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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Good Neighbors-Part 3

fetish flakman 2017-11-23

He said he and his buddy where trying to play video games on his big screen tv late that night and ended up passing out. I looked over to the washer and dryer in the garage and saw a pile of clothes sitting there. I said I was in the neighborhood and was looking through everyone's laundry for dirty and soiled panties and asked if she had any I could have. As I walked out the garage and she said they were throwing another party this weekend and asked if I was going to be there. I said "Well, if by chance I can't stick my dick into your wet pussy then I wanted Tanya on my side late that evening." Beth laughed and said she could arrange that.

Erica's Debut Ch. 02

fetish pervinplainpackage 2017-11-23

"Yes, I do enjoy giving up control like that...having you in charge and being explicit about what you want is a real turn-on for me." My dick twitched to emphasize my point. "Good, because I want to feel what it's like to have two men inside me at the same time. "Then, once he's nice and hard, you know what I want to do?" She was squeezing my cock inside her pussy as she waited for her answer. While you lick my creamy clit...still drippy with cum, just the way you love it...I want fill my pussy... She closed her eyes and started to tremble in orgasm as she imagined her mouth and pussy filled, while I licked her sweet little clitty.

Mr. President

fetish DanielleMoore 2017-11-23

Without saying anything, he dropped back to his knees clasped his hands around my calves, keeping my legs spread wide as he moved forward and licked up the front of the lace G-string. He let go of my legs, used a finger to push the lace to the side and then continued using his tongue to trace circles around my swollen clit and then began to flick is back and forth. It was all gone and he continued to fuck me at a steady pace as he bent forward and wrapped his hand around my hair, pulled my head back to look at him.

Auditor Tales Ch. 04

fetish peelover 2017-11-23

I could feel her wetness and I slowly moved a finger inside her pussy. Francis stopped peeing and I licked her pussy lips. I put my glass aside as wanted to touch both of her breasts and I needed both hands for that. Francis spread her legs to give my cock the chance to feel her wet cunt. I wanted to feel her big bottom as well so I moved aside and my cock slipped out of her wet pussy. I moved down to lick her cunt while my hands were under her body to get her big ass. The feeling of her wet pussy on my face while getting my cock and balls sucked took me not far of coming.

Horsing around in the Stable

fetish wsgy411 2017-11-23

Charlotte wasn’t interested in Cedric and with all the work she had to do in the stables she didn’t even have time to talk to him when he visited. Jeremy turned towards her, put his arms around her and their lips met in a fury of passion that ended up with them rolling over and over until they stopped with Charlotte on the top. Her tits, didn’t look that big under the work clothes she wore for the stables, but when she slipped off her bra they were large and solid. Charlotte arched her back and started to whimper as he worked magic with his tongue, licking the sides of her tits and then taking the nipples between his lips again.

Smoking Tease

fetish justkeeprunning 2017-11-23

She could feel her bare nipples rubbing against the shirt, it was comforting, and she knew this was going to be a good way to end her day. She took the cigarette from her mouth, snapped in the smoke, and exhaled slowly, her eyes closed, enjoying the immense pleasure of that first rush. She shifted her outer leg down, so he could get a good look as she started to stroke the outside of her panties, right over her clit, as she inhaled. She inhaled hard, so he could see her cheeks suck in tight, held the smoke for several seconds, and then exhaled slowly as she tossed her head back.

Self Facial with Girlfriend's help

fetish sly74 2017-11-23

I said that as soon as I threw my legs over my head and towards her, for her to grab them and hold them in that position. I had told her about how I would sometimes come so hard while masturbating, I'd unintentionally end up shooting some of my cum onto my face. I told her was about to come and since my hair is a little long, she began to brush any hair from my face and actually using her thighs and pussy to hold it all back. She told me it was the sexiest thing she'd seen just before taking her hand and rubbing, or more like smearing, my cum all over my face.

Brod: Nice Young Man Pt. 02

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-11-23

I relaxed again, rubbing my hands over the teacher's nice hips, watching as Jessica smiled up at both of us, perhaps a bit bashfully. "I'm as naked as I can get right now," I said, rubbing my hands up Estelle's belly once more. Jessica glanced over and winked at the teacher before wrapping both hands around my titanic cock, fatter than her arms and longer than my thigh. Estelle licked her lips and rubbed her hands over Jessica's shoulders. I began to pump my hips to drive my organ deeper into her body, her head-sized tits bouncing and jiggling, slapping her body audibly, her soft belly quivering. Jessica moaned as my thrusts scooted her up the semen-slicked couch and deeper into Estelle's bloated belly.

A Foot Up

fetish simpletimes 2017-11-23

As Paul lifted one of her feet to work on the bottom side, adding more lotion as it was absorbed, letting his fingers caress gently between her toes, Debbie leaned back and closed her eyes, letting this new sensual feeling relax her body. Debbie began rubbing her foot in his lap up and down his dick, not only did the feeling of his shorts sort of tickle her, the feeling of his hard dick turned her on, feeling his hands grip the foot he was massaging, suddenly Paul's hold on her foot tightened, she could feel his hips lift slightly and could hear his breathing become more rapid and deep.

My Wife & I Love Black Neighbors Dick-True Sto

fetish bmckzi 2017-11-23

I told him that I fantasize about my wife Sucking and Fucking him and he pushed his dick farther in my mouth and said he would love to feed my wife his Black Dick...I love when he talks like that and I sucked more...I removed my mouth and asked him if he met my daughter and what he thought of her...he said he did meet her and that she has pretty legs and a "hot little body"..."Just made for Black Men"....I moaned and sucked his cock deeper and harder.he was a confident,cocky Black Stud. Jerome took his thick black cock and rubbed it softly over my wifes lips, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to taste his manly mandingo dick.(Like when he talked about my daughter and what he wants to do to her as I am sucking him ).

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 03

fetish Tdisk 2017-11-23

Upon waking on the morning after Becca had agreed to the contract idea, Mike said, "You seemed to be having an erotic dream about 5AM. What happens if it stops?" Pointing to a section in the contract, Mike said, "As you'll read in this section if your milk decreases you agree to work with such lactation experts as I may select. Mike smiled and said, "Yes. I want my control under the contract and the scenarios that I may implement under it to keep you aroused for the full year. Mike then said, "One of the issues that will probably arise during the contract is reduced breast size when you stop taking the pill.

Lesbian CD Sara

fetish SaraLezCD 2017-11-23

She begins moaning and pulls the ty to remove her skirt and I put my nose right into her panties and smell in her odor till her panties have a large wet spot. When Becky calms down, she lets go of my head and while massaging her tits with blood soaked hands, tell me to lick her as clean as I can or else. The chair was in the kitchen at the table and as the blindfold was being removed Janet told me that she had started her period and that I would be force to stay there for several hours while she, Becky, and 2 lesbian friends played cards.

Spoiling her beyond

fetish Phantomone 2017-11-23

I leave it there and start again but this time you start to shiver all over I've replaced my breath with a very fine soft feather as I run it over your cheek and neck you moan just as you lift your hips I press the remote in my hand and you start feeling a tingle inside your pussy I inserted a vibrating egg I turn it up halve way your breath increases two fools as your hips involuntarily begin to move the combo of the egg and feather start driving you mad I tease you down the sides of your body running it over your wet lips up between them your navel you moan with a little harder thrust as you take a deep breath

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 05

fetish eatoure 2017-11-23

And when Larissa dropped back flat on the bed, limp, Turner turned her over on the now-wet sheets, lifted her hips so that her ass was in the air, stuffed the pillows under her hips, and drove his rampant cock deeper into her pussy than he had ever gone, pounding her with the pent-up desire of too much time away (a whole week!) but also to show her that this was the bond between them, the life energy that she could only find with him because they were made for each other and his penis must find its home in her body for as long as they lived!

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 08

fetish smellathon 2017-11-23

It was clear to us that most of these young women hadn't bothered to wash that morning, knowing they would be using the leisure centre facilites later, just climbing into the previous day's underwear and socks and bringing along fresh clothing in their kitbags. Sniffing lustily at a pair of light pink knickers and white cotton calf socks, she nodded at the changing position of this girl. Throwing the socks on the floor in front of the girl's area, she scraped vaginal fluid from her labia and applied it along the gusset of the girl's extravagantly stained knickers. As we returned to the public changing rooms, Divora wondered what would be the girl's reaction. After showering, Divora nonchalantly pulled on the girl's fresh panties.

Teresa's Shoe Store Ch. 02

fetish fanofpantyhose 2017-11-23

Then I would kneel in front of her, licking her shoes, asking her to walk with them across my face, then sticking them in deep inside my mouth to be totally filled up, and finally playing with my cock, first through my pants and then exposed. Now it was my turn and I started with a gentle foot massage of my female customer, then went on to licking her foot intensely all over the place, paying special attention to all her toes, sucking them, and then her soles and heels. We started out with the cheap black heels, I let her take as much time as she needed to walk all over me, my back and my front, let me lick her shoes and have them deep in my mouth and finally squeeze the hell out of my boner.

Deeper Into Cuckoldry

fetish CuckoldDesires 2017-11-23

"Tom your dick feels so amazing inside of me, please fuck me on top of my wimp husband." Sarah moaned loudly and I felt her warm breath on my cock, I would've given anything in the world for her to take my cock out and suck it dry, but just having her there, humiliating my like this, making me feel like a complete bitch, with a stranger fucking my wife inches from my face, it was truly amazing. After only around 10 seconds of pumping my body started to shake and I had the best orgasm of my entire life, I was firing shot after shot onto my chest, and in the excitement I began to lick, lap and hungrily suck the remaining thick load, the mixture of tastes, humiliation and pleasure almost sent me dizzy, I felt truly exhilarated.

Income Producing Wife - I

fetish 2017-11-23

I was listening when he arrived and he was truly "thunderstruck." A lot of small talk and then she said: "Would you like to get comfortable?" He replied: "YES!" Clothes rustled and the faint sounds of kissing could be heard...then he exclaimed: "They are magnificent!" Referring to her beautiful breasts which are shown on my photo page from the time this was happening. I had to be away for a while getting the c***dren in bed and when I returned to my listening post, the sounds were of some heavy pounding going is so hot to hear your own wife getting a hard fucking by someone else..and it's even better when it brings money into the house.

A School Girl's Spanking

fetish dgthomas 2017-11-23

I feel your hands on my back slide down to my hips and you raise the skirt and press your fingers into my soaked panties. I gag and you mumble, "Take it deep, slut." Your hands grab onto my on my pig tails guiding my mouth on your cock back and forth as my tongue drags up and down your shaft. You reach out for me and help me to my feet and give me a deep kiss and I hold you closer to me as your cool hands touch my still warm ass. I reach for your hard cock as you kiss me I rub your hard shaft and rub my thumb over the tip feeling your wetness as I bring it to my mouth.

Fucking to Your Favorite Songs

fetish solitarys_one 2017-11-23

I can feel her wetness on my leg as she fucks it to the rhythm of Exile, "I Wanna Kiss You All Over." She kneads my nipples and takes one into her mouth while she continues humping my thigh. All I feel is warm bodies and wet tongues on me and I want to fucking explode. I scream, "Get your fucking cunt up here!!!" and slowly she straddles my hips and starts to slowly crawl up my body, letting her tits and nipples drag against me. I let out a low moan as I feel his hand between my legs and he's fucking us both.

When You Gotta Go! Ch. 02

fetish Otazel 2017-11-23

Meanwhile Heidi was letting go control over her bladder and as Craig gazed at her pussy it suddenly began to pour a stream of urine to splash across his belly, wetting his cock and the hand around it and making its already rock hardness almost painful. Heidi could not, of course, aim her pee in quite the same way that Craig could, but by moving her hips and leaning backwards and forwards she could easily guide her stream up and down the length of his body. That closeness, that pressing together of piss wetted skins, was enough for Craig, with a throat-deep groan he burst into Heidi's pussy, spurt after spurt of his cum shooting deep inside her to splash against her cervix and revitalise her own now weakening orgasm.

Passing Pleasures

fetish Patchwork 2017-11-23

When at last she opened her eyes she looked at Ian quizzically then said 'Who said you could fucking stop.' With that Lou crawled up unto the sofa and lay back raising her legs high and wide. 'Push your fingers in more.' Ian now had two fingers pumping Lou's pussy and one fucking her bum. Lou looks up dazed and in a world of pleasure as she watches her friend pull her panty gusset to one side and start to gently finger her own pussy. Lou gently fingers Kaz's pussy as she soaps it and seeing her reaction realises that she hasn't yet cum and so lovingly brings her to a trembling orgasm there in the hot water.

Wee are Not Amused

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-23

Wendy had lost count of the number of times over the years she'd heard Anne say "I'm fine" when she certainly wasn't 'fine' but she'd still not altogether grasped the futility of arguing with her friend. Wendy looked across at Anne and noticed with alarm that her friend had one hand on the steering wheel and the other pressed tightly into the crotch of her jeans. Anne shrugged, continuing to fidget and hoping she'd make it to those loos at the end of College Green, near the Cathedral in time. "Yes, Ma'am," Anne gasped, breathing a sigh of relief as the Queen, completely ignoring Wendy, went on to chat to other well wishers further along the barrier.

The Quarterback's Speedo

fetish atlsexyguy 2017-11-23

I first started getting turned on by men in bikini briefs/Speedos in Junior High School. Tony worked out in our weight room to stay in shape before he went off to college. He’s workout in the weight room shirtless, ran to the beach in gym shorts, and then peeled those off to swim in a tiny turquoise Speedo solar bikini. He said “You know, you look pretty damn hot in your Speedo. He laughed again, and asked me “You don’t think I really needed your help clipping my body hair did you? We met the next day and worked out, I did his whole work out, we ran back to school in our Speedos, then I helped him clip his body hair again.