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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Pretender

fetish sixflag 2018-09-29

I love my wife, in her long red hair, but I would love to feel her hair on my back, as she, dressed in a full length fur coat, fucked me with her long blue strap-on." Now, I didn't own either a full length fur coat, or a blue strap-on, but from what that one paragraph did in between my legs, I knew that I would be making a stop at a couple of shops. I bend my head a little, and flip my hair back in the way that drives you wild, this time moving both the fur coat and the strap-on in the same direction.

Jenna from the club

fetish Blondegirl85 2018-09-29

"Have a drink, hook up with someone and forget where you left your thong in the morning," They were party girls alright, and last Friday night I decided I would take a journey through their world. It was easy for me to notice my interest in the same sex when one day I felt a moist spot in my panties grow as I spent a about three quarters of English class staring at Carla Tambourine's long, shiny legs. Of course, I immediately began looking at the women in their strapless dresses, miniskirts and heels dancing as though they had just taken a magical eroticism potion. I really wanted to meet a girl that night, and the thought of taking one home with me was driving me insane.I was always very good looking growing up.

Bound to Fail

fetish licker30040 2018-09-29

She then got down on all fours, with her ass facing me and and started to play with her clit with one of the dildos. After taunting me some more, she came over to me and sat in my lap, and started stroking my cock. She took the two guys in her hands and started stroking their cocks. "Guys, I want to be covered in your cum, I want it on my face, my tits, my pussy and my ass." I licked furiously at her pussy until it was clean, she then brought her breasts down to my mouth and I sucked her cum coated nipples. She turned around and sat on my face, I tongued her tight little ass, and lapped up my punishment.

Gwen The Pissmop: The End

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-09-29

A couple turned to see me being led past the door and the news seemed to spread like wildfire as I heard a terrific screeching and cheering seconds later as Sarah opened the bathroom and led me inside. Sarah's clear blue eyes met mine and for the briefest of moments she sank to her knees before me, rolled her hand along the length of my cock and stole a quick kiss to it's helmet before rising and plucking a pair of handcuffs from the hook on the back of the door. It seemed to last forever but finally it was all over and I could feel piss sloshing around inside of me, still not having offered a word Linda thrust the slimy jug at my face and I automatically began to lick it.

Stories of Lizzy Chapter 2

fetish 2018-09-29

Lizzy turned on the tap and gave the cup a quick rinse, but her thoughts wandered; it wandered to that hard young body that was sitting at her kitchen table, it wandered to the thought of having someone adore her like she was a real woman again, to be loved and fucked like she was the most desirable woman on this planet; something that her busy husband never had the time to do, for with him, it was always 'wham bam thank you ma'am'. She turned around to find Josh leaning awkwardly against the kitchen top with a puzzled look in her eyes and then she saw it; the big bulge in his black trunks, the embarrassed smile on his face, his hands trying to hide his exciting member.

mom pretends to sl**p

fetish nineiron100 2018-09-29

I wanted to pull his face to me, clamp it in my lusty, thrusting thighs and ride his face to a powerful cum, but I lay still, legs apart, and let Bobby slowly and expertly lick my hairy pussy, now suckling my clit, holding the lips apart and inserting a long, thick finger into my hole, gently fucking me as he nibbled my clit. His powerful body was over me, I felt his hot breath on my chest as he slowly fucked me back and forth, my body flooded with electric jolts as the storm raged outside, his head bent to my chest to gently lick my nipples and then mouth the warm, sweaty white flesh of my boobs in his hot lips.

Shawna's First

fetish Oli 2018-09-29

A handsome middle-aged man, obviously the owner of the second cock, stepped out of the stall and smiled gently as he walked out the door. Meg gave us a very hard look before turning to leave, and said"Honey, you just let me know if you need my help, okay?" "If you want to be a girl, why don't you let me treat you like one." he said and put a hand on my thigh, just below the hem of my skirt. I wanted to reach out and grab it, but Mr. Booth took my hand and began to gently pull me off my bar stool. " Open your sweet little mouth Shawna," he moved a hand to the side of my face and lightly pulled me forward " and let him in.

Panty Confessions

fetish grumpyg 2018-09-29

I've had a good life, and having two younger sisters around as I grew up I can't remember a time when a girl or woman hasn't been in the house for long. "You just cook curries, or what?" chimed in Mandy, who possessed the best pair of legs I'd ever seen and wasn't shy of showing them. The bathroom was its usual mess, empty shampoo bottles, suds drying on the glass shower panel, scum round the drain, skid marks (not mine!) in the pan and PANTIES on the floor. Two wet towels on the floor, her bra, the stuff she'd worn all day at college and a pair of black silky panties as well as Zoe's from earlier.

Wanna Eat It?

fetish Billyglide 2018-09-29

She knows I love to eat her pussy after she works all day and that I will eat her creampie after we have sex, any time she asks me to. Finally, she wrapped her legs around my head pulling me into her as hard as she could and said, "Oh my God!" and I felt her squirt warm fluid into my mouth. I crawled up to mount her but she said, "Go wash your face, you smell like stinky pussy." I kissed her, but she turned her head and said, "You still smell like day old sex. She bounced and ground her pussy into me until she said, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming!" She kept humping as I was stroking up into her and felt my dick start to shoot into her .

First Used Panties

fetish sniffpanties 2018-09-29

After that visit to my grandparents, my mind was still filled with the vision of my maternal grandfather stealthily sneaking into the guestroom to sniff and masturbate with my mother's panties. My mother normally did the laundry at home and her bras and panties were always hung in my parents' bathroom, away from prying eyes. I picked up the pair of pink panties and sneaked through the quiet house to my parents' room. It was long; I knew my mother had a hairy bush, from my peeps up her skirt and the hairs curling out from her panties. Within the short span of two weeks, I had gone from innocence to ultimate perverseness, as I lay there exhausted with my own mother's panties wrapped around my cock, covered in cum.

Show and Tell

fetish Sharina_Stone 2018-09-29

She was about 5'4" tall, with 34C breasts, and she looked so cute with the white clips holding her silky black hair to the sides of pretty face The school required that everything the girls wore should be white, except for the pleated blue skirt, which should be about an inch below the knees. "OK Miss Sharlyn, you may take your seat.." after I lifted her skirt a little higher and saw white lace panties similar to Maryanne's. I let my right hand hold the panties on her ankles tying her feet together, and with a sudden movement, I lightly brushed a finger over her pussy lips.

The Farm Ch. 01

fetish MsLinnet 2018-09-29

He walked of out the room and I quickly pulled my knickers and bra on and slipped into my dress and then went downstairs to where Thomas and the two girls I was supposed to be living with all sat at the table for breakfast. I had thought about what Thomas and I had talked about all morning, and the idea of sex with an animal got my mind wondering what it would be like. We started to walk away along the lane back towards our farm and I said, You going to explain what that was all about? He started to explain by saying, David fucks all the girls that work on his farm or they don't stay there and he thinks I am doing the same.

Wife now Hooked On BBC

fetish 425olds 2018-09-29

The subject didn’t come up again for a couple of days until Linda told me that she had heard that black men all had such big cocks. Jane was telling Linda that most black men had really big cocks. No sooner had Jane walked out the door, when Nate turned to Linda and said, “If you want to check out my equipment, we’d better do it private like in your bedroom.” But when she asked him again, the black man shook his head, telling Linda, “I don’t wear no fuckin’ condom, I liked to feel his bitches cunt against his cock.” As he said this he was rubbing her clit with the bulbous head of his cock, stoking her fire again.

Happy Birthday Darling

fetish marlitharne 2018-09-29

You are running short on time, but you take a few moments to stroke the toy in and out of your stretched opening, feeling your rim spread and contract around the foreign presence before nestling it deep inside for the day. Drawing the plug out to its widest point, I hold it there, reveling in the sight of your ass stretched to its widest point, the tender inner flesh of your rim exposed all along the edge of the toy. At long last, I place the tip of the artificial phallus against your tender bud, rubbing gently before your relaxed rim spreads around it, and seemingly draws it deep into your body of its own accord.

My Ideal Morning

fetish atomicrocka 2018-09-29

While he gaze out onto the horizon on the beach house balcony on my right, assuming for the same reason I was out, an elderly couple, probably in their 60's or 70's, hold each other as they sit on their sundeck that lay on my left. With your hands and arms three times the size of mine, as well as the rest of your body, I can only merely lean back into you as you press your lips behind my neck. Finally, as you continue to finger my navel while your other hand now traces the sides and curves of my body, our eyes meet briefly only for our lips to finally meet.

Serving The Bitch pt. 2

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-09-29

"I hope you know I'm going to have you staying all night here!" She told leanind down over me with a big sadistic smile etched on her gorgeous face. "I don't really care about your situation, silly little girls like you deserve this kind of treatment." She smirked, "All I know is when I get home, I'm going to have a real good time with my fingers and dirty thoughts, and then I'm going to spend all day tomorrow just relaxing in my nice comfortable home. I paused to think what she meant by that when she suddenly turned round, stuck her butt out towards my face, and let rip a puff of rasping hot air!

Hellsgate Prison

fetish Julie20 2018-09-29

A favourite punishment was to force a girl to go naked for a day or a week so that her bare feet were freezing on the stone floor and she felt the lustful eyes of the guards wherever she went. Any guard, on a whim, could order a girl to stand with hands on head so that he could tweak her nipples and push his fingers into her pussy. Each time I was sure that she would asphyxiate me and then she removed her hands so that I could pull my head back and gulp in a lungful of air before being, once again, pressed to her body with the pain in my knees against the hard stone constantly becoming worse.

After The Train

fetish DavidDavina 2018-09-29

I couldn't see her face but I heard her gasp and then her hands took hold of my head and pulled it firmly into her body. 'No sleep for you my girl,' I said as I slipped the rope around each wrist and fastened them to the other table legs. I wanted to stay there forever, breathing in the mixed essences of her young, female body but she gave a sigh of pleasure and said 'Daddy, you must punish me first before making me feel better. 'You are right Janet, plenty of time for us.' I rose and stripped off my clothes so that I stood naked behind her, my cock straining from my body and bouncing with each rapid beat of my heart.

Queen Catherine, The Lioness

fetish JHunt 2018-09-29

What the Tommasons did not realise was that if anything were to happen to their army and backing, Leroy would be left at the mercy of the sadistic and dangerous, Catherine. Even in her violence Catherine did realise that Leroy had an army and that, along with the fact that he would be her broken plaything, would really come in handy at times of conflict and struggles. A broken Leroy as her slave husband and his army and resources at her command, this was beautifully set up for Catherine, the new Queen of the realm! She offered her foot, "kiss it and show your queen how much you adore her." Leroy knew Catherine was going to be merciless, he had expected to be executed and was surprised that, he was instead forced to marry her.

Beat Off Boy in Diapers

fetish beatoffboy 2018-09-29

She looked at Missy and said "I guess this little one needs something to get him going." With that, she pulled out a butt plug and started to grease it up. Can you make a little mess for mommy?" I was starting to get red in the face and as Missy saw my balls tighten up she said, "He isn't going to come already is he?" Jean said "Not without this in his bottom." I tried to rock slowly so they wouldn't notice, but after a few minutes Missy looked up and said "Is that bad little boy trying to make a mess in his nice clean diaper?

A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster Pt.9

fetish shmoe13 2018-09-29

Busy as I was letting the redhead thrust herself back and forth on my cock, I almost missed it when one of big s*s’s hands worked their way to little s*s’s kitty and began pushing in. It hit me that all my other thralls had reacted similarly to things that normally would have caused them to suffocate, from the tentacle slime in the mother’s and daughter’s throats to all that cum I’d pumped down Mommy and little s*s mouths. Mommy gave big s*s hints on how to take me all the way, the feeling of hitting her stomach soon to follow as she and little s*s took turns bottoming out on my two cocks.

Miss Jacks.. PART 3

fetish twilight22 2018-09-29

A little brass plate at the side saying Miss Jacks Head Receptionist. I then handed her a package that I had prepared for her similar to the one left in Miss Jacks room. In the letter I said that I had liked looking at her legs and tight green skirt especially when getting wanked by her, but that I had been in control all the time. You said you again broke into Miss Jacks room at the hotel and left a similar package to this. Yes a lot I said usually five or more time till I fall asl**p.. Yes I said sometimes it gets harder after a few times almost painful.

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 02

fetish Marie89 2018-09-29

It was a small town and I wondered whose cocks I had sucked, whose cum was in my stomach, and whose grunts had filled my ears. "Why don't you suck my cock like a good little girl." He rumbled as he pushed it to my lips. Joe pulled away and my mouth dove for his cock again but his hand had such a tight grip on my hair that I didn't budge. Despite the fact that he had just fucked my mouth with his cock and that were in the center of depravity and he was lining up men to have sex with his best friend's teenage daughter....I knew that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me.

Victoria's secret

fetish Gez71 2018-09-29

Ian blew a fake sigh of exasperation, then smiled broadly, "come here, sexy," as he took Victoria in his arms and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Dressing Ian in the panties, then the tights and stockings, until he was totally encased, from head to toe, Victoria said she had a few surprises for him. Donning a pair of black silk gloves, Victoria started kissing Ian's midriff, stroking his stomach and running her hands over his form. Lifting the stocking mask from Ian's face, Victoria said that she had a show for him and produced a fresh stocking and opening her vulva with the fingers of one hand, fed it into her pussy, until only a little part protruded.