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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Slut School pt. 5

fetish azid619 2017-11-24

"Oh yeah...?" Sarah had started getting a little curious, she could feel herself getting turned on by the thought that while she spent the time last night tied up uncomfortably, Mandy was at home in pleasure enjoying herself. She then walked over to the tied up man, he didn't have the most attractive body to her, his belly bulged out a bit and had quite a lot of body hair covering him, not the ideal man she likes but none the less Sarah didn't want to displease her mistress, so she just bit down on her lower lip and took his limp cock in her hand.

A Player No Longer Ch. 02

fetish seat542 2017-11-24

In Part I, Pat Jenkins a 6' 3", green eyed, auburn haired (worn in a pony tail) wide receiver just retired from a 15 year Pro Football Career and was reviewing his life's journey which included Emily Grove, a 6' flat chested, green eyed, auburn haired beauty with similar features to Pat. She turned him on to panties and their striking likeness in matching pairs was the start of a journey in different sex for them.... After class, Emily asked if I was going to the library again or if I cared to study at her place. My answer surprised Emily as I explained the team was leaving for our away game Thursday night so I needed to have all my work done and handed in before then.

Finally Knocked Up My Step Niece

fetish 2017-11-24

But after the baby was born a DNA test was done cause the boyfriends parents wanted to make sure it was there little angels so that he could start helping support it. I told her she needed to get out more and she just shook her head and said she really wanted another baby. Being the expert slut I and others taught her to be she started grinding and gyrating her hips around, her pussy rubbing against my cock in our shorts. She looked up at me and smile and blew me a kiss and said, "Fuck me Uncle Kirk, give me your baby." It was my turn to say something and I said, "Yeah you hot little piece of ass, take your uncles cock......take it all the way baby.

In This Midnight Hour

fetish Ozytron 2017-11-24

"If you're going to take all of my cock, you'll need to get dripping wet." He rubbed her pussy through her tiny thong, felt her squirm, pressed his lips against hers desperately, tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. His stiff cock ached to cum, and he nearly shot his load when she unexpectedly cupped her hand around his balls, playing with them as he throat-fucked his subservient little bitch. "Please let me be your cumslut, I want to taste you, I want to swallow every last drop." Before he could strike her again she put her mouth on his cock, feeling him buck his hips and get his dick deeper down her throat.

Our Holiday with the Pornstars

fetish Billshaw1982 2017-11-24

In the meantime, follow me and I will find you somewhere to get changed, get your make-up done and all those things." Looking at Bill she continued "We don't get many husbands Bill but we will find you somewhere nice to sit in the shade while Anne gets ready to record her scene. Bill stood up, brushing Anne's foot off himself and accepted the handshake, offering a quiet "Nice to meet you." He was about to say something witty like "so you're the guy who will be screwing my wife today?" but the awkward grin that appeared on Steve's face as he noticed Bill's raging hard-on put pay to any thoughts Bill had about making any conversation.

Guided by Voice

fetish zomzolom 2017-11-24

Lost...because in the background of every though she'd had that day since she'd closed the door to her own little private world here in her office, beneath every sensible professional thought was the faint feeling of her soft lips, just the slightest bit wet from the long days and nights when the only hands she'd felt...were her own. And though she knew her body like no other, could indeed tease and test the edges of her own orgasms with subtle, sweet ease...there was no substitute for the feel...the surprise...of another person's hands on her...the shock of a strange man's fingers brushing her thighs. She felt the soft pressure of her hard finger nail pressing gently against the quivering tip of her clit through her panties.

On a Beautiful Summer Day

fetish CuckyJimmy 2017-11-24

A walk around the neighborhood was ok in the evening; however, now I needed a change of scenery and really did not want to stop and talk to the neighbors, losing precious time. Then I laughed and said I bet he just wanted to see more of my wife. I quickly confessed it was a big turn on for me to see him looking at my wife. I said, sorry, but damn, how I would love for you to fuck my wife. On the way home that day, he said he would reciprocate and show me pixs of his wife. Anytime we are together as couples, I simply love his smirk as he talks with my wife.

Abergales Halloween: One

fetish phoenixeye 2017-11-24

As she lay in bed Abergale watched the clouds grow darker and the wind louder until they turned a quite night into a tempest of howling wind and sheets of rain that lashed themselves up against her bedroom window. She loved the feeling of the hot, sticky, gooey mess under her fingers and she closed her eyes and sank deeper into the warmth of her bed her fingers gliding expertly over her pussy lips drawing out the pleasure in her body drop by sumptuous drop. The darkness seemed to spread over every surface of the room slowly crawling up the side of the bed and covering the sheets penetrating her body pressing down on her making it almost impossible to breath.

Five Poster Bed

fetish Vivid_Imajry2 2017-11-24

And with that, Allison stopped stroking Mick with her finger tips, grasped his rod in her hands (it took both) and proceeded to guide the head into her mouth. The hole itself was over a quarter of an inch in diameter but the drop of pre-cum formed to the size of a Gobstopper before it started to flow down the bottom of the head, dripping off, and landing with a light "plop" on Allison's slightly parted lips. When he looked down through half shut eyes he saw that Allison had taken ten inches of his member in her mouth, something no other girl had ever been able to accomplish with his raging hard-on.

Pump up the Jam

fetish footshrimper 2017-11-24

Surrounding me were...a tube of personal lube gel, a tube of Rock Hard cream, a bottle of desensitizing spray, along with an 8" black butt plug and anal beads, 4 different types of cock rings and harnesses and of course, The Pump! taking a few deep breaths I squirted a few drops of the clear lube gel onto the tip and shaft of my cock as well as inside the rubber sleeve of the cylinder. My left thumb covered the pressure release hole and as I squeezed the bulb of the hand pump the head of my dick disappeared into the ribbed black hole. mattering the plug out of my ass and taking the rings off my cock and balls I remembered some of the things the guy at the store had told me.

Please, Don't Call Me Renie

fetish beesol 2017-11-24

Oscar felt that his wife Irene should experience a full orgasmic experience, even if it meant with another man. "How was it, darling?" asked Oscar as he dismounted from his wife, Irene, having just had a wonderful orgasm. When Irene returned from the next French evening class she announced to Oscar, as he prepared dinner, that she had spoken to Alain and he was keen. When Saturday afternoon arrived Irene asked Oscar to leave her alone in the bedroom while she got herself ready. "Yes, yes I'm quite sure." Irene nodded her head and Oscar left the bedroom and went downstairs. But as I love it and I know you want me to experience real orgasms and as Alain can give them to me I will see him again.

Cheated Wife's Anal Revenge

fetish Anal Slave 2017-11-24

I was speechless she was standing there looking at my cum coated cock and all of a sudden she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock like a whore. She then undone both of there cock leashes, she told one of them to get up on the bed, she then grabbed my shaved balls with her hand and squeezed them hard, she said, that I was going to suck Rob’s cock and get him good and hard for her pussy and if I didn’t she was going to crush my balls. She was down on her knees with his cock in her mouth, Rob got behind her and stuck his cock in her pussy and started to fuck her hard.

Cream Filled: Car Games

fetish Arionus 2017-11-24

"You'll like Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sofia," Stephanie remarked casually over the grating sound of her mother loudly informing her father that there were fragile items in some of the bags he was rearranging. Quickly Stephanie and Athena glanced my way and cast withering looks at me before they turned to assail Nick. Turning to just look out my window instead, I hoped to become inured to the olfactory assault from Nick's cologne and yearned for a breath of Stephanie's rich and enticing new fragrance. Stephanie wore a long dark blue overcoat but despite the coldness of the day had chosen a short black leather skirt and a white turtleneck of soft and fine looking wool.

French Maid

fetish wastedaway 2017-11-24

"Would you like to fuck me with your tongue, make me cum on your face?" As he said "yes", she moved her hips forward, pinning him against the ladder, placing her pussy directly over his mouth. His hand started stroking his cock, pumping it each time his tongue entered her pussy. The orgasm was intense and swift as she crushed her pussy against his mouth, against his still moving tongue, releasing her cum to him as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed through her body. She started moving in and out of him, timing her movements to both her lips on his cock and the fingers fucking her pussy.

Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 02

fetish The Needler 2017-11-24

After lunch, Lydia led them under the shade tree outside with a pitcher of lemonade and as they got settled, she asked: "You said something about sorority initiations last night. The older woman was breathing heavily, and after twenty started the litany, "Thank you, ma'am, may I have another?" Graham would occasionally point out a spot Emily missed, making a big show of it. Following the sounds, she heard grunting from both of them as well as the slapping sounds, and as she peeked around the door she saw the two of them in bed together fucking, Graham as naked as Lydia, pounding each other hard enough their pelvises slapped together as they pumped.

Hard Work

fetish grooveguv 2017-11-24

What I saw was dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a crooked smile, and a pleasant voice saying, ‘Hi, I’m Kate, I guess we’ll be working together for a while.’ Don’t get me wrong, I had no naughty ideas about Kate, she was way too nice for a quick lay, and more importantly, I have this thing about never having an affair with a woman from the office, let alone my boss. The guy was near cumming; he took his cock out and started spurting on the brunette’s hairy pussy and the blonde’s face. Kate was moaning loudly now, as she rubbed my cock on her pussy through the pantyhose and fingered herself, as I was squeezing her tits.

The Cougar

fetish FemdomFanboy85 2017-11-24

As he got around to painting the shed, she took him a glass of water and stood by watching him as he worked. "Clean the windows," Lady Heather ordered, "and vaccuum the carpets down here, and when you've done that, you're going to get on your hands and knees and scrub the tile floor in the kitchen. "When you were on my lap that night," she teasingly whispered in his ear, "did you ever think you might one day have your cock locked away and your ass stretched and trained for what will certainly be a lot of penetration to come?" "You came to my door like a wounded little gazelle, and I let you think it was safe here."

Giving In Ch. 03

fetish linkznut 2017-11-24

After what seemed to Denise like hours, she felt Suzie's hand on her shoulder, but still she couldn't look up. Slowly, Suzie moved in front of the terrified woman, placed her other hand gently under her chin, and raised it until their eyes finally met. "You should be scared," Suzie said at last, a slight smile on her face as the skirt finally slid over Denise's hips, falling in a heap around her feet. Again, Denise felt the cold steel against her body, this time on her left shoulder, as the shoulder strap quickly gave way to the closing blades, allowing the cup to fall forward, dangling against her side, leaving the left breast fully revealed.

Whilst The Cat's Away

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-24

Glad of the warmth of her bed -- and of a centrally heated house -- she decided that today would not be a day for going far if at all possible. Almost always fully clad in pyjamas for twelve months of the year, Brian had insisted in the early days of their marriage that Anne had to at least wear panties in bed if nothing else. Brian would have a duck fit if he knew she was lying completely naked in their bed with an early morning bladder that cried out to be emptied. As Brian wasn't around to get on to her, Anne toyed for a few minutes with the idea of being really disgraceful, parting her legs and discharging all that pent up pee between the sheets.

he/Her writing

fetish malesub01 2017-11-24

Feeling my spit on your girlcock and it slides up and down my stomach as i fuck you. If your girlcock could cum, where would you cum when I suck it?” I would ask and then grip your hair, holding your face so i could slowly fuck you and watch your face as you think about where you’d finish — if only you could cum. Slowly I would say, holding you by the hair, looking down at your gorgeous face, “But I have a present for you — if you’ll be a good girl. Letting go of your girl cock, but it rubbing between our stomachs and teasing your clit as I fuck you.

Slave Ch. 11

fetish slaveheathen 2017-11-24

While I actually love to do ATM (and my Mistress loves fucking my mouth with her toy fresh from my ass), I'm not terribly into scat personally, but it seemed a natural progression for the journey this man is on. Mistress struck up a conversation with the man sitting across the aisle, turned out he was a Dom. He was making the trip with his sub, a cute little blonde thing named susy that reminded me of Sarah Michelle Gellar back in her 'Buffy' days. Mistress was slapping my ass hard with one hand and tugging on the chain attached to my nipples with the other, her cock making squelching sounds as she pummeled my asshole powerfully.

Tease Island

fetish justincbenedict 2017-11-24

The average client, call him X, would come to Tease Island, having paid the exorbitant prices, and receive a bungalow and a chastity belt. Yes, and then had undergone several teases from girls who were "auditioning" to be therapists, before arriving to see Dawn. Dawn also brought in a great deal of money and repeat clients, as she was not only M's therapist, but treated a number of other visiting slave boys to the island. Imani grinned slightly as Heath's penis grew hard as he attempted to stare into the cleavage just beneath her little crop top. "I know you're staring at my honeys, Heath." Imani said in a soft voice, as she continued to stroke his cock slowly.

My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 01

fetish RetroFan 2017-11-24

He agrees to take on his best friend Adam's fat, crazy, mooching, trainwreck of an older sister Zoe as a housemate, when she has driven both Adam and his wife Emily, a hot-tempered hottie, insane with her antics while living in their spare room. "Are you going to stand there and let your wife speak to your own sister like that?" Zoe asked of her brother, hoping for Adam's support. But seeing the situation my friends were in, I found my voice and blurted out, "Adam, Emily it's okay, Zoe can come and live with me." "Your Aunty Zoe is going to go and live with Sean," said Emily. Zoe collapsed in laughter, sounding like a hyena while Adam and Emily looked embarrassed and unsure of how to answer the question.

Career Day Ch. 01

fetish Sharina_Stone 2017-11-24

They got so frightened and held on so closely, I swear I could feel the side of Kim's breast rubbing against my arm, and my right hand which Shar held so tightly, brushing against the front of her thigh. Shar got caught by surprise and she quickly stood up, her panties holding her knees together, as she frantically pulled the hem of her skirt down. I hardly noticed, but I was now holding her body so close to mine that I could feel my left thigh getting wet from brushing against her skirt, her chest pressed tightly against mine. Not wanting to make her ask again, I pulled back, just to let her feel the head of my cock at her pussy's opening then pushed all the way in again.