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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Burglar

fetish kindredspirits 2017-11-25

Those little pink toes in front of him were too much of a temptation and getting down onto his knees, he used one hand to lift up dawns bound feet and began to suck on the still moist toes whilst using his other hand to merrily tickle away on the soft soles. Knowing now that Matt was doing the tickling, and added to the relief of being saved from this mystery girl, Dawn felt a tingling sensation deep in her loins and remembered how Karen had caressed her breasts and tried to play with her clit. Seeing that Dawn had now recovered, Matt leant across and began to untie the ropes wrapped around her ankles with one hand, occasionally making her gasp by giving her a quick tickle, whilst using his other hand to keep up the pace on Karen.

Wet Nurse

fetish alanscorp 2017-11-25

I don't know where it came from, maybe looks skipped a generation or two in my family, maybe Mom fooled around with someone, but I was a blue-eyed blonde, with a pretty face and perfect teeth from the onset, and everyone said I just got prettier every year. I was already wiggling and gyrating, totally abandoned, like a dancer underneath them, with their hands, cocks and lips all over me and stiff wood completely filling me, but now I started making sexy little moaning noises and unexpectedly, since there was no big dick in my mouth at the moment, I started whispering - in my sultriest sexiest voice -- and the stuff I was saying....

Unexpected Facial (BiMen)

fetish 2017-11-25

He then told me he wanted his ass rimmed and asked if I do that. Before I knew it he told me to tongue fuck his ass, which I did. Long he turned around and told me to slowly suck his cock. He wanted to go slow and as I did as I was told he kept in saying "ah, that's it, this feels great". He had me move between sucking his dick, licking his balls, and rimming his ass. He started to breathe hard and I knew it would not be long before I tasted my first black cum. I used my figures to get gobs of cum off my face and felt that I could finally make a run to the car.


Transformation Ch. 01

fetish NancysboyBill 2017-11-25

I knew that I had to ease her into taking charge so that night in bed I asked her if I could suck her nipples. Afterwards Nancy asked me why I did that and I explained that I loved her and respected her and that I wanted that respect to show. That night she said she was sorry for denying me but that she always got upset when I masturbated. Nancy's notes: Bill is right; I was very sexually inhibited and insecure of myself in that way during the early years of our dating and marriage. I do know that at the age of fifty two and in a twenty year marriage not many people have twenty or more orgasms a week but I do.

Dark at the Bottom of the Stairs

fetish nontoxic1 2017-11-25

"Put your arms behind you, you are going to join her in bondage before I punish you for watching." You hear the sound of struggle, but can tell there is no real resistance by the suddenly intensified smell of female excitement. A moment later you feel another line being attached to the hook on the ceiling and a warm, soft body being pulled up to stand against yours. She feels your body against hers and rubs her face in your breasts, kissing and sucking on them till I stop her with the whip."Who gave you permission to open your mouth?" I slash her with the whip and she cries out. I stop for a moment and kiss you deeply, pulling your head back by the hair and force my tongue into your mouth.

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 9: Katie likes it when m

fetish Erocus 2017-11-25

Katie turns around and cups my balls over my shorts with her hand and leans in and with a very sexy voice, "I want you to tell me how you wish you could fuck me with your cock and pull out and spray your cum all over me," and then leans in and passionately kisses me with her tongue exploring my mouth. I reach down and slide my hand up and down along her legs, "Wanting your long legs wrapped around him as he starts fucking you.." Katie moves in her chair trying to get comfortable as I can tell her breathing had increased, "He can't wait to cum all over your face.."

Lightgirl's First Adventure Pt. 06

fetish Mouselegend 2017-11-25

And you don't even need time to put on your makeup now, how convenient." Kitty shot her a sour look. One minute passed like that, with Kitty trying to concentrate on anything not to do with sex. Maybe what went on in her head was a little too obvious however, because suddenly Matter stepped in front of the screen and smiled down at her with a knowing look. Kitty's mouth suddenly started tingling all over and she closed and opened it a few times trying to clear the feeling. Kitty only looked at him worriedly before her tongue suddenly tingling again. Kitty couldn't look him in the eyes as he took her hands in his and inspected her palms.

The Milking Herd Ch. 04

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-11-25

Janet wasn't sure what all that meant, but she was eager for an interview, as it seemed like a lifeline. A young man who's farm was going broke, like all the others, supplied him with women willing to stay twenty-four-seven on the farm. With the Food Corporation owning the farm, more milk had to be produced at a lower cost. Yes, of course, I'll do whatever you think best, to make sure it works,' she sincerely said. 'Yes, we call the women providing milk, milkers,' he reassuringly smiled, and ushered her out of the interview room. So, I need some place to stay,' she said, trying for a sympathetic look.

Pregnancy Pill Ch. 02

fetish Bumpman 2017-11-25

He gave Sue the same version his dad gave Mary at the dinner on that fateful night. As Mary declared she was going to take shower, Sue's face began to feel warm and her pussy began to tingle. "I better go take care of Sam. My husband is useless in the kitchen," Sue said. Her marriage had been sexless in recent years, so when she burst into the kitchen and went right for a long, heavy kiss, a stunned Sam barely responded initially. Her body began twitching so that Sean could barely keep his penis in her pussy. With one last grunt, he slammed into her and released what seemed like years of built-up sperm, sending Sue into another twitching orgasm that took her breath away.


fetish elmoplumb 2017-11-25

But there are always those times when the mind takes over the body and the orgasm hits too soon and I feel like she might not be totally sated. In the back of my mind, "Eat her if you cum too soon." It seemed like such a great idea. From the time I would think about sex for the first time after the last orgasm until the next orgasm, I wanted to eat our juices from her pussy. I knew that I couldn't bring myself to do it and I asked her if she would just sit on my face after I came the next time and she said yes. Every time I masturbate, I think of her lowering her cum filled pussy onto my face.

Revolutionary Love - Milk of Kindness

fetish TrotskysGirl 2017-11-25

Borya continued to look out the window quietly, deep in thought. Borya took a deep breath, then said quietly, "Because I saw you." In his mind, he thought it would be a nice way to explain to her how beautiful she was, and perhaps let her know he would love to spend more time with her. Swinging open the door, Borya scanned the noisy room and found his friend Lev and a couple of other young men busy in conversation and drink. Pavel saw a look in Borya's eyes that genuinely unnerved him. Lev could feel Borya was about ready to walk out the door if he didn't intervene. Borya paused his train of thought the moment Lev said this.


Wendy Makes Her Piggy Jizz

fetish porkypig666 2017-11-24

Instantly Bobby felt his wife’s other hand slipping to the front of his pyjamas and her thumb and forefinger slowly encircling his engorged penis. Wendy had lubed this hand too and her fingers felt like a slippery noose right under his cock head. Wendy kept this going and the rhythm had its intended effect, and sensation was so incredible that Bobby started to buck like a rodeo bull. This felt more like a hand-job and Bobby stated bucking his body again. “Don’t you worry baby piggy, I will make you cum like never before, but first you know what I need don’t you?” She teased. Wendy started bucking like a horse and pushed his shoulders down with her thighs while simultaneously pulling his ears towards her.

Mom Undressing

fetish Erosness 2017-11-24

She started talking again and I took the time to study her legs and thighs then realized her blouse was open and short enough to allow me a nice view of her nylon covered crotch. I looked at her legs from the bottom of the heel of her shoes, her small ankles, her sexy toned calves, her thick, muscular thighs, and the meaty cheeks of her ass covered in the soft nylon of her sheer to waist pantyhose and her full-cut white nylon brief style panties. I took my time in doing so and even leaned against the door frame to talk some more when I stood up hoping she'd open her legs wide enough to allow me a view of her pussy lips.

Heels clicking

fetish klammer 2017-11-24

"Oh," Jen said with a smirk on her face, "I wouldn't want your tongue Jen turned to the dresser and placed a large bowl of slimey goo on the What do you think Jamilar?" Jen asked. Jen scrapped the last of the spittle onto her shoe and slowly brought sole of my shoe," Jen said. Jen and Jamilar along with two other girls who were slightly older and "Look at you, you're disgusting," Jen said lifting her feet as she sat "Would you like something to drink licky boy?" Jen said with a smirk "Clean up that mess licky boy," Jen ordered. Jen said as the girls giggled at the obsequious suplicant at their

My embarrassing story

fetish sweetwetpussy5 2017-11-24

The other day I was soooooo horny. I just staring out my window when I saw my nieghbor jacking off looking at me. I decided to tease him and showed him my breasts. He wanked harder and harder, and I motioned for him to stop and come over. He came over and he fucked my pussy almost raw. He said it was ok, as long as he could cum on my face. He finished and dropped the biggest load on my face. He told me he wouldn't tell anyone about my accident if I went to the store with his cum on my face. So 20 minutes later I found myself walking around with cum all over me.

Hated Housemate's Used Panties

fetish sniffpanties 2017-11-24

Kalvin arranged, over dinner, for Jane and I to meet before we began living together and let me tell you, I disliked her from the first time we met. The pussy juice and cum were both still wet which told me the horny bitch had just fucked her boyfriend before they left for the dinner! The bitch must have been really wet when her boyfriend had fucked her and, after he shot in her pussy, she had obviously worn this pair of panties for a while before bathing and going for dinner. I finally came, shooting like a rocket right into the same panty crotch where I licked her juices and her boyfriend's cum from.


fetish nam_69 2017-11-24

With one hand, I shoved the t-shirt to her neck and with the other I roughly tugged at the hard nipples protruding from her A-cup chest. Letting my tongue dance around the thick nipple a few times, I hesitate just a moment before drawing all of her tit that would fit into my mouth. My hands were pulling her panties down as my tongue traced a wet path towards her womanhood. A wet bite, pulling softly on the skin and sinew and quickly followed by a drawn lap of my tongue as my face moved slowly right. I nudge her hands up more and she pulls the remnants of my cum up her body to her pert breasts.

Auditor Tales

fetish peelover 2017-11-24

She wore a white blouse closed up to her neck, a skirt that fit her ass and nice shoes that gave a lovely finishing touch. My hands were touching her breasts and we were both kissing each other passionately. I wanted to put my cock inside her wet dripping pussy while kissing and licking her fantastic tits. I put my cock in her cunt and took the two big tits in my hands. My both hands were still holding her tits and I wanted to stay there for ever. I wanted to feel her ass, so I took one hand to touch her bottom. My fingers moved slowly over her fat ass and one wanted to go inside her anus. Big tits, Fat ass, Wet cunt.

Shades of O Ch. 3

fetish Jenna 2017-11-24

I thought about the night I arrived, the things those men had done to me and couldn't resist allowing my hands to stroke up and down my body. I couldn't hold back any longer as I let my legs fall open on the bed and began to rub my clit. He began to lead me out into what I thought of as the main room when he suddenly stopped and pulled my body hard against his. "Did you have permission to play with your tits?" asked someone else as hands began to pinch and pull at my nipples much like I had been doing earlier. The man who was finger fucking me now began to push the forth finger inside stretching the walls of my pussy.

Beat Down by a Porn Star- Sally D Angelo

fetish lilguy41 2017-11-24

getting d***k on wine and Sex. Sally was riding a big black guy's cock, "Come on Vanessa Show him what a real Dick looks like" Sally Said Vanessa Videl got up and grabbed a cock of a big tall black man. "After I fucked this little slut in the ass, maybe I let You fuck Sally Tushy" "Come over her a suck my cock your little shit" Sally Said inch of my cock" Sally Said "That it you little slut...take Sally's Rubber "Tight as a little fist" Sally Said grinding into him. "Well would you look at that...little slut likes it" Sally laughed "Yea Least the little wimp will be good for something" Sally Said


fetish alibodge 2017-11-24

Mary got behind May and started to slowly feel her tight body, rubbing her hands up and down, before finally putting her left hand on May`s tit, her right hand cupping her pussy. All the time, May was licking Mary`s tongue, clearly wanting to be kissed more, both girls were by now breathing much heavier, their chests starting to heave in their tight bikini tops. Mary, hearing that I was about to slide my cock into May`s arsehole, stopped fucking Trevor and paid some attention to May. Kissing her, and sucking her tits, but mostly talking to her, saying that she should relax her arse so that I can slide into her better.

Prelude in Five Movements

fetish noglory 2017-11-24

The camera then pans slowly in turn along a dressing table arranged with various items of makeup and jewellery; then up a classic café chair with round seat, curved back and tubular legs; then along a bed, laid with just a plain white bed sheet and pillows with cases that are white, plain colour or a simple pattern and on which are laid out in a row a pair of white satin briefs (very cut away in jock strap or g-string style) a pair of black footless ballet tights, a black leotard: sleeveless with straps, low rounded front and low back, high thigh, a brightly patterned headscarf, a pair of white ankle socks and a pair of white plimsolls or white ballet shoes (see above).

Roster 3 of USL Female Wrestlers

fetish USLMAN 2017-11-24

Personality: Aria is a sex driven woman whose whole goal is to bring pleasure to her opponents. She's also very playful, enjoying the idea of playing with her opponent through out-maneuvering them or even full on tricking them with illusions, an ability all Nekomata have. She did explain however that her interest in wrestling came from her clan's tradition, where once every five years the Incubus and Succubus would hold a sex battle tournament. Yoro was the most recent victor, and has been trying to find the best way to find a suitable "donor" to provide for her near infertile species. With her smothers allowed and then some, she's set on bringing her opponents down with her large, soft breasts.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 20

fetish coniungoergosum 2017-11-24

This was it: there was no doubt in my mind what would happen: when they had finished with Prana it would be me strapped over the horse, feeling the wrath of Dawes and Hardiman expressed through the riding crop. This time Prana's scream could have brought down city walls: her legs juddered against the restraints, her fingers clawed at the air; but I shut my ears, drew back the crop, and struck her again, and a third time, wildly, with a crazy abandon, and would have struck again had not Hardiman caught my wrist in mid-air. With Rose at my side and Micky trailing behind, I marched up to Lisa and Dianne: the latter was looking decidedly worse than when I had last seen her: there were bags under her eyes and the corners of her mouth were turned down.