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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Birthday Surprise

fetish optimisticlyricist 2017-11-24

And I promise, when your done fucking my white ass, I'm going to lick you dark shit streaked cock clean...I love the way your cum tastes mingled with the aroma of my butt....mmm....I can't wait. As Ashley finished telling me what she knew, I started pulling her skirt up over her ass, to reveal a pair of white cotton panties that barely covered her butt cheeks and were clearly yellowed with piss. Please baby, I want to taste your hot golden piss in my mouth....Oh baby, I love being your nasty blonde slut." I was on the verge of losing control, so I had Ashley stand up and lean against the wall.

Janet Gets Lucky

fetish SherriT 2017-11-24

Janet Gets Lucky After stirring in creamer, Janet took her cup of coffee needy pussy, pulling her lips apart, slipping inside, Standing on tip-toes, Janet peered out the window in Janet unknowingly reached out with the hand that had Amused, Janet shut the door and began Janet felt the dog's tongue swipe along the full length Janet wanted to push the dog away and close her legs, Only when Lucky's tongue left her pussy was Janet Janet's upturned ass put her pussy on display Now settled, Lucky began to fuck in and out of Janet's Janet's pussy clamped down on the rampaging cock until Lucky began to flood her needy pussy with his riding out pussy tremors, until Lucky was finally

Kirsty Mia Puts it all Together

fetish SplendidSpunk 2017-11-24

It all started on line when a man responded that he'd want something a bit different and when I'd tired of meeting strange men in the local park, he'd like to take me to a new level of pleasure, one he was sure I'd enjoy, especially after reading the stories I'd written about the park cock sucking I'd enjoyed. I felt a warmth pouring on my belly and knew that Alan was pissing on me as I cleaned the cock in my mouth, and still another orgasm piled on top of me and I writhed on the ground totally lost in pure pleasure.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 03

fetish NancyPan 2017-11-24

Nurse Pyre took a tube of some sort of lube which she injected liberally into the tube, then she leaned over the table, breasts swinging freely just inches from my face, pulled down my panties, and placed the contraption over my erect three-plus inch penis. "I am going to place a FaceTime call to Kelli, Tom," Nurse Pyre says as the stimulation begins again, "She asked that she be allowed to witness any punishments that you received while in our care." Nurse Pyre, got up, patted me gently on the forehead, turned out the light, and closed the door behind her after saying, "Three and a half hours more to go, Tom." And the continual stimulation device clicked on once again.

The shemale transformation. Part 8

fetish gothicslave27 2017-11-24

You he said then i told him to finish r****g me this your only chance finish as i was crying he started to cum inside me but then my body took over and i started fucking both of them with my pussy until they cumed alot inside me then they left as i was laying there i turned back but i had to stay a female cause i was wearing cloths so i pulled out my phone and looked up lesbians with strapons that always get me hard and i also look up black shemales that tops it off i transformed back and went to jim my last class some girls that been eye balling me wure there as i was taking a shower they asked if i was ok ebony was ess droping nobi was ****d by 2 boys omg they asked if i was ok no i said ebony came over asked who they wure tod and jack omg they been eyeing her all day.

I came so hard with a Sissy

fetish Lossst 2017-11-24

She grabbed my hand but then she hesitated for a few seconds and finally she nodded her head twice, her face and head saying "it's okay, I understand" Her girly cock grew large and was hard now, she is grimacing from the pleasure of my cock grinding and pounding her inside hard and fast, next I hear "go ahead baby, I know what you mean, it's okay, God shit fuck fuck fuck me come on Michael fuck me mmmmmmm' I began too stroke her firmly and quickly, we were looking in each others eyes now then it happened all at once, I felt her body and inside spasm and contract around my throbbing cock, her girly cock was cuming, God it exploded in my hand, she placed her hand on mine to control the tempo, she was shooting wild strings of cum, each string so long and so violent, landing on her chest and flat stomach, but some shooting way past here forehead and landing on the headboard of her bed.

Bukket Ch. 07

fetish PoisonedEve 2017-11-24

I saw the white spurt clearly and immediately felt it hitting on my forehead just under my hairline. I opened them forcefully and immediately – instinctively – closed them, as another spurt of semen hit exactly on my right eye. His second spurt hit my left eyebrow, ran down immediately and sealed my eyes completely. My stiff joints, my shoulders aching from the weight of my boobs, cum running and dripping and drooling all over my face and body. Cum was dropping everywhere...on my face, head, neck, chest, thighs...just everywhere. It would come back to briefly acknowledge a spurt on my right cheek and random drops on my skirt and bare knees and a jet that hit right on the middle of my left cheek.

The Virgin

fetish spice16 2017-11-23

I had considered myself attractive, straight hair down to my shoulders, cute face, brown eyes, full, red lips, a figure with all the curves in the right places including a quite slender waist, and great legs (or at least my last boyfriend told me so!) I'd never felt like such a schoolgirl! "Chaz?" "Yes, Beth?" "A group of us are going out later for pizza, want to come along?" "Sure, sounds great." The day crawled until quitting time. "Well, this is it," I said, "It isn't much, but it's home." "It's nice." "Would you like to come up and see my apartment?" "Sure, I can stay a minute." This was almost too much, Chaz in MY apartment!

Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 02

fetish SubBiLover 2017-11-23

After 3 or 4 mouthfuls I let the rest of her hot pee stream down my body, I felt the heat of it going over my nipples and then reach my hard cock finally her stream ended, I looked up and saw that wicked smile on her face again, I smiled back and dove back in, I licked off the last dropped and then used my tongue to bring her to orgasm her hands on my shoulders for support as she came.

Boy Toy - Part 1

fetish tygress77 2017-11-23

I watched the conflict in his eyes, saw his mouth start to open, then shut again as he took his coffee and went outside. He looked a little shocked and surprised that I struck him but this time he opened up and I rubbed the bar on his tongue and pulled it back. "Every time you want to open your mouth when I have not given you permission, your tongue will make good friends with Mr Bar o'Soap here. The ice cube melted into his navel and I threaded my fingers into his hair and kissed him hard, my tongue stroking his, our tongues dancing the way our bodies wanted to meet.

my friends grand mom.

fetish 2017-11-23

Good friend and I were like b*****rs one summer. I covered the teen hard on many times. Had no idea but the teen hard on hit me. she told how she could feel it when we danced. stand up please, I did, She hugged me and ask, ever kissed a girl? NO, kiss me like a lover, I did a little better. Her hand goes down my pants and she wraps around the head. I reach up and touch her tit like I am feeling a melon for ripeness. I have a hand full and the nipple is hard as a rock. above are nice tits, little old but sure are firm with large nipples. taking turns staying home when melons went to market.

Foot Teased into Submission

fetish footslut2u 2017-11-23

She had me fetch her Cokes from the cooler, light her many cigarettes and numerous times through out the day I was told to rub suntan oil on her beautiful bikini-clad body. I worked my way down her soft tan legs and intentionally put too much oil on the soles of her sexy feet, so I could spend more time rubbing in the oil, and gazing closely at her coral pink toenails. I can remember the humiliation, my face was burning in shame, and I was enjoying the thrill of sucking both of her feet and toes, while her soft pink soles glistened in the sunlight, while I throbbed uncontrollably in my swim trunks and the females looking on laughed even harder.

The Science Experiment Ch. 03

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-11-23

In the days leading up to today both had driven their parents crazy with questions and when they learned nothing of help, they turned to their older friends who only looked at them with blank stares followed by devious smiles. Males," she continued, "do you feel that you act as you do because your mothers have taught you to defer or do you naturally know it is the right thing to do when with a female? "I didn't finish my thought but was going to say that sometimes it feels like it's not right for me to be looking around at Vira or Nada or Lodi or the other females. "Keep your hands up please." The males did as they were told and Ms Inga continued, "Females look around.

Imagine this

fetish VivaciousRed 2017-11-23

As I explode the violet wand is moved back and forth between nipples and clit.............the inflatable dildo is further inflated in way that it feels unimaginably full......The anal plug is pushed and pulled ever so slightly, but it feels like incredibly long strokes because of the fullness. The inflatable dildo is uninflated and removed and tons of wet slop comes gushing forth, all for an eager tongue........keeping my ever so stiff clit hard, swollen and far too sensitive to truly enjoy. As time passes and I feel the explosion brewing, the nipple clamps are removed, causing huges sparks of searing pain to pass behind my blindfolded eyes as the blood begins to flow forth once again.

The Poison Orgasm

fetish rocker_wife 2017-11-23

I turned and pressed my hands to the glass of my shower stall, bent and spread my legs, allowing the falling liquid to sweetly beguile the venom in my skin. I imagined the serpent courting Eve and began to sway under the stream, caressing my fluid lover, feeling his tendrils running down my sinews and funneling into my crack with slight overspray jumping off my butt cheeks. My feet and butt flat, I tented my knees and let them fall, resting in the corner of the stall with my pussy in the stream, enjoying the post-pleasure shudders of my consecrated curse.

Frances Haddon's Pillow Book Pt. 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-11-23

Haji and Jack stared transfixed as I gave a little shake, letting my titmeat roll around in my bra-cups for their amusement. I let them bask in the moment, my eyes wandering over Jack's big bulge in his trousers, then to Haji where I was stunned to see an even more impressive arch of tube-flesh rising yet not hard, clearly already thicker than what I knew Jack to be packing. "Come on bitch, I've seen Frankie get ALL of it, you can at least do half you fucking slut!" Sylvia taunted, spanking her dorm-sister with a rough palm as she pushed hard enough to get a little choking noise from Matilda.

Prom Week 2

fetish SafeSexting 2017-11-23

"Show me your big tits you slutty cock tease" Ben ordered as he grabbed a firm 38 EE cup breast in his hand, shocking the hell out of the graceful beauty. Harmony felt an orgasm coming on, one so powerful it left her shock and stunned, every nerve alive, as Brick ****d her cunt and Frank and Rick enjoyed her perfect tits. When Harmony could take it no longer, "Please stop I'll choose, please Frank I'll suck your cock dry and Brick can fuck me up the ass as hard as he wants just please stop spanking me!" Harmony begged.

Frisky Fanny

fetish thejanus 2017-11-23

Wrapped in the dark cloth, I pulled her head close to mind and kissed her passionately, separating her lips with my tongue, plunging it deeply into her welcoming mouth. My hands were exploring her curves, inserting themselves into her panties, running over her soft cheeks, a finger separating her ass crack and moving toward the entrance of her cunt, finding it already dripping with warm sticky juice. In a wild furry, we kissed, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths, our hands taking off each other’s clothes, exposing our bodies to each other’s eyes. As she recovered slightly, she looked at me and said: “you better get your mojo back soon, my fanny is still frisky!”

In For a Penny...

fetish TheHellWasIThinking 2017-11-23

I was wearing black thigh-high lace-top stockings, black leather thigh-high Pleaser boots with 5-inch spiked heels, impossibly large silver hoop earrings, Revlon Love That Red lipstick (#725, if you'd like to know), nail polish meticulously matched to my lips, a sexy black lace D-cup bra, and a black leather miniskirt that hugs my ass like a second skin (thank you, Forever 21). I was ready to give my wife a treat a la the Birthday Surprise stories, plant whore-red lipstick kisses on her breasts, lick her delicious pussy, make her come a few times, and then let her have her way with me while she was all steamed up.

Just Golden

fetish 2017-11-23

I didn’t even get turned on by porn with males pissing on females. As I started talking to different guys, I was amazed as to how many men were curious or even in to golden showers. A regular play partner and I often discussed trying golden showers. Because at times I squirt a lot, when playing I will put down towels and a shower curtain on my bed so I don’t have to sl**p in a we bed. Slowly at first, a stream of piss on my abdomen. I wasn’t sure whether to be turned on or feel dirty and degraded. Licking my pussy, he was tasting my sweet pussy juices and his piss mixed together.

Katie's Bathroom Experience

fetish Dan Andersom 2017-11-23

Katie insisted but John said he wanted to watch her shit. My hand started stroking my shaft as Katie slid in her own shit on Johns cock. Kate took his shit covered cock in her hand and started stroking. Later on that night as we were in bed and I was working my way down to her pussy I told her I would love to carry our bathroom play a step further. I slid back a little and started rubbing her pussy and watching her asshole open and close. She asks if I liked what I saw and all I said look at my cock what do you think? She snapped at me and said I didn't do a very good job cleaning her ass and pussy in the shower last night.

Melissa Ch. 02

fetish in_use 2017-11-23

Melissa jumped up, slid her pants off letting them fall to the floor, and then pulled her halter top over her head, leaving her standing in front of me in a very small pair of sheer panties with a matching bra. I told her to start fucking herself with her dildo, and as she did I fucked her mouth with long strokes, pulling out to watch the combination of pre cum and saliva run down her face. Melissa opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out as far as she could, still pounding her pussy at blinding speed with the huge dildo. I shoved my cock back in her mouth, telling her what a filthy slut she was, and if she squirted again on the couch I was going to cover her entire slutty face with cum.

Catholic Schoolgirl

fetish Boxlicker101 2017-11-23

Most of Rick's weight was on his knees and, while keeping his cock buried to the hilt in Mary's ass, he straightened up somewhat, pulling on her hips while she pushed against the arm of the sofa. He stayed in place while Mary reached over the arm of the sofa and tugged against it, pulling her ass most of the way from around the cock that felt so wonderful inside her. Rick quickly got more active, thrusting forward to match her pace as his cock was enveloped over and over by Mary's tight, succulent ass and stroking her adorable clit at the same tempo. After her orgasm, Mary relaxed completely, sagging toward the arm of the sofa, but Rick kept her upright while continuing to ram his cock in and out of her ass.

Voluptuous Lounge Pick up

fetish Hardmyk23 2017-11-23

Upon entering the lounge, I lock eyes with the beautiful lady that caused my cock to wake up and I wink at her as I take a seat about a 1/4 of the way around the bar from her. So here I am, at the bar in conversation with a full bodied beauty dangling her shoe off her toes and I keep glancing down at this act she is putting on. With that being said, Vanessa bends her leg back and thrusts her foot in my face causing me to lose my balance and fall backwards. Now, a nylon encased foot that has been trapped in a leather heel for 10-12 hours has a aroma that to me is like a aphrodisiac, who needs viagra when I have my own right in my hands.