finished coming..we laid there together, our bodies as one.